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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Ouincy, Josiah (Cont.)
On Gaston'$ refusal to act as Chairman, Quincy said
C.S.R. should act. 318
Quincy shows C.S.H. a draft of proposed call for the state
and district conventions. 319
The executive committee appointed C.S.H., Quincy, and
McNary on a subcommittee with full power to issue
a call. 319
The state committet, at its last meeting, delegated fall
power as to the call, to the executive committee.
3191 320
Quincy suggests to C.S.H., - McNary being away, - putting into
the call a reservation to the State Convention of a
right over the District Conventions. 320
C.S•11. finally told Quincy he 'would consent to putting in
"subject to such action as the State Convention may
take." 320
Mar. 211 1904
Gaston tell. C.S.H. he can control Quincy and make him
withdraw for C.S.H. for District delegate to the
National Convention.
Mar. 23, 1904. 322
Gaston said he would like to consult Quincy about it before
C.S .H. s election call d be considered absolutely
settled,, and that Quincy was in Rochester, N.Y.
but-would be back Friday. 322
Gaston tells C.S.H. that Quincy has returned and he had
settled with him; that the machine would leave it
to Quincy and Aatthews to determine which should
withdraw in favcr of C.S.H.
Mar. 23, 1904. 323
Gaston tells C.S.H. that Quincy was to go to Brockton
that night with a card signed by W. T. A. Fitzgerald
and other drficers of the city committee stating
that Quincy had fall power to negotiate as to the
votes of the Boston machine, the idea being that
Douglas must put up some money for the honor.
Mar. 23, 1904.
Gaston says John Lee refuses to withdraw in favor of
Quincy or Matthews.
April 15, 1904. 326, 327
Quincy tells C.S.H.Lee will ncdt tithdraw and he (Quincy) will not be a
candidate for delegate. 328
That C.S.H. will be elected and, if necessary, he
will address the convention in behalf of C.S.H.
McConnell will ensure election of a Hearst
delegate if he does not withdraw from the
Fitchburg fight. 328
That McConnell had agreed with Gaston to withdraw.


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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Quincy, Josiah (Cont.)
That McNary was at bot tom of this and was furthering his
candidacy for the National Committee at the expense
of Olneyts interests. 329
That Gaston felt he ought to know from C.S.H. whether he was
pledged to daNary.
This inquiry was justified by fact that sane of C.S.H.ts
closest supporters were friends of McNary. 329
C.S.H. asked Qu.incy if Gaston was a candidate for the National
Committee and he said he would be if necessry to
defeat MoNary. 329
Quincy added that if Ham Naun thought C.S.H. would vote
against Gaston he would never withdraw in C.S.H.ts favor.
C.S.H. told Quincy that when Gaston agreed that he should be
elected as a delegate, and C.S.H. agreed to withdraw as
delegate at large, no condition was imposed or suggested;
that if any such a condition had been named, C.S,H.
would have declined to consider it. 329, 330.
C.S.H. also said:Vat although neither Quincy nor Gaston had any right to
know where C.S.H. stood on this cr any kindred
Question, yet C.S.H. would say that he had never
pledged himself to anyone to vote for McNary, or for
anyone. 330
That C.S.H. had no knowledge as to how he should vote. 330
That he should not even consider the question until after
his elections. 330
That C.S.H. under no circumstances would pledge himself
in advance to Gaston, McNary, cr anyore else. 330
That it was fair to him to say that C.S.H. was not pledged
to anyone. 331
April 26, 1904. 229, 230, 231.
Quincy said C.S.H.ts statement was all he had a right to expect.
Quincy also said he
d go to the convention that even ing,
and should not be a candidate unless Lee should
withdraw in his favor. 331
C.S.H. did not tell Quincy what Gaston said, - that he could
make Quincy *ithdraw, - and that he could not in any event
go, unless Lee should withdraw for him. 331
C.S.H. finally said to Quincy that when the time came for a
vote he would be glad to talk over the matter with Gaston
as well as McNary, but that he should vote for the best
interests of the party.
April 26, 1904. 331
C.S.H. yesterday told Cunniff that he would say to Quincy just
what he said above. 331




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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Quincy, Josiah (Cont.)
C.S.H. told Quincy that McConnell would not
pull out as a
delegate in the Fitchburg district, but woul
d agree, if
elected, to give his credential to Frank Rock
Marlboro. 332
This seemed to satisa Quincy and he said he
would try to fix it.
C.S.H. at his talk tcda said to Quincy that
the above showed
that hioConnell was not staying in to help
McNary. 332
Quincy evaded answering but said he supposed
that Rock would not
agree. 332
C.S.H. was elected a delegate to the Nati
oral Convention from
District II, with instructions to vote far
Gaston for the
National CccaDittee. April 26, 1904. 332
C.S.H. re.gards Gaston and Quincy's action in
having the convention
instruct C.S.H. as a direct slap at him, but
'feels that it
will relieve him of much embarrassment.
Quincy, C.S.H. and &Nary report to the
-xecutive committee the
call adopted. for the convention.
April 30, 1904. 333
Also submitted a copy of the Call to be spre
ad vition the records,
containing the clause "subject to such acti
on as may be
taken by the State Convention", indorsed
on the back -"Copy of call as adopted Mar. 21, 1904, by a
majority of the Subcommittee appointed by
Executive Committee."
Josiah Quincy
Charles S. Hamlin.
On motion the report was accepted. and adop
ted, all voting for
it except Col. Drinkwater, who voted No.
Douglas tells C.S.H. he is to meet Quincy,
Gaston and Sullivan
t oday, as to running against Moran.
July 18, ;906. 400
Douglas wants C.S.H. to be present at anot
her conference with
Quincy, et als.
July 20, 1906
positively declines to meet Quincy et als;
said the
machine has treated him so badly that he
had to resign from
the state comrDi t tee and be decl ines to meet
them. 401
Quincy et ale issue a public appeal agai
nst Moran for
Sept. 3, 1906
43 so. bks. 134
Democratic Convention. 1906
Williams offers g resolution indorsing Brya
n. MacFarlarxl,
the Hearst leader, objects.
Quincy seconds the Bryan resolution with
Bryan resolution adopted.
Moran nominated. Oct. 5, 1906
44 Sc. bk. 91
Quincy resigns from State CoIraittee. 44
So. bk. 90

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Quincy, Josiah (Cont.)
Quincy becomes bankrupt.
Jan. 4, 1907.
45 Sc. bk. 72
Quincy asked by Ear. Whitney to go over draft of platform
prepared for Whitney by C.S.H.
Oct. 31 1907. 406
Quincy drafts a platform based on C.S.H.'s draft; C.F.H. inserts
a plank abolishing the lobby to which Whitney agrees.
Oct. 4, 1907. 406
Quincy has a talk with the city Marshal as to ponce protection
Oct. 4, 1907.
Interview against riot in Springfield convention.
Oct. 6, 1907.
49 Sc. bk. 63, 73
Quincy says Whitney's refusal to pay for getting °It the vote
on election Jay will cost the party thousands of votes.
Oct. - 1907. 411
Quincy suggests offering Douglas a delegate at large to National
Convention in return for $15,000 for use on elvtion ily. 411
Quincy said Douglas would never give a cant unless he g ot
something for it. 411
Quincy said he would sound Douglas through Skeffington and if
Douglas were favorably disposed, he wanted CSH and Sullivan
to goto Dougias.
CSH told Quincy he was willing to ask Douglas for a general
contribution but not for use on election day, as it would
put Whitney, - who had publicly stated that he would spend
no money for that purpose, - in a ridiculous positich. 412
CSH also told Quincy he should not agree to offering
Douglas the position of delegate at large, as we had
no authority to do so, nor, in any event would he agree
to his being asked for money on such terms; that if he
would not give him love of party, he could refuse. 412
CSH asks Quincy why he wanted Douglas to pay $15,000 for what
the city Democrats in 1904 sold him for $5000
Quincy said:
*Because the cost of living has increased.* 412
Quincy is working for Wilson.
Aug. 3, 1911
72 Sc. bk. 41
Quincy is indicted in N. Y. for fraudulent use of the U.S.
mails in selling stock of the Hawthorne mines.
Jan. 5, 1912
74 Sc. bk. 136
Trial of Quincy at. &Is
79 Sc. bk. 30, 45, 73, 77, 841 90,
940 1061 110, 1261 136,
144, 145, 149, 160
80 qc. bk. 28, 36, 38, 48, 64
Court orders five counts against Quincy takenfrom jury and
jury finds him not guilty on remaining count charging
him with corspiracy in allowing his name to be used in
promoting the stock.. Hawthorne at ale were found guilty






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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Quincy, Josiah (Cont.)
and sentenced to imprisonment.
Mar. 15, 1913
83 Sc. bk. 78
Quincy's attorneys criticize the Boston Transcript for
article on.
April 8, 1913
84 Sc. bk. 6

Railroad Canmissioners, Mass.
Gov. Douglas appoints Clinton White at request of CSH et ale.
June 19, 1905. 386
CSH appears before, in Derche ter Grade Crossing cases.1907
46 Sc. bk. 101, 143
47 " ,"
Railroad. Holding Company, Boston
CSH draws platform favoring state ownership of.
78 Sc. bk. 53
Railroad rates
CSH oppos as paver to Interstate Commerce Commissi cci to fix
absolute or minimum rates.
40 Sc. bks. 35, 36, 37
CSH speech on, before Mass. State Board of Trade
40 Sc. bka. 54
CSH article on Court Review under Hepburn Act.
40 Sc. bk. 135
42 " "
Letter cn lcng and short haul by CSH but signed X.Y.Z.
41 Sc. bk. 33
Reply by Books Adams.
41 Sc. 'bk. 74
Reply of CSH
41 Sc. bk. 108
CSH article on. Moody's magazine.
Jan. 1906
41 Sc. bk. 75
CSH says, are of slight consequence as compared with protective
taxes. 1907. 49 Sc. bk. 4
CSH attends Lawyers Conference as to new R.R. Act. 1 910
63 3c. bk. 147, 148
CSH speech on Demurrage. 1911
74 Sc. bk. 3, 4
Railroad strike
CSH cut off at Loss Angeles by the.

June 28, 1894. 92
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


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by exc.
tri,t sslo/3110 axegio1:4,

Railroads, Public ownership of
Senator Pettigrew, with Bryan's connivance, introduced a plank
favoring. July - 1904. 340
To have put in a minority gold resolution would have raised
convention. 342
of, in the




Railrcad strike (Cont.)
The attack on Cleveland, in the 1896 Conventicn, for ordering
out U.S. troops to put down the, so far as it interfered
with the U.S. mails, would have been enough, apart from
free silver, to mate CSH bolt Bryan.
July 5, 1896. 166


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Ramsay, Admiral
CSH meets, at dinner of Russian Minister.
Mar. 14, 1896.


.GDylL t 'i..[
Randall, Charles S.
Calls on Sec. Gage and CSH in New Bedford.
July 28, 1897. 193
(One day Secretary Morton said. he had a check made out to,
and. indorsed by him, representing a sale of seeds by
Raniall, the seeds being Government seedsi)

(41 ,..4.).1: .40 .:-; il,


Ranlett, Mr.
Takes part in Cape Cod tour.


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Nov. 6, 1905.

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Rantoul, Mayor
CSH meets,at &dinner of Thomas Devind at Salem.
Oct. 17, 1892.

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Read, Collector, Phila.
CSH talks with, abait Hat Trimming protests.
May 8, 1894. 87
Delavore river with.
CSH goes down
April 4, 1895. 117
days cruise on Revenue Cutter "Hamilton" with.
CSH goes for two
April 10, 1895. 119

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Read, J. Russell
Candidate for President of Y. M. Dem. Club
April 18, 1892.



Reamey, Lieutenant
CSH meets, at Yokohama.
Sept. 5, 1897.


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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



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Rebates, R. R.
Byron Holt tells C.S.H. that Gov. Douglas's business
told hix that Douglas for years had received rebates
the N.Y. N.H. .& H. R.R. on shipments of shoes outsi
de Of
the state althcugh the freight courges were regularly
by the consignees.
Oct. - 1907. 414
Reciprocity Treaty, Canada
C.S.H. decides to iraw a, if appointed Asst. Sec. of
Nov. 14, 1892. 44
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said that Speaker Reed and Cong. 13oate
told hilia they would oppose a.
Oct. 31, 1897. 216
Laurier states objectionable.featurss of U.S. tarif
f laws and
immigration laws: - Logs, Nova Scotia laborers, etc.
Oct. 31, 1897. 216
C.S.R. and Foster discuss a, with Sir Wilfrid Lauri
Oct. 31, 1897. 218
C.S.H. suggests loser duties on exports of American
goods. 218
Laurier says he can' t dow give U.S. any better terms
than to
&Igland, but would have dons this 2 or 3 years ago.
Laurier suggests lower duties on barley, hay, lumbe
r and. coal. 218
Mr. Shaughnessy suggests loser duties in R.R. cars;
said they
were poorly made in Canada /rid sold
for only a little less
than American cars plus the duty. 218
Sir Louis Davies suggested lower duties on wooden shoes
. 218
Laurier inticiated that Canada might impose a retal
iatory export
duty on wood pulp. 218
Discussed also whether U.S. has poser to regulate
the Great Lake
fisheries. 218
Sir Louis expressed regret at the treatment accorded
him at
Washington last spring. 219
(No attempt to entertain them was made officially
. Gardner
Hubbard gave them a dinner, but nothing else
was done.
A great disc airtesy.)
Foster and CSH, by 9uthority of President McKin
ley, gave the
assurance to Sir Wilfrid that if the fur seal questi
on was
satisfactorily adjusted, Counissioner Masson would
negotiate a general reciprocity treaty.
Oct. 31, 1897. 219
President McKinley tells CSH he will direct Kass
= to negotiate
a general reciprocity treaty with Canada, or, if
so desired, he would au.thorize Foster and CSH to do
Nov. 9, 1897. 221


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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Reciprocity (Cont.)
Laurier's plan was to have a general reciprocity teatyl covering
fur seals, Lake fisheries, N. -4 ,. fisheries, tariff
reductions, etc., with a modus providing for the abolition
of pelagic sealing.
Nov. 16, 1897. 225 226.
Foster wanted to settle the fur seal question independently of
the general treaty, and then to negotiate the gen3ral treaty. 226
Foster said, he was authorised by President McKinley that the U.S.
would proceed in good faith to the adjustment of all disputed
questions. 226
Agreed that each should furnish a memorandum. 226
Foster sends draft to Laurier offering a general reciprocity treaty
covering fur seals, i=igration, lake fisheries, etc. with
a =due prohibiting, for one year, all killing of fur 3ea18
in North Pacific, Bering sea on Pribylof Islands.
Nov. 171 1897. 227
C.S.H. confers with Laurier at lontreal and arrived at an arraggement
but Sir Louis Davies wrote later he had changed his mind and
the negotiations fell through.
Jan. 2, 1 898. 230
C.S.H. argues in favor of, before International High Coint.ission
at Quebec, representing Boston Merchants Association, etc. etc.
Aug. 19, 1898. 235
C.S.H. goes to Washington to advise Lord Herschel' as to
transit trade questi(ns growing out of the proposed.
Feb. 5, 1899. 240
C.S.H., History of
18 sc. biz. 126, 141, 144
C.S.R. argument before Mass. Co:mattes.
23 Sc. bk. 33, 75, 105, 107
C.S.H. offers a plank on, to which Senator Bailey objected but
finally yielded on changing "treaty " to"arrangement."
July - 1904. 341
General Draper tells C.S.H. he will object to any resolutions in
state legislature as to.
Nov. 30, 1904. 381
Not limited. to non-competing
31 sc. 'bk. 116, 127
Rep. Natl. Convention. State Democratic plank on.
32 So. bk. 40, 43, 5'7, 82
C.S.H. speech on. N, Y. Econanic Club, 1910
62 Sc. bk. 124, 133
See - Lodge
Newfoundland treaty
Scrap books; C.S.H. speeches.


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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Reed, Henry R.
Opposed the appointment of T. Aubrey Byrne as
special agent of
the Treasury.
Aug. 15, 1893. 70
(Mr. Reed offered no objection to Byrnes appoi
ntment as "Special
Employee" but claimed that in view of the
relations towards large importers heldby
Byrne, he might
be inclined to use his office to wreck
vengere.nce on them.)
Waives all objection to Byrne except as
special agent.
Aug. 18, 1893. 71
Orders B. & M. R.R to hold Bangor express
five minutes if
C.S.H. is late. Aug. 18, 1893. 71
Also directs Manager to arrange for a launc
h, at his
(Reeds) expense, to take C.S.H. to Isles
of Shoals.
Aug. 18, 1893. 71
The launch Dixon was provided but it ran
aground in Portsmouth
Harbor. 71
Aiig. 18, 1893. 71
Tells C.S.H. he gave $5000 to defeat Fitzg
erald and elect
O'Neil to Congress; OtNeilwas defeated for
ncminati on;
C.S.H. thinks this was given by the sugar
Nov. - 1894. 103
Gave only $200 to state Campaign fund.
Nov. - 1894. 103
Said he would have given more had not the
T. M. Dem. Club
tried to cut his throat by a resolution
abolishing of all compensatory duties on
refined sugar.
Nov. - 1894. 103
One morning last September C.S.H. met Reed
on train to Boston.
Reed stated in predence of Josiah Bento
n and Mr. Paige,
the insurance man, that the so-called "C
onser vat ive"
senators saved the country from a tarif
fbill which woad
have ruined it, and that C.S.H. would
corroborate this.
Sept. - 1894. 104, 105
C.S.H. at once said Reed was absolutely
incorrect, and that
the Wilson bill, as it passed the H.R. was
a moderate,
conservative measure of tariff reform.
Reed said, that C.S.H.Is moinion, as
stated to him before,
that the existirg duties on sugar were too
high and that
40% ad valorem on raw and refined would
have been ample, showed that C.S.H. knew nothing about
the subject. 105
C.S.H. reiterated his opinion. 105
C.S.H. believes 25% ad valorem would
be ample and Carlisle
told C.S.H. that was his opinion. 105
Gives C.S.H. a birthday dinner at Algonquin
Reed, Sigourney Battler, Phineas Pierce,
Henry C.
Thacher, Col. Taylor, Jere Jones, Quincy,
Collison and Gov. Russell.
Meeting considered whom to nominate for


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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Reed, Henry R. (Cont.)
All felt Williams should not be nominated, if it could possibly
be avoided.
Asked C.S.H. to run but he positively declined.
Finally they decided to ask James 9. Carroll.
Aug. 30, 1895. 133
Williana tells C.S.H. that this dinner of Reed's was merely a
pretext to assail him.
Sept. - 1895. 134
Williams tells C.S.H. that Reed is a scoundrel, lobbyist,etc;
that his intimacy with Carlisle caused much comment;
that he openly boasted of playing cards at Carlisle's
house. Sept .4895. 134
C.S.H. told Williams he was not specially intimate with Read,
other than that ha frequently met him on the train from
Marion to Boston; that Rood never asked C.S.H. to run
for Governor; that on the contrary, he told. C.S.H. it
would be foolish to think of running. 134, 135
Offers to retain C.S.H. in matter or extra duty on Ditch sugar
because of alleged export bcunty.
Nov. 17, 1897. 227
American Sugar Refining Company and other interests wOuld
prcbably combine and that $25,000 per year would be
considered by themn as reasonable corapensation. 227
C.S El. to]. d Reed frankly ha di d not cars t o accept any retainer
in sugar matters, but that no would always aavise him as
&friend witncut a cri,pens at ion.
Nov. 17, 1897. 227,
Reed, James
On committee to ask C.S.H. to accept ncmination for Sea. Of
State, or, if C.S.H. did not wish this, - far Attksrney
General. 3ept. 27, 1892. 36
Reed, Thomas B.
C.S.H. goes to capital with Rose Cleveland et ale and hears, etc.
speak cu tariff bill.
Feb. 1, 1894. 77
(C.S.H. went to , in the spring of 1896 with a copy of an
artiol• entitled "Wheat and World's Gold Supply,"
showing that price of wheat on the farms had been
dteadily increasing while general prices had. been falling
..nd that the decline in wheat prices was zerely a decline
at the sea board caused by loopy R.R. rates. C.S.H.
begged Reed to use this as his awn and to come cut
squarely for the gpld standard, and told Reed if he did
this he would defeat McKinley for the nomination, as



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, %Levi Aeog s;.1
win, 0,
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'lases Q3'

Reed, Thomas B. (Cont.)
McKinley Was at heart a free silver in. Reed received
me very pleasantly and said he would carefully consider it.
Later, however, he told C.S.H. he had decided not to do it.
C.S.H. thinks that by this failure to come out for gold
he lost the nomination. A little later, Murray Crane called
on C.S.H. and. C.S.d. told him of this talk with Reed.)

xldiesoq LIssoo el




C.S.H. calls on Murray Crane in Dalton, and Crane tells him
that he was so impressed with .that C.S.H. told Reed that he
went to N. Y. and persuaded Platt and the N. Y. Sun to demand
a reference to gold in the Republican National platform.
Oct. 9, 1896. 174

. 11


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reel t ri .voltf
ed. luow 1.ssy„ "teq. OCO•le.S* sac:: .t.,ITA6 en/ dalot:
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lw ne
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Tells Sir Louis Davies he will oppose reciprocity with Canada.
Oct. 31, 1897. 216
Reid, Whitelsei
N. Y. Triune publishes, without authority, the shirt sleeve
dispatch to Lord Salisbury on fur seal question.
President McKinley, Asst. Sec. Cridler and. C.S.H. believe
that Foster gave this to, although Foster denies it.
July 14, 1897. 191



C.S.H. favors.

Sc. bk. 15, 57,115, 116
" 49, 52
" " 151) Boston Charter

I tteR .
iss cx1 te441zuno nO
to .608 tilt mitztalaisoin ,q0c0i6o1
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ri51w eonirlt .R.n.: 11 ,1) 404432


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ti33 ettleoW tn.e laeri'W" bpi:tens eici:e,t
efii CIO :14 , to et..11- . ;461-4:! T.inivvoitt
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Bnlitspel.3.11 x111-11-6:1)
%It.-.1.'sir saw 6e.s Vic!: lseciv ni en.tioet.
.se: 4./ •
TA01 Xd beacrat. bekied eleP
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bag, awe sic as trill tee?. blo.t tru ittatn.e:s fl(R ett.
lz.ficslaort it:1J eel .N.eIrsIXoN' /toilet. blvo% 6:i aid:
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Lib 10

Release bonds, Boston
C.S.H. argues question of legality of release bonds before
Secretary Shaw at Boston Custom House. C.S.H., vvhile in
Washington, at first gave an opinion that these were
illegal, but later reversed this decision. Shaw held
they were illegal, and the merchants asked f or a hearing.
Murray Crane and Senator Lodge ask d C.S. I. to go to
the hearing and appear, without compensation, as C.S.H.
insisted, for the merchants. They said Roosevelt
asked them to make this request of C.O.H. and tc say that
Roosevelt had. told Shaw to accept these bonds, and that
it was all arranged that if C.S.H. made the request, it
would be granted.
C.S.H., therefore, appeared at the hearing.
Shawls manner was almost insulting. He read the whole of
C.S.H.Is first ruling that the bonds were illegal,
utterly ignoring his final ruling that they were legal.
He told Collector Lyman that he could be put in jail for
taking such bonds.


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1,0,7iie 11.1 pnstv, xbd.1
s.p..6nr.4 %1111.44
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qC; .‘ rtl .41
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,r ."
N.eiCT .eJnk
a bill,
. %.;.)
e e
d Set" boo
ci: (:4'
11 iai3LE r.L11, 11“ griA. J I
itle E qie to ‘)1... 1941
f OOLZ fs I '*
Lt! en sr.. 44 n. 3Lt.rtc1.JeaL la
r iouw
t.XL '5FieC
R.1; un
id 1011. a,0 ,c:14t.; 3/,
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tiod stE
fta Md: mind c)4
11:1!„ n1 lk:, J
.erraci dcxs.- fialAao
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Release bonds, Boston.(Cont.)
C.S.H. was tempted to say that he appeared at the
of Roosevelt and the Mass. Senators, but he felt
perhaps this would not be warranted
Finally C.S.H.
asked if he cou.ld furnish a brief sliowing their
legality but Shaw said nothing.
That evening, Murray Crane called. up C.S.H. and
for getting him into such a scrape.
George Lyman also called up C.S.H. and said ha
had xrit ten
Shaw a letter resigning ea. collector. C.S.H. called
Crane, and together they persuaded Lyman not to
his letter.
Dec. 29, 1903. 305
C.S.R. writes Shaw sending him a brief; said he sent
brief not to reopen the question but merely to show
the validity in law of C.S.H.Is final order, as Acting
Secretary, permitting the oonds to be taken; that
order was dated Feb. 26; 1895; that -shaw rested
decision on the lax as Well as on his discretionar
power, and. that there was a general impression that
had, severely criticized the Cleveland Administrati
for violating the law.
Jan. 13, 1904. 307
30 Sc. bk. 1, 2, 3, 17, 18, 60.
Judge Somerville writes C.S.H. that his brief is unanav
and cites Alabama decisions that voluntary
bonis are
good at common law.
Jan. 14, 1904. 307
Shaw sends C.S.H. a most discourteous note.
Says that
District Attorney Washburn told him that many suits
been brought in Boston for duties, in whict the3e
b onds
had teen taken, but that no action hai ever been
on such a bond and that no lawyer would dar.; to
bring one.
Jan. -- 1904. 308
Lyman tells C.S.H. that there never had been a
suit brought
in any case where such a bond had been given, but
in every case a voluntary settlement had been
made, sal
he made the customs officers certify to this
in writing.
Jan. - 1904. 308
Report, Rosolut ions Committee, 1904
See - Resolutions commit tee
Fitsgerald attacks C.S.H. in, for his letter asking
to bolt Bryan in 1896.
Sept. - 1902: 283
Res ignati on
C.S.H. from State canniittee.

37 Sc. bk. 79, 80, 81,
136, 134
51 c.bk. 34

From nomination for Congress, 1910
60 sc. bk. 82, 102, 103, 106


Resolutions Courlittee, 1904.

4 it)t id 0444,1E41


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It./ria..114.4% ea $s3a bluaw alril age.eitio..t. .
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. I''' :..7' e- A z '. - ztref
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. . -• ,....,
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'7. ... .... cio t,alie..z.. pal& rti:..413.'
.... • . . ;
.t I I riN I &el sei$P,1 do wail?,
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,;", •a
- - -r
I I ii; •.

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416;,"ruilov 4a.liefbfi eczokilA sent) br,
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rOot e0Qi 11 oat,
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Exagi .64oci azroe$tratfiJk :from
0.11A bb$ trit-cfriu, xstrio/JA $oltSaia
,triginTo riesof
otel$,..-L loll 03$ tioa
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1 1r
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




,tee I
OLTI 1 eeeli.kno0 lot isolSailaart
• r



337, 338, 339, 340, 341
342, 343, 347, 348, 350,
358, 359, 360.
See - Natl. Dem. Convention, 1904.



Resumption Act
Senator Frye accuses Carliale of cowardice in abandoning
the Sundry Civil AalendiLent permitting the is sus
of 3% bonds under.
Sept. - 1894. 100, 101
9 (lc. bk. 47, 49
See - Carlisle
Retroactive custans duties
C.S.H. confers with collector at N. Y. as to ordering
rel qui dation of all iijrports d ring August, 1894,
because of a decision of' TJ.3. Circuit Court that the
Tariff Act of Aug. 28, 1894 to& effect, by expressed
retroaction, on A•km• 1, 1894.
May 51 1895. 119
(This decision was takenrto supreme court and C.S.H.
went to Chief Justice Fuller to ask for the
case to be expedited, because of the enormous
amount involved. This was ordered by the court
which finally decided that, although Congress
could make duties retroactive, it clearly had not
intended to do so and had not done so in the
act of Aug. 28, 1894)
Revenue only.
Much objection to words "tariff for revenue only."
Finally adopted by resolutions c =mit tee.
July 6, 1904. 338
Index digest of C.S.H. 1906
45 sc. bk. 79, 83, 103
46 " "
1,2, 7, 12, 18, 19$ 70, 89
Reynolds, James B.
gends dispatch to Boston papers of alleged appointment
of C.S.B. as Asst. Sec. of Treasury.
Feb. 4, 1893. 50
Reynolds, Lieutenant
C.S.H. orders copies of Captain Hooper's letters to be
sent to$ the Prosecutor in the Healey court
martial case.
Feb. 9, 1896. 151
Engineer Broadbent refuies to give information to,
in Healey c?.tse.
Feb. 11, 1896. 152



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t 011 6 t 9C.E.
,OZ7'.6 04 4; I TOL.


11/ti-Jvcke "I



Rice, David Hall
Answers C, salt le t ter.
Sept. 24, 1891. 4


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2.. .101
aVicacit! 11
e ki?fill 1 .1 411aUis, gni*, b
zio-110 "'IT
ed., Usti el'won
beveuptiF, 401 „*..:.ette ADO tval. ,fit' .4E4 10
.28l X .14 cO.rto




.n. ..z.) bra, pLuoc.

sc.41 wit eld0 ();.' /new
mil -to%
emosone ed/ to eimpsood l bel,lbeqxt ec;
Liarti eta
.Surot eri/ itcf be 1st
sselwton riI
em *of LI clam blvo:
Ion 1:44 xltbe t, 11 Itril
o O. 3tetae./Til
edi al as ett wi b4r. L
".xidx) einttovei.



enow 03 fi,.)




