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F ederal Reserve b a n k o f Dallas



Circular Wo. 72-197
September 12, 1972

To the Bank Addressed:

Due to the ever increasing volume of checks being handled and
the complexity of balancing the items, we request the following infor­
mation on any error in our cash letters to your bank:

On any item listed incorrectly, regardless of the difference,
please send us a photostat of the front and back of the item,
and the tape on which the item was listed, or the item may be
returned for the amount for which it was listed for
cation of amount if you so desire.


Any item which is listed but not enclosed should be reported
by returning the tape on which it was listed and by
on the tape that the item was not received.


Any item which is enclosed but not listed should be returned
to this office if not drawn on your bank. Any item drawn on
your bank that is enclosed but not listed should be reported
and a photostat of the front and back of the item should be
sent to this office.
Any unusually large differences or unusual situations that
may occur may be reported to the Adjustments Section by
calling 21^4--7^2-1178. All differences and adjustments re­
gardless of amount should be reported on Form TR-4l8.


Any bank requesting a photostat of an item or other infor­
mation regarding items sent to them by this office should
return our tape with their correspondence to expedite these

Your cooperation in following the above procedures will enable
this office to handle differences and adjustments in a more expeditious


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