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Fe d e r al R eserve

bank of

Da lla s

D A L L A S 13, T E X A S

May 6, 1946

To All Banks of the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District
This is to advise that the Citizens State Bank, Broken Bow,
Oklahoma, a newly organized institution located in the terriĀ­
tory served by the Head Office, was admitted to membership in
the Federal Reserve System today.
The new member bank has common capital of $35,000, surĀ­
plus of $8,000, and undivided profits of $2,500.
Its officers and directors are as follows:
Kit Carson, President
W . N. Ross, Inactive Vice President
Fred W . Steen, Cashier
Kit Carson
Rex Chandler
Charles Hassing
B. E. Lambert

W . N. Ross
Fred W . Steen
S. G. Story
Mason Touchstone

Yours very truly,

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