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Rice, Colonel, U.S. Military attache!
0.5.1i. meets, at dinner of Minister
Buck at Tokio.
sept. 14, 1897. 209


Rice, William G.
Mr. and Mrs. visit Marion staying
at Sippecan House
Aug. 6, 1896. 170
C. .H. drives with Mr. and Mrs., Lind
Anna Parker from
Pittsfield to Lenox, stopping a. t
Curtis Is Hotel.
Oct. 8, 1896. 173
C.S.H. drives with them back to Pitt
sfield; then to
Dalton, calling on Murray Crate who
took them over
his paper mills; then 18 miles to
Worthington, where
William G. Rice's family live, ten miles from
nearest R.R.; spent night ther
Oct. 9, 1896. 173
Drives with themfrom Wtrthington
to Pittsfield, thence
taking the train to Albany, N.Y.
where C.S.H. stayed
with Mrs. Pruyn.
Oct. 10, 1896. 174
C.S.H. calls, Ni tb. W.G.R. and. Euge
ne Chamberlain, an
Senator Hill at Wolfert's Roast.
Oct. 11, 1896. 175
Mrs. W. G. R. gives C.S.H. a lett
er to Miss Gray of
San Franctsco.
April 29, 1897. 188
C. S.H. stays with, when givi
ng his Alaska lecture to
St. Agnes School,
May 15, 1897. 190
C.S.H. calls on, in Washington
Nov. 5, 1897. 219
C.S.H. takes Miss Gray etc.,
friends of Mr. and Mrs. 'NOLL.
over Treasury.
Nov. 9, 1897. 221
C.S.H. goes to Biel:mac-lad, Williams
burg and Old. Point Comfort
with Mr. and ivirs. W. G. R. o.nd
Mi W3 Pruyn.
'Jan. 13, 1898. 230
C.S.H. visits, ,At Albany, N. Y.
Feb. 2, 1898. 232
C.S.H. visits, at Albany.
Feb. 26, 1898. 233
C. S.H. and H.P.H. drive from Nort
hampton to Worthington
Oct. 19, 1901. 258

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ed co/ sts:$81 s'leci00H n.b..44160 "U)
Ptuot xelx.r,..11 eh/ al
lei .aes: te
( .! ctoliburiotal sr1 oise&Jte' 3asodtk0lE1 leeialars$
29float'.0 xelase
Sal .b981 1 LJ .601
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


dgar J.
Serves, with C.S.H. and Judge
Dodge, as judges at Dartmouth
Collor, in joint debate between Wil
Aar.* College and.
June - 1905. 387 1 388

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tiezzirilY.. to lectrf.P.. dr



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31'31A leln..k,cr .16arti.
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ts10 xi.mnntv. an 3:-.1 Ltk ocia:
,maJxt,i:143W ryt Lslim 64 oe.:1.: ;iiim
enlii .0 ms/114W
cse,, - ,evil çIn
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1W ev1r.
,t1P1,addlc a: aw.gnadvxdr, øOz'tQ.cL
.111)1A4 •
,'Tpaelk od ntanl arid .
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4.1'1 .aebs ,fr
.$65601 aidle%loV tz fin 1.3.ol7e8 .


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BSI .ceelS
611.11Al as 1.8t fLVX

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els .Teer
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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t10 btu. vsidarnali
V .' .a•11`).. tru. .ik
*awl as 1M
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(b.' Jr i va.mi;A J.. se/

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1 01. I.


( Alt!

Rigge l N. Y. Sun
Tells C.S.H. he has been in New Bedf
ord recently. Also
says he has been in many turbulen
t conventions but
he never saw one that amid compare
with that at
Oct. - 1907. 410, 411
Riot in Dem. Convention, 1910
66 Sc. bk. 18, 23, 24, 82
Caused by Republicans. 66 Sc. bk.
18, 23, 24, 82, 99
Caused by State street interests.
66 Sc. bk. 53
Rives, George
Attends dinner of N. Y. Civil Serv
ice Reform League.
Dec. 14, 1200. 248
Roads, Samuel
Gov. Russell wishes to put, on some
commission in order to
Make C.S.
his private secretary.
Runs 16, 1892. 27
(C.S.H. persuades Carlisle to appoint,
Chief of Stationary
Division of the Treasury.
Roads took soma pique at C.S.H. and
mile out for
Gaston for Governor.
Later C.S.H. supported Roads, C.S.
H. thinks, for
Congress, and. there was a reconcil






aed „met ,el

Riggs, Mrs. L.
C.S.H. me -to, at Carlisle's dinn
er to President Cleveland.
Jan. 13, 1894. 75

Robb, Cornelia
C.S.H. meets, at Ass Pruyn's in
Jan. 1, 1898. 230

.8981 ,S; .04

Riggs, Laurence
C.S.H. meets, and his twin brother at
Sept. 5, 1897. 204

Robb, J. Hampden
C.S.H. and H.P.H .meet, and family
at Budklands, Brook
Street, London. May - 1903. 296


.1, -I...t ett
.cf/tot s ef.-.v7?
at,itut, pas ,e4b0C.
nlot cI **elle/
so,..L1' 11W neevoed
Ca .a0e1

Roberts, Edmund
Life of
N. Y. Herald,Aug. 6, 1905
38 Sc. bk. 16
McConnell agrees to give his credenti
al to, if elected a
delegate to National Convention.
April 26, 1904. 332
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


7,1d 1.1.(v.,' a211 t





Roosevelt, Theodore (Se. index of scrap
C.S.H. meets, at dinner given by Mr.
April 15, 1893. 63
C.S.H. meets Mr.and Ars., at dinner of
President Cleveland
at White House. Feb. 2, 1894. 77
C.S.H. meets Governor, t dinner of N. Y.
Civil Service
Reform Association. Dec. 14, 1900.
President Roosevelt appo_nts C.S.H. on
annual commission to
examine Phila. Mint.
Jan. - 1903. 290
Course of, as to Panama treaty condemne
d by Nat. Dem. Convention
July - 1904. 348
(Lamont told C.S.H. that Cortelyou on
that, very day MIII in
Wall Street collecting campaign cont
ributions for
Roosevelt. Sept. 16, 1904
C.S.H. advises Judge Parker to accept
challenge of, and say
the tariff is robbery, - but he declires.
Sept. 17, 1904. 365
C.S.H. persuades Parker to quote from, mess
age to Congress as
to fraud and rascality in the public
Sept. a, 1904. 368
Gorman tells Parker that his acceptan
ce of challenge of,
as to the Pension order is erroneous,
but C.S.H.
takes the other view and drafts a repl
y for Parker.
Sept. 23, 1904. 369, 370.
C.S.H. on aggressions of. 1904
31 Sc. bk 106
Said it MI .ncfa necessary specifically
to condemn the
free silver in 1896, in Rep. Natl.
33 Sc. bk. 28
C.S.H. favors remitting duties on pres
ents 4ven to
daughter of. 1905
39 Sc. bk. 139
Cleveland tells C.S.H. that Roosevelt
will be found out by
the American people and is in danger
of leaving office
the most discredited of American
July 27, 1905. 3E9
See - scrap books; Roosevelt


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Ltd e1, 13r.e.vnot) Jai I.udv..r:. yjszas ni at eci bad e:`
sod A.ct trio etia 16,00
JariJ £1iWtr,ait,Foin
1;4- ,c.u.



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xd tebv4

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ve ,se et.s ,e,s;

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.Y ,Tit
.08, 460

al L; A°'eforo;,, No ,zvtI co: Least iv


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. 1
ti, 1611 1.:i .) 4.,eLkataleq
00.u124:A.:11 fi ti
3Jki et.4.1q exTos

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.xtuojk, n1 etzw19jj jlb ,tczta
cM .Ef,381.


(Once C.S.H. called, by appointment
on, one Sunday, at
White House. Roosevelt was at lurc
h but soon me
into the rocm with Vereachagin, the
Russian painter
who was patting nis picture. He bega
n to put
questions to R. abait the bat tlel of San
Juan Hill and
writing dovrn the answers in a note
book. Finally he
said to Roosevelt, - "Your excellen
cy, when you led,
your troops up the Hill and turned
on your horse tk,
beckon them on, -what did your Excellen
cy say?"

qz:04E.<`,E taw .r'. .

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.1:71.10 1
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1 c•Je tit vsollefi.
. !. •
nu' e
- prizt
'fit,eattetrix: Vt-r1.1 lUtildflet 0,t
no 4n.vho3
oLeiOZ tJ
x,,k1 xtt v Lnitci
ghl:oelloo See113 110:
t3'1 kini7nd:tnztnot.:
(.i0e1 1 61 .1cr.e8 .Sievereco?1
th4 ,"t3 eve 1 Lecir, 3qa.e 31 lei•Leci
,vieddol el 11 1 t.k: 45,1!
6V.; .tcel
fmarto3 ol Cik4fital tal)lt 11$04 o:
Ldtsq exi1 nt V11.*?bal fob Litivo cyt
ecrui4cier..ok aid ;Isidia
mirter! ed., 3/ 44 •
$'tois Loenoils 1 Ittlo
ivn.f.411-1 evj
teit.-• cw
.ne71.1.464 "col Iq
Oi .to anolseeli,44
601 Ad
flea csnet:13t) Oi 11.atriltecis vutesecien
taest al tt,vIle esl't
•cie r
aft31.:.461q „Da',
31 trev4... Ellivmetq ao 1el1mb gr1:11a707 .10 141

61153 latEi1tvei
lieriescoa $40:1
batiol ad
xd 130
anlvklal "to •tevtgi. hi si Irf eLipaq todoltezah. ecu
ataclitwA o Lift/Itviccib
lieveuool;i “Sih.))d:
44i Ofktitur, t h0 inn :ilacriztlt.i ;7...4;06 xci
.eavoH 101W
SAW Ill..!vaooR
szat nooe :Lrecirtul
ifNim ,y1 en.1 oJni
le:alka males:Ai
tic/. 0,1 aklbed tT1 s eizatici sin ani1isq 11SaVe 3ne/
t I
(*LI J4,cf ii:Lt tf.0 .F O
court Eut.e
ft,J.; %LUCA otood e1. on a ni elevrectii ett3 root
nedh- ,x.3nelleme TeAff" - 1 1Stire5tioV.
qtr espolt IWO%
tnnott 'tax rs3 beirw/ Lri 1Lfl enJ
1.11), tit 'Ad" i n() weriJ holted
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Roosevelt, Theodore (Cont.)
Roosevelt replied with a grin at C.S.H.,
"I said, Give
them hell, boys!"
"Thank you, your Excellency" said
Verestchagin and wrote dawn the words in his
When the picture was finally paid ed, howev
, r, it said ont it,
"Come on, boys/ft
The above C.S.H. thinks was in the last
of 1904 or early in
One day, at ab ou t the same time as the ab ove
C.S.H. and
H.P.H. were calling on 'firs, Roosevelt, ‘and she
told us
that shortly before, after a reception at the
White HouGe,
tne lights had been iu rned out and she was
just retiring
when suddenly Langdon Marvin and Mrs. Root
came out of
the conservatory, entirely oblivious of the
fact that
the recopticn had long been over.)
Speaks, with C.S.H., at dinner of Southern
Society, N.Y.
Feb. 22, 1892. 8
(c„S.H. arFued right of commercial Cable
Company to land at
Cuba, with Mr. Cock, Counsel of the Campany, before
Mr. Root, who decided against us. Cock said.
Root was
a director and counsel of the Western Union,
Rival Company, and was most contemptuous as to
white he did not consider to be even an honest
man .)
Rosa, Sousa, Count
C.S.H. meets, Portugese Minister at dinner of French
Feb. 20, 1904. 78
(Sousa,-Rosa was a very charming man. The wanen
were all
crazy about him, some even visiting his room
bringing him flowers when he was ill.)
Rosen, Baron
C.S.H. calls on, Russian Minister, at Tokio.
Sept. 14, 1897. 207
Barcn Rosen tells
He nude an alliance, - between Russia and U.S.
against Great Britain, - with Secretary of
State, James G. Blaine, on the fur seal matter.
He had authority fran his Government step by step
in the matter. 207, 208.
The Russian cabinet, however, were divid.ed and the
alliance did not take effect. 208



.41300) eqcolosetT i alevesoofi
ev.C.: /1- kiL I" "%crtelle-La..14:




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iw w“,1401q trItt
"two d iao *mar)"

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WI' 11 *alas ed.: ..1.vo tie
taa .R.L.0 t evla ea!
ttfi tat; disveeopff .e•&. cto •,,r11.11.ktr- view
rCt iIO
t o#LoofT edlAW ed.! $.6 fto3qe e Itflk t fregoled y,II•tods *oft
tot, ea* erI# bius, 1 uo te,tvi,:, need bitsii i4JI t'
k11jJJ rt*Liw
O 3O SZI1e: °off .0'11. btu
1tIt triol sorttxclot eti$
erit to a uo iv'Ido
&irsallcfeart sill
(.'iv o
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

.Y et i'Ve/t
-A:te reZeti/Lioa* '19 7eric1t:
krti. sel


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eldat) 14i.totectror.
eIctIed e xtIerpo;)
411(11,Wilt tt:tIceb otf
saw ar: ii.:o
lesittrao bast szolnolt
ate:e0/ eri$
Ooorr. ol • ek.2 etkorlczeicior. No;..1,- am% brai txtuttluDO
rt,ti fie V ed
'lett.1 hltOr
Oft t)
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ees*r.rvtot is$eem .214.8.0
.lotp4f. i,C1111A

Ili, sae* apasoA
Loh asoff-,44a.uoB)
bna Lrooi. , 16. ant$14111 rtovu ezo ortri 31..odu, N„svir,
semi ea netts' alevio

iton.eff ine Boa
eo 110.0T - L
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nalsszia tat) 81t?

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0E41E111.1K am
attiff.Itd '
tr:Ist/bE 4.f.2.10 :sa/sasa
.1e//,441 lass tit: sal rid
.;) *Met e:JO C
•was d q•Se datormitevoi: bid molt Vliorlats* tet f(
S ack. ,cos
.1•:4 Jun *co ni
ert3 t4tLL bt tirlt slew or vevfoo. c. 1 Oat) tuLt* -01 cciT
8OS: .:)eIte
portail is


Rosen Baron (Con t.)
If the Russian Government had followed his advice and
made the alliance, the fur seal dispute would have
been settled years ago. 208
He advised Blaine to rest the care of the U.g• solely
on a
property right. 208
He told Blaine not to claim that Bering Sea was a closed
that Russia had never wade such a claim and could
help the U.S. on any such proposition.
Sept. 14, 1897. 2CP, 208
(During the preparation of the case of the U.S.
the State
Department hired a Russian to translate the Russia
archives, and he showed conclusively that Russia
claimed exclusive jurisdiction over Bering Rea, claimi
it to be a closed sea. After the case had been given
the arbitration committee, the State Department
that these alleged "translati cns" , ere pure forger
and the case of the U.S. had to be racalletand
radically changed.)
Rosse Lord
C.S.H. and M.P.H.

lunch •Alith,

and Lady Rosso
July 17 1 1898. 235
C.S.H. and. H.P.H. visit, at Burr Castle, Parson
Ireland. A very old Cromwellian Castle with a well
preserved moat.
Lcrd Rosso was a distinguished Astronomer, arid he
had an
enormous telescope on his grounds, which he shamed
C. S.H. and H.P.H.
We met there Lord Oxmanton, his son; his younge
r son,
Geoffrey Parsons; his daughter Lady itu.riel Parson
Sir Hubert Miller; Mr. Johnson; Miss Deese. Sir
and Lady Barrington (an Irish taronet) and their
young daughter, were also there. He was a very
witty man, - he had once cane over to the U.S.
rowed with an English crew at the Centennial
Evosi tion
in Philadel.phia in 1876.
Aug. 29, 1898. 234, 235.

(This young daughter was killed by son, Sein Feiner
s during
the Irian uprising in 1921.)
C.S.H. and H.P.H. lunch with Lad and Lady
May 12, 1903. 296

(Lord Roses? s eldest son was wounded.

in the head in

German war and became insane and finally died.



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wirai tixrow ap/ogralk• 14 ,cnt edJ
ao xlsioa
rip•u4c erl. :R61 0/ ftaii&LE
bOt: .Sti4/1 yttsce,
tes bawl* a um Airt *11140
ea entail'
mea tmaxi ate auft /Jut:
ocia7q AcuS aa o .P.t3 ad: qich
oci.1 1Q n. 1:.c•1aglEtct 0a,:t 1131,10)
:mi1es:43 4 btrahl /f11134:1144.6C1
441, Jw1rfii. ,,446",/ xlevisisit.n) tdH tt A1k. ,serlaratt
btx.1,3.1k.c1:.) ,stsp
.3: cif
not- ty.rie
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E a tesol: As er.; os
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jlicher! (104:8 fkill e at Jlaaor.tcj
ale, "arc 1:x181.031.l n bessilt 030/13ari
ta—Te.1:1*.Dt% tcto
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(..beikakit %ILeoit.i
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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Rossi, Lord (Cont.)
Lord Roses was the brother of Geoffrey Parsons, who invented
the turbine engine. W.a spent birthday there
in 1898, ,Ind H.P.H. gave C.S.H. a set of pearl studs
as a birthday present.)
Not true that the, begged the U.S. to borrow gold. fr cm them
instead of from Russia. Carlisle said he had seen a
cable from the, 3tating that, under existing circumstances
they could not further help the U.S. to get gold.
Dec. 25, 1895. 141, 142.
Rousmaniere, Edmtuid S.
C.S.H spends night with, in New Bedford.
Oct. 18, 1892.
C..3.14, speaks before church club ,Providence at request of
Mar. 10, 1902. 262
Roxbury Latin School
C.S.H. attends 250th anniversary of.
June 19, 1895. 121
For programme, See
Scr. books
attends alumni dinner and speaks.
June 19, 1895. 121
C.S.H. attends graduating exercises of, and add:asses the
June 16, 1897. 10
, at school. 1911.
71 Sc. bk. 137
Royal Arcanium, Dorches ter
C.S.H. lectures en Alaska before.
May 15, 1900. 246
Ruggles, Alma
C.S.H. lunches with Prof. Paine at Cambridge. Miss Alma
Ruggles, an old friend, now at Radcliffe Collage
was there. Nov. 23, 1895. 139
Rush, Richard, U.S. ROVIZAIO Cutter
C.S.H. sails from Victoria B.C. for Una1,s3ka on.
July 23, 1894. 93
C.S.H. calls on Captain Hooper on, i San Francisco
April 26, 1897. 188
See - Alaska
Russell, Charles E.
Attacks (1'.E. in Hampton's Magazine. 1910
69 Sc. bk. 1
C.S.H writes Gov. Guild about it.


Russell, Charles E.
Guild repliee that he wrote Russell that his charges were false.
Guild encloses copy of letter frau Russell expressing regrets.
78 Sc. bk. 4, 5, 6.
see - Williams

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Russell, John E.
Speaks at Harwich.


, A4
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Russell, Harry
Dines with Col. ldgerly at Springfield.
Oct. 10, 1891. 4
Lunches with Gov. Russell at als.
Sept. 5, 1892. 34




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C sr vim.
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Oct. 26, 1891. 6
Attends dinner or C.S.4 and Winslow Warren in interest of
Cleveland. Mar.'4, 1892. 12
Attends dinner of R. M. Morse to Don M. Dickinson
Mar. 22, 1892. 14
Speaks at Jeffersondinner of T. M. Dom. Club.
April 13, 1292. 17
3 Sc. bk. 20
Unable to attend lunch of Henry L. Pierce in intere:it of
June 11, 1892. 26
Asks C.S.H. to speak. before Texas delegation in interest
of Cleveland.
June 18, 1892. 28
C.S.H., Quincy and Matthews decide to nominate, for U.S.
Senator . Sept. 5, 1892. 34
dines at Sc*, rest Club, Boston, with, and.
Signourney Butler and teak over the campaign.
Sept. 1, 1893. 711 72
Speaks at Y. M. Dam. Club dinner.
April 12, 1894. 85
Attends dinner of R. M. Morse to Secretary Morton
April 13, 1894. 85
Speaks at dinner of Y. M. Dem. Club.
Dec. 17, 1894. 110
Speaks at Pittsfield, Mrs. Russell with him.
Oct. 24, 1895. 137
Speaks at North Adams. Oc. 25, 1895. 137
C.S.H. drives to Williams College with Mr. and Mrs., and
call on President Carter.
Oct. 25, 1895. 137
Cleveland spoke in great sorrow about the speech of, at
the N.!. Free Trade League, against his
Venezuelan message. He said he did not object to
any opinion he might form, but he felt that, considering their intimate relations and the many
practicll tokens of his (Cleveland's) confidence in
him, - ha miglit at least have asked the League
to susprid judgment until the evidence could be
D.:. 28, 1895. 146, 147


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Russell, John E. (Cont.)
Clev3land said, that he (Russell) hal always talked to
him in a spirit of jingoism, and that, in his
pamphlet on the Monroe Doctrine, he had gone even
farther than he (Cleveland) had gone and contended
that a South American Republic could not be permitted
even voluntarily to dispose of its territory to a
foreign power.
Dec. 28, 1895. 146, 147.
C.S.H. talks with, et ale as to an indorsement of Olney
or Russell and it was agreed. that unless practically
unanimous, no name should be presented to the convention.
Mar: 9, 1896. 157

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



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Russell, Lord Chief Justice
C.S.H. goes to Mount Vernon with, Lady Russell, and. Miss
Sept.19, 1896. 172
Russell, William N. Governor
C.S.H.dines with, at Colonel Edgerly's house at Springfield
Oct. 10, 1891. 4
Boards train for N. Y., evading the newspaper men, to see
Cleveland in N. Y.
Oct. 10, 1891. 5
Speaks :It dinner of Southern Society in N. Y. with C.S.H.
Feb. 22, 1892. 8
Mr. Inman and lAr. Svann give a dinner to, and invite C.S.H.
Feb. 27, 1892. 11
Attends dinner of Alayor Matthews to decido whether the
Democratic leaders should take part in the proposed
independent mass meeting in favor of Cleveland.
Mar. 10, 1892. 12
Attends dinner of R. 4. Morse to Don M. Dickinson.
Mar. 22, 1892. 14
(7,.S.H. spends afternoon with, at the State House, aivising
him as to an interview he was preparing, formally
withdrawing as a canciiiate for President in favor
of Cleveland.
Mar. 19, 1892. 15
Gov,. Russell gives outabove interview.
3 sc. bk. 4
C.S.H. helps, prepare a tariff speech for the coming
Rhode Island campaign.
Mar. 25, 1892. 15
C.S.H. sends, coy of report on Arlington mills wage
Mar. 25, 1892. 15
C.S.H. spends afternoon with, and Cleveland, Dr. Bryant
and E. C. Benedict at Gov. Russell's house in
April 3, 1892. 16
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


. ..





Russell, William E. Governor (Cont.)
Attends lumen of Henry L. Pierce in interest of
July 11, 1892. 25
Sends Henry W. Swift to
and he offers position of
private secretary to C.S.H., at relgu.est of Gov. Russe
June 16, 1892. 27
Says he will place his present Secretary, Saaruel Roads, on some commission.
Jura 16, 1892. 27
Indorsed for President by Mass. Convention,
Position of C.S.11. as to.
9 Sc. bk. 239, 240
The delegates to the National Convention were
angry with,
for declining to go to the convention to secon
Cleveland's nomination, on the ground that he Yu d
go to Williams College to receive the degree of
June - 1892. a
The delegates later found that he vs at Gray
Gables with
Cleveland, during this time, sending telegrains as
to the
platformand generally directing matters.
June - 1892. 29
C.S.H. lunches with, and talks over the campa
Sept. 5, 1892. 34
Renominated for Governor.
Se -t. 27, 1892. 37
Speaks at Hyde Park,with C.S.H. Entertained by Rober
t Bleakie.
Drives haze with C.S.H.
Oct. 8, 1892. 39
New Bedford Journal suggests C.S.H. as a succes
sor to.
Oct. 20, 1892. 41
4 Sc. bk. 33.
Speaks at Gardner with C.S.H.
Oct. 31, 1892. 41
Speaks ,t Boston with C.S.H.
Nov. 5, 1892. 42
Tours Cape Cod from Provincetown to Brocton,
on a special
Nov. 6 and 7, 1892. 43
Writes to Cleveland, strorgly indorsing C.S.H. for
Asst. Sec. of Treasury.
Jan. 26, 1892. 47
C.S.H. spends day with, at iviagnolia. Says re
will go back
to profession of law. Intimated, however, that
would be glad to go into the cabinet; also said
would, be glad, to be off,rd a foreign mission, which
however, he should decline.
Sept. 2, 1893. 72
Calls on Cleveland with C.S.H. and talks over
the Sherman
silver purchase bill which Cleveland was trying
have repealed,
no t. 29, 1893. 73
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis





Russell, William E. Governor (Cont.)
veland was very bitter towards Senator Gorman, 73
Attends dinner of R. M. Morse to Sec. Morton,
A_Dril 13, 1894. 85
Attends birthday dinner of H. R. Reed to C.S.H.
Aug. 30, 1895. 133
Sea - Reed, H. R.
Olney tells C.S.H. he is much annoyed at the apparent
displeasure of Ex-Governor Russell's friends at
the sug-- stion of his (Olney's) name for President
at the dinner of the Y. M. Dem. Club and. the State
Committee, at which Congressman Josiah Patterson
spoke on the Monroe Doctrine.
Mar. 3, 1896. 154
Olney tells C.S.H. that, had acted very peculiarly towards
him since he (Olney) had been in Washington; that
while he had formally called on him --t his house,
that that was all; that he seemed displeased that a
cabinet member had been taken from Mass, without his
Mar. 3, 1896. 1 54
Olney said he had helped., very much 'during his campaigns,
$30 one year he raised $2500, and an other year
Mar. 3, 1896. 154
C.S.H. told Olney that Russell should cane out for him as a
matter of good politics, and that then, if Olney
should withdraw, all would be clear for Russell.
tar. 3, 1896. 154
Corcoran tells C.S.H. that in an unpledged convention Olney
would be stronger than Russell, but if there was a
preliminary contest, Russell would carry the
Mar. 3, 1 896. 155
W. T. Janney tells C.S.H. that Olney will carry the convention
in spite of Russell.
Mar. 4, 1896. 155
Walter Ad,a:ns of the B. Herald. tells C.S.H. that Corcoran
gave him an interview to the effect that the
convention probably will declare for no one but will
lend an unpledged delegation. This, C.S.H. thinks, is
distinctly unfavorable to Russell.
Mar. 42 1896. 155
Attends C.S.H,ls lecture on Alaska at University Club, Boston.
Mar. 8, 1896. 156
C.S.H. gives dinner to Quincy, Matthews, Corcoran and O'Neil.
Matthews and Corconin thought that Russell could, probably
control the contention.
Mar. 9, 1896. 156
It was agreed, that unless practically unanimous, no name, as between Olney and Russell, - should be presented
at the corrrenticn.
Mar. 9, 1896. 157
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Russell, William 1-:. (Cont.)
Russell, through Judge Corcoran, a.nnounces his candidacy for
President. April 18, 1896. 159
Papers said C.S.H. has been working for Carlisle and
Russell. 159
Not true. C.S.H. has kept absolutely out of the mutter,
interfering either with Rix sell's fri 'ilia or Olney's.
C.S .H, has always advised against indorsing ei ther Russell or
Olney except with practical unanimity. Beyond this,
C.S.H. had. done nothing.
April 18, 1896. 159
Sigonrney Butler thinks sane one should gat authority
from Olney, in case Russell Ass clearly going to stampede the convention,
- to say he had never permitted the use of his name and.
would not now. C.S.H. disagreed.
April 18, 1896. 159
C.S.H. sees Olney, /kilo agreed that his best ccurse was to
say ncthigg
April 18, 1896. 160
Olney ,N&S very indignant ,vith Itu.ssoll, and looked upon his selfseeking as a personal attack on his.
April 18, 1896. 159
C.S.H. thinks that Olney, - although he is nOtt and never has been
candidate, - would have been pleased if the state convention
had. declared for him, and was very much annoyed a t
Russell's action in booming himself.
April 18, 1896. 160
C.S.H. learns of sudden death of.
July 17, 1896. 169
C.S.H. leaves for Boa ton to attend the funeral of.
July 18, 1896. 169
C.S.H. attends funeral of. Presilient Cleveland was also
July 20, 1896. 170
C.S.H. delivers a eulogy on, at the Casino in Sandwich.
July 26, 1896. 170
11 Sc. bk. 38
In 1892, Gov. Russell rec3ived 26 votes in Mat tapoisett.
Nov. 5, 1901. 259
Russell, William E. Democratic Club
C.S .11. speaks at dinner of the,at the Colonial Club, Cambridge,
on Imperialism.
Jan. 6, 1899. 239
Russell, William G.
Attends dinner of R. M. Morse to Dan yl. Dickinson
Mar. 22, 1892. 14
C.S.H. drafts a proposal to Russia, Japan, and Great Britaiii
for a new jcint commission.
Feb. - 1895. 111
C.S.H. draws a bill authorizing the President to arrange with
Russia,Japan and Grout Britain for a new joint comLission
and. for a modus
Feb. 15, 1895. 113
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Russia. (Cont.)
Captain Aetholin of the Russian Navy, tells C.3.H. that
treat Britain, in her treaty with Russia concerning
the Afghanistan bcunclary, gave certain concessions
to Russia, in consideration of which Russia agreed to a
modus vivendi establishing a zone of 30 miles around
the Commander Islands, which injured the case of the
U.S. before th3 Paris Tribunal.
April 8, 1895. 117
C S.H. that Russia and Great Britain
Captain Aetholin tells
appointed a Commission to sot apart Afghanistan as
neutral territory between the two countries, an which
neither should encroach. Ho understands th- t Great
gave Russia some concession to induce her to
agree on a 30 mile zone around the Commander Islands,
which Great Britain used in the Paris Tribunal tO
injure the claim of the U.S.
April 14, 1895. 118
The Washington Post says that Russia has offered to loan 400
rnillicns of gold to the U.S. without interest and tnat
on hearing of this, the Rothchilds sent Morgan to
Washington to beg Cleveland to accept their gold instead.
Dec. 25, 1895. 141, 142
Carlisle tells C.S.H., Russia did offer such a loan to tee
U.S. tu.t that the report as to the Ho the chil ds was
not correct; that he had soon a cable from the Rothschilds
that, under existing circumstances, they could do nothing
in the filly of purchasing gold for the U.S.
(Olney bold C.S.H. that Russia wanted a lar-ary high rate of interls
Carlisle deprecated such a loan from Russia; said it would be
looked on as a virtual alliance with Russia against the
rest of the world; that it would make Great Britain so
bitter that she might dump back on us her holdings of our
secu ri ties and drain us of cur gold; that Germany might
seek to combine *ith Great Britain to dispute the Monroe
Doctrine and precipitate a bloody contest.
Dec. 25, 1895. 141, 142.
C.S.H. a draft of an agreement he made with
Foster shows
Russia giving her the benefit of all future changes in
sealing regultt ions which the U.S. might mike with
Great Britain.
C.S.H. objected and said we should merely have agreed to us.
our best efforts to do so, as a binding agreement might
be construed as a breach of the spirit of the Paris Award.
Foster did not agree with C.S.H. but says he sill discuss
it with ,:cKinley at Lake Chamlain, where he is to go cn Monday
Aug. 7, 1897. 194, 195
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Rusnia (Cont.)
Baron Rosen, Russian Minister to Tokio tells C.S.H. that Rassia
offered to Blaine an alliance against Great Britain
in the fur seal dispute; that he had authority from
his Government, step by step, in the negotiations, but
that the Russian cabinet was divided on the 4uestion
and finally decided not to enter into it.
Sept. 14, 1897. 207
Rosen told. C.S.H. that he advised Blaine not to claim that
Bering Sea mas a closed 3ea; that Russia had never so
clailLed and could not help the U.S. on such a claim;
that the U.S. should rest its claim on a property right
in the fur seals; that if the Russian Government had. taken
his advice and had made the alliance, the fur zeal
dikoute would have been settled years ago.
serp t. 14, 1897. 208
(During the preparation of the U.S. case, a Russian wait employed
to translate the Russian archives and he proved by
them that Russia had cla',ted that Bering Sea was a closed
sea. After our brief was handed in it was dis covered, that
the so-called translations were pure forgeries and the
case of the g.s. had t o be recalled.)
Denison tells C.S.H. that Ito persuaded the gmperor of Japan that
it would not do to refuse the demand for the
retrocession of the Liotung pent sular made by Russia,
France and Germany but that this tut ircately brought about
Ito's resignation..
Sept. 16, 1897. 210
Convention between Russia, Japan and U.S.
Oct. - 1897. 215
Convention signed at State Department. Foster, Dr. Jordan
and a S.H. signed in behalf of U.S. Pierre Botkine and
Mr. DeWollant signed for Russia and Mr. Fugita and
Matsukuri for Japan.
Nov. 6, 1897. 220
Provides for a modus vivendi stopping all xilling of fur seals
at sea for one year, andfor another conventicn between
the same nations a nd Great Britain to consider proper
means for preserving the fur seal herd. The conventi on
was not to be binding until ratified by Gre t Britain.
The Protocols were also signed and a. copy given to each
Nov. 6, 1897. 220
McKinley tells C.S.H. he is much pleased with this treaty.
Nov. 9, 1897. 221
C.S.H. criticizes Rev. Percy Grant for attacking Russia, at the
class dinner. Points out that the Czar brought about
the Hague Convention,and spoke of Russia's aid to U.S.
in the Civil War, the Russian loan offered in 1895, etc.3tc.
June 25, 1901. 249
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Russia (Cont.)
Our friend in Civil War.

