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F ederal Reserve

bank of

Da l l a s

D ALLAS, TE X A S 7 5 2 2 2

Circular No. 68-231
October 28,1968

To All M em ber Banks
in th e Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

I a m pleased to announce that the Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System has appointed Dr. Chas. F. Jones, President of Humble
Oil & Refining Company, Houston, Texas, as a director of the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas, effective October 22, 1968, to fl the unexpired
portion of a three-year term ending December 31, 1968, and for a threeyear term beginning January 1 1969. Dr. Jones succeeds Dr. Kenneth S.
Pitzer, President and Professor of Chemistry, Rice University, Houston,
Texas, who resigned effective September 30, 1968, since he i moving to
California to accept the presidency of Stanford University on December 1

Yours very truly,

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