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Federal R eserve Bank
F IR S T VICE p r e s i d e n t


_ .,_

October 29, 1985
Circular 85-129


The Chief Executive Officer of all
member banks and others concerned in
the Eleventh Federal Reserve District

Designated Nationals:
Panama City, Panama

Michael P. Dooley, Panama and Havanatur, S.A.,

The Office of the Secretary of the Treasury has recently advised us
that Michael P. Dooley and Havanatur, S.A. have been determined to be
specially designated nationals under Section 515.306 of the Cuban Assets
Control Regulations, 31 CFR, Part 515.
All accounts in which the above named firms have any interest are
accounts in which there exists the interest of a specially designated
national. Therefore, all such accounts are blocked and no transactions
concerning such accounts are permitted, except as authorized by a license
issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.
For further information, please contact this Bank's Legal Department
at (214) 651-6228.
Sincerely yours,

For additional copies of any circular please contact the Public Affairs Department at (214) 651-6289. Banks and others are
encouraged to use the following incoming WATS numbers in contacting this Bank (800) 442-7140 (intrastate) and (800)
527-9200 (interstate).

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