C.S.H. 1902.
22 Sc. bk. 66

See also -Fur seals



Russian Commissioner
3.S.H meets Prince Volkonskoi, at dinner at
*Mrs. Potter Palmer's in Chicago.
July 29, 1893. 69
Russian Minister
C,S.H. dines with, to meet Admiral Makerof.
Mar. 14, 1896.


Russian Seal Islands. 115, 116, 118
See - Russia
Williams, C. A.

Ryder, A. P.
See - Pass


Saigo, Marquis
C.S.H. calls on, Minister of Marine.
Sept. 10, 1897.
Attends dinner of Minister Buck to C.S.H.
Sept. 15, 1897.


Salisbury, Lord
Cleveland sends message to Congress with correspuidence
between Olney and, as to Venezuelan boundary.
Dec. 17, 1895. 141
Cleveland tells Carlisle he knew that, had declined
arbitration but that be had not seen the letter of,
as Olney had it.
Dec. - 1895. 169
Olney tells C.S.H. that he had so riddled one letter of, an
the question of arbitration, as to certain historical
precedents, that Salisbury asked and obtained Olney's
consent to withdraw it.
July 18, 1896. 170
N. T. Tribune publishes the "shirt sleeve dispatch" of
Sherman to, without authority.
July 14, 1897. 191
see - Foster
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Salisbury, Lard. (Cont.)
Fos ter threatens to cable, if Thomps on declines to
have U.S. offer placed on Protocols.
Nov. 15, 1897. 224
See - Foster
Thompson, at C.S.H.Is request, decides not to cable, as to
the incident.
Nov. 15, 1897. 225
(David A. Wells was persuaded by C.S.H. to change an
article prepared by him criticizing attitude of U.S.
In Venezuelan boundary dispute. C.S.H. thcught Walls
was unduly influenced by the fact that Lord Salisbury
had extended many hospitalities to his son who
attached to the U.S. Evabassy at London.
See - Wells, David A. )
Salt du ty
C.S.H. writes to Bost n Herald criticizing Col. Allen,
Republican nominee for Governor for claiming that the
tariff on salt was the means of developing the salt
industries of the U.S.
Sept. 24,1891. 4
1 Sc. 'bit% 100
Editorial in Boston Herald praising C.S.H.Ts letter.
Sept.25, 1891. 4
1 Sc. bk. 100
David Hall Rice tries to defend Allen
, 1891. 4
2 Sc. bk. 1
Editorial of Boston Journal on C.S.H.Is letter.
Sept. 28, 1891.
2 Sc. bk. 1
Curt 'a Guild defends Allen.
Oct. 3, 1891. 4
2 Sc. bk. 3
C.S.H. writes another letter.
Oct. 4, 1891. 4
2 Sc. bk. 3
Editorial of Boston Herald praising letter
Oct. 4, 1891. 4
2 Sc. bk. 3
Curtis Guild again defends Allen
Oct. 6$ 1891. 4
2 Sc. bk.4
Editorial of Bostcn Herald
Oct. 6$ 1891. 4
2 Sc. bk. 4
writes a third letter
Oct. 6, 1891. 4
2 Sc. bk. 5
Rice replies.
Oct. 6, 1891
2 c. bk.s 5
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Salt duty (Cont.)
C.S.H. writes a fourth letter.
Oct. 22, 1891. 5
2 sc. bk. 19, 34.
C.=.H. writes a fifth letter.
Oct. 21, 1891. 5
2 Sc. bk. 22
Boston Herald editorial
Oct. 21, 1891. 5
2 Sc. bk. 22
Cleveland tells C.S.H. he settled the Samoan controversy,
just before Harrison was inaugurated, by a dispatch
sent to our Minister in Germany, and that all
Harrison had to do was to carry out the agreement as
Aug. 1, 1892. 31, 32
Sampson, Admiral
C.S.H. meeta Captain Sampson at dinner of Russian Minister
Mar. 14, 1896. 157
Speaks, with C.S.H., at dinner of Calumet Club.
Nov. 17, 1899. 244
Sanders, Grace
C.S.H. goes to theatre with Mrs. Cleveland, and, neice of
Sec. Lamont.
Jan. 19, 1894. 76
C.S.H. calls on (Mrs. Macey) in New York.
June 25, 1896. 165
Sanders, Thomas
C.S.H. spenis night with, brother-In-law of Henry Howe,
at Haverhill.
Oct. 24, 1901. 258
Jan. 13, 1902. 261
Sanford, Mrs.
C.S.H. goes over Ellis Island with Harriet, Jane and,
(Cordine Blodgett)
Jan. - 1896. 149
Sanamya, Baron
Baron Sanomyal Master of Ceremoniez, tells C.S.H. that
the willingneso of the Empress of Japan to rec3ive
his sister Harriet, is a great honor; that a sister,
qua sister, has never been received before.
Sept. 14, 1897. 208
Sayles, Trying B.
Nominated as auditor.
Sept. 27,1892.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Scandals. Tariff Act of 1894.
11s of rumor that the mamnfac turert a Club of
Philadelphia had offered money to Senators Hunton
and Irby to induce them to vote against the Wilson
tariff bill.
May 22, 1894. 90
Senator smith, of New Jersey, tells C.S.H. that he loaned
senator Irby $7000 to persuadQ him to vote for the
Wilson tariff bill, for which he held his note.
Feb. 8, 1895. 112
Schaefer, Mr.
Tells C. S. H. triat Bryan manta to see him.
July 5, 1904. 336
Schaff, General
Attends C.S.H.Is lecture on Alaska at University ClUb,
Boston, and dinner given by Winslow warren*
March 8$ 1896. 156
Schlesinger, Mr.
C.S.H. calls on, at Brooxline.
Die. 1, 1896.


Schley, Admiral
C.S.H. meets Captain Schley of the Light House tender
"Rogers" at Gray Gables.
Sept* 23, 1894. 93
Takes lunch with C.S.H. in Marion
septa5, 1894. 94
Schoenof, appraiser
Customs Textile Association filea charges against.
Feb. 9, 1896. 150
C.S.H. interviews Sharretts as to charges against.
May 1, 1896. 161
Schofield, William
Speaks, with C.:3.11. at Maplewood*
Oct. 15, 1691. 5
Schurz, Carl
Attends anti-Imperial League conference at Hotel
Plaza, N. Y.
Dec. 1, 1900. 248
Attacks Quincy
See - Quincy
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Schwab, Gustav
C.S.H. has conference with, dnd others, representing the
sau.rri money committee of the N. Y. Ghairiber of
Ccimnerce, az to furthering the ca,lse of sound money.
Jan. - 1896. 149
Senner says that, was to give him $2000, for the sound
money men of N. Y. and that he wanted C.3.H. to send
out sound money literature to laboring men. Said he
had a list of 1000 names and would give C.S.H. $500
for postage etc.
May - 1896. 161
C.S.H. told Senner that Schwab was supplying him i th money
and he, therefore, hesitated to accept it. Finally
C.S.H. accepted it as it would cost $500 to supply
his list.
May - 1904. 162
See - Senner
Seal islands
See - Alaska
Fur seals
smal Islands, Russian. 115
See - Russia
'Williams, Charles
Secret Diploma tic agreement
Foster, C.S.H., and Dr. Jordan sign a secret agreement,
by authority of licKinley, and give it to the Japanese
delegates. It provided that if the U.S. should
give any compensation to Great Britain to induce her
to enter the conference equivalent compensatitn should
be given to Japan.
Nov. 6, 1897. 220
Secretary of State
C.S.H. nominated for.
Sept. 27, 1892. 36
Brookline Chronicle praises C.S.H.Is noaanation.
Oct. 1, 1892. 39
Section 22, Dingley Tariff Act
CS.H. talks with Sir William Van Horne and Sec. Alger in
:4ontreal as to. They advise him to retain •Tdmunds,
Choate, Carter or Carlisle.
Aug. 11, 1897. 195
C.S.H. prepares argament on, in Boston. Edrau.nds declines
retainer as he is Counsel for the Amer. Shijoping
Associat ion. Carter is in Europe and Choate can not
come. C.S.H. finally retains Carlisle.
Aug. 12, 1897. 195
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sec. 22, Dingley Tariff Act (Cont.)
C.S.H. and Carlisle argue, before Attorney General,
McKenna, in Washingtcn, in behalf of the B. & M. R.R.
Boston Associated Boards of Trade, Boston Chamber of
Comnerca, et ale.
Aug. 14, 1897. 196
Opinicn of Attorney General.
13 Sc. bk. 18, 19, 22.
Arguaa, before U.S. Board. of General Appraisers, N.Y.
Dec. 15, 1897. 230
12 Sc. bk. 31
General Appraisers decides against the imposition of a
discriminating on European and Asiatic produe ts coming
Into U.S. thr(ugh Canada.
Jan. 28, 1898. 230, 231
15 Sc. bk. 36
C.S.H. at Treasury in connection with a general circular as to
Jan. 29, 1898. 232
Carlisle criticized for caning. 1895
9 Sc. bk. 180
Carlisle approved veto of, bill. 1896
9 Sc. bk. 179
Seligman, Prof.
Serves with C.S.H. and others on a committee of American
Ec atomic Association to prepare a report on a fiscal
policy for the U.S. and its dependencies.
Mar. 14, 1899. 242
Report of committee.
Dec. 29, 1899. 244
Senate, State
Nominated for, but defeated by Holaey J. Boardman
by 5098 to 2591.
Nov. 8, 1887
1 Sc. bk. 13
C.S.U. nominated for.
Oct. - 1888. 1
1 Sc. bk. 42
C.S.H. defeated. by Gunn who had 6945 votes to C.S.H.Is 4327
votes; Gunn's majority 2618.
Nov. 2, 1888. 1
1 Sc. bk. 44
Serata, U.S.
See - Hamlin; Senate
Senner, Dr.
Tells C.S.H. he (Senner) is to be given $2000 by Gustav
Schwab, representing the gamin; oney bureau ar N. T.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Senner, Dr. (Cont.)
and asks C.S.H. to have his (C.S.H.ts) sound money bureau
in Washingtor. to send cat soundmeney literature
list of many thousand names.
laboring man, of which he had a
Sapid he would give C.S.H. $500 for printing and postage
him with money and that he
C.S.H. said Schwab was providing
hesitated, therefore, at accepting this $500. C.S.H.
would cost at least that for
said he would take it as tat
printing and postage.




Senner said the Immigration service men were doing ;2 1
men to vote for sound money,
could to influence labor
and that he should give them money for expenses of their
work after hours.
ce for
C.S.H. said that while they could use their influen
be cautioned to do such work out of
sound money, they must
regular business
May - 1896. 161, 162
Sewall, Harold
C.S.H. speaks in Fanueil Hall Boston, attacking, former
General to Samoa who left the Democratic Party
after Cleveland's refusal to appoint him to office.
had bitterly attacked Cleveland's foreign jtolicy.
challenges him to a joint debate and shows that he had
sought almost every office in Clevelandts gift before
n policy.
became "disgusted" with Clevelandts foreig
Cleveland one day sunzuoned C.S.H. to the White House
and askeclhim very gruffly whether he had not forbidden
him taking part in political campaigns. C.S.H. said
l engagements. Cleveland
and that he had cancelled severa
then turned tamards him with a smile and said - "Have
you. read Sewall's attack on me?" C.S.H. said "Yes."
Cleveland then said, - "Well, all I've got to say is
that if you want to reply to Sewall, you may do so."
C1S.H. thengot Cleveland to write Judge Gresham a letter
to help C.S.H. and Gresham give him a list of all
his father for him - had asked for,
which Sewall, - or
and us'ed it with telling effect in his epaech, to which
Sewall never replied.
9 Sc. bk. 37, 41.
of times after this, but each
C.S.H. met Sewalla number
looked through the other without recognition.
stopped over in Hcnolulu on his return from Japan
and found that Sewall Ass U.S. Agent at Hawaii. C.S.H.
told Haywood, ie Consul General, an old friend. of his
him on
relations with Sewall, and said he must call with
tell him what Cicuma had said about
Sewall as ha had to
Hawaii. Haywood accordingly weat with C.S.H. to call
and 0..S.,111 received him very courteously, and drove
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sewall, Harold (Cont.)
with him to call on President Dole. Later, an
returning to Washington, C.S.H. was told at the
State Department that Sewall had co4p1ained becalse
the Captain of the U. S. Cruiser at Honolulu had given
C.S.H. a salute as Commissioner of the TJ.. when he
called upon him.
See - Hawaii
Seymour, ComAssioner of Patents.
See - Curtis, W. E.
Patent Office Gazette

79 to 84

Sharpe, Prof.
C.S.H. wires Healey Court Martial Board to hold, up its
report until, of Philadel:hia, who was on the "Bear"
la6t 'rawer, reached San Francisco.
Feb. 9, 1896. 150
Sharretts, General Appraiser
C.S.H. confers with, in N. Y., as to customs appropriation,
May 1, 1896. 161
C.S.H. wires to, to meet him in N. Y. bat he was away.
Dec. 21, 1896. 179
(In 1904, Sharretts, in behalf of Senator Gorman offered
C.S.H. the position as Sec. of the Treasury if he
would come oat for Gorman;but C.S.H. declined.)
Shaughnessy, Thomas
Spends day in Montreal with, arrangtng for a conference
in N. Y. with Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Sept. - 1897. 215
Secret meting at Uriversity Club, N. Y. between
Foster and C..H., and sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Louis
Davies, and Mr. Shaughnessy.
Oct. 31,1897. 215
See- Canada
Shaughnessy favors lover Canadian duty on R.R. cars; says
that they are poorly made in Canada and sold for
a little less than the American price plus the duty
Oct. 31, 1897. 218
C.S.H. has very satisfactory interviewwith, in Montreal
on Foster's suggestion and urged speedy settlement
of the Par seal matter.
Nov. 3, 1897. 219
Shaw, Dr.
C.S.H. serves,with, editor of Review of Reviews, on a
co= ittea of the American Economic Association,
to draft a fiscal policy for the dependencie of
the U.S.
Mar. 14, 1899. 242
Report of Committee.
Dec. 27, 1899. 244
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Shaw, Secretary of Treasury
Gives hearing at Boston on release bonds, and insults
C.S.H. and Collector Lyman.
Dec. 29, 1903. 305, 307, 308
See - Release bonds
Shaw. Index scrap books.
Sheehan, William
Tells C.S.H., Parker will surely be naninated if Mass.
will vote for him. C.S.H. said Mass, will stick
by Olney to the end.
July -1904. 351
Tells C.S.H. that Champ Clarke will rule that the
Illinois vote must be cast for Hearst until he
July - 1904. 352
C.S.H. intended to accept Bryants challenge and
introduce a gold resolution, but Sheehan begs him
not to do so, as Williams reply will be ample. 355
On train with C.S.H. returning fromthe convention
July101, 1904. 356
Wires Steele in N. Y. to get Robert Winsor to have Boston
Herald supoort Parker.
July 10, 1904. 357
Shellabarger and Wilson
O.S.H. wishes to retain, to act for him in Patent
Office Gazette matter but they are retaired by the
company which bad the old contract.
Feb. 19, 1894.
Shepard, Edwin M.
Attends dinner of N. Y. Civil clervice Reform League
Dec. 14, 1900. 248 .
Spends day with C.S.H. at Mattapoisett to discuss
whether to attend the Democratic dinner at
Nantaskat Beach. Finally agreed that he ought
to attend.
July 18, 1902. 269
Speaks, with C.S.H. at dinner of Tilden Club at N. Y.
Jan. 9, 19,L)3. 290
Death of
72 Sc. bk. 21, 22
Sharer, Edward
Hcaer Fisher files charges against, - says he as
Government Chemist is compirIng with the Awerican
Sugar Refining Co. to defraud the Government. He
wished to be employed where Share was and said he
co'ild prove it. Congressman McCombs was behind
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sharer, Edward (Cont.)
Fisher. C.S.H. suggested to Appraiser Bunn that Fisher
call on him. Bunn said he had lost confidence in
Sharer, that be mss old, came to the office late and
left early; that his employees were not efficient; that
t-e sugar trust had hired his brother as their chemist
and general attorney; that he was frequently the
appraiser's stores and often even in the chemical
laboratory with his brother; that he had cancelled his
pass and had forbidden his going into the laboratory.
Bunn said sherar gave as an eX011110 that his brother went
there to inquire after his sick sister.
Bunn further said that while he had no direct charges to
make against Sharer, he had lost confidence in him,
and hai about mwie 13310 his mind to ask for his
removal. Bunn said 4 dear friedd had written asking
him not to remove Sharer and that he had private
advices that Cleveland was vary friendly towards him.
C.S.H. told Bunn that he would give consideration to any
recommendation he might make as to Sharer.
Carlisle toll C.S.H. that Horace White had written
Cleveland that She rer had given him statistics as to
the proposed duty an sugar and that the sugar trust
was trying to induce him (Carlisle) to remove him.
Carlisle said Cleveland wrote White that he (Carlisle)
had ordered Sharer to. c ore to Washington to help htm
draw same sugar regulations but had rescinded the
order on being informed that sharer had some connectian
wi th the sugar true t.
Dec. 8, 189 1. 107
Sherman, John
When Sherman Act was reported, Sherman said free silver
had 1 en averted by a decisive majority.
9 Sc. bklip 178
Later said i t was passed to avert free coinage.
9 cc. bk. 178
Teller denied this. 9 Sc. bk. 178
Senator Proctor tells C.S.H. that McKinley has settled on,
for ocretary Of State.
Jan. 11, 1897. 183
C.3.H. tells Sec. Gage that fur seal matters are in a
very critical stage and that, is too old and to o
infirm to give vigorous attention to the matter.
(Sherman's memory was so poor that he would make an
appointment and then forget all about it, nor could
he remember faces from day to day. His brain was
vary much weakened, and he was absclutely unfit
to perform the duties of Sec. of State)
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman, John (Cont.)
C.F,H. advised Gage that General Foster should be called
in and maked to take entire 7harge of all fur
seal matter. Sac. Gage agreed. with C.S.H. and
said that nothing cou.ld be hoped for frcm Sherman.
Mar: .31, 1897. 186
Later that day, Secretary Gage told C.S.H. that he had
talked with McKinley and that he a.gc eed that the
matter must be taken cut of sham:Ian's hands, in the
first instance, at least, but he felt much
embarrassment because of his great regard for Sherman
and their old friendship; that finally McKinley
said he would writs Sherman, tut that its was boo
busy to think of giving up the time required for
such a latter; that McKinley then suggested that a draft of letter couched in the
most friendly, af actionate term's, which he would
sign and send.
accordingly prepared a draft of letter which Gage
gave to vicKinley and later Gaga said. McKinley had
signed and sent it.
C.S.H. feels that the fact that McKinley NSA willing to
send thli letter shows conclusively that McKinley
considered Sherman tco oldand too ill to be of any
use in his cabinet.
(Sherman was given this position to gat ilia cut of the
Senate and to make room for Mark Hanna.)
Mar. 31, 1897. 186
Foster and C.r3.H. wi- 3 appointed as Comnissicners of the
U. S. to take charge. of the fur seal negctiaticns.
April 8, 1897. 187
The N. Y. Tribune publishes the '
shirt sleeve" dispatch
sent by Sherman to Lord Salisbury on the fur sal
matter, dated May 10. This was absolutely
unauthorized by tile State Department which could not
find by what authority or by whom it been given
From the introductory matter the Deps.rtnent believes it
was given to Whitelaw Reid, the owner of the Tribune,
and, then in Lcndon as Soecial Ambassador to the
Queen's Jubilee.
McKinley, Asst. Sec. Cridler, and C.S.H. believe Foster
must have given it to Reid in London, but Foster
denies that he did this.
The letter caused mach bitterness in Londcn, and there is
much speculation in the Amer lean paper.; as to who
could have written it.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman, John (Cont.)
Fveryone believes Sherman did not write it, for he publicly
denied, a Lonth ago, that any such letter hal been
sent, - evidently having forgotten that he had signed it.
C.S.H. actually drafted the letter, furnishing the
legal and statisticil arguments, while Foster put it
strongly objected to certain
into final shape.
by Foster, but, at Fosterts urgent
portions added
solicitation finally permitted them to stand, being
convinced that Great Britain would not reopen the
esticn unless a very sharp note ma sent to
fur seal
The note accused Great Britain of bad faith but proved such
faith. Great Britain had refused to reopen the
matter in a series of very su.preilious and almost
insulting letters which imputed bad faith tc us merely
because we had asked to have the matter reopened.
Sherman at first did not want to sign the note.
McKinley at first would not p3rmit the noe to be sent.
Foster finally persuaded them that it was advisable to send
They both had. read. it carefully and by sending i gave it
their approval.
July 14, 1897. 191, 192, 193.
C.S.H. cables Sherman for instructions as to whether the
U.S. would consider sea otters as well as fur seals
in the coming convention at Washington.
qept. 8, 1897. 204
for authority to remain in Tokio until
C.S.H, cables Sherman
the Japanese delegates were ready to sails
Sept. 8, 1897. 205
Sherman telling of the instructions given by
C.S.H. cables
Japan to its delegates.
Sept. 22, 1897. 213
a reception to the delegates
Sherman gives
Nov. 12,1897. ;324
he wished to consult McKinley before approving
Sherman said
C.S.H.'s voucher for $5000 for services as commissioner.
Later he approved it, McKinley having expressed his
Nov. - 1897. 228
Sherlan Silver Purchase Act, 1890. (See also, silver)
Sherman said. Aug. 28, 1891:
To provide a market for our silver and for an increase
of currency, it directed the purchase of 4 million
ounces of fine silver each month, making 54 million
ou.rces a year and upon the security of this to issue
legal tender note.3 for the full amount of the coat
of the silver, thus giving a stable market for all
and more than the silver produced in the U.S., and,
at the same tile, furnishing to the people an increase
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman Silver Purchase Act (Cont.)
of circulating money greater than the increase of our
populat ion.
This increased purchase of silver was felt by conservative txien
to have gone to the 3xtrame extent in favor of the
producers of silver.
I yielded with reluctance to the amount provided for, but it
seemed. to me the most expedient measure to stop a coinage
already in excess of popular demand and to furnish a good.
paper currency more favored by the people.
I now believe the measure will work out most beneficial results.
It will tend to a itance silver to it.; old parity with gold.
It has already advanced the value of our vast store of silver
in the Treasury.
At Lacks free coinage of silver.
I appeal to the conservative men of Ohio of both parties *****
You can render even a greater service now, in the election of
Gov. McKi.nley, in defeating the free coinage of s'i3rer
and strengthening the hands of President Harrison ****
1891. 1 sc. bk. 89
Senator Hoar:
This measure is calculated to do m.cre to disturb the parity
between the two metals than has been done by any
agency since the coinage of the silver dollar was
resumed. July 2, 1890
2 Sc. bk. 24
George S. Hale writes M. P. Kennard, Assistant Treasurer, asking
whether gold coin can be obtained at the Subtreasury
in this city in exchange for silver doll.zrit, or silver
certificates, or, if not, from any officer or deoartrnent
of the U. S. Gov..rnment.
Oct. 1, 1891
2 Sc. bk. 7
Kennard replies that silver dollars and silver certificates
are interchangeable, but in no case is gold. parable for
silver coin or paper.
Oct. 1, 1891.
2 sc. bk. 7
The Sherman Act was dictated by the advocates of inflation and
by the silver mine owners.
All paper currency issued by the Govt. should be redeemable
in either gold. or silver coin at the option of the
holder and not. at the discretion of the Sec. of the
Mass. Tem. platforn.
Oct. - 1891
2 Fc. bk. 8
Lodge points out that Hale did not ask Kennari as to he
Sherman notes, bti.t as to silver dollars and certificates.
Oct. - 1891
2 Sc. bk. 11
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman Silver Purchase Act (Cont.)
Lodge reads letter of °elan B. Hayes to Sec. Poster
asking arscng other things, whether the Sherman notes
are not redeemable in either gold or silver coin
at the U. S. Treasury and whether th3 Govt. does so
redeem them when presented.
Oct. 8, 1891.
2 Sc. bk. 16
reads Foster's reply.
Says the Sherman notes redeemable in either gold or
silver coin at the discretion of the sec. of the
Treasury; the parity clause is a virtual promise that
the notes shall always be redeemed in gold, or its
exact equivalent **** Such notes are redeemed in
gold when so presented for redemption ****
Oct. 10, 1891.
2 Sc. bk. 16
Joseph Walker
It is pure politics, - that is all there is about it.
We Republicans want to cane back and we do not want
you (Democrats) to case back in the majority, because,
on the whole, you. must excuse us for thinking we are
better fellows than you are. That is human nature,
that is all there is in this silver bill.
June 6, 1890.
2 sc. bk. 24
quotes Walker's speech.
Mar. 21, 1892.
2 Sc. bk. 24
President Harrison was xis/sensible for.
3 Sc. bk. 89
to Boston Journal
Joseph Walker writes
Had no reasonable substitute been offered, before the
session closed, many Republican Congressmen would
have felt compelled to vote finally fcr free
coinage of silver, .4.rho personally were asposedtc
the free coinage of silver, and so voted up to the
passage of the billcf July 14, 1890.****
Cct. 20, 1892.
4 Sc. bk. 29
Sherman writes Walker.
The bill wa,i the only expedient by which we could
defeat the free cotaage of silver.
To defeat such a policy, so pregnant with evil, I
was willing to buy the entire product of American
silver mines at its gold value, - and this was what,
we provided, guarded so far as we could. To
acco4plish our object, we had to get the consent
of the Republican representatives from the silver
producing states. This we could only do by buying
the silver product of those states.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman Silver Purchase Act (Cont.)
I* was a costly purchase.
The silver ws purchased, is not worth as much as -we paid
for it, it this loss is insignificant compared to
our gain by the der3at of the free coinage of silver.
It is said, there vas no danger of free coinage, that the
President (Harrison) would vetoed it. We had no
right to throw the responsibility upcn him *****
Has never regretted the passage of this bill.
He would, however, strike out the provision for the
c ompulsory purchase of a given u:anti V of s liver
and authorize the secretary to buy silver bullion at
its rnarket price, when needed for sabsidiary coinage.
Advises repeal of the purchasing clauses.
July 22, 1893.
8 Sc. bk. 100
C.S.H. brings Statistical matter relating to the, to Cleveland
at Gray Gables.
July 21, 1893. 67
Clveland was very angry with the silver men in the Senate.
Aug. 18, 1893. 70
Cleveland was pleased at a letter from Senator Vilas
suggesting that appointments be held up and says he
will wire him to suggest it to the cabinet.
Aug. 18, 1893. 70
Cleveland does not approve the declaration attached to
the Voorhees bill as reported to the Senate.
Aug. 18, 1893. 70
C.5.H. asks Holmes of the Boston Herald to give Carlisle
credit for his splendid work in trying to repeal the.
Aug. 31, 1893. 71
Carlisle has been so by trying to repeal the, that he has
been glad to turn over all detailed work of the
Treasury to C.S.H. as acting secretary.
Sept. 2, 189.3. 72
Repealed by Congress.
Nov. 1, 1893. 73
Would have been repealed long before were it not for the
treachery of certain alleged friends of the repeal, prominent among Abaci %rag Senator Gorman.
Carlisle believes Gorman constantly held out hopes of
compromise to the silver advocates.
One of the drafts of a compromise submitted to Carlisle
was in Gorman's handwriting.
The 'final pro-cositim of compromise was prepared at a meeting
at *Itch Gorman ,vasppresent.
As C.C:.H. remembers, Cleveland told C.S.H. and Gov. Rlx sell,
who called cn Cle valand cn Oct. 29, that at that
very meeting Gorman hal a letter in his pocket stating
that he - Cleveland-would accent no coru;Dranise.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman Silver Purchaae Act (Cont.)
Cleveland told C.2.H. later that he 1:ersona1ly had
written no such letter to Gorman.
Carlisle has stood like a rock, throughout the fight, for
unconditional repeal. All tan of his weakening or
favoring any compromise C.S.H. knows to be untrue.
Nov. 1, 1893. 73, 74
Senator Gray of Delaware was very weak, vacillating and
timid throughbut the fight for repeal. He was the
first friend of the administration to give in and
sign the proposed comapromise. Had it not been for
Cleveland's courage the releaing bill nev)r would have
Logan Carlisle tells C.S.H. that his father told him
that Cleveland was asked to appoint senator Gray
an the Supreme Court but said he would be damned
If Gray would sit on the-Supreme Bench while he was
President. This feeling grew out of Gray's signing
the compromise.
May 24, 1894. 90
Carlielegives out an interview that he will redeem the,
in gold as long as there was gold lawfully available
for that purpose.
April 21, 1893. 99
Partisan papers at once claimed that Carlisle meant that
the hundred million gold reserve against the
greentockA was not "available" and as there was little
free gold over this gold reserve, that Carlisle would
soon have to redeem these notes in silver. 99
This rumor caused much excitement and apprehension. 99
Cleveland than gave out another interview stating
that these notes would be paid in gold and that
the cabinet was absolutely urited an this policy.
April 24, 1893. 99
As a matter of fact, before Carlisle gave out his
interview Cleveland carefully read it and approved it.
The President and cabinet go to N. Y. leavinp (%'.'4. as
acting secretary with instructions to redeem both
Sherman notes and greenbacks in gold.
April 26, 1893. 64
Carlisle gave cut his interviewto the press during the
evening of April 20, knowing that On the next day the
100 million gold reserve would have to be drawn upon
in order to pay the Sherman notes and greenbacks in gold.
Carlisle meant by "lawfully available" that he could not
use the 106 millions of gold then in the Treasury
against which gold certificates were outstanding. This
106 millions had nothing to do with the 100 millions of
gold held in reserve for rewumption purposes; i.e.
for paying the greenbacks. 100
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman Silver Purchase Act (Cont.)
Carlisle on April 21, the morning on which his interv
was published, telegraphed the Subtreasurer at
N. Y.
to redeem all Sherman notes in gold whether the
was wanted for export or for other puroos
es. C.S.H.
later showed a copy of this telegram to 24r. Holnies
the Boston Herald.
Nov. 13, 1894. 99
The Bo3ton Herald hal over and over again charge
d that
Carlisle had thfeatened not to use the 100 millio
gold reserve for the redemption of th) Sherma
n notes. 99
Senator Frye, in a spa ech at Malden bitterly
attacked Carlisle,
uharging him with having threatened to pay the
notes in silver, and accu'ing hix of cowardIce
dec id ing that he did not want the enactment of the
a.rsendment to the sundry civil bill reported in
February, 1893, just before the expiration of
This amendment would have authorized the issue if
3% bonds
under the Resumption Act, and under it Senator Frye
claimed that Carlisle could issued bonds for
with which to redeem the F;hern not s. 100
Carlisle vvas furious and asked C.S.H. tc get Phinea
s Pierce
in Boston to wire Carlisle and ask him if Senator
Fryels charges were true, and said, he vould semi
Pierce a letter explaining the wholernatter.
100, 101
C.5.H. arranged this and Pierce wired Carlisle as arrang
9 Sc. bk. 49
Carl islai let tar s ta ted:Cleveland and Carlisle favored this amendment.
genitor Harris got through an amentaent to it providing
that the gold obtained by issuing these bonds
should be applied to the uses of the Resumption
Act and to no other ouaose.
This anaenturnt of Harris was fatal.
Whether gold obtained. by -oonds issued under the
Resumoticn Act, bearing a rate of interest
higher than 3% -ould be tied to redeem shaman
notes was vary dotibtful and Carlisle and
thought such gold cou.ld not be so used, Tere
it mt for the declaraticn as to parity in the
Sherman ect.
C.S.R. and Carlisle theu.ght that this parity clause
ni:de it possible to use the ?-_old for
redeehming the Sherman notes. '7a both felt,
however, that the Harris amendment would have
taken a say that power, and would have limited
the use of gold so cbta.ined to the rederapt ion of
greenbacks only.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman Silv3r Purchaee Act (Cont.)
Sound money wen from 411 over tha country, inclding
George Fred Williams (then A sound money advocate)
wired and wrote Carlisle begging him to abanion
the awendllent, ditch vas done. 101, 102
Aoorfield (ltorey quotes senator Teller who said:
"We had reached a point where it waa absolxtel
imposwible to pass a free
Nov. 5, 1894
9 23. bk. 45
Carlisle is working on an asset currency bill, and to
provide sacia plan for cancelling the greenbacks
and Sherman notes.
Dec. - 1894. 105
WaS3 passed purely as a political '119a 31 re to secure the 7ote3
of the free silver clement of the west.
The result of the law in thus inflating the currency
quickly manifested. it6elf in absolute distrust abroad
of our financial integrity, then followed shipxents
of our seciu'i ties back to this c oun try, ecper tat ion of
our gold., and finally a distrust even amLng Our own
people in vizi ability to maintain gold pktyrnente and a
c onsevent withdrawal of gol -I from circul.- ti cn to be
hoarded in private coffers
Crisis of 1893 felt all over the world *****
At a time when the people of other nations were
preparing for the caning atcra, giving up all
doubtful s peculative ventures and restricting their
operations in every -possible way, our country, mith
reckless audist ity plunged into one of the maddest
speculative enterprises ever known to the civilized
world, when it -undertook, by the enactment of the
silver purchasing law to -- 411 the price of silver
bullion fcr the exclusive benefit of a few but
powerful silver mine owners.
As a result, at least 500 millions of foreign eapita.1 Nere
withdrawn or withheld by London investors between
1890 and 1893. Our gold began t oflow out of - -agla.nd.,
Austria and France. C.F.H. speech.
Oct. 22, 1895.
9 Sa bk. 174
The law Aras nct 1)assed to avert the danger of free coinage.
Sherman said on July 8, 1890, when he reported the
bill that the H.- by a 'decisive vote had d,eterilined
against free coinage.
Later, Sherman, during the debate on the bill to repeal the
purchasing clauses, said. that the passiP:e of the bill
averted a free coinage bill.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sherman 8ilver Purchase Act (Cont.)
Senator Teller sharply criticized Sherman sLting that the
measure to gain the votes
bill wa a purely
of wo:)tern free silver interests. C.S.H. speech.
Oct. 23, 1895
9 Sc. bk. 178
Boston Herald criticizes C.S.H.'s speech.
Says that the H.R., although not willing to accept open
free coinage had passed the Cong4r bill, - a covert free
coinage bill *** the Ccnger bill went to the
Senate and Sherman's extion to strike out the 6th
section failed by 46 to 16.
The Senate then passed a free coinage bill as a subatitute,
the H. R. refused to concur and the bill went to
conference. Five of the conferees .had either voted.
for the Conger bill or for free silver. The cumnittee,
tnrough Shere-aan's efforts, reported the existing bill
as a com-oramise, under which the Conger bill and the
free coinage b ill disappeared.
We owe the safety thus secured to eherrean.
Oct. 24, 1895
9 (.7,c. bk. 180
0.5.H. repeats fscts as to Sherman are Teller.
Oct. 24, 1895
9 Sc. bks. 181
Democrats can afford to contrast Harrison's course in signing
the Sherman ikct of 1890, with that of Cleveland in
vetoing the -Bland bill.
Answers Guild who attateked Carlisle for coining the
seignorage in violation of law, and the veto of his own
C.S.H. points cut that Section 3 of the Sherman Act provides for
coinage of silver dollars with thich to redeem Sherman
notes when silver dollars are demanded for them.Bince
July 1891, 13 millions have been coined, of which 8i were
coined. by Harrison i.And 44 by Carlisle.
Fifteen million silver dollars have been so used.
All coinage has now been discontimed and there is left in the
Treasury only .17 millions of the 27 millions coined
between the passage cf the Act and July 1, 1 891****
Lodge voted .for the Sherman Act.
C.S.H. regrets that the Deraccra.ts passed the bill, vetoed by
Cleveland, but says the Republicans were really responsible
Oct. 23,1895
9 c. bks. 181
Boston Herald criticizes
Says Carlisle announe.ed he was preparing to coin silver dollars
Then came the Bland bill to coin the seignorage which amounted
to over 55 millions, which Cleveland vetoed.
Geniral fear that Carlisle would influence Cleveland to aign it.
Oct. 26, 1895
9 Sc. bk. 179, 180
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Sharman Silver Purchase Act (Cont.)
(Later the Republicans passed a bill and coined the seignorage.
War Revalue Act, 1898. Section 34. C.S.H. speech.
Nov; 3, 1902
35- Sc. bk.' 57,58)
Senate was t the
Lodge says hie first servi:e in the
session, called for iug. 7, 1893, to repaal the
purchaatig clauses of the Sherman Act of 1890.
Jan.4, 1911
69 Sc. bk. 67
Lodge aai d:"The law had proved in operation to be the great weapon
of the silver mine owners in debasing our currency
and in placing the U.S. upcn the single silver
Speech, Symphony Hall
Jan, 4, 1911
69 Sc. bk. 67
Ship subsidy bill
C.F.H. opposs. the Payne, before the National Beard of Trade
Jan. 23, 1900. 244
Shirt sleeve dispatch. 191, 192, 193
See - Sheman, John
Shoemaker, Captain. 150, 151, 152
See - Healey, Captain
C.S.H. visits the castle of the, in Kiotow
Sept. 2C, 1897.


