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Dallas, Texas, September 23, 1941


To All Banking Institutions in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
During the past few weeks this bank has received ipvitations from all parts
of the district for some of its officers to attend meetings for the purpose of
discussing Regulation W of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
System relating to instalment credit. Due to the interest that has been shown
in this subject, meetings have been scheduled in certain cities located in various
sections of the district, to be attended by bankers, representatives of finance
companies, dealers, and others most affected by the Regulation. The locations
and dates of these meetings are shown below;
Amarillo, September 24
Wichita Falls, September 25
Shreveport, October 6
Fort Worth, October 7
Waco, October 8
Abilene, October 27
Tyler, October 29

Tucson, September 26
El Paso, October 7
Beaumont, September 25
Galveston, September 26
Austin, September 29
Corpus Christi
(Date to be announced)

The hours and places of meetings may be ascertained through the chamĀ­
bers of commerce in the cities listed above. These meetings will be open to the
public, and interested persons who live in surrounding territory are invited to
Representing this bank at the meetings in the Head Office territory will be
Mr. E. B. Stroud, First Vice President and General Counsel, and Mr. E. B.
Austin, Assistant Cashier. The Managing Directors of our Houston, San Antonio
and El Paso branches will attend the meetings in their respective territories.
The meetings will be informal and all in attendance will be given an opportunity
to ask questions with respect to the Regulation and the correct interpretation
of its provisions. Banks are requested to notify their customers who may be
interested in these discussions.

Yours very truly,


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