:ihoreham Hotel
C.S.H. takes a suite a rooms at the, at $125 per month, special summer rate.
April 10, 1893. 62
Shreve, Miss
shows "Ras Anna Gray and, over the Treasury.
Nov. 9, 1897. 221
Shrewsbury, Lady
C.S.T. and H. . H. lunch with, in London
July 20, 1898. 234
Shuster, Morgan
C.S.H. presides at a dinner to, at Boston City Club
75 Sc. bk. 21

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis





Silver (See also, Sherman Silver Purchase Act, 1890)
Criticism of circulaf of Boston Bimetallic Comuittee, 1891.
1 Sc. bk. 54
Corger bill. 1890
2 Sc. bk. 24
Republican record, C•S
2 sc. bk.. 95, 100
35 " " 53
Home Market Club mildly favors free silver
6 Sc. bk. 107
Cleveland vetoes Bland seigncrage A c t
8 Sc. bks. 16,18.
Boston and Chicago Corami t- ee. 1896
8 sc. 4. 107, 109
Republicans helped free silver by admission cf new states.
10 Sc. bk. 49
The Republicans, in Isl.' Revenue Act of 1898, ection 34,
authorized the coinage of the seignorage.
35 sc. bk. 57, 58
Boutville "Crime of 1893"
33 Sc. bk . 54
Republican administration offered to Great Britain free
coinage if she would open the India mints to free
coinage. Walcott Commission, 1904
34 Sc. bk. 28
Record of Republican party. C. .H.
35 Sc. bk. 53,58
speaks at N.E. Tariff reform Legue in ogposition to
4 free silver resolution sent to every member
Max. 15, 1892. 13
C.:. H. brings statistical matter relating to silver to
ClevAand e t Gray Gables.
July 21, 1893. 67
liver senatcr6
Cleveland was very indignant with the ,
Aug. 18, 1893. 70
Cleveland said he would wire senator Vilas that his
suggestion as to holding up appointments was a good one
and that he should '.;uggest it to the cabinet.
Aug. 18, 1893. 70
C.S.H. asks Holmes of the Boston Herald to give Carlisle
credit for his splendid work in trying to repeal the
Sherman ket of 1890.
Aug. 31, 1893. 71
George Fred Williaas worked and voted for, in defiance of his
instructions, in the National Convention.
July 5, 1896. 166
The free silver plank was not the wurst thing the convention
July5, 1896. 166
O.C.R. defeated aL delegate to the State Convention by the
silver advocates.
Sept. 11, 1896. 172
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Silver (Cont.)
Silver men try to brak up a rally at Waltha'l addressed •
by C.3.H. shc icnswers questimz put to him in writing.
C..H. spoke for tRo
Oct. 24, 1896. 177
C.'.H. voted for Dala,er and Buckner
Nov. 3, 1896. 178
Ito says the change froT1 silverto acid in Japan will be
injurious tc Japan.
Aug. 27, 1897. 200, 201
F,ee - Ito
C.2.H. alvises Jenney to agree not to zention silver in the
state platform if the silver men will agree to ncminAte
a gold deLocrat.
Mar. 16, 1899. 242
Griffin tells C.r..3.H. that the Williamsolatform can not be
construed to favor free silver.
rlypt. 16, 1902. 275
in the convention, - almost ,11 old free
The leaders
marl, recognized that silver maa dead.
July - 1904. 339
Bryan offered a plalak 4€airk.t melting silver dollara.
July - 1904. 340
Se - Gold
Gold plank
Sir Chentung Liang Chang
See - Chentung
399, 400, 401, 411, 412, 413, 419, 420, 421, 423,
'1-24, 426
65 Sc. bk. 114, 116
See - Douglas


Sketch of life of C.S.H.
Bostoh Herald Oct. 30, 1892. 41
4 sc. bk. 37
Boston Journal
65 Sc. bk. 65, 81
Bo ton Traveller. 66 Sc. bk. 29 to 33
N. Y. Times 66 Sc. bk. 75
Prz tical politics.
65 Sc. bk. 65, 81
('ee . rinted sketch of life of C.S.U. at first page of
indeX to scrap books.)
Speaks at Quincy
Oct. 28, 1892. 41
Speaks at Weitfield
Oct. 23, 1895. 137
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Smalley, B. B.
Meets C.S.H. at St.


and goei-, with Ulu to Montreal.
Sept. 9, 1894. 93
C.S.H. confers with, at Burliq ton, Verment.
Aug. 12, 1896. 170

Smith, Asst. Regiter of Treasury
Carlisle sends C.S.H. to.
Feb. 2, 1893. 50
Smith College
C.S.H. calls on Ada Knowlton at, and. took a long drive with her
Oct. 23, 1895. 136, 137
C.S.F. lectures at. Takes Miss Knowlton rowing 14) theriver.
Given a tea by Ira. Hubbard, one of the Professors.
Oct. 27, 1896. 177
C.S.H. addresses students of, on Alaska
Feb. 25, 1898. 233
Smith, Frank
Speaks, with C.S.H., at Medfield
Nov. 1, 1890.


Smith, Hoke
C.S.F. dines with Secretary
Feb. 6, 1894. 78
Tells C.S.H, the Georgia delegation will be tr Olney if
Parker is withdrawn.
July 5, 1904. 337
Jimae . Senator
Tells C.S.H. that to persuade Senator Irby to vote for the
tariff bill of 1394, he had to loan him $7000 for
which he holds his note.
Feb. 8, 1895. 112
Tells C.
he intended to introduce a gold plank in the
convention, but General Collins ,Ind C.S.H. craleted hLIA
July - 1904. 348
Attacks Woodrow Wilson
69 .c. bks. 50
Smith, Joseph Linden
C.5.H. and H.P.H. Intet, at luncheon with Joseph Choate.
May 12, 1903. 297
,eech of C;S. H. against.
sei.)t. 3, 1.902
25 Sc. bk. 63, 64
Society of Colonial Wars, Mass.
C.S.H. speaks at dinner of, and is electel. Lieutenant
Dec. 21, 1899. 244
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Socity of Sons of St. Patrick
C.S.H. speaks at dinner of, and is elected as honorary mlmber
Mar. 17, 1903. 291
Somerset Club
C.S.H. and Winslow Warren give a dinner in interezt cf
Cleveland At the, (by courtesy of J. T. Wheelwright.)
Mar. 4, 1892. 11
C.S.H. dines at, with John E. Ru.,,sell nn Sigourney Butler
Sept. 1, 1893. 71
Soalerville, Judge
Says brief of C.S.H. an voluntary bonds is unansserable.
Jan. 14, 1904. 307
Sorrento, Maine
visits Sec. Lawont at.
July 28, 1893.






Sound money
C.S.H. has interview with Gustav Schwab as to furthering cause of
Jan. - 1896. 149
C.S.H. confers with Henry Hentz And Charles C. Jackson a to
raising funds for, campaign.
Mar. 30, 1896. 158
C.S.H. accepts $500 from Dr. Sanner for distributing sound
money literature among laboring men.
May - 1896. 161
C.S.H. tells Dr. Senner that while the iu.Ligration service
can work for, it must be out of working hours.
May - 1896. 162
C.S.H. bolts Bryan and iaclares for sound mcney
Harpers Weakly, 1896
11 Sc. bk. 39
See - Schwab
C.S.H. appointed on a subcontaittee of Indianapolis Monetary
Convention to help induce the Republican platform to
declare for asset currency.
May 31, 1900
See - Indianapolis Monetary Convention.
Southerland, Lieutenant
C.S.H. meets, itt dinner of Senator Call.
Feb . 18, 1894.


Southern Society, N. Y.
C.S.H. delivers an Add .ess before.
Feb. 22, 1892. 8
Spaulding, Asst. Sec. of Treasury
To rsmAing temporarily in charge of custo.s.
April 3, 1893.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis





. .

. .




Spaulding, Asst. Sec. of Treasury. (Cod.)
Nominated by McKinley as Asst. Sec. of Treasury
April 1, 1897. 185
Senate confirms.
April 5, 1897. 1 86
See -Hat trimaing protest3
South America
C.S .H. on steamship to.

29 cc. bk. 108

Speeches, Principal.
(For complete list seat Index - Scrap,boos)
Argument in first law suit. Attleboro. 1886
1 sc. bk. 1
Favors Normal Dtusic Scriool, before Mass. Legislative
Ccamittee. First public address.
Mar. 12, 1887
1 Sc. bk. 4
First political speech on tariff.
Brooks Hall, Wet Medford.
Nov. 2, 1888
1 Sc. bk. 42
Against proposed Columbian Party, 1891. 7
2 Sc. bk. 59
At dinner of Southern Society, N. Y. with GOY• Russell,
Elhiu Root, et als.
Feb. 22, 1892. 8
Indorsing Geo. Fred. Williams
Brookline caucus.
ISlar. 22, 1892. 14
At Woonsackett, R. I. with W. J. Bryan
April 1, 1892. 15
3 Sc. bk.. 11, 12, 13
Tn Da,. State Convention favoring a resolutiat La*
ClEveland. April 8, 1892. 1 6
Nominates Gen3ral Collins as Delegate at Lanza
April 8, 1892. 16
Nominates Datrick /lag-tare for Delegate to National Convention
April 14, 1892. 17
At dinner of N. Y. Reform Club
June 4, 1892. 25
At 100th Anniversary of founding at Westford Academy
June 17, 1892. 30
At Bru.nhisiok, Maine, with Prestient Hyde of Bowdoin College
Sept. 2, 1 893.
Joint debate with Henry Cabot Lodge at Salisbury Beach.
Sept. 15, 1892. 35
4 Sc. bk. 2
Nominates George Fred Williams for Congress
Sept. 21, 1892. 36
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Seeches, Principal.
Speaks on Cape Cod. tour.
Nov. 7, 1E92. 43
(For pamphlet by T,loyd Garrison lai3cribing the tOUr)
see bound voluaa of pamphletz.)
Panic of 1893
Dec. 18, 1893
9 Sr:— bk. 1
Dinner of Y. :P.. Del.. Club A- acci-ition at St. George's Hall, vhila
Jan. 8, 1894. 75
.117in13y tariff of 1890
Wool and. 'mains
Jan. 8, 1894
9 Sc. bk. 4
.ents Association
Bo.i ton Bank Pr-,s1-4
At iinn3r
April 910 1894. 84
Answers chirga that Jeff erfic.,n ,vas a pro tec ticnia C.
April 12, 1394
9 c'c. bk. 26
.ettakhat1a Indians
To '
Aug. 29, 1894. 93
Crisis of 1893. Greenb..1k3.
Oct. 1, 1894
9 Sc. b. 26
Ancient and Hon. Light Artillery Co.
Oc . 3, 1894. 94
9 sc. bk. 23
At .4artinsburg, Va. With W. L. Wilson
Oct. 30, 1894. 96
Attacks Harold Sewall
Foreign policy
Sherman notes
Harrison deficit
Rep, platform in 1894 did. not mention Wilson tariff
Nov. 3, 1894. 96
9 Sc. bk. 37
Sharman Act, 1890
Nov. 4, 1894
9 sc. bk. 41
of 1883
kisat currency

3t4ta bank tax
Dac. 17, 1894
9 Sc. bk.. 41
Dinner of 1Zo cbury Latin School. 250th al nivers..).:y
Jun3 19, 1895. 121
ford A3A13111Y•
Jure 21, 1895. 121
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

(7.peaches, rirxipt1.
.S.9. ('cnt.)
?anic of 1893, asset currency. Deficit
of' 'ia.rrilion
aclainistration. Shernan Ac t of 1890
. 711scn
tariff act.
Oct. 21, 169!)
9 3c. bk. 174
313r.aan Act. As -at .)arrency
Oct. 22, 1895
9 sc. bk. 178
Shara,an Act. Conger bill. Coinage
of seigniorai
Oct. 25, 1895
9 32. bk. 160
Panic of 1893.
Nov. 1, 1895
9 3c. bk. 183
Nov. 3, 139:3
9 3c. bk. 184
t. Paul, 4i.nn. Lem. Club
7Jnif crai vi valorem ,:tutieo
Gold. itanflo.rd
Fe.b. 26, 1695. 153
9 Sc. bk. 2061 207, 208
urj.v•irsity Club, Boston. On Alasa
1.3r. 8, 1896. 156
Op.r.oses South Terwinal Station, Boston
:T-cf ore Legisla tiv s C Glint t tee •
r. 31, 1895. 158
April - 1895.
11 Sc. bk. 4
Before joint litarLtry societies of Wash
ingt on nI Lee
71niveraity on athic.:a duties Of
th-1 citizen.
In ev-ming, to toast, - "U. S. the lead
ar of
Nations. Hold the banner high."
C.S.H. given
degree of L.L.D.
June 17, 1896. 164
ulogy on Govarnar Russell, Sandwich
July 26, 1896. 170
11 Sc. bk. 38
Conventicn of sound alcney democrats,
Bryan Convention
Prices and wa‘as
8harlian Act of 1890
Cl ev)14,ni. Tro clog.
Senate indorsed Cleveland. Troop.)
Aug. 24, 1896.
10 Sc. bk. 7
-Prices. Gold. Legal teniar act. Govt
, old g ol d in open :Larket.
Oct. 6, 1896
10 Sc. bk. 36
Against free silver doctrines. Join
t debate.
Oct. 25, 1895
10 ; c. bk. 37
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis







Speeches, :Vino/cal C.0.H. (Cc nt.
Sound money desLocratic meeting.
Music lall, Boston.
Harrison deficit. 'Cancel1 Ati on of gr 3enbacks.
I issue ofg Q14 -ponds
iAo rgan s yndia ate. Wilson
deficit caused by f6.11ure of inco:..a tax. Bryan
Ocnvential. Troops to put d0A71 R .R. riots.
C'nallenges silverites to name one article -whose
fall in price not CeV.1.131 by lower co4t of production.
Oct. 26, 1896. 177
10 'Th. bit. 41
R sc apti on to Genra1 luckner
Re7i3AT of sound :Loney campaiEn. , 1896
10 2c. bk. 45
Dinner of sound money democrats of middle
Ravi 3W. ( 3VeLtrsi adzain is tr at ion.
Harrison bcught bonds at a high -premium.
Clevelani rt11y reissued these bonds.
Recognition of Cuban indeperrience.
Republizans helped C', of silver by almittini, new states
Jan. 8, 1897. 182
10 Sc. bk. 49
To Joint co. ittee on :etro-oolitan affairs and harbor and
lands, on re9ort of Dock Colmlasion as to taking
Feb. 5, 1897. 184
To students V Leland 6tanford University. Palo Alto
April 28, 1897. 188
At Pory Latin ;Ichool exercise.
June 16, 1897. 190
At NLIval War Collape, 'Te‘Nport, II. I. on in ternationi.a
aspects of the free seal 2ontrovaray.
June 21, 1897. 190
Dinner of Boston barkers to Sec. Gaga
July 27, 1897
. 193
To students of Lalarxi stanfcrd University.
?)ept. - 1897. 214
Dinner of Tavern Club to Seth IN
Dec. 29, 1897. 229
To students of Ilad-49ton University
Jan. 16, 1893. 230
Senate co.nAttea. Favors Department of Comerce.
ar.1, 1898
14 Sc. bk. 301 31.
To students of Sliaith r,',ollege.
April 25,1898. 233
Before Into High Com.L.ission, Quebec
Sept. 28, 1898. 235
15 Sc. bk. 7, 12
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


speeches, C.S.H. principal (Cont.)
Reform Club. Anti-Imperialiau.
Dec. 3, 1898. 239
15 Sc. bk. 5
In merLory of sharman Hoar. 13ar Aasociation, U.S. Circuit Court
D3C. 10, 1898. 238, 239
Dem. Club.
Dec. 19, 1899. 239
14 Sc. bk. 126
15" "
Dinner of Ruaaell Dam. Club. Anawsrs Col. T. W. Higginson
Jan. 6, 1899. 239
Peck. ComAisionar General of 1=laris 7xposition.
Jan, 9, 1899. 210
To Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Feb. 12, 1899. 210
15 Sc. bk.. 10, 11
To 'E)..1a. Life Unldrwriters Society
Feb. 23, 1899. ?41
15 Sc. bk. 4, 14.
Favcra a tariff commission
Mar. 16, 1899
12 Sc. bk. 54
To Albany Historical Society. Ralicna with (7,a,nada.
Mar. 18, 1899. 242
15 sc. bk. 13
To Thayer Law Club
April 12, 1899. 243
Tariff. ?orto Rico. Fres nidsa.
May 11, 1899.
16 Sz. bk. 23
Ma. Reform (!ldb
McKinley crier axsmptirg places from Civil Service 26, 1899. 243
To Attorney Genr:11 of U.S.
Stamp tax. Bina of lading.
Dec. 20, 1899. 244
Dinner of Iasi. society of Colonial var..
Esc. 21, 1999. 24-1
NaticnalBoard of trade, Washington.
Jan. 23, 1900. 244
Banquet to Gov. Wolcott.
Jan. 29, 1900. 15 Sc. bk. 33
17 " "
Fitchburg 1411, lease
Jan. 29, 1900
17 Sc. bk. 31
Ma. Reform Club. Cormul r reform.
Max. 30, 1900. 245
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


speeches, Principal C.S.R. (Cont.)
Anti-Imperial Conference, N. T.
Dec. 1, 1900. 248
Dinner to Goy. Bontwell. Anti-Imperialism
Dec. 7, 1900. 17 So. bk. 75
Lewis Grammar school in memory of W. L. P. Board
May 29, 1901. 249
Class dinner, 1883
June 25, 1901. 249
Ashfield dinner. Anti-Imperialism
Aug. 22, 1901. 252
18 Sc, bk. 36
Wilson Tariff fo11cw3d by. prosperity. Tariff scarc
mentioned in campaign of 1896. McKinley broke forth
in calling special session for tatiff ingtead of for
financial remedies.
Aug. 23, 1901.
18 Sc. bk. 48
Opposes British alliance for Philippines
-Aug. 28, 1901.
18 Sc. bk. 86
Economy Club, Cambridge. Legal phases of our colonial
Sept. 23, 1901. 257
19 Sc. bk. 113
Nominates Josiah Quincy for Governor.
Oct. 3, 1901. 257
19 Sc. bk. 112
C.S.H. outing at Mattapoisett.
Oct. 12, 1901. 257
19 Sc. bk. 124, 128, 129, 132
Reciprocity. Elgin treaty
Oct. 19, 1901
18 Sc. bk. 141, 144
19 Sc. bk. 141
Ipiscopalian ClUb dinner.
Oct. 28, 1901. 260
19 Sc. bk. 152
For General Collins for Mayor
Dec. 3, 1901. 260
N.E. Society of Philadelphia.
pee. 22, 1901. 260
21 Sc. bk. 97
Institute of Technology dinner. Insular decisions of
Supreme Coutt.
Dec. 24, 1901.
21 sc. bk. 99
Suggests statute forbidding alvointments by Public Service
Corporation at relest of members of the Legislature.
Jan. 14, 1902
21 Sc. bk. 14, 20.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Spe3che5, Principal C.S.H. (Contimed)
Direct noninations
Jan. 14, 1902
21 So. bk. 14, 19, 22
Extension of Northern Avenue, Boston
Feb. 19, 1902
23 Sc. bk. 1
Ancient and Hon. Light Artillery dinner.
Feb. 22, 1902. 261
Sass. Legislative Committee
Tariff. Babcock bill
Feb. 25, 1902
23 Sc. bk. 8
Greenfield Bank officials. Asset currency
April 4, 1902. 262
23 Sc. bk. 120
Ccorpetition and monopoly.
April 29, 1902
24 Sc. bk. 23
Municipal ownership. Boston subway.
April 29, 1902
24 Sc. bk. 23, 57
To N.E. Dern. League. At house of C.S.H.
May 3, 1902
24 Sc. bk. 34, 43
Etisoopalian Club dinner to Bishop Brant
May 12, 1902. 263
Westford Academy
June 20, 1902. 268
Free coal
Aug. 23, 1902
25 Sc. bk. 45
Public franchises. Stock watering. Referendum.
Prohibition of corporate subscriptions.
Initiativaand referendum.
Aug. 28, 1902
25 gc. bk. 49
Answers to public Franchise League.
Aug. - 1902
25 Sc. tk. 52
Refarendum as an antidote to Socialism
Sept. 3, 1902
25 Sc. bk. 63
Against Socialism
Sept. 6, 1902
25 so. bk. 63, 64
Tariff. Bar Harbor
Sept. 6, 1902
25 Sc. bk. 66
Free coal
Sept. 9, 1902
25 Sc. bk. 68

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Speeches, Princira C.S.H. (Continued)
Wilson tariff. Coal duties.
Opposes maximum and minimum tariff.
Reciprocity treaties. Good times in 1895.
Oct. 12, 1902
27 Sc. bk. 1
Sumpensi cn of coal duty
Open door
Alaska boundary
Oct. 19, 1902
27 Sc. bk. 18
Trust rec ord. Clev3land
Oct. 21, 1902
27 Sc. bk. 27
Asset currency
Nov. 29, 1902
27 Sc. bk. 83
Free coal
Dec. 31, 1902
27 Sc. bk. 93.
St. James Church. Alaska
Dec. - 1902. 290
Tilden Club, N. Y.
Jan. 9, 1903. 290
Uniform ad valorem tariff.
Feb. 10, 1903
28 Sc. bk. 22, 24, 25, 42
Orpheus Club dinner
Mar. 10, 1903. 290
Friendly sons of St. Patrick
Max. 17, 1903. 290
Philippine Independence
Mar. 18, 1903
28 Se. bk. 65
Protest against cruelties in Philippire a by U. S. Army
Mar. 19, 1903. 290
26 Sc. bk. 74$ 78, 79
Republican division
April 16, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 7
Philippines. Tariff
April 17, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 7
Harwich old home week.
July 29, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 47
Favors dredging of Merrimac River
Aug. 27, 1903
29 Sc. 'bk. 73
Tariff, Sultan of Zulu
Oct. 11, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 89
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Speeches, Principal C.S.H. (Cont.)
Civil War. Record of Mr. Ezekiel
Oct. 18, 1903
29 so. bk. 94, cm
Attacks Gov. Bates
Oct. 19, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 94
Reciprocity with Cuba. Tariff. Babcock bill
Oct. 20, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 96
General Niles.
Oct. - 1903
29 8c. bk. 98
Philippira Independence
Oct. 20, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 96, 98, 113
Crisis of 1893. Wilson Tariff. Reply to Guild
Oct. 27, 1903
29 So. bk. 104
Oct. 28, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 105
Reply to sec. Shaw
Oct. 31, 1903
29 Sc, bk. 107, 112
Tariff of 1846 and 1857. General rinston
Nov. 1, 1903
29 Sc. bk. 113
For General Collins for Mayor
Nov. 3, 1903. 304
Reads Gov. Cummins speech at dinner of Boston Merchants
Nov. 3, 1903. 304
30 Sc. bk. 27
Free Trade League. Reciprocity in spots.
Dec. 21, 1903. 304
29 Sc. bk. 152
To sec. Shaw. Release bonds.
Deo. 29, 1903. 305
30 Sc. bk. 1, 2, 3, 17, 18, 60
TRust record of Olney
Mar. 7, 1904
30 Sc. bk. 127
Dem. State Convention
Olney resolution
Unit rule.
April 22, 1904
31 Sc. bk. 22
Roosevelt aggressions
June 21, 1904
31 Sc. bk. 106
Warren Monument. Roxbury.
June 22, 1904
31 cc. bk. 109
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Speeches, Principal (Continued)
Parker gold telegram. Natl. Dem. Convention
July 9, 1904. 356
32 o.bk. 30, 43, 57, 82
Mattapoisett Clam bake
Aug. 19, 1904
33 Sc. bk. 66, 68
Money question.
Aug. 27, 1904
33 Sc. bk. 95
Money question
Sept. 1, 1904
33 Sc. bk. 110, 112
Tariff. Silver. Shaw
Sept. 2, 1904
33 Sc. bk. 114
Phillopines, Tariff. Nantasket Beach
Sept. 4, 1904
33 Sc. bk. 116
Tariff. Waterloo, N. Y.
Sept. 29, 1904. 373
34 sc. bk, 94, 95
Tariff. Philippines. Fort Wayne, Ind.
Sept. 30, 1904
34 Sc. bk. 102, 103, 104, 147
Tariff. Marion, Ohio
Oct. 1, 1904
34 Sc. bk. 98
Notification to Deuglas.
Oct. - 1904. 374
Trust record. Cleveland administration
Oct. 30, 1904
35 Sc. bk. 43
Silver record of Rep. Party. Answers Guild
Nov. 1, 1904
35 Sc.bk. 53, 54, 58, 72
Nov. 4, 1904
35 Sc. bk. 93
Wages and cost of living
Nov. 5, 1904
35 Sc. bk. 74
Wool and woolens
• Nov. 5, 1904
35 Sc. bk, 75
Nov. 7, 1904
35 Sc. bk. 96
• Douglas celebration
Nov. 6, 1904. 375
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Speeches, Principal C.S.H. (Cont.)
C.S.H. offers services free to Oppose Leper Colony
Jan, 11, 1906
36 Sc. bk. 44, 45
Favors Industrial Tariff Commission, Mass.
Committee on Federal relations.
June 17, 1905
36 Sc. bk. 45, 65
Argument. Port differential Ca8b3
April 4, 1905
37 Sc. bk. 5
Oats differential. May 24, 1905.
37 Sc. bk. 49
B. & M. R.R. Young Ments Christian Association
June - 1905. 387
Dinner to S. G. Preston.
June - 1905. 387
Presents bust of James Russell Lowell to Harvard
Corporation for class of 1883.
June 28, 1905. 388
37 Sc. bk. 152
Speech from steps of University Hall. Harvard Commencement
June 28, 1905
37 Sc. bk. 110
Groton. 250th anniversary
July12, 1905. 388
37 Sc. bk. 128
Old Colony Club. Leper question
Aug. 26, 1905
38 Sc. bk. 54
Resolution an death of General Collins
Sept. - 1905. 391
Port differentials. Tariff
Oct. 20, 1905
38 Sc. bk. 143
Oct. 23, 1905
39 Sc. bk. 6
Tariff. Pickled sheepskins
Oct. 28, 1905
39 Sc. bk. 11
Reciprocity. Lodge's retraction
Oct. 31, 1906
39 Sc. bk. 19
Tariff. Iron industries
Nov. 1, 1905
39 Sc. bk. 41, 42
Tariff. Springfield
Nov. 4, 1905
39 Sc. bk. 45, 46
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Speeches, Principal C.S.H. (Cont.)
Reply to Guild. Tariff
Nov. 6, 1905.
39 Sc. bk. 63
Tour of Cape Cod
Nov. 6, 1905. 393
39 Sc. bk. 64, 65.
B. & M. YoungiMenle Christian Association
Dec. - 1906
Against powIr to Int. Commerce Commission to fix absolute
to fix absolute for minimum rates.
Dec. 7, 1905
40 Sc. bk.. 35, 36, 37
Bar Association meeting in memory of Mayor Collins
Dec. 16, 1905
40 Sc. bk. 56
Buzzards Bay fisheries. Old Colony Club
Jan. 26, 1906
40 Sc. bk. 138
On Japanese famine
Mar. 16, 1906
41 Sc. bk. 25, 26
Kikkawa dinner
May. 10, 1906
42 sc. bk. 60
Lake Mohawk Peace Conference
May 31, 1906
42 sc. bk. 89
New York Reform Club, Tariff
June 2, 1906. 395
Catholic Literary Union. Charlestown
June 3, 1906
42 Sc. bks. 93, 111, 113, 117, 120
Class dinner, 1883
June 26, 1906. 396
Fall River business school
June 30, 1906
43 Sc. bk. 2
Mattapoisett School Exhibition
June 30, 1906
43 Sc. bk. 3
Protest against military extravagance of Norfolk Exposition
Jan. 31, 1907
45 Sc. bk. 94, 95
Centralization. Joint debate
Feb. 12, 1907
46 Sc. bk. 3
Signs petition to Mass. Legislature to pass resolution
concerning an International Parliament, obligatory
arbitation, limitation of armaments, etc.
Feb. 19, 1907
46 Sc. bk. 33
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Speeches, Principal C.S.H. (Cont.)
Favors bill authorizing conveyances, contracts, etc.
between husband and wife.
Mar. 11, 1907
465c. bk. 65
47 " " 43
Tariff. States rights. Centralization. /roe coml.
April 27, 1907
47 Sc. bk. 21, 22, 31 to 34, 51
Criticizes Lodge. Use of surplus to pay the national debt
Nantailcet Batch. German tariff agreement.
Aug. 11, 1907
48 Sc. bk. 71
R.R. rates of slight consequence as compared with
protective taxes.
Se9t. 19, 1907
49 Sc. bk. 4
Sept. 19, 1907
49 Sc. bk. 1, 3.
Whitney Convention riot. Springfield
Oct. 8, 1907
49 Sc. bk. 101
Testimony of C.S.H. Ballot commission
Springfield riots.
Oct. 16, 1907
49 Sc. bk. 153
Favoring Whitney. Reply to Guild
Oct. 22, 3.907
50 Sc. bk. 42
German tariff agreement
Oct. 31, 1907
50'sc. bk. 74, 75, 76, 83
New England grain dealers. Federal Inspection bill.
Jan. 14, 1908
51 sc. bk. 30
Opposes Federal Inspection bill. Senate committee, Washington
Jan. 17, 1908
51 Sc. bk. 34
Favors Boston charter bill preventing political designation
ma ballots.
Feb. 10, 1908
51 Sc. bk. 69
Opposes Aldrich bill, Vs!ors EMS0 committee of Banking
and Currency, Washington, for Boston Chamber of
Commerce and Boston Merchants Association.
April 14, 1908
52 Sc. bk. 18, 19, 22.
Speech favoring Bryan.
Harvard Union.
Oct. 15, 1908
55 sc. bk. 5,6, 7,15.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Speeches, Principal C.S.H. (Cont.)
For Bryan. Tariff
ocir. 17, 1908
55 Sc. bk. 17, 18, 46, 48.
Oct. 30, 1908
55 Sc. bk. 49, 65
Attacks Lodge. Shags inconsistent positions on tariff
revision. Panic of 1893. Balance of trade.
Oct. 30, 1908 .
55 Sc. bk. 51
Signs statement favoring Bryan
Nov. 1, tace
55 Sc. bk. 41
For simplification of U.S. court procedure.
Before H. R. judiciary committee for American Bar Association
Jan. 15, 1909
56 Sc. bk. 1, 7
Irish Charitable Society
Mar. 18, 1909
56 Sc. bk. 27, 60
Boston City Charter. Referendum
June 25, 1909
57 Sc. bk. 130
Boston Chamber of Commerce. Nantasket.
July 2, 1909
58 Sc. bk. 11, 12
Letter protesting against tariff bill.
Read tn H.R. by Congressman O'Connell.
Aug. 1, 1909
58 Sc. bk. 96, 106
Payne Aldrich Tariff the result of secret bargaining.
Aug. 1, 1909
59 Sc. bk. 106
Hannibal Hamlin memorial meeting.
Aug. 27, 1909
57 Sc. bk. 153
As Chairman of Dem. State Convention
Oct. 1, 1909
59 Sc. bk. 63
Boston Charter
Oct. 29, 1909
59 Sc. bk. 82, 110, 111
Nominates Storrow for Mayor of Boston
Nov. 18, 1909
59 Sc. bk. 131, 132
Canadian Club. Tariff. Reciprocity
Nov. 23, 1909
59 Sc. bk. 127, 151
Tariff. Maximum provision applies to free list, e.g. hides
Mar. 17, 1910
60 Sc. bk. 138
Tariff. Rochester, N. Y.
April 11, 1910
61 c=c. bk. 129, 137
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Speeches, Principal C.S.H. (Cont.)
Tariff. For Foss for Congress.
April 14, 1910
61 Sc. bk. 127
Reciprocity. N. Y. Economic Club
May 21, 1910
62 Sc. bk. 124, 133
Westford Academy
May 29, 1910
62 Sc. bk. 123, 139, 141, 156
Tariff inorea,es cost of living.
June - 1910
62 Sc bk. 140
Centralisation. Uniformity of laws. Marlboro
June 16, 1910
63 Sc. bk. 12, 19
U. S. Senate Report on prices. Criticism
July 3, 1910
63 Sc. bk. 76, 83
Tariff. Coat of living. Portland.
Aug. 3, 1910
64 Sc. bk. 112
Sept. 7, 1910. Bath
64 Sc. bk.150
Tariff. Direct naninations. Direct election cl U.S.
Senators. Ini'dative and leterendum.
Sept. 22, 1910
65 Sc. bk. 88
National Civic Federation
Uniform leg islat ion.
Sept. 24, 1910
66 Sc. bk. 28
Tariff. Holyoke.
Oct. 1, 1910
65 Sc. bk. 145
Reply to Williams charges. 1910
First letter. 66 Sc. bk. 95
Second letter.68 " " 20
Direct nominations. Lobby. State should assume election
Oct. 2, 1910
68 Sc. bk. 35, 42
Releases delegates pledged to C.S.H. in State Convention
Oct. 7, 1910
66 Sc. bk. 24
Canplete list of speeches in campaign of 1910
See - Index tc campaign in volume 66 of scrap books.
Favors jury trial in contempt cases.
April 12, 1911
71 Sc. bk. 17, 21
Roxbury Latin School.
June 17, 1911
71 Sc. bk, 137
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Speeches, Principal C.S.H. (Cont.)
Reciprocity. Tariff. Tariff Commissicn
Oct. 26, 1911
73 Sc. bk. 145
N. E. Demurrage Committee.
Oct. 27, 1911
73 So. bk. 138
31 4.
Tariff. Cost of clothing , etc.
Nov. 21, 1911
74 Sc. bk. 3$ 46
;sating. Mrs, Forbes. Milton
Jan. 30, 1912
74 Sc. bk. 155
Peace meeting. Mrs. Forbes. Milton
March - 1912
75 Sc. bk. 12
Morgan Shuster dinner.
Mar. 7$ 1912
75 Sc. bk. 21
Wilson. N. T. Reform Club. C.S.H. speaks, also
Woodrow Wilson.
Mar. 12, 1912
75 Sc. bk. 45
Port differential decision. Credit men
June 20, 1912
75 Sc. bk. 98, 1616
For independent S. S. lines out of Bostcn
July 15, 1912
76 Sc. bk. 42
Pembroke celebration
Aug. 9, 1912
76 Sc. bk. 150
Tour of Cape Cod$ forming Wilson clubs
Sept. - 1912
77 Sc. bk. 132
Tariff. Attleboro,
Oct. 14, 1912
78 Sc. bk, 73
Tariff. Wilson
Oct. 27, 1912
78 Sc. bk. 99, 100
For Humphrey O'Sullivan for Congress
Oct. -1912
78 Sc. bk. 191
Wilson circular signed by C.S.H.
Nov. 1, 1912
78 Sc. bk. 123
Customs Administrative Act. Elections
D3c. 10, 1912
79 sd. bk. 105, 1151 128
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Shinney, Mr.
C.S.H. dines

t Chamberlain's with, aditor of the N. T. Times
Aug. 15, 1893. 70

Sprague, Albert, Mrs.
C.S.H. calls on, in Chicago
Feb. 24, 1896. 153
Sprague, Congressman
C.S.H votes for, for Congress.
Nov. 3, 1896.


Sprague, Rev. Philo
Speaks at Catholic Literary Union.
June 17, 1906. 396
Springer, William M.
C.S.H. lunches with.
Dec. 17, 1891. 7
C.S.H. gives Byrne report on Arlington Mills to.
Feb. 23, 1892. 8
Cleveland was very indignant with, who had just said
Cleveland was out of the race. Cleveland said, had
greatly embarrassed him some time before, by publicly
nominating him for the Presidency.
Feb. 26, 1892. 10
Favors introducirg more single Will bills.
May 25, 1892. 23
C.S.H. confers with, in Washington
Dad. 13, 1892. 45
C.S.H. meets, at dinner of Moses stephans.
April 14, 1893. 63
-Ipringfield Republican. 274, 280, 298, 299, 406
Praises C.S.H. speech on referendum. 1901
18 Sc. bk. 65
on tniform ad valorem tariff, 1902
28 Sc. bk. 42
Favors C.S.H. for Governor. 1910
65 Sc. bk. 6, 29, 801 115
66 " " 26, 48, 61, 63, 82
67 " " 118
68 " "
(For further references, see index, Scrap books
Sea also index, Campaign of 1910, in scrap books)
Springfield Union
C.3.H. for Governor. 1910
67 Sc. bk. 157
68 " " 28,157
(For further articles, see, Index scrap books)
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


St. Agnes School
C.S.H, gives lecture on Alaska at.
May 15, 1897.
St. Botolph Club
C.S.H. addresses, Alaska.
Fib. 23, 1898.



St. James Church
C.S.H. gives lecture on Alaska for.
Dec. - 1902. 290
St. John, John P.
Article in Boston Globe on effect of political oratory.
Sept. 25, 1892. 36
St. Patrick. Friendly sons of
C.S.H. addresses, and is made an honorary member.
Mar. 17, 903.4
C.S.H. and H. P. H. visit
Aug. 10, 1898. 234
(Had an interesting interview with Count Maveavief, Herbert
Pierce, Secretary of Embassy, never returned C.S.H.ts call,
although C.S.N., at request of his brother Prof. James
Mills Pierce, hal, together with Gen. Foster, secured
his promotion from Secretary of the Legation to Secretary
of the Embassy.)
Stackpole,J. L.
Gives dinner, with R. 1. Morse, to Don Dickinson.
Mar. 22, 1892. 14
Stamp tax on bills of lading.
C.S.H. argues the que$tion before Attorney General Griggs.
Dec. 20, 1899. 244
To C.S.H. in Dem. Conv3ntion, 1909
59 Sc. bk. 61, 66, 70, 79, 109
63 " " 92
Standing Conmittee, Mass.
C.S.H. unanimously elected a member of, to fill vacancy
caused by the resignation of Edward Davis of
Dec. 5, 1901. 260
(At the Diocesan Convation in the following year C S.H.
was defeated by Richard H. Dana. The clergyalen
connectai with th3 Episcopal Theological School
conducted the campaign for Dana in a manner which
would have done credit to a political machine,
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Standing Committee, Mass. (Cont.)
pledging delegates, wire pulling, etc.
etc. Later Dana
refused to accept his election and the
standing comAttee
reelected C.S.H to fill the vacancy,
but C.S.H. positively
daelinad to saris.)
Stanford, Mrs. Leland
Tells C.S.H. in San Francisco, that she
wishes to retain
him to represent her interests in East
ern part
of U.S.
May 1, 1897. 189
Asks C.S.H. to call on her at 5th Ave. Hote
l N. Y.
Offers C.S.H. a retainer of $15,000 per
year, to
manage her interests and become a dire
ctor of
the Southern Pacific and other railroad
s in shich
she NEW interested. She said this woul
d take up
much time and would involve residence
in San
Francisco for 7 or 8 months in the
year. C.S.H.
said he could not do this but she begg
ed him to
think it over.
Nov. 22, 1897. 228
Stanford University, Leland. 189, 214
See - Leland Stanford University
Stanley-Brown, Mr.
C.S.H. confers with, in N. Y. as to fur seal
Dec. 27, 1897. 229
(Was Secretary to President Garfield and
married his
daughter. Later he was agent of the Nort
American Commercial Co. on the Pribylof
Starr King, Prof.
C.S.H. meats Mrs. Norris, widow of, at dinn
er in
San Francisco.
April 30, 1897 . 189




State Department
Gives C.S.H. a cheek for $1500 for expenses
of trip to
Japan and directs him to go to General Foster,
at Henderson Harbor to receive instruct
Aug. 14, 1897. 196
Gives C.S.H. $5000 for services as Comissioner
to Japan
Nov. - 1897. 228
See - Fur seals
State finances.

C.S.H. suggests investigation into. 1911
71 So. bk. 151
C.S.H. nominated for, but deflated by Halsey J.
by 5098 to 2591.
Nov. 8, 1887. 1
1 Sc. bk. 13
C.S.H. nominated for, but defeated by Mr. Gum by
6945 to 4327. Nov. 2, 1888
1 Sc. bk. 44
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


State street influences.
Responsible for riot in Dem. Convention.
66 Sc. bk. 53
Stearns, George M.
Article on effect at political oratory.
Sept. 25, 1892. 36
speaks at dinner of T. M. Dem. Club
April 12, 1894. 85
Steamship lines
C.S.H. for independ3nt, to Boston. 1912
76 Sc. 'bk. 42
St2amsbip Lines to South America. C.S.H.
29 S. bk. 108


Steele, tMr.
Sheehan wires, to gat Robert Winsor to
awing the Boston
Herald for Parker. July 10, 1904. 357
Stephenson, Adlar
C.S.H. induces Mass. delegation to vote for,
for Vice
President at request of Ben Cable.
June - 1892. 28
C.S.H. meets, at dinner of Carlisle to Clev
Jan. 13, 1894. 75
(George Hamlin was an usher at wedding of
his daughter.
After his rumination there was some unce
as to his letter at acceptance, in view
of his
silver views and. George F. Parker wrot
e the letter
and took it south to, who promptly sign
ed it.
Needless to say, it was for sound. mone
y. One day
Stephenson came to Treasury to protest agai
nst an
appointment which had been made of an Illi
nois man.
C.S.H. showed. him that he had indorsed the
appointment arri in fact had done the same for
candidate. Stephenson thereupon told C.S.H.
to pay
no attention to his indorsements, that if
favored anyone he would call and say so/
C.S.H. meets, at dinner of Moses Stephens
May 25, 1894. 91
Stetson, Francis Lynle.
Attends funeral of Sec. Lamont
July 26, 1905.
Democratic usage. 1911.
70 Sc. 'bk. 66

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Stevens, Eben
For C.S.H. for Governor. 1910
65 Sc. bk. 130
Stevens, Moses
Speaker Crisp asks C.S.H. whether
to appoint, or
John F. Andrew on Ways and Means
C.S.H. said Andrew, but that
the appointment
of Stevens would cause no diss
atisf c tion.
Dec. 17, 1891. 6
2 Sc. bk. 66
C.S.H. lunches with.
Dec. 17, 1891. 7
C.S.H. consults, as to tariff bill
Mar. 28, 1892. 18
May 25, 1892. 23
C.S.H. spends night with, at North
Nov. 26, 1892. 44
C.s.H. dines with.
April 14, 1893. 63
May 25, 1894.
Stephens, Mr.
C.S.H. calls on, President of Board of Trad
e of
Leominister, and a cousin of C.S.H.Is
Jan. 8, 1902. 261
Stewart, Senator
C.S.H. meets, at dinner of Senator Call
Feb. 18, 1894. 78
C.S.H, attends ball of.
Jan. 21, 1895. 110
Stillman, Prof.
C.S:H. mete, an old Longwood friend, at lunc
h of
Mrs. David Starr Jordan.
April 30, 1897.
C.S.H. and H.P.H. visit.
Aug. 2, 1898. 234
(While taking a bath in the cellar of the hotel,
a maid suddenly came in and tried to rub
C.S.K. down with a crash towel, and C.S.H. had
a similar experience at Saltsjobaden, but
modestly dsclined. Understand that this is
the custom of the country.)
Storer, Bellamy, Mrs.
Roosevelt letters to.

45 Sol bk. 152
65 " "
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


stony, Moorfisld.
Attends dinner at Somerset
Club by C.S.H. and Winslow
Warren in interest of Clev
Mar. 4, 1892. 12
C.S.H. writes, defining his
position on Civil Service Refo
Dec. 16, 1892. 46
?resides at a Dem. Rally at
Oct. 30, 1695. 138
Speech. Sherman Act. 1896.
9 sc. bk. 44
Speaks at dinner of Tavern Club
to Seth Law.
Dec. a, 1897. 229
Speaks at dinner of Mass. Reform
Dec. 3, 1898. 238
C.S.R. protests against circular
of Indianapolis Monetary
Conventicn favorirg posers for
Congress, although
Storey, also a sound money man was
Oct. 26, 1900
17 Sc. bk. 50
C.S.H. subscribed $50 to campaign of.
17 Sc. bk. 68, 72
C.S.H. said would vote for, if he were
a rseiciaa t of the
11th District.
17 sc. bk. 50
Attends Anti-Imperial ',:onfarence at
Hotel, N. T.
Dec. 1, 1900. 248




Storrow, James
C.S.H. nominates, for Mayor of Boston
Nov. 18, 1909
59 sc. bk. 131, 132
Strauss, Congressman
C.S.H. meets, at dinner of Moses Stephens
May 25, 1894. 91
Strauss, Nathan
At dinner of N. T. Civil service Reform League.
Did. 14,1900. Z.
Strobel, Asst. Secretary
meets, at dinner of French Ambassador.
Feb. 20, 1694. 78
On Committe• of Amer. Soczicmic Association to frame a
fiscal policy for U.S. dependencie..
Mar. 14, 1899. 242
Report of Cornittee.
Dec. 27, 1899. 244
Attends dinner of C.S.H. to Baron Tahehira
Dec. 10, 1901. 260
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Stryker, J. E.
Drives C.S.H. aromnd St. Paul, Minn.
Feb. 22, 1896. 152
Gives C.S.H. a dinner.
Feb. 23, 1896. 153
Stump, Herman
Calls an C.S.H. with referents to soard money campaign
and. participation of the immigration force in it.
May - 1896. 161
See - Sinner, Dr.
Subsidy bill. P-Ayne
C.S.H. opposes, before National Board at Trade.
JIM. 23$ 1900. 244

. . .

. ..

Sugar trust
C.S.H. believes the contribution of H. R. Reed for
$5000 f ar Corgressman O'Neil's ronanination was
really given by the.
Nov. - 1894. 103
Havermeyer of the, writes Carlisle that C.S.H. has
publicly stated he will fight the, in every way
Nov. 22, 1894. 103
Carlisle writes Havermeyni this is false and that
the, would rec siva the same consi 53rat ion as
any other importer.
Nov. 2411394. 104
gross cut of a dispute with
C.S.H. thinks this
Henry R. Reed who claimed that the "conservative"
Senators saved the Wilson tariff bill from being
disastrous (meaning the sugar duties), - which
C.S.H. denied.
Nov. - 1894. 104, 105
7,„S.,H. told Reed existing protection on sugar was too
high, - that 40% ad valorem on raw and refined
Was ample.
Reed said. this shaved that C.S.R. knew nothing about the
su.b,)-• ct. C.S.H. believes 2$% on raw and refined
would be ample and Carlisle agreed with C.S.R.
Nov. - 1894.. 105
C.S.H. Is last act as Asst. Secretary was to refuse to
permit the, to change the dist declared in an
invoice on the ground of a clerical error.
April 6$ 1897. 187
H.R. Reed offers to retain C.S.H. in matter of extra
duties assessed on Dutch sugar because of an
alleged bounty paid. on it by the Netherlands
Government , and suggests a general retainer by the,
and other interests of $25,000, per y3ar.7;.S.H.
declined to accept any rets.iner in the matter.
Nov. 1?, 1897. 227
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


sugar trust (Cont.)
Bryan sAggeste a tax of 1/8 of 1% on gross receipts of
sugar manufacturers.
July - 1904. 340
See - Sharer, Dr.
speech of C.S.H. on sugar criticized by Luce. 1910
65 Sc. bk. 112
67 " " 156
Suit against C.5.11. for rental of Boston Theater in Douglas
lay?, 1908
52 Sc. bk. 87
Sullivan, John
C.S.H. agrees to allow Gen. Corcoran to appoint Alderman,
to ac t in his place as delg..te to National
Convention if Sullivan will agree to support Cleveland.
Cleveland advises C.S.H. to withdraw without conditions
and he does so,
May 24, 1892. 22
Sullivan, Jokai A.
Speaks at Brocton.
Oct. 15, 1903. 303
Attends C.S.H. lunch to Congressman John Sharp Williams
Dec. 21, 1903. 304
Takes part in Cape Cod Tour.
Nov. 6, 1905. 393
will put up, to run against
Douglas says the machine
Moran and that later he is to withdraw for Douglas
July 18, 1906. 400
Sullivan, J. J.
Will vote for C.S.H. in spite of caucus Ins tructions,1910
65 Sc. bk. 112, 125
Sulzer, Congressman.
Row with C.S.H. 1896.
9 sc. bk. 133, la, 145
Sundry civil bill. 100, 101
See - Carlisle
Sherman Silvtar purchase lax. 1 890

R3V. John
Speaks at dinner of Illaiscopalian Club
Oct. 28, 1901. 258

Swann, Mr.
C.S.H. at dinner given by, to Gov. Russell, in N. T.
Feb. 27, 1892. 11
04 4
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Swift, Henry W.
Attends lunch of Henry L. Pierce in interest of
Juno 11, 1892. 25
C.S.H. to be private secretary of Gov. Russell.
C.S.H. declines.
June 16, 1892. 27
with Gov. Russell.
Sept. 5, 1892. 34
Syracuse Convention
see - Anti-Snapper Convention

Taft, William H.
Speaks at overflow meeting at University Hall.
Canine moment Day.,
June 28, 1905. 388
w on death of Cleveland. 1908.
53 Sc. bk. 42
a central bank. 1909.
59 Sc. bk. 54, 55, 58
Elected honorary member of Old Colony Club, 1909.
58 Sc. bk. 121
(President Taft cazne to Boston as guest of the Boston
Chamber of Canmerce, Sept. 16, 1909, at the dinner
the Cuban Minister took the seat on the rigat of
the Presiding Officer and, would not give it up to
President Taft. C.S.H. told, Taft he would make him
get up and that he would not know whether 1 t was an
"internal or an external explosion" but Taft would
not let him and sat at the left of the Presiding
Officer all through the dinner.)
59 sc. bk, 54
Tail Chinese Commtigicner
C.S.H. gives a dinner to, it ale.
Feb. 11, 1906.


Takahira, Baron
C.S.H. gives a lunch to, vho, with Mr. Hanihara, his
secretary, is visiting C.S.H. for a dinner of the
Boston Merchants Association.
Dec. 10, 1901. 260
n, 1909.
Jspase fountai
Sends decoration to C.S.H. 1908.
52 Sc. bk. 30, 31, 71
Eliot of Harvard at home of
Gives decoration to President
56 Sc. bk. 148
57 " " 1
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Talohiras Baron (Cont,)
Gives C.S.H., frcm the Emperor, a bronze Japanese fountain,1909
See - Japan
Tanmany Hell
Opposes Cleveland at Chicago Convention, 1892.
June- 1892. 10
Tarbell, Ida
Attacks Lodge, 1910
67 sc. bk. 44
C.S.H. goes to N. T. to colkct, statistics.
Oct. 15, 1891. 5
to capitol with Rose Cleveland to hear
C.S.H. goes
debate on the.
Jan. 31, 1894. 76
TO. 1, 1894.
Lamont asks C.S.H. to investigate a rumor that the
Manufac to.r ere Club of Phil .--cde 1ohia had o ff fe red
money to Senators Irby and Hunton to vote against
the, bill.
',iv 22, 1894. 90
C.S.H. articles on.
Corduroys. 1891. 1 Sc. 'bk. 72$ 73$ 758 87
" 78
• " 100
" 1, 3, 4, 19, 21, 25
Lead pipe
Cotton schedule.
C.S.H. helps to frame.
25 sc. bk. 76, 1894
Hat trimmings pamphlet 1894.
35 Sc. tk. 67
36 " " 1
Senator Smith of New Jersey tells C.S.H. he had to "loan"
Senator Irby $7000 to make him vote for the Wilson,
bill, ani that he has his note far this ,imount.
Nb. 8, 1895. 112
that the tarif f bill of 1894
U.S. Circuit Court decides
was retroactive.
May 5, 1895. 119
Su7 ems Cauit.)
(Overruled by U.S.
Reciprocity with Canada.
Lumber and coal duties. 225
See - Canada
Release bonds. 1903
30 Sc. bk. 1, 2, 3, 17, 18, 60
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

. . .

Release bonds. 1903
bk. 1, 2, 3, 17 le, 60
Bryan fights proposed tariff plank caning for a wise,
conservative, business-like revision and defeats
finally accepting that drawn by C.S.R.
July 6, 1904. 338
senator Newland.* introduces a protective tariff plank.
July - 1904. 340
C.S.H. discusses tariff plank with Judge Parker.
Sept. 17, 1904. 365
C.S.H. in Esopus helping Parker on.
Sept. 17, 1904. 365
Sept. 20, 1904. 367
C.S.N. in N. T. Felping Parker on.
Sept. 23, 1904. 369
C.S.N. discusses tariff and Newfmniland tre ..ty with
Genaral Draper.
Nov. 30, 1904. 381
ofzarm utensils in Mattapoisett and Canada. 1906
43 Sc. bk. 99
" 59
on Mica. 1909
56 Sc. bk. 91
C.S.H. protest against tariff bill read in H. R. by
Congressman O'Connell. 1909
58 Sc. bk. 96, 106
C.S.N. refuses retainer from E. W. Atkinson
Dec. 19, 1912
80 So. bk. 50
See - Andrew Iron bill
Nat trimming refunds
Castoms Administrative Act
Parker, A. B.
Speech', C.S.M.
Tariff Casmission
C.S.11. writes E. L. Sprague favoring a, which Boston Herald
praises editorially.
Dec. 3, 1896. 179
Dec. 7$ 1896. 179
8 Sc. bk. 166
" 145
a delegate to Indianapolis Convention. 1909
56 So. bk. 10
Tariff Reform League, N.E
r cads report as Secretary of. May 19$ 1892. 21
June 15, 1892. 27
C.S.R. speaks at dinrer of.
See - New England tariff reform League.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

At dinner of Moses Stephens.
May 25, 1894.



Tateno, Mr.
C.S.H. meets, the Japanese Minister at dinner of French Ambassador
Feb. 20, 1894. 78
Taveral Mr.
C.S.H. meets, the Italian Ambassador at dinner of sec. Herbert
Jan. 29, 1894. 76
Tavern Club
C.S.H. speaks at dinner of, to Seth Law.
Dec. 29, 1897. 229
Tax on bonds of Boston Holding Company. 1910
62 Sc. 'bk. 7
Tax on State bark notes. 1894
9 sc. bk. 41
Taylor Col.
Attends birthday dinner given by H. R. Reed to C.S.H.
Aug. 3D , 1895. 133
C.S.H. lunches with.
, 1904. 321
Telegram, Gol. 354, 355
See - Gold. telegram
Parker, L. B.
Telegraph Public owribrehip of.
Senator Pettigrew introduces .a plank for.
July - 1904. 340, 342
C.S.H. favors operation by Goverment. 1912
74 Sc. bk. 140
"Temple ton"
George N. Monroe writez N. T. Herlad attacking C.S.H.
Sept. 23$ 1902. 279
See - Monroe, George H.
Tenement House Commission
Mayor Collins appoints C.S.H. as the.
April 17, 1903.


Teller Seafttor
Denies Shermanis plaim that Sherman Act of 1890 was passed
to avert a free coinage bill. Says it was a political
measure to catch votes. 1895
9 Sc. bk. 178





Terminal Station, Boston
c.s01. attends hearings and elivers an
argument before the
Joint Committee on railroads, against the
South Termiral Statim,
Mar. 31, 1896. 158
11 Sc. bk. 4, 14, 27
Delivers another argument on same.
April 7, 1896. 158
j. E. Benton argues for the R.R.ts and attack
s C.S.H. and btothers
April 14, 1896. 158
Boston Common Council unanimously contemns the
April 141 1896. 159
Gov. Wolcott signs the bill
June 91 1896. 162
Thacher, Henry C.
Attends lunch of Nenry L. Pierce in interest of
June 11, 1892. 26
C.S.E. spends night withl at Yarmouth
Nov. 4, 1892. 42
Takes part in Cape Cod tour.
Nov. 7, 1892. 43
At tends birthday dinner of H. R. Reed to C. S.H.
Aug. 30, 1895. 133
Presides at meeting at Harwich
Oct. 26, 1895. 137
C.S.R. spends night with.
Oct. 26, 1895. 137
(Mr. Tbacher, the father of Tom Thacher, was an old time
Boston Decaccrat.t and a man of consiierable wealth.
He used to give the Party $500 for each campaign, a large subscription for those days. He repeatedly
ran for Congress to help out the party. He was a
staunch supported of Cleveland and a public spirited
citizen, as well as a close friend of C.S.H.

. ..

Thacher, T. C.
Mr. Laughlin sees Douglas asto Thacher runnirg for Congress
Aug. 21, 1910. 423
Votes for Underwood in National Convention, 1912
75 sc. bk. 133
Votes later for Wilson
75 Sc. bk. 149
Judge Riley says, wanted to vote for Wilson after a few ballots
75 Sc. bk. 154
Thayer, John B.
C •S•R• first met , in Port differential cases, 1904
C.S.I. goes from Washington to Pittsburg as guest of, in his car
C.S.I. spends night withl at Raferford, Pa.
June - 1906. 397

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Thayer, John B. (Cont.)
Tells C.S.H that when the rate bill becomes
law he should
suggest to the principal N. Y. railroads
to retain
C.S.H. as counsel for Int. Commerce Commis
sion work.
June - 1906. 397
Tells C.S.H. that Randolph (Vice President
of B. & O. R.R.)
Caldwell (Vice President of D. L. & W.
R.R.) and George
Massey (General Counsel of Pa. R.R.) all
agree that
C.S.H. should be retained.
Said his idea was to have the Pa. R.R., B. &
O. R. ,., Phila.
& Reading R.., United R. R. Is of New Jerse
y, D.L. & W.
R.R., and N. Y. Central R.R. all 'Inite in retaining
.3.S.H. Suggested a retainer of $25,000. C.S.H.
said he
could scarcely afford to give up the BA
R. .and move
to N. Y. on this retainer.
Thayer said he could easily arrange to satisfy
C.S.H. said $30,000 or $35,000 would bathe least
be could accept
if he had to live in N. Y.
C.S.H. suggested accepting a smaller retainer and
living in Boston.
C.S.B2 said he would accept *20,000 (including
the B. 8c M.
retainer) if he could live. in Boston.
C. S.H. finily said he would accept a $5000 retainer from
Penna. R.R. and the same for each R.R. coming into
arrangement, if Mr. Tuttle would consent. Thayer said
would go over the whole matter and write C.S.H. later
Thayer agreed that any arrangement made should not interf
ere with
the special work C.S.H, was doing as counsel, relaing
immigrat ion, customs, bonded traffic through Canada,
Thayer said. he wanted the Trunk Line association to
and that C.S.H. could do valuable work in arbitrating
the members and that other railroads not am maubers, such
as the B. & M., Grand Trunk, etc. Should join.
Thayer said he would write me definitely soon,and not to menti
it to any one, not even to Tuttle, until C.S.H. heard from
him, but to consider this merely a personal talk for the
July 11, 1906. 397, 398, 399
Spends night, with his two children, at Mat tapoisett.
Tells C.S.H. that Newman .of N. T. Central, said, before going
abroad, he did not approve of joint counsel, that each
Sta, should represant itself. Says Newman will return on
Sept. 10 and he would take it up with him again.
Thayer said he was determined to put this through.
sept. - 1906. 404
See - Massey, George W.
Thayer, John R.
Speaks before T. M. Dam. Club
Dec. 19, 1898. 239
Attacks C.S.H.Is free trade views. 1902
27 sc. bk. 3
Appointed an Olney Committee by Mass. delegation
July 5, 1904. 336

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Thayer, John R. (Cont.)
Tells C.S.H. he was right in not filing a gold,
minority report
July - 1904 350, 354
32 9c. bk. 32
For C.S.N., pending the postal ballot
66 Sc. bk. 47, 76, 80, 98, 102, 104
67 " " 84,86
To Mc.Leod, favoring C.S.H. for Governor. 1910
66 sc . bk. 76
Voted for C.S.N. in postal ballot. 1910
66 Sc. bk. 98
Thayer, Law Club
C. S.H. speaks at dinner of.
April 12, 1899. 243
Thomas, Senator
Introduces a labor plark; said he had be3n zounsel
Li:Le Owners Associut ion in Colorado labor troubles.
Diaavowed any intention even to aappear to favor
dynamities. States conditions in Colorado. Gov. Peabody
runs whole state, through his adjutant Gen3ra1, intimid
and. deporting men, running el3ctions etc. Said that
clause of his resolution was a blow at the "closed
After long debate, that part of his plank was adopted
labor had the right to live and, work %fills n and where it
This was a blow at Gov. Peabodyls illegal acts and yet
censured "labor" for attacking nonAnion men.
July - 1904. 347



Thomas, William
C.S.H entertained by, of San Francisco, father of Molly Thomas
and brother-in-law of Richard Olney.
June 24, 1894,
Gives dinner to C.S.H.
April 28, 1897. 188
bindles witlti and family.
May 1, 1897. 189
C.s.H. dines with, and goes to theatre.
May 1, 1897. 189
Thanpson, Sir DIArcy
Delegate torus' Seal Convention, representing Gr/t Britain
Nov. 10, 1897. 222
C.S.H. elected. President, on motion of
N07. 10, 1897. 222
roster threatens, that he will 1:tb1e Lord Salisbury
Nov. 15, 1897. 224
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Thompson, Sir D'Aroy (Cont.)
Very angry at Foster and threatens to cable Salisbury himself
but C.S.H. persuades him not to, and says Foster will
withdraw his offensive maarks.
Nov. 15, 1897. 225
Foster withdraws his remarks and apologizes and, accepts his
Nov. 16, 1897. 225
Thormdike, Augustus
Takes part in Cape Cod tour.
Nov. 6, 1905.
Thorndike, Mrs. Paul
Bourke Codkran visits, at Marion.
July 28, 1897.



Thurber, Henry B.
Tells C.S.N. Cleveland wants him to keep cff the stump.
Oct. 1894. 97
Writes C.S.H. Cleveland wants C.S.H. to speak only in his
own state and to be cautious even as to this
Oct. - 1894. 97
Mr. and Mrs. Thurber dine with C.S.N.
Jan. 20, 1895. 110
Tells C.S.H. he should not go to Gray Gables to tell Cleveland
abcut the Chicago Convention. C.S.H. asks him to
telephone Cleveland.
Tells C.S.H. he suggested to Cleveland that he should sand for
C.S.H., and that Cleveland said, - "Haven't W3 head
enough from the Convention."
C.S.H. suspects that Thurber has never mentioned the matter to
Cleveland. C.S.H. mites Cleveland he would have been
glad to go over to see him, but that Thurber said it
would not be possible.
July 11, 1896. 167, 168
Tichenor, Col.
C.S.N. confers with, in N. Y. He says there is much friction
in U.S. Board of General Apiraisers and that Congress
shoal investigate it.
Dec. - 1896 179
Tilden Club, N. T.
Cleveland said he attended the dinner of the, against his
own judgment.
July 24, 1902. 269
C.S.H. speaks at dinner of.
Jan. 9, 1903. 290
Tillman, Senator
Was against a gold plank in spite of and not bacavse of Bryan
- 1904. 339
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Tillman, Senator (Cont.)
(Tillman was most conservative during the meetings of the
resolutions committee. He did his beat to bring about
harmony. He was glad to have silver 2.bsolutely ignored
by the convention and was opposed to mentioning gold only
because the constituents of the oil silver men would
understand their conversion.
He hated Bryan and believed he was trying to disrupt the
Party and wanted such a wild platform that no even reasonably
conservative man could accept the nomination.
At one time, when Bryan was raging about free silver, Tillman
leaned over the table, shook his fist in Bryan's face a'4
yelled out, - "You are a darared fooli Silver is dead and
you know iti
You may have loved your mother-in-law, long since dead, bat
that is no reason Why you should tae her body out of the
grave and exhibit it in your parlor for the edification
of your friends!")


Tingle, Mr.
Was formerly agent of the North American Commercial Company
on the Pribylof Islands. Tells C.S.H. that Senator Elkins
received dividends, the first year, of $50,0')O, an his
stock in the company, - one-fourth, - and that he never paid
a dollar for it.
June - 1895. 121
Tobey, Horace P.
Coders, with C.S.H., with Congressman as to the iron bill.
Maillan and W. L.Wilson told him that the pa:sage of a
coal or iron bill might lose tothe party, West Virginia
and possibly Virginia.
April 28, 1892. 18
Could not leave Waihington tc attend National Civil Service
Reform Convention lt Baltiiore.
April 291 1892. 20
See - Japan
Tour of Cape Cod, Democratic
Nov. 2, 1892. 43
Nov. 6, 1905. 392, 393
39 Sc. bk. 65
Tracey, General
Dines with Moses Stevens.
May 25, 1894. 91
C.S.H. calls with, an Senatcr Hill at Wolfert's Roost, Albany
Oct. 11, 1896. 175
Although a Republican, gives C.S.H. a supper at Union Club
after Boston rallies.
Nov. 5, 1894. 96

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Transit trade tlroigh Canada.
C.S.H. goes to St. Albans, Vt. , to examine into the, with
B. B. Smalley.
Aug. 12, 1896.170
Argument at Quebea, Sept. 28, 1898. 235
15 Sc. bk. 14, 15
Argument at Washington. Dec. 13, 1898. 236
15 Sc. bk. 6
C.S.H. advises Lord Herschall as to.
Feb. 5, 1899. 240
See - Int. High Commission
Treasury notes (Greenbacks)
C.S.H. goes to Boston to ask banks to exchange gold for.
April 21, 1893. 64
Boston banks pass resolution giving 1/2 of their gold to
the Treasury for.
April 23, 1893. 64
See - Greenbacks.
U.S. Russia and Ivan. Fur seals
Signed by 0.5.1!" Foster, are. Jordan for U.S.
Secret agreement signed at saLe time.
Nov. 6, 1897. 220
::ournent on. 215
McKinley pleased with.
Nov. 9, 1897. 221
U.S. and Canada
See - Oanada
See - Canada
Conf er enc.
Trunk Lin3 Association. 398, 403
see - Thayer, J. 1
Bryan and Pettigrew offer plaidke on.
July - 1904. 339, 340, 341, 342
Ticker, Harry St. George
Says Wazhington and Lea University will give C.S.H. the
June 17, 1896. 164
degree of L.L.D.
C.S.H. drives with, to Natural Bridge
June 18, 1896. 165
C.S.H. favors, for cabinet.
Dec. 27, 1912
80 Sc. bk. 36
Tucker, James
C.S.H. has conference Nith, as to Carlisle.
Jan. 17, 1896.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Tudker, James (Cont.)
C.S.H. dines with Mr. and Mrs., in San Francisco.
April 29, 1897. 188
Tucker, John Randolph
C.S.H. breakfasts with at Lexington, Va.
June 17, 1896. 164
Tudor, 7. Jr.
Takes part in Cape Cod tour.
Nov. 6, 1905.


Tufts College
C.S.U. presides at joint debate between N. Y. University and.
June —1905. 387
Turner, Congressman
C.S.H. confers with, asto

May - 1892. 23

Tuttle, Lucius
Tells C.S.H. he has proposed to Sir W. Van Horne, of C.P.i.,
and C. M. Hays, of Grand Trunk R.R., to join with the
Boston and Maine R.R. in amploying
as counsel
to represent the R.R.S in all matters relating to
transportation along the Canadian border, etc. He said
they had both agreed and C.S.E. could consider himself
retained at $10,000 per year. Said C.S.H. should
represent primarily the B. & M. R.R.
Jan. 28, 1898. 230
Presides at C.S.H.'s addrasz on Alaska to the Beacon Society
Nov. 29, 1898. 236
Speaks at dinner of Oil Trade Association
Dec. 5, 1898. 238
Attends lunch of C.S.H. to Sac. Gage
Sept. 15, 1900. 247
C.S.H. writes full particulars as to cattle embargo to,
from London.
April - 1903. 296
C.S.H. calls on, with Cleveland.
July 27, 1905. 389
Skeffington tells C.S.N. that Guy Currier said he would ask,
to subscribe $5000 to a fund to be given to Vahey.
Aug. 17, 1910. 420, 421
CSH forbad ask Ing, or any one else. Said would give a cent
to Vahey to induce him to withdraw. 421
Gov. Douglas speaks to C.S.H. of Currier's desire to aic, to
Aug. 21, 1910. 424
C.S.R. said he absolutely forbad anyone from requesting, or any
one identified with pablic service corporations for
money, - that he wished to be leholden to no one.
Aug. 21, 1910. 424
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


C.S.H.goes through a, in Japan.
Sept. 7, 1897.


Typographical Union
arbitrates wage iis,Jute between Boston newspapers and
the, and renders an axard increasing wages. 1912
75 .Sc. bit. 34
C.S.H. gives a dinner to, Chinese Connissioner
Feb. 11, 1906. 394


Uhl, Asst Secretary of State
Dines with French Ambassador
Feb. 20, 1894. 78
Sends British Ambassador a rigorous letter on fur seal question,
based on C.S.H.Is draft.
May 11, 1895. 120

.. .



C .
H. c cnsul ts, as t c new fur seal regulations.
Dec. 27, 189'7. 229


C.3.14. arrives At.
July 31, 1894.


Lands again at.
Aug. 9, 1894.


See - Fur seals ions
Bill drawn by C.S.R. as to oaths to invoices, which passed
HO. 1896.
50 Sc. bk. 116
Sae - Customs Administrative Act
Uniform ad. valorem title.
C.S.H. favors
9 Sc. bk. 206, 207, 208
28 Sc. bit. 22
. . .

Uniformity in legislation. 1910
66 Sc. bk. 27
Union station, Boston
See - Ter'uinal qtation
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


United Siites Board of General Appraisers
C.S.H. has conference Nith, as to Customs Administrative Act
Dec. 9, 1892. 45
C.S.H. decidas that, is under the Sec. of Treasury. 1893
6 So. bk. 63
9 Sc. bk. 108
Work in connecticn with hat trimming refunds.
May 11, 1891. 88
C.S.H. confers with.
May 5, 1895. 119
Oct. 2, 1895. 135
Oct. 13, 1896. 135, 136
Feb. 9, 1896. 149, 150
C.S.H. confers with Col. Tichencr of.
Dec. 21, 1896. 179
C.S.H. argues on Sac. 22, Dingley Act, before.
Dec. 15, 1897. 231
Decide controversy as to Sec. 22, Dingley Act
Jan. 28, 1898. 230
power. 1905
Want more permanent
39 Sc. bk. 119, 120
fcr rat trap decision. 1906
43 Sc.bk. 42
Conduct of.
58 c!c. bk. 160
e questicns as to. 1912
80 Sc. bk. 62
U. S. Bonds. 100
clee - Carlisle
Frye, senator
Carlisle says Congress will never authorize issue of, to
cancel the greenbacks. Dec. -1895. 142, 143
C.S.H. on price of. 1906. 43 sc. bk. 68
C.S.H. Security for Govt. deposits. 33 Sc. bk, 81
U.S. three par cant gold bonds.
See - Morgan Syndicate contract.
U. S. Dependencies
appoLnted on a committee by the American Economic
Alsociatiori to prepare 4 fiscal policy for.
Mar. 14, 1899. 24.3
Rep or t of coraLittee.
Dec. 27, 1899. 244
U. S. Express Company
Mr. Platt of, offers C.S.H. a free pass over lines
April 13, 1893. 63
which G S.H. •declines.
U. S. Mint,PhilJiali:Ai_
appointed by president Roosevelt on Assay
to examine the.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


U. S. Mint, Philadelphia.
C.S.H. appointed by President Roosevelt on Assay
Cocinies cn
to examine the. Jan. - 1903. 290
U, S. Revised Statutes
S36 - Hat refunds.
U. S. Russia and Japan
Fur seal Treaty. 215, 220, 221
see - Japan
U. S. Senate
Conference as to Democrats trading with Speaker
Barrett as to
Sept. 5, 1892. 34
C.S.H. ccnfirmed by, for Asst. Sec. of Treasury
April 8, 1893. 62
U. S. Treasury
C.-3.H. confirmed as Asst. secretary
April 8, 189.3. 62
Gold reserve not used for current expenses. 1893 to 1896
8 sc. bk. 94
C.S.H. on change of book keeping in. 1894
9 sc. bk. 37
C.S.H. on deficit in.
9 Sc. bk. 37
Panic of 1896 not cau.sed by deficit. 1894
9 Sc. bk. 41, 174, 178
see - Speeches, C
Deficit caused by:Failure of inc cola tax
Increase in expenditures. 1896
10 5•c. bk. 41
27 " "
Article on, by C.S.H.
12 Sc. bk. 22
Security for Govt. deposits. C.S.H.
33 Sc. bk. 81
Change in bookkeeping
55 Sc. bk. 76
1, 17
C.S.H. says me ri t system saves 25% of cost of.
75 sc. bk. 47
McVeagh order. 1912
80 Sc. bk. 61
U. S. Treasury notes, 1890
See - shaman silver purchast Act, 1890
U. S. Troops
The attack on Cleveland for or aar ing out tha, to protect the
U. S. mails would have made
bolt Bryan even if
a gold plank had -been gut into the platform.
July 5, 1 896.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


University of California
C.L7).H. ...Attends ball given by students of.
May 1, 1897.


Vahey, James H.
Dropped frcm State comiittee.
00. 7, 1904. 373
Takes part in Cape Cod Tour. Nov. 6, 1905. 393
Did not get into State Convention until 12 m. or later.
Oct. 5, 1907. 409
McLeod says there is a fair chance of, pulling out in favor
of C.S.H. Aug. 15, 1910. 418
McLeod says Vahey and Foss have had a conference and Vahey
had agreed to withdraw for Foss; that Vahey told FDSS
that, in view of his interview of June 1 (scrap bks. Vol.
63) he should have to prepare the public gradually for
his withdrawal; that Foss said he couldttake his own
time; that on July16 Vahey gave out an interview, in
which, while still :;Aving he was a candidate, very much
softened his position and made it easier for him to
pull out (64 Sc. bk. 107)
Aug. 15, 1910. 418
McLeod did not directly say but distinctly implied that there
was a pecuniary consideration given to Vahey by Foss.
Aug. 15, 1910. 418
McLeod said that, Waortly .After, Vahey's friends began to
accuse him of selling out; that Judge DeCourcey told
him this was the rumor; that finally Mayor Fitzgerald
:ame out against him.
Aug. 15, 1910. 418
McLeod said that finally, as the result of Nhat he friends were
saying and of Fitzgerald's interview, Vahey became vary
mad and finally, at the Worcester meeting (63 czc. bk. 158)
demanded the nomination.
Aug. 15, 1910. 418
C.S.H. tells Coughlin of the rumor that Vahey had sold out to
Foss and pointed out the peculiar nature of his
interview of July 16. Coughlin called Vahey up and told
C.S.H. that Vahey said he was a candidate, but that,
of course, he did not want the nominuticn if everyone
was against his. C.F .H. and Coughlin thought this
latter remark very significant. 419
McLeod said he himself had discussed with Valley the easiest
way to withdraw in accordance with his agreement with
Foss. 419
C.S:).H. believes Vahay lied to Coughlin. 419
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Vahey, James H. (Cont.)
Moreod said he told Vahey a few days before that he could not
be elected and should withdraw.
Aug. 15, 1910. 419
Skeffington tells C.S.H, that Guy Cir rico is looking out
for Vahey's interests and that Currier told him that
!ahoy would be glad to withdraw in favor of C.S.H. if
$10000 were given him to reccrapanFe him for what he had
spent in his past two campaigns; that Currier said he
would try to get Mr. Tuttle to contribute $5000 of this.
Augl 17, 1910. 420, 121
C.S.H. replied that he would not give on 3 cant to Vahey to
induce hizto withdraw, nor wculd ha pa nuit Currier or
anybody else to ask mon:...y for such a purpose; that Vahey
should rea1is3 that he could not be elected and that his
best course was to withdraw in favor of C.3.H.; that if he
did this ha would not only be a pow3rful, potent, leader
of the party, but wculd also have the respect and gratitude
of C.S.H.; tht this .was all C.S.H. could :ey; that C.S.H.
would preferto lose z;he Governorship than make a sirgle
pledge to secure it; that he should tell this to Currier.
Aug. 17, 1910. 420, 421
Skeffingten said he culd ask Douglas to see Vahay and urge
him to withdraw.
Aug. 17, 1910. 421
Douglas tells C.S.H. that neither Vahey nor Foss can be qected.
Aug. 21, 1910. 423
Douglas said he wo-lld ask Skeffington to see Vahey and try to
induce him to withdraw for C.S.H.
Aug. 21, 191C. 4'33
C.S.H. told Douglas he absolutely. forbad anyone from promising
Valley a cent for his withdrawal or making him any pledge;
that if Vahey voluntarily withdrew, he (C.S.H.) would
naturally be grateful to him, but could make no pledge.
Aug. 21, 1910. 423
Douglas asked C.S.H. if Vahey would befit for a superior court
judgeship. C.S.H. sail he knew nothing personally against
him, but that he had heard rumors of complaints against
him before the Bar Associ,tion, and that he had grave
doubts of his fitness for such a position. 424
C.S.H. told. Douglas of Skeffington's talk with Currier and
reaffirmed, what_ he said ar)out contributions.
Aug. 21, 1910. 424
Vahey gives Lavers a letter of introduction to C.S.H.
Aug. 23, 1910. 426
Lavers said C.S.H. or nis friends should provide Vahey with
money to keep up his fight; that Vahey felt friendly
Aug. 23, 1910. 426, 427
to C.S.H. etc.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Vahey, JiM11913 H. (Cont.)
C.S.H. told Lavers that neither he (Ca) nor any friend of
his would put out one dollar for Valley, for hilLsalf
(C.S.E.) or for anyone else.
Aug. 23, 1910. 427
Valley favors C.S.H. ratrar than Fos. 1910
65 Sc. bk. 135
Vahey favors C.S.H. after the convention
65 Sc. bk. 135
66" "
Vahey urges cam.l.ittee of four to namin,ite C.ts2.H.
66 Sc. bks. 70.
Vahey, Thomas
Takes part in Cape Cod Tour.
Nov.6, 1905.


Van Horne, Sir William
C.S.H. dines with.
Aug. 12, 1896. 171
C.S.H. has a conference with, as to Sec. 22 of the Dingley
Tariff Act. Aug. 11, 1897. 195
Vein Horne
C.S.H. dines with.
Aug. 16, 1e97. 196, 197
C.S.H. buys in Kioto a Korean bowl, 700 years old,
for 125 yen as a pressnt for.
Sept. 20, 1897. 212
Foster asks C.S.H. to go to Montreal to sea, as to
settlement by Laurier of the fur seal question,
and C.
Nov. 3, 1897. 219
C.S.H. dines witn, at Chamberlain's.
Dec. 28, 1897. 229
C.S.H. visits, a.t Montreal and confers with Laurier
as to fur seal negotiations.
Jan. 2, 1898. 230
Agrees with Tuttle as to retainer fbr C.S.R.
Jan. 28, 1898. 231
C.S.H. lunches with.
Sept. 18, 1898. 235
Vanderlip, Frank
Tells CSi. that Gage would like to have him withdras
his resignation and serve a3 Assistant Secretary
throughout the new term.
March 6, 1897. 10
Venezuela dispute.
President sends message to Congress as to, and asks
appropriation for a commission to ascertain the
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



• •





. . •



Venezuela dispute (Cont.)
true boundary line between British Guiana and Venezuela.
Dec. 17, 1895. 141
Also encloses cooies of the notes exchaneed between Olney And
Lord Salisbury. 141
Great excitenent in Washington and tnraighout the country.
Independent and business sentiment of New England and N. Y.
decidedly against Cleveland.
The rank and file of the people generally supported C1ev31and.
C.S.H. believes Carlisle, from what he told him, was opposed to
the message as likely to affect our finances disastrously.
C.S.H. believes Sec. elorton has tti3 same feeling about it.
Dec. 17, 1895. 141
Cleveland sands C.S.H. to Andrew D, White to offer him a place
on the comalission.
Dec. 26, 1895. 143
See - Cleveland
White, Andrew D.
C.S.H reports to Cleveland as to White.
Dec. 28, 1895. 145
Cleveland asks C.S.H. to be ready to go to N. Y. that evening,
but C.F,.H, heard nothing more from him. 145
Cleveland talked with C.S.H. very freely and showed most
intense interest in the matter. 145
Said the honor of the country demanded that a firm stand be taken
against infringemmt of the Monroe Doctrine. 146
Said a great principle was at stake, which the whole country
would topreciate before long. 146
not show slightest sign of yielding to the clamor in New
England and N. Y. 146
He had evid3ntly m-ide up his mind cautiously and e•trefully and
was as firm as a rock in his conclusims. 146
Said he had hoped to send a much shorter wessage to Congress on
the question but he could not condense it further. 146
Said ha had received many protesting letters from Boston, mentioning
Moses, Williams, Edward,Atkinson and Mr. Parkinson, his
niightbors at Gray Gables. 146
Said ne mad just answered Parkinson's letter. 146
Much provoked at Atkinson And thought his aliLost insane. 146
Showed great sorrow at John E. Russell's speech before N. E.
Free Trade League. Did not object to any opinion Russell
might form, but felt that, considering their intimate
relations and the many practical tokens of his regard and
confidence in Russell, he might at least hare asked the
League to suspend judgment until the evidence could be
examined. 147
Said Russell had alsays talked to him in A jingo spirit and that,
in his pamphlet on the lonrce Doctrine, he went even
farther than he (Cleveland) did, and contandid that a
South knerican Republicacculd not be permitted even
voluntarily to lisp oe• of its territory to a oreign power.
Dec. 28, 1895. 146, 147.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


. . .

. 011.

Venezuela dispute (Cont.)
talk with Cleveland as to Judge Holmes for the Commission
See - Holmes.
Cleveland never mentioned Olney's name and C.S.H. is satisfied that
he personally will choose the commission. 147
When Cleveland asked C.S.H. to go to Waite, he sail Lamont and
he had talked the matter over and reached the conclusion
that CS.H. was the best man to sand on this mission. Olney
was not menticned and tais seeined strange to C.S.H. 147
Carlisle tells CSC tnat Olney was opposed to Judge Alvey being
put on the commission out that Cleveland told him
(Carlisle) that ha intended to agpoint the coanission without
any special regard to Olney's wisnes. Jan. 5, 1896. 148
Carlisle told C.S.H. that if Cleveland had taken his friends into
counsel he would not have put the threat of war into his
message, and he implied that Cleveland 11.4.,1 not ccnuulted
the cabinet at all in the matter. 148
Carlisle said that while the position taken in the message ani
correSpondance was impregnable, yet the form of both was
unfortunate, and that they could have been expressed with
just as much force, and yet in a more diplcrattic manner.
Jan. 5, 1895. 148
David A Walls to chinre an article criticizing
C.S.H. persuades
Cleveland's positi on.
Mar. ìô, 1896. 157, 158
Wells , D. C.
Sc. Olney's talk with C.S.H. as tc Bayard.
Jun. 9, 1896. 162
See - Bayard
Clev land
tells C.11. he began the Venezuela dispatch before
Gresaa.0 died (May 28, 18951; that about July 4 he left
the first draft with Cleveland at Buzzards Bay, saying
tnat it expressed nis judgnent but that Cleveland might
weeks .wrIan
riot agree to it; that he hlard nothing for two
to call; that Cleveland said
Cleveland sent work to him
he agreed fully with tne despatc.a; that also he laid
s course, he had written nirn a 5 or 6
its trusting -Bayard'
hat was coining and trying
page latter advising nim to ,
him the justice of his position.
to impress on
June 9, 1896. 162 163
Justice Brewer and said tne acmaission was a
Olney praised
would be
fine one and was satisfied that their conclusion
correct and vigorous. 16‘3
Olney said he wanted 13ayard recalled but that the
thought it was almcst too late.
al taougn agreethg with Olney,
tne Venezuelan
Carlisle tells C.S.H. that Cleveland never read
t before sending it, but
message to Congress to the 'cabine
to the
that Olney's d.emand for arbitration Via 0, read
held in tne suczner, for which
cabinet at a special session















3 r






• •• .



f. 3••;)



03 It




"8 rt'l










11 ta.)





)1J1E. C

a It .1 I

A t'



Venezuela dispute (Cont.)
Olney went to Washington from Falmouth; that Lamont was
July 11, 1896. 168
not present.
Carlisle aid Cleveland return3d from his fisning trip
Sunday morning and sent fcr him in the Afternoon;
that Cleveland said he knev Salisbury had dIclined
arbitration but that he hal not .etn the letter as
Olney hai it, but that Olney was to cOm3 ovr that
July lip 1896. 169
that .raeaday morning, Cleveland. sent for him tO
Carlisle said
0Om* over before the .;abinet meeting, and ,aid he nad
written a message to Congress which ha wished to read to
him, - but that ha should not read, it to the cabinet, as
the matter was settled and he &Li definitely made up his
mind; that while reading it, Sac. ,dorton caLe in and
Cleveland allowed him to listen.
July 11, 1896. 169
Carlisle :;aid that Cleveland, at the cabinet meeting, statd
to the cabinet that he ha.1 written a :nessage to C,)ngre 8,
but did not read it.
July 11, 1896. 169
did not ask his advice, but merely
Carlisle said Cleveland
read the message.
July 11, 1896. 169

.. .
Yenning, Ar.
Appointed Britian Secretary of the U. S.- Canadian fur seal
Nov. 9, 1897. 222
. •.







1. ••t











..21r L


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



to't j


C.! '1 '





v (IV

Veterinarian, Cnief, Great Britain
C.S.H. confers with, Dr. Cope
April - 1903. 295
Tells 0.6.H. that, to British practice after
the last case of
months or six weeks have elapsed since
love the
foot and, mouth disease, it xouLd be safe to
an official reque:it
embargo and. that ne hal no doubt
would be
fron. the U.S. Government ma1e after that -perict,
prorap`,1y complied with.
April - 1903. 295, 296
us sate.
See - Foot and mouth
Vice Pr3sident of U. S.
Mr. Pease tells C.S.H. that certain very influent
democrats want to nominate him (C.S.H.)
Oct. - 1907. 410, 411.





T" !Iry


Vice President, Y. 4.
C.S.H. elected.

Dec. 19, 1892


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Vilas, Senator
ng holding
Cleveland tells C.S.H. that, had Nrit'An him urgi
the Sher.fian Act
back all appointments pen-ling the repeal of
033 th3 ca.oinet
of 1890,4nd. that he should teleg aph him to
and suggest this to them.
Aug. 18, 1893. 70
Villard, Oswald
Service Reform
C.S.H.,as one of a cox. ittea of the lass. Civil
er quoting frau Cleveland's
form of lett
League, draws up
circul_c ion.
speech at the Villard dinner, etc. for gen?ral
1893. 52
FiD . 9,
Vinton, 3ishop
er of Episcopalian
0.S.111. delivers address of Welcome, it dinn
club to, ani Bisho - Brent.
May 12, 1902. 263
Volk onska , Prince
C.S.H. meets, at dinner of ;Ars. Potter "claim
July 29, 1893. 69


V oornees,Bill
ove of the declaration
Cleveland tells C.3.H. he Joe,', not appr
the ,SherLaan Act of 1890
attached to the, to repeal
Aug. 18, 1893. 70
Purchase Act
See — Sharizan Silver

Of C.A.H. for • ;Ate Senator
1 Sc. bk. 13
1 S:. bk. 42
For Governor, lass.
30 Sc. bks. 11
35 "
a!, a
45 a
vs 102, 140
50 a
" 57
55 ""
a 92
59 a
n 68 to 78
25, 61
124, 140
32 37, 42, 50, 82
For Pr est dent
35 Sc s, bks. 101
124, 140
32, 37, 42, 50 82
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Vote (Cont.)
Nov. 3, 1896
Voted or Palmer arri Buckner; for Price for Governor;
for Sprague (Republican) for Congress. 178
ov. 6, 1900
Voted for Ed -ard Waldo Jon, the only el -?ctor
on the Nation:a ticket; for McCall (Re -Jub1i2an) for
Congress. 247
VoZe of diattapoisett for Quincy in 1901. Quincy
got 30 votes, a Democratic gain over Daine in
1900 of 350%. 259
C.S.H. tells Wi1113.14s how he voted in 1900.
June 2, 1902. 266
Vote in caucuses of 1902.
Gaston 1043; Hamlin 352; doubtful 304. 289
Gold plank favored by subcomLit tee on resolutions
by 7 to 3. Bryan ani John Sharpe Williams
did nct vote, being in he convention. This
would have made the vote 7 to 5.
July 7, 1904. 338
Gold plank rejected by foil resolutions
by 35 to 15.
July 7, 1904. 339
C.S.H, estimate Of iiiklat a vote in the convention
on gold No11,1 have been. No - 616, aye 332.
Pou.btfal 48.
359, 360.
Votes of Senator LcIdge in U.F. Senate, 1910
63 5.
64 t1
For C.3.H. in .:•,aucus , 1910
65 Sc. bk. 133, 1.36
For C.S.H. in the ccnvntion, 1910
66 Sc. lics. 22, 24
0..3.H. in postal ballot
66 .''c. bk. 106, 109, 110
22, 29,45
68 " "
Vote Of Mass, ielegates for Wilson, 191
75 Sc. bks. 127, 133, 149

Walker, Col.
C.S.H. meets,of Belchartown at Springfield.
Oct. 14, 182. 40
Walker, Joseph H.
attacks, for his speech against the minority
report of George Fred Tilliafm on the 131a.nd free
.;ilver bill. ria.r. 22, 1892. 14
2 Sc. ok. 99
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Walker, Joseph H. (Cont.)
greatly indebted to, fcr his •.vork en banking refcrin.
Nov. - 1894. 102
Walker, Mr.
0.3.H. dinetz:, NI th, a 3oston coal man, of -ocrtsaicuth, N. R.
July 26, 1893. 68
Walker, Prasi dent
th, of the Institute of
C.3.H. and O'Neil confer
Technology on plan to of hcliing an international
irlonetry conference.
Jan. 1, 1892. 7
walsh, David
with C.S.H., at Halleston.
Sept. 30, 1892. 39
Friends of, are for C.S.H. for Governor. 1911
74 Sc. bk. 48
Favcred C.S.H. for Governor before Pelletier becaLe
candidate. July 11, 1912
76 3c. bk. 26
C.5.11. and d.P.d. :line with, in Loricicn
July 16, 1898. 233
:flay 12, 1903. 296
Warnbaugh , Prof.
Speaks on Imperia1ist/1 a dinner of W. E. Russell Dam. Club
at Colonial Club, Cambridge.
Jan. 6, 1899. 239
Warner, Charles Dudley
5'pealts at dinner of Tavern Club to Seth law.
Dec.29, 1897. 229
warner, John DeWitt
Tells C.S.H. that Carlisle nud intruded to r 31,1a: the
Sherman notes of 1890 in silver and that the
N.Y. Jourmi.11 of Coamerca and tne N) Y. World had
agreed to sustain him, tut that tat the last
mcment,ne ,ave in to Clev3land.
June 10, 1893. 65
Parner, Joseph B.
Speaks a'c, Bar Association me eting in maLuory of Sherinar, Hoar
Dec. 10, 1898. 238
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Warren, Charles
C.S.H. speaks at Brookline for, for senator.
Oct. 30, 1893. 13:-;
Is present A t C cnfarence with Quincy, together with 0, .H.
and Janney.
Sept. 3, 1901. 254
C.S.H. strikes oat all reference to naticna1 issues fro.
his interview announcing his candidacy for Governor,
at suggestion of.
July 24, 190..3. 268
Said to have been appointed Civil Service Coramissioner at
reque...t of C.3.H.
June 26, 1905
37 Sc. bk. 127
Warr,:, Winslow
Gives dinner, with C.S.H., at Somerset Club (through courtesy
of John W. Wheelwright) in ineere.t of Cleveland.
Mar. 4, 1892. 11
Attends Alaska lecture of C.:.H. at University Club, and
ivea GS.H. a dinner before tne lecture.
Mar. 8, 1896. 156
Speaks at dinner of Mass. Reform Club.
Dec. 3, 1896. 2.38
C.S.H. dines witn, at Dedham.
May 7, 1902. 263
Attacks Roosevelt, 1907
46 Sc. bks. 114
Speech at Provincetown, 1907
48 Sc. bka. 1'5
48 Sc. bks. 222
IcCall criticizes, 1907
Comes at for Taft
July 19, 1908
83 -c. bks. 123
Washburn, Albert, Assistant U. S. District Attorney
Speaks at dinner of 'lass. Reform Club.
Mar. 30, 1900. 245
Tells Shaw that Nnile Assistant U.S. Attorney, many suits had
been brought for Iuties where relearit bonds had been
given but no action had ever been brought an such a
bond and no lawyer would ire to bring one. Collector
Lyman denies this.
Jan. 14, 1904. 308
WaL-hington and Lee University
C.S.H. ielivers an address on "Ethical duties of the citizen"
before the joint literary so;ie ties of. Stayed
W. Oaetis Lee. He sas ill, but
with ?re,sident
his daughter Mildred entertained C.3.H. most
courteously. Delivered aidra3s in lacrning. In
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Washingtonand Lae University (Cont.)
afterncon topoko at Alumni dinner to toast, "U. S. the
leader among nations. Xd
her banner high."
Henry St.
rieorge Tucker tells C.S.H. tha:, the tees were very
much pleased at C.3.H. I s address and wanted to reconvene the
?card at once and give e the degree of LL.D. but it had
met in the morning be ore C.S.H.Is addres.- and ha i formally
adjourned; he intimated. they would do this later.
June 17, 1896. 164, 164
The Board of trustees of, voted to confer upon C.S.H.
the degree of U.:.
Dec. 2'4, 1896. 181
O.S.H. receives official notice and diploma from Judge
McLaughlin, Rector of the University. CSH acknowledges
same with thanks for the great honor.
Jan. 2, 1897. 181
. ..



Washington Post
Publishes chargesof Y. T. Curtis.
Feb. 19, 1894. 78
Says that C.6'.H. ha. denied influencing Bowler and tha...;
though the statement in Ctu.rtis's article oi83 made on
Nhat was considered good evidence, yet that it accepted
0.3.H.'s word. a..3 suf ficiant and final.
Feb. -1894. 81, 82
See - Curtis, W. T.
Publishes rumor as to offer of -bass ia to loan gold to U.S.
Dec. 25, 1895 141
See - Carlisle

Wa -11 ine,t
Interview of C.S.H. favoring Cleveland
April 30,1892. 19
3 Sc. bks. 24, 25
Water comp ti t ion
C.5.11. favors dredging :4errimac river, to secure.
Aug. 21, 1903..
Waters, Ara. and Aiss
C.3.H. meets, of Grand Rapids, Michigan on train to
Aug. 17, 1897. 197
Watson, Jerry
Tells C. '.H. that

Col. Drinkwater want:: to see hia..
Sept. 28, 1906. 404

Wa.tterson, Henry
Cleveland tells C.S.H.
letter frcm, about
wrote nim a rather
•Katterson would not

he has received a long egoiztic
the tariff plank etc; that na
sharp letter and that he tr.cught
trouble him further; that his
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Wat terson, Henry (Cont.)
letter was scathing and th:A he was only too glad to be
Aug. 1, 1892. 31
rid of him.
Speaks, with C.S.H., at Chicago dinner of Deuiccrats of
Jan. 8, 1897. 182
tbo middle states.
L.H. attends dimer of George Draper to
Dec. 9, 1901. 260
Attends funeral of .drs. Carlisle at lahylon, L.I.
Aug. - 1905. 390
riee Ling of Cle-reland and Watterson at funeral.
See - Cleveland.
Denies that the alleged article of Cleveland, pu'olishei
posthumously by the N.Y. Times n Lag. 30, 1908,
attacking the South, is genuine.
Sept. 14, 1908
bks. 80
On the Wilson-Harvey contreversy, 1910
76 Sc. bks. 32
,deans Comni t tee
Wage and '
caafers witn,

to Andrew Iron bill
April 26, 1892. 18
28 1892. 18
C.S.FI• confers with, as to axeniments to Customs
May 18, 1892. 21
Adcinistrativ e Act.
C.S.H. confers with, _Ls to amendalents to tariff Act
May 25, 1892.. 23

Weckerlin, idr.
.S.H. meets, Netherlands -Minister, at Dinner of Senator Call
Feb, 18, 1894. 78
Of CS.H. and H.P.H.
Jun 4, 1898. 233
Haulin and Kate Conrad., 1903.
Of Edward
30 S. bk. 22, 23
Welch, Herbert
Addresses olass. Reform Club in order of :0IcKinley exe.4.ting
offices trap Civil Service regulation.
Sept. 26, 1899. 243
Attends Anti-Imperial Conference it Hotel Plaza, N. Y.
Dec. 1, 1900. 248
Wells, David A.
Attends dinner of C.3.H. and Winslow •.varren in inter ,st
Ida.r. 4, 1892. 11
of Clev ela.rxi.
afford to do without 0.5.11.
Writes Carlisle he un not
as Asa t. Secretary of the T: asury
Jan. 26, 1893. 47
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Wells;ipsacvusidseAs. (Cont.)
tariff with 0.3.H.; thinks internal revenue tax
on whiskey is as high as it could be put to get the
maximum revenue; fsvois duty on tea and coffee if
needed fcr revenue.
April 14, 189,3. 63
Tells C.3.d. Clay Iland nas cf'ered the poiticn of
Commissioner of the Census but he had declined.. 0.
urges tnat he reconsider and he said, he woul-i. trunk
abcu t it.
tril 14, 1893. 63
C.:.H, meets, st Reform Club, N. Y. and Wells says he is writing
an article on true Venezuela boundary trouble suich is
shortly to be publisned in s on magazine and that he
critidized Cleveland's position in it. C. .H, told, this
to Carlisle -Ni10 spo:se with Cleveland abcut it. Cleveland
asked Carlisle tc tall
to go to Wells st Norwich,
Conn. and. try to see the article. C.3.H., returning
frox Boston, stopped. over at Norwich and was with
Wells from 6 to 9 Di
'3e1 the article, - which
Wells showed. niz.,-at length and finally tock it back
to Washington and showed it to Cleveland, first making
several suggesticns as to changes.
Mar. 16, 1896. 157
at Cleveland's request, brings the article back to
Wells with suggested changes, co pevent prejudicial effect
on negotiations then pending between Olney and saulesbury.
Wells agreed to make the changes.
Idar. 18, 1896. 158
F.ulogistic article in Loige. 1910
62 c. bks. 54
ot 3 t

Governor. Utah
Goes, with C.S.H. and Carlisle, frcs Gray Gables to N. Y. on
1,112t His ten _ter.
25, 1891. 94

•t, Lord. Saskville
" .; .H. and H.P.H. spend lay witn, at Knoll.
. s
4ay 13, 1903. 297
sice:tern Union Telegraph Co.
Flaherty tells C.3.H. he has for years received retainer frau
Nov. 30, 1904. 380
Wes tford
C•3.F. elected a trustee of Westford. academy.
The first democrat ever elected
Gov. Greenholge also elected
Speaks at 100th anniversary of founding ofsEs-C-cv.Lsng presiled
June 17, 1892. 30
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Westford (Cont.)
Report of Improvement Association
April 20, 1893
4 Sc. bits. 86
(This IrqDrcvement Ass cciaticn later, in order to rscre
easily cut the grass in one of the cemetaries, took up
many of the very old grave stones and arranged them
geanetrically, amcng, others, those of C.3.H.'s great
grandfather Asia, and 'nis great great grandfather Eleazer
C.S.H. attends Academy exercises.
June 17, 1893. 66
June 21, 189.5. 121
June 20, 1902. 268
C.S.H. speaks at dedication of Soldiers' •.wonument. 1910
62 Sc. bts. 133, 139, 141, 156
Wheelock, :dr.
.Leets, Edi or of St. Paul Pioneer Press, at breakfast
C. given by Jared Howe.
Feb. 23, 1890. 15.3
Wneelwrigh'.t, John N.
C.S.H. and Winsloiv Warren give a dinner at Somerset, Club
of City land, through the courtesy of, a wvnber
liar. 4, 1892. 11
of Henry L. Pierce in interest of Cleveland
Attends lunch
June 1 1, 1892. 25
Kellar, and, roomed together at Palmer House, Chicag
during the Nat. Dem. Convention.
June 18, 1892. 27
Lunches with Gov. Russell an 0.3.H.
Sept. 5, 1892. 34
of Sherilian Hear.
Speats at Bar Assoiati on meting in memory
1898. 238
Dec. 10,
and Land
Dauzlaa tells C.:.H. he will appoint, on Harbor
C..H. to as hi..
COmmiss ion if ne will ac..?.ept and
Oct. /9, 1905. 392
itin Mil1ias Aercer
(C.s•H. got into touch 'with, who .4/813 vi Douglas said bu
tell him ivhat
in Penn. tut did not

offerel. Ae finally
merely asked if he Alculd take it if
said yes and C.3.H. told Douglas who sad
not appoint him!)
brusquely he would

"Theelvvright, Mr.
the delegation in
C.S.H. asks, of to help him ccunt
the Springfield Convention
Oct. 5, 1907. 408
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

144.111.11101.1% 4.011.r;


WhipplSr:an ty
, , he
seeas t ra
in 3rookline
Oct. 22, 1896. 176
Jan. 16, 1911
69 Sc. bks. 104
C.S.H. should be conald.ered for U.S. Senator before him. 1912
75 Sc. bks. 56
Refuses to ask Gov. Fosa t o call a special 3538 Ion to pass a
primary bill for nanination of U.S. Senator. 1912
78 Sc. bks. 120
Olney defends.


White, Andre n J a
ci„3ia .
sends C.S..H to offer to, a place on the Venezuela
'ooundary canmisiion; Cleveland earnestly wishes him to
accept; tells C.S.H. to tell him a Justice of Supreme
Court is to be one of :nembers; not necessary for
coanisaion to leave the country, except possibly to g0
to Venezuela; that much of preliminary work would
nece..ozarily have to be iLne by experts who might have
to go to Spain and The Hague; that he desired an
impartial, judicial investigation; asked CeS.H. to wire
Lamont whether White would accept.
Dec. 26, 1895. 143, 144
C.S.H. arrived at Elmira, N. Y at 6 a.m.
Cor,311 not get early breakfast there at the hotel, tio got
sotne..thing at an all nit oyster saloon.
Took 7:10 train for Ithaca, arriving at 856 e..m. Took
electric car to dlr. White's house.
White came down stairs in his bathrobe; had long talk;
after consideration and inquiry as to personnel of
the com.i.ission, he accepted (after breakfast) exp.e.;sing
doubts as to .vhethar he had the necessary judicial
qualifications for the position. Said he would not be
avorse to going to Venezuela, if necessary.
C.S.H. then Anent over Corneal University with him and left
at noon for N. Y. reachint there at 7:30 p.m. taking
midnight train for Washine-iton. Total expanses $39.45
which C.S.H. paid out of his o.el. pocket.
Dec. 27, 1895. 144
reports to Cleveland who was much gratified at -White's
acceptan ce. Cleveland asked '3.S.H. how White impressed
him as to impartiality. C.S.H. said, in 'his coini.on,
White could net act other than judicially.
Dec. 28, 1895. 145
Dims witn the Russian irñ.ster.
Mar. 14, 1896. 157
White, Clinton
Douglas appoints, on R.R. Comniosion at request of C.S.H.
and other,.
Aar - 1905. 386
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




Write, Henry
C.S.H. and H.P.H. meet, at dinner with Lord Camperdown
July 22, 1898. 234
Gives C..4. and H.P.H. his box at the op.tra to see
Das Rheingold.
"hay 13, 1903. 297
Wfli ts, Horace
Writes Cleveland in behalf of Dr. Sherer
Dcc.- 1894.


Thi ts, Norman
C.E.Russell writes Curtis Gould that his article in HaJm9ton's
•Aing Draper ,C.3.H., etc. Nas checked up by
magazine att4
78 Sc. bks. 5, 6
Sylvester Baxter attacks, for furnishing muck raking .agazines
With inf ormati on.
Dec. 13, 1912
79 sc. bks. 121


White fish
Laurier suggests need of a closed season for protection of the
Oct. 31,1897. 216
Discussion as to vin -qner U. S. Gov t. ha3 power to regulate the
Great Lake Fish3ries.
Oct. 31, 1897. 218


Whiting, Congressman
ne favor. atts:Lpt Jt tariff reduction by single
billa. May - 1892. 23
Whitwan, -7. A.
C..H. pr anises, to try to gat O'Neil to introduce a free
day 18, 1892. 21
flax bill.
. .



Whitman, W il1lam
Arlington mills wage controversy, 18D2.
3 Sc. bits. 11, 82, 89, 95, 99.
4 Sc. bk.. 18
Attacks C.S .H. g coal gps (- at Pittsburg. 1 907
47 sc. bkg. 42, 44, 48
Gift of $5000 to orta. 1908
55 So. bics. 126, 128, 129, 130
Thitney, Edward
Prepares meiLorandun for Olney sustaining c.s.m.ez position
as to hat tr Warning refunds. lay 8, 1894. 86
Cuggeats thtt U.3. Dis trict Attorney Hoar raise the question
lay 11, 189;. 87

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

411■190.111. Mt


Whitney, Henry id.
0 S.H. spends night with, who says he desires to retain
C.:.H. for Dominion Co. and N.Et'. Gas & Coke Co.
Nov. 24, 1897. 228
w11 give 'niaa a retainer of $2500 per year
Tells C. ‘'
each for Dominion Coe.1 Company and. N.74]. Gas & Coke Co.
Jan. -1898. 231
visits Jeciryl Island sith ir. and. !Ars. Whitney and
Miss Post.
Feb. 11, 1898. 232
C.3.II. tells 6'enera3. Draoer that, bas arr3nged details of
a reciprocal treaty sith ?reader Bard or Newfounil..ini.
Not. 30, 1904. 381
Telephones C.S.H. that Douglas wants to se- him
Sept. 13, 1903. 390
Urges C.S.H. to run for Governor; says he ai brinw, out a
rcn,g public sentiment for him.
Sept. - 1905. 391
Bartlett and Whitney nominated.
Sept. - 1903. 391
Cape Cod..
Tour of
Nov. 6, 1905. 393
by Draper by 1996 votes; Bartlett sas defeated by
Guild by 23,116 votes.
39 sc bks. 71
candidate for Go ernor. 1907
46 c. bk. 119
47 " "
C. 7-.11. for, for Governor, 1907
47 Ec. bk. 4$
Gaston favors.
50 Sc. bk. 80
Asks C.S.H. to draw resolutions for Dea.. Conventicn.
C.S.R. gives him a drafc calling for a Public Utilities
ectric lighting,
Con,iLsaion cnsolidating Railroads,
telephones; to
and gas, highways, telegraphs, and
give 311 poser over intrastte bu.ainess of railroads
that Int. Coaterce Commission has or er Interstate
business; income tax;.a-oolishing legislative agents and
ip ing it the lobby.
Oct. - 1937. 405
to this platf orm, but said if Williams
Would not agree
offar ti a lobby plank C.S.T.i. could accept it. Said
.Ti. s planks were too long and. asked Quincy to go
over them and boil then 1041.
Oc.t - 1907. 406
C.S.H. and Quincy go over the platform, inserting a plank
abolishing the lobby, shich hitnj finally agreed to.
Oct. 4, 1907. 406
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


an o t.)
v ley lnuy
,IfilitneL He rayA. (Clnoassidy



strongly favored a pla.nk
condeanting t1 action of the N. Y. N. H. & H. R.. in
put basing the stocl of the B and Maine
c,‘..3.11. agrees to iris such a plank and show it to tnem
in the morning. 406
Whitney agreed to tnia plank but it did not appear in tits
draft published on the morning of the convent iGn as
that draft had been already given to the press the night
before. 406
This plank was, hcinv tr, in the official draft, read in the
Whitney bolting conve.nticn and chily voted :or. 406
Mr. Griffin and ABtien of the *Boston Transcript a-ivise
to strike cut the anti-lobby pla-k as it would silk;ly
make Whitney ludiJrou:>, and it was finally stricken out.
Scenes at the convention. Whitney menaijourn to another
part of the theatre and nold tneir convention.
Oct. 5, 1907. 407
Testimony of C.S.H. at hearing before ballot coaLissiLn.
Oct. 16, 1907
49 sc. bks. 153
is the
Ballot Caranission decides that tne Whitney ticket
atic ticket.
regular Democr
Oct. 19, 1907. 410
JO Sc. bks. 34
ne hopes Whitney will be elected
013 7113.nd writes
Oct. 25, 1907
50 sc. bks. 45
out in campaign for nomination $22,869
Whitney paid
50 Sc. bks. 42
managers lie an not raise money for getting out
Tells his
the vote on election day, - $15,000
Oct. - 1907. 411
in getting
Whitney asks Guild to agree to spend nc money
Guild refuses.
out the vote on election day, but
Oct. 22, 1907
50 Sc. bks. 41, 48
view of
objects to asking Douglas for $15000 in
Guild twat he anould expend
Whitney's statement to
nc money on election day. U2
Defeated by Guild by 105051 votes.
Bartlett got 11,710 votes.
50 sc. bks. 102
for Fs
(In the ca.,a.:aign of 1910, Whitney worked
C.3.H. that
and against C.3.H. Ccugalin told.
Whitney bought- votes for Foss in the
Island Coal
c..tmpaign by distributing Rhode
o.npany st ock )
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


;:ft:pment bill. 1908
W"tt:t Intle(4
62 Sc. bk.). 37
Declares for Lodge for U.S. SenAte.
Jan. 3, 1911
69 sc. bks. 62, 67
7jected from Presidency of East Boston Land Company by Foss, 1911
71 Sc. bk. 45
Implies that he will support Frothingham for Governor
72 Sc. bk. 52
Stands with Taft bn the tariff.
Oct. 9, 1911
73 3, bk. 51
Whitney, William C.
Tells Quincy thlt Cleiviaard had inti.Lated to hill, that he
would. appoint C.3.H. as Asst. Sec. of Treasury
Jan. 26, 1893. 47, 48
says Cleveland felt it keenly that, did not consult
him before going to the Convention at Chicago.
July 19, 1896. 170
Hill says, broke faith with hial in coming out for Mainley
Oct. 13, 1898. 176
?like, Scott
Is Acting

5ecretary for 6 months.

May 8, 1894. 87
y, d.runk again. When Carlisle went
Is away frau Treasur
on Light dotage tender last Fecruazy, Wike had been
drurk for 2 or 3 days and Carlisle said if it
occurred again, he should call for his resignation.
May 2.1 1891. 91
asks Cleveland to appoint his c...ustaLe secretary,
W. B. Howell in place of 'like, wno had gone south,
drunk a,zain, and was expected. shortly to resign.
Dec. 28, 1896. 179
"Wild Duck."
Carlisle and John M. Forbes care to harion in his
goes to Gray Gables with thew.
"Wild Duck". C.S.H.
Sept. 23, 1894. 94
Williams, Charles
Poster, 7.,1Ains, N. krierica.n
Talks with C.3.H. abou. fur seals, ,
Comercial Co. etc.
Aar. 26, 1895. 115
See Foster
N. Amer. Comm. Co.

••mu•••pw, vx.••••.. ••e••zmlsvznr
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis





atarles (Cont.)
dine witn, and meets Captain Arta°lin of tae Russian
Navy. He tells C.S.H. of toe eirrang-1145nt Grea.t
Britain made with Rusila aki to the Afghanistan bound
to a 30 mile zone around the
to induce Russia to agree
Commander Islands, Jvnich injure' the U.:). before the
?aris arbitration.
April 8, 1895. 117
See - Aetholin,
over fur seal matters
0.5.3. calls cn, in New T,ondon ani talka
Oct. 12, 1893. 135
Williams College
Ituseell and they
C.S.H. dtives to, with Mr. and Ars. John E.
call en President Carter.
Oct. 25, 1895. 137
en Daltnouth College
C.S.H. acts as judge in joint debate betwe
- 1903. 387
and., George Fred
captain, bat off
Was the son of George Williams, a sea
53 Sc. bks. 15
Boaton Light
his name
(Hia father vas a Genna.n c.,.nd changed





. .



started. cut as a Rei.;ubli.:an.
37 Sc. bks. 138
address of the ilti-a6 wumps in 1884.
Drew up the
ical Politics, Oct. 1, 1904
34 sc. bks. 126
,urrender to
.Vlass. Congressmen for cowardly .,
silver inflationists.
soot. - 1891
2 Sc. bks. 25
Speech against free silver.
Nov. 21, 1891
2 Sc. bk. 47
of H. R.
Refused to vote for Crisp for Speaker
3 so. bk. 6
/leans Couini ttee
Opposed _doses Stevens for Ways and
Dec. 21, 1891
2 Sc. bk. 66
Speech, Y. vL Dem. Club
Dec. 22, 1891
2 Sc. bk. 66
Committee on coinage, etc.
Appointed on H. R.
Dec. 24, 1891
2 Sc. bk. 71
silver bill.
ity report agairs t Bland fret
?resents minor

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
In it, f.e Aakss the extraordinary statement that, under the
Bland bill, 16 silver dollars will be convertible into
one goll iollArl
Feb. 15, 1892
2 Sc. bks. 94
19, 20, 21
10 " "
Corr esa ttacking free silver
Speech in
Aar. 7, 1892
23 Cong. Record, ?art 2, p. 1830
walker attacks W lliam's minority report and C..
Mar. 33, 1892
2 Sc. bks. 99
offers a resolution praising, in caocnli of 'Irooklint
A.J.r. 23 1d92. 14
Praised at Trem,nt Temple welting for disaoro7ing Che
Chinece Exclusion Act.
May 19, 1892
3 Sc. bits. 33
Jatuaica Plains.
Spsech, with
Aay 21, 1892. 21
Oct. 6, 1892
4 Sc. bks. 19
nominates, for seccrad tesr.L in Congress
Sa)t. 21, 189. 36
4 ;'c. bks. 9
l oratory
Article on effect of politica
Sept. 23, 1892. 36
state bank notta.
Favors -sped' of tax on
Control of Congress of the money system should cease.
Should be left to ,:ne commercial intere3ts to expand and
iloatralt the value of mLney according to Lila
necessities of traJe.
Attacks Greenbacks.
Oct. 9, 1392
Draper Lad his great vealth
Attacks GentrIl
Oct. 11, 1892
4 Sc.
at gadfield.
Speaks, Nitn
Oct. 15, 1892. 10
Clement K. Fay bolts Williams because of his Attack
Gen. DrAper.
Nov. - 1892.
4 Sc. bks. 43
Speaks, with C.2.H.,in Charletown
Nov. 1, 1892. 42
4 Sc. bk!:. 39
to speak a word for hia, for
Trite ti C.S.H. he will be glad
"sows place in the Treasury Departwent irvclvirg
Jan. 26, 1893. 47



Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
C.S.H. fears 'ne :ices not favor his appcintaa.nt but O'Neil
wrote he had aeen him and he Alas sincerely in favor
of C.1.3.H.
Jan. 26, 1893. 47
Carlisle tc. jive up C,1.5 atriend.Lent to the Sundry
Civil bill as to gold bonds, in \riew of the Harris
Feb. - 1893. 101, 102
Cleveland tc David doing battle with Cat/ Gcliath


SilV 3r.

-ct. 10, 1893
I Sc. 'aka. 145
(Likens Cleveland. to Judas Iscaeiot. 1907
50 Sc. bk. 101)

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

. ..

Speaks at dinner of Y. 1. Deli. Club
Dec. 17, 1894. 110
at birthday dinner of H. R. Reed. were ...tgainst
All the guests
the nominition of, for Governor.
Aug. 30, 1895. 133
and O'Neill that the Party does not want to nutinate,
for Governor, if it can posai'oly be avoided.
Sept. 5, 1893. 133
Very mucn grieved -oecauae C.S.H. allowed his na..,,e to be
used as a possible candidate for Governor; Liaid that
Reeds dinner was a pretext to assail him.
Sept. - 1893. 134
d to run. 134
tells, he at orate refuse
TaysTienry R. Reed is a lobbyist, acoundrel, etc; that
le was causing much co!nment;
int imacy Nith Carlis
that he openly boasted of playing ;-,rds at Carlisle's
house, etc. 134
told, he was not a9ecially interezted in Reed,
than that he alet II LT frequently on the train
rion and. Boston; tnat Reed had nevr directly
asked 0.6.H. torun :or Governor; that, on the
h torun.
it would be very- foolis
he told
Sept. - 1893. 134, 135
planks for
Reads C.,3.H. nis -iraft (If platform, containing
free transfers by
rezulat ion of telephone charges,
west Ed Street Railway Co. etc. These vere
out by the resolutions cosuittee.
Sept. - 1893. L35
tie gold
Nomina.ted for Governor on platform endorsing
Sept. 31,1895
9 c.bks. 162, 193
many campaign speeches for, :'or Gov -l'no
C.3.H. made, in 1895,
List 136, 137, 138
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Frel (Cont.)
.11iaus originally op;oseri Russell bec:ause h vas counsel
for the West End Street Railitay Co. Gov. Ruf,sall
opposed Nilliaws and favored C.'. H. for Governer.
ept.?,8, 1895
9 7c. bk. 150
C. .H. speaks at dinner of Y. '4. De.L. Club strongly
Oct. 2, 1895
(Tot in sc. bks. Taken ,.'rorn files d* Boston Her.)
Oct. 20, 1895. Boston Herald.
Attacks A.P.A.
tands squa.rely on the pla,tfor,n, wi thout reb erva ti ons or
qualif Ica.tI on.
Oct. 10, 1893
Strongl.y favors asset currency.
BoL,ton Her._,..i.d,Oct. 31, 1895
Beaten or Go...ernor . 64681 votes, 1895.
53 sc. bk. 12
Praises Venezuelan message of Cleveland
Feb. 23, 1896
9 Sc. bk. 215
Speaks of Olney as the favorite son oi* Mass.
Feb. 23, 1896
9 sc. bk. 215
Advises that Dem. State Convention take no actien as
between Rub sell aril Olney
Max. 9, 1896. 157
Prefers 0.5.H. draft of. a gold ztanciard pia& to that of
Conan t, which latter vvas adopted by the cLnventcn.
Letter to C.S.H. April 22, 1896
7,1ected ielegate at large to Dem. National Convention on
platform approving the t old 3tandard ;aid oppck,ing
free coinage cf
April 23, 1896
9 'c. bks. 235, 236
Tried to sidetrack indoriiement of Gov. Russellfor Presid-nt
by the Convention, by boaning Olney.
April :36, 1896
9 Sc. bk.. 240
Repudiates 'Mass. democratic platform end votes for Bryan
and speaks for free silver in Naticnal Convention. 166
Obj ts to Gov. Rus3e1l -.tliressing the cuiventicn on a
de 1egAte $ credential.
July 7, 1896


. ..

(Nominated for Vice President, receiving, on the respective
ballots, 79, 13, 13, 9, an5. on the 5th ballot, 9 votes)



Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

wl.11iams, George Fred (Cont.)
Says it was the hardest thing of nia life to break ,Iwa,,froixt the pl.itform upon which ne was elected a
delegar.e it large.
July 15, 1696
10 Sc. bk.:. 4
Says he took up the silver qu.a, .tion originally as a
partisan, as a lawyer would stu - 5 a ease; that he
went to Congres.. and took it uo according to the
wishes of nis constituents and that he did not see
the other side.
July 16, 1896
10 Fc. bks. 1
Free s liver speeches.
10 Sc. bk. 1, 4.
Dr. Everett attacks.
"Just for a handful of silver he left us.
Just for a rib3cn to stick In 'nib coat."
10 Sc. bks. 9
for carnpaig.ning for s cund money
Aug. 22, 1896
11 qc. bks. 39
Won' t recognize State Iciaed ttee until it lakes tne
gold democrats resign.
Aug. 30, 1896
10 Sc. bks. 17
lusic Hall and Faneuil Hall Conventions; says he will not
accept nomination frog latter; says it was fraudulent.
Sept. 27, 1896
10 Sc. bks. 27, 28, 29 $ 31
B.911ot Law Cc:mission decides that Faneuil Hall Convention
was the legal one.
Oct. 18, 1896
10 q c. bks. 34
Beaten for Governor, 1896, by 154546 plurality.
53 Sc. bks. 4,2
to return to the
Tells Janney he will never allow
Democratic party.
Nov. 7, 1896. 179
Although iefeated, still for free silver.
Nov. Li, 1896
10 ,7c.. bks. 34
Attacks C.S.H. and Sigournty Butler.
Nov. 13, 1896
10 'zc. bk. 35
3eaten Ca' Governer in 1897 by 85543 votes.
53 Sc. bks. 12
Has Gen. Corcoran -xpelled fro ll the National Committee
Boston Herald,Oct. 6, 1898
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Georv Fred (Cont.)
Says that Morgan syndicate ontract wa3 a wicked, and
unpa.trictic as the wind of Shylock could conceive.
Boston Herald, Oct. 30, 1898
7,colt:.; Oln - y as Jresicbnt but reapect hLti personally.
Mar. 22, 1899
12 Sc. bk. 54
15 " " 13
- raises Olney for not joining in the hue ani cry of 1896. 1899
15 Sc. bk. 15
for Governor.
Oppo ses C. .
May 1, 1899
16 Sc. bk. 15
The :.tate convention elects delegates to :ne National Convention
to be held next year in June.
Sept. 28, 1899
12 sc. bka. 72
Sept. - 1899
15 Sc. bk. 17
'Proba te Court
H. I.
Unfaithful dr4ini trat ion
Ordered to pay over $2865
Feb. 2, 1900
Affirmed by R. I. Supreme Court.
Jan. 23, 1907
Presidential election, 190r)
All forces should be united for a constructive and
not destructive policy.
Nov. 9, 1900
16 Sc. bk. 46
Col.Drinkwater objects to C.3.H. for chairman of State
Convention as it would stir up, and his fell OVV,,r6
Sept. 16, 1901. 255
Says nonination of either C.S.H. or laeton was an
Sept 15, 1901
19 Sc.bka. 111
s Gating t Iattapcisett
Does not coM to C.S.H.'
Oct. 12, 190D. 257
Drinkwater to represent hial at neeting of
Senis Col.
N.?). Diu. League at house of
:day 3, 1902
24 Sc. bk. 34, 43
C.S.H. ca3.1s en, at his office and. ha.- conference as to
coming campaign.
Juno 2, 1902. 263
C.S.H. aa.irl to Williams:
Will not ak him to come out for C. .H. Leaves
that for hita to decide. Wish nin to know
exact political. a ituat icn frox standpoint of
0..H. t ,2 rying on his caracaign mitnout

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
To stand. as a protest agAnst commercialisw in politics.
Sansone must make the rignt and
Object of C.S.H. in coming to him wa
o onvince him that,
each giving up nothind as to past views, there are
present issue.; on . v1..ich we can :
.ta.nd, - oppoiticn to
car.Jritrcialian, monopoly, and Imperial/sit.
263, 364, 282
Williams said to
Should r ema in in the fight, whatever the result.
Could afford to be beaten by Gaston.
Gaston, even if naninated, would not be thcu-ht of another
year, a6 Bates vvoulti defeat him disastrously.
If C.—H. is beaten in the convention on the issues he
stands for, he Nould surely be nonain ted in :Inother
His imlination was not to take an active part in the
campaign but he reserved the right to 10 o, and
might, later.
Most of h3.-; friends Ner for C.S.H. but som still opposed
him because of 1896, but the feeling was subsiding.
to illak 3 an active fight. 264
C.S.H. asks, as to propriety of paying the expenses of sane one
to go over the state to stir up sentiment in favor of
Worcester for the convention, and to find out the
situation as to the Gaston forces. 264
He said. this wasi not prohibited by the statue and should be
done at bn03. 265
C.S.H. asks if Moran, of Brockton, would be a good man and
he replied. yes, and. suggested a subscription to his
paper. 265
C.'3.H. said, his ru.ture ambitions would. not conflict with what
he supposed his were, but that ha could give, :-.3.n1 he
knew he would be the lat man to ask for any assurances
as to his future course. 265
He said, he had no arnoitions except to keep tha party along
right lines and felt they could both work together in
this. 265
Advised C.S.E. to taite up SOMe single issue, such IS
direct legislation and organize clubs to bring about a
constitutional convention for this purpose. 265
He intirnated plainly that ha had given his friends to
understand that C.3.H.'s fight was f or principle and
that he should be oupported. 265
Said Bryan could dictate the nomination in 1904. 265
C.3.H. thought he referred to Tan. L. .7,:hnson. 266
C.S.H. suggested Olney, but ha said. thLs would. -oe lipossible
him tosay that he was for
C.:-%1-1. said. it was only fair to
Olney. 266
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Conc.)
rson, ;;.he Anti-aparialiat
C.S.H. told, hi ne voted for
elector, in 1900, but gave $100 to the Dem. State Committe telling
them just hos he should vote and tney expressed accord..
C.S.H. said CrAliton an.i the ev.chine were really for Hill,
but dii not tell hlin that Olney had 40 told hi.L, and
added that C7as ton, while not able to defeat him,
wouldtry to elect a Hill delegation. 263
He said Gast on co4.11 d not def eat hi,L. 266
Said Quincy asked hi „ to promise not to interfere in tne
contest, but he declined to fzire such. .in assurance. 267
and would
Said Quincy said Gaston felt very friendly to
not interfere with his policies in leadersnio of tne
party. 282
Quincy left no do-dot in r.i4 mind, but that Gastcn would
consent to a radical platforil, and to a reference to
Kansas City platform. 283, 384
Quincy, when charged with this by Williams before the
Resolutions Ca:mat:ea, did not deny this except to
say that he had no authority frcm Gaston to :;ay it.
inanciü views
C.5.H. said to Irillibuns that, while his f
were unchanged, there was much in the Kansas City
platform he could gladly accept, and that, while
personally he should prefer no mention of it, ha would
not object to sorne reference to it, specifically
stating just wnat part was referred to, so it could
not be claimed that the reference was to free silver.
282, 283
Williams it Nat with the understanding
When C.F).H. le
that C.S.H.and Gaston were in accord sto this.
Said it .walld be disastrau.s for Gaston to be ncminated
without a struggle, and that C.Z.H. owed it to his
reputation to stay in the fight until the vote's were
counted, - otherwise C.S.H. mcad. be looked on as d
quitter and a coward.; that C.S.H. should have stayed
in last year. 267
Said he would not azcapt the ncmin_ition. 267
Said Bates would prove a strong candidate, especially in
view of his hostility to Lodge. 268
made a great inistake in bolting Bryan
Said that
was then a
in 1896 yet as realized tnat
younger man, and that in C.S.H.Is position, be could
easily appreciate that he might have iollo.vad the


June 2, 1902. 263 to 267
would not be such a travesty of
Says nomination of
democratic principles az that of Gaston.
Aug. 31, 1902
25 Sc. bk. 61
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Will 'Lane, George Fred. (Cont.)
dcSweeney Says he understands t.hat Williams is not
opposed to Gaston.
:Sept. 9, 1902
Boston Journal
C.H. has conference at his hoaee to determine whether to
carry the fight into the convnIticn. Williams was
present, Dr. Woke having asked C.S.H. to invite him.
Capt. 12, 1902. 285
C.S.H. ahculd not withdraw
In reponse to direct que:stion, aid. he dii not
intend to change his neutral attitude.
shculd not
Said tciat, wholly apart frem that,
withdraw until the last minute if at all, as it
might anger many of his supporters.
Sept. 12, 1902. 285, 286
This was the only conference between C..).H. an -i Williams. 286
C.S.H. did not ask his support; his friends merely asked
hill: what he intended_ to do.
Sept. 12, 1902. 286
Tells C.S.H. of a plank in his proposed platform referring
to the Kansas City Naticnal platform of 1900.
Sept. 16, 1902. 274
the reference is not touch t e free silver
Tells C.S.H.
part of the Kansas City platform. 275
Coughlin showed C.S.H. a draft of this reference in
Williams handwriting, an C.B.H. tells Williams
he saw nothing objecticnable in it. 275
Sept. 16, 1902. 275, 279
for first time, read e Williams platform; did not
like its general forif. and queA toned its
reference to money and to "Pre-is, Pulpit and
College", also its crude reference to
"Government by injunction,"- yet its principles
were not objectimable. 275, 279
C.S.H. did not like the referenc 3 to "Idoney" ant
Willie:al and quincyls
a recommittal of both
platform. 280
Griffin says the reference to the Kansas City platfor.a
be construed as a reference to free .ilver,
and. advised C.S.H. to suort the platform of
275, 2802 281
C..H. Iii not at any tile openly .lup-port Williams
platform, - he eras simply willing to accept the
reference to ;:he Kansas City platform. 275
to such a
Williatas told C.:3.a. on June 2 that Gaston agreed
ref-erence. 275
night before tne
Dr. Cooke, C.S.H.Is elanager, did say an tile
,vould stand en Williams'
convention tnat
e or
platform but this was 'without the knchledg
the pla'lorm
authority of C.3.H., as he lid nct see
until he read it in the papers on the morning of
the convention. 276, 279
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Wi11iam3, George Fred.
eL. d
raito object to the reference to
-21,-,...tform, and he unierstoodtat
the Kansas City .
Gaston hill so agreed. 276, 281
C.S.H.ts position on this reference never becaae material
as the balloting for Governor Nag ma,le before the rlatforl:
was conside...ed and the only questim was the size of
Gas ton' 1114 or it y. 276
0.3.H., if nowinated, would. have LugAsted A0M3 changes.
C.S.H., if forced to choose between the platform of Williams
and Quincy would have 3hosan that of Williwas. 277, 281
claiu;ed In the convention that Gaston and Quincy
told him they would consent to such a reference, thus
keeping him neu -ral in the contest, - but deceived him
and broke their word at the la:t minute.
Sept. 16, 1902
275, 276, 277
25 Sc. bk. 93
Fight in convention over Willia,ns p1 atf ori.
Sept. 18, 1902
25 ae. bks. 93, 95
26 " " 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 14, 28
Fitzgerald oit3rly attacks WilliaAs in the conven ti
Sept. 18, 1902
26 Sc. bk. 4
C7. H. lonroe, uni!r nate of Tainpleton atlt,cks C.S.H. for
conspiring with William7 to Etabarraga Gaston by
supporting Willia.ris platform.
Se .t. 22, 1903. 279
‘as the election of Williams on the
C.3.q. believes that
Resolutions ComrAit ,ea which made Gaston break his word
)erinit a reference to the City
and refuse to 1
Sept. 22, 1902. 284
talks with HONOS as to a retraction of Boston Herald
for printing Templeton's atta:kon C..;.q. arki William
Sept. 22, 1907. 284, 285
C.S.H. arci.)lains now Williams 1 aca.::e chair.Dan of
had nothing to do with it
Resolutions Cosimi ttee.
Sept- 1902. 287
Says he has returned. to polities.
Remained neutral in •ontest.
proved fairhf-ul
Bitter attack on Gaston.
Nov. 9, 1902
27 Sc. bks. 68
Organizer "The Peoples iiiht=in Interview.
Jan. 11, 1903
28 Sc. 'oks. 3
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

'71.111axs, George Fred (Ccnt.)
ory of public ownership
Prof. layer's atte.3ks 71,11iams
of pablic itilities.
1ilr. 10, 1903
28 c,c. bk. 56
29 " " 8
Burnett tells 0.3.H. tbat Williams can not dO di 1.819ate
at large c o the National Convention, C,3.E.1: 43geats
harmony 14 Gaston, withoit it, can do notb
liar. 23, 1903. 293
Burnett iay WilliaLs is opposing Olney in order to have
id western rran nominated and to s -cure the Vice
Presidential nomina'cion for hi,Lself.
lar. 23, 1903. 293
Attacks Gaston for aircolers of Da. Club of
Charges bad f 11 th.
July 12, 1903
bks. 24
Boston Harald, inspired by ake. Sweeney, says the WillisHalin faction ire opposing Olney. C.S.H. settles
this 4 an intafvie,w favoring Olney.
Sept. 13, 1903. 298
itay op?ose Olney for President.
Seit. 27, 1903
29 Sc. bks. 70
"Practical politics" criticizes C.S.H. for taking
Irillieuns as aleaier.
sep t - 1903
29 Sc. bk.s 77
Gaston tells C.S.H. that an indorsemmt of Olney Mould make
and Bryan fight.
, 1903. 301
Willianz did not appear at the convention and there was no
opposition to nowination cf Gaston
Oct. 1, 1903. 302, 303
opposing direct legislation.
Attacks Gaston for
Dec. 28, 1903
28 sc. bks. 5
for President. Favors Hearst
Mar. - 1904
30 Sc. bks.120
Will fight C.S.H. or anycrs else on chi issue.
larch - 1904
30 Sc. bks. 12C
Forms ALsa. Hears t AssocitiOn.
Mar. 22, 1904
30 Sc. bks. 12*, 133
Against Olney trii6 ,41.ys ha is his friend.
Can find no trace in his r-.cord of an aggressive policy
against those •vho are filching the peoplats earnings.
work •lone, ha agrees
If till people do not want this ,
"o a -1 good candidate, but if it is
that Olney would
to be done, Olney is not a fit eaniieate.
April 7, 1904
30 Sc. bk. 148
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
Olne s most di a tingaished discovery Ass that
labor organi zaticn
was a trust in restraint of tre.
April 7, 1904
30 Sc. bks. 148
Objects to unit rule in state convention to elect Naticnal delegates
Says if passed there will be a contest in National Ccnvention
which will redound to the honor of Olney.
April 21, 1904
31 Sc. bk. 21
Says, after the convention, he will not be bound by unit rule.
April 21, 1904
.31 Sc. bks. 21
C.S.H. replies to, in convention.
April 21, 1904
31 Sc. bks. 22
Williams defeated for National ielega.te in the 12th diitrict.
Claias fraud.
April 27, 1904
31 Sc. bks. 35, 36, 37
30S t cn Herald condemns, for questicnal)le
practices in
District Convention.
April 28, 1904
31 Sc. bks. 40
Refuses to accede to C.3.11, request to induce Bryan co get
Hearst to si thdraw for Olney.
July - 1904
32 Sc. 'oks. 100
C,S.H. said to have told, that :4ass. delegates wo2.1d support Olney
only for a few ballota. (absolutely false)
July -1904
32 .3c. bks. 100
Refuses to deliver tickets to National Convention to anyone in bulk.
July 91 1904
32 Sc. bks. 100
Judge Grant "can't go Williams and his crowd". and canes cut for
Oct. 1, 1904
34 Sc. bks. 125
Favors Pouglas for Govianor..
Oct. -1904
bks. 123
Could not in good conscience say a word in favor of Parker.
Nov. 11, 1904
35 Sc. bka. 110
Practical politics says adherence to Williams in the
Gaston (..tampaign will revent his ever being Governor.
Dec. 3, 1904
36 Sc. bks. 2
Says Gov. Altgelt is the nob]ast democrat the state of Illinois
has ever produced.
April 14, 1905
37 Sc. bks. 16
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
Attacks Tory elainent Mich wrecked the Party in 1896 by
open treason.
Attacks Parker,
April 14, 1905
37 Sc. bks. 16
nivat choose between Parker ba-m.i Bryan, - the FCA and the Lim
April 14, 1905
37 Sc. bics. 17
Direct 101g1ZlatiO1"

April 14, 1905
37 Sc. bk. 17
Sayi nanination of Jelin R. Thayer or Gerserel Miles would be
one to which no Republic,tn could fairly object.
July 18, 1905
37 Sc. bks. 131
The Boston ma2hin3 will knife Douglas ae. it iii G.F.W.
July 18, 1905
37 Sc. bks. 131
Too bad the Gaston inAchine and. C.S.H. are on the outs.
C.S.H. might make a pretty good candidate for them
nom and, they might have been willing to give him a
chance to run for Governor this year.
July 24, 1905
37 Sc. bks. 1.38
"I stared out as a Republican. The ruler"-, of Rap. Aolitir.;$
in Norfolk County hat it all workei nt for me to go
t o the House, the Sena te, the Governorship and the
U. S. Senate, - I had a big start on Lcdge in many ways.
July 24, 1905
37 Sc. bks. 138
Bolts Thitney for Lieutenant Governor.
Oct. 13, 1905
38 Sc. bks. 130
Atti-cks two Ex-Governors for being retained to go bef ore
the legislature. -Boston Herald attacks Williams
Oct. 13, 1905
:38 Sc. bk. 133
Whitney says if Williams had. his way, the surface and the
elevated systa:ns wo
,2.1d now be separate, .with extra fares.
Oct. 14, 1905
38 Sc. bk. 133
Answers Whitney. Says he Naa censured. by report of legialativ•
Oct. 14, 1905
can ibtee.
38 Sc. bka. 135
Great output of gold makes free :..cinage a dormant issue but
the principle is as active as aver ani shall not be
June 23, 1906
42 Sc. bks. 129
Alliance between Williams and C.S. H. to ;antral the State
Convention 11 ited
June •-3;', 1906
42 Sc. b.. 148
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




Williams, George Fred ( Cent.)
For goran for Governor.
July - 1906
43 ac. blgs. 36
Bryan says Williams conv3rted him t 0 Govr. ownership of railrcads.
Sept. 1, 1906
43 Sc. bks. 140
Says that the old shop worn issues (tariff 3tc.) should be
puahsed to the rear.
Sept. 1, 1906
43 Sc.,. bks. 140
No syndicate will operate the U.S. Treary under Bryan
Sept. 1, 1906
43 Sc. bk. 139
For Govt. ownerinip of railroads.
Sept. 1, 1906
43 Sc. bk. 139
Bryan says he is less of a pioneer and or of the practical
than Williams. Thinks trusts are • the paraulcunt issue,
although he 3a1iev3s in Government ownership.
Sept. 1, 1906
43 3d. bk. 140
Interview for idcran.
Sept. 10, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 4
Quincy attacks Williams. Denies tna.t Idoran could have had
the nomination unopposed if he would agree not to
change state organizaticn. Calls on Williams to
prove or withdraw his statement, as a gentleman.
Sept. 16, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 36
Not wrcng to nou,inate for Governor on an agreement that the
party organization will not be interfered with by him.
In Hamlin-Gastonfight, gave assurance of neutrality as long
as tna organization was not interf3red with. Gaston
gave this assurance to Williams' friend:, but broke faith
with them.
Sept. 17, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 30
Harpers Weekly says, will sea to it that his associates will
dafeat C...H., Gaston, or iylatthaws.
Sept. 22, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 59
Says the tariff i431.13 will oe sidetra,czed by 4oran. Attacks
Sept. 23, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 52
John A. Sullivan Attacks Williams a, a, politidal acrobat. Says
the party to 70,000 by proscribing all who
he reduced
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
did not support him for Governor, and can not now, Althout
stullifying himself, defend 4oran in hia anrounced Intention
of bolting if ne is not nominated.
Sept. 24, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 49
Offers resolution indorsing Bryan in Aaaa. State 0.nvention,
aaconded by Quincy. AacFarland protest and says that
those advoating it, except Williams, have a nefarious
Oct. 5, 1906
-warp ose•
44 Sc. bk. 82, 86
Says he will not discredit Haarstta honesty by balllying
that Hearst thinks ::As introduced the Bryan resolution
with a doable purpose—. Say* he la Hearst
beat friend.
Oct. 5, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 86
Aor an ia furtous because of Williaa, resolution for Bryan.
Oct. 6, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 89
Williams asy he introduced it to protect the candilacy of
Moran againt quarrel with the friends of Bryan.
Oct. 6, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 89
Moran writes letr,er that no Presideintial .indorsement should
be male and that .anyone Jiaking the attempt
himself as his enemy. Feeney sxoreased thia letter.
Oct. 8, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 118, 126.
his action.
Again defends
Oct. 9, 1906
44 cc. bks. 119, 133, 141, 145
Acran will nom but repudiates William.; resolutions.
Oct. 10, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 126
Aorctri accepts tne nominati on Pi thout con ,it ting himself
to any Presidential chndi iate.
Oct.13, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 137
Criticizes Uran for saying his inter3sta were antagonistic
to both Hearst and Bryan. Says Dem. ?arty has expressed
prenrence for Bryan.
Oct. 21, 1906
44 Sc. bks. 153
speech at Bryan dinner, Boston.
Mar. 16, 1907
46 Sc. bks. 75
For Govt. omnersnip of
April 17, 1907
47 Sc. bks. 11
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Wil1ia4ns, George Fred (Cont.)
Bolts Whitney for Governor.
Reciprocity ,vith Carat* 60 iiapossible that one .:an be
credited. with sincerity 'who tries to delude the
people with it.
Aug. 30, 1907
48 Sc. bks. 130
Gov. Guilds stand azainst the merger is weak and impztient.
A lg. 30, 190')
48 3c. bks. 130
Opposes Whitney
- 1907
48 Sc. bks. 130
49 " " 6, 13, 20
Act of 1907 comnits Rep. Party to op t o=ition to the R.R. merger
Sept. 17, 1907
49 Sc. bk. 21
Whitney would be willing tc accept the nominatin lven on an
ant i-merg er platfor
Sept. 17, 1907
49 Sc. bks. 21
trut if Willians 1e.nands a lobby plank,
Whitney tells
0.3.H. nay accept it.
Sept. - 1907. 405
Chairinan of Eesolutioni Canaitte of Bartlett Convention
Oct. 1, 1907
49 Sc. bks. 42, 52
Notes of proposed speech of C.C.H. against illia.s in
49 Sc. bk. 45
c orv ent
of, in corvention
Press comments on methods
Oct. 6, 1907
49 sc. bks. 71,741 76,84,85187
" 25
" 126, 132, 148
49 "
Will Bryan now denounce Wi1l/a:116 for doIng that for which
hd denounced Roger Sullivan?
49 c. bks. 85
Williams was defeated as a delegate to the Sfirinefield Convention
7, .1907
49 oc. bks. 94
Before ,3al1ot caninission
Oct. 7, 1907
49 Sc. bks. 941109,111,119,123
at end.
- 73 Sc. bks. 33
Sea z 1
pink pickets, but admits he protested. in 1896 against
holding back tickets until morning of the gonventi on.
Oct. 16, 1907
Stenog. testii_Any, 91)4. 18, 27
The iaublic sees in his testimony clear evidence of his
,,11.3 w or a t chapter in :viass.
share of responsibility for ,
Boston Herald, Oct. 18, 1907
50 Sc. bks. 18
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


lliatas, George Fred. (Cont.)
Declision of ballot zo.-nisa Lon.
Oct. 19, 1907
50 Sc. bks. 30, 34.
Williams attacks the decision. Says will fight „,,hitney.
Oct. - 1907
50 .3c. bks. 26, 28
Says Bartlett crond wanted, to caapronire on C.S.H. for Governor
Oct. 20, 1907
50 Sc. bka. 39
Ballot Co:nrlission jer...ides that the Nilliame senatorial corvention
in Dedham was illegal ndLhat the Whitney convention
was legal.
Oct. - 19C7
50 30. bk.:. 55
Issues circular ,Igains t Whitney.
Likes Cleveland. to JUda3 Iscariot.
Nov. - 1907
50 :c. bk. 101
7fhitnayis defeat is gloricu.s to contemplate.
Nov. 7, 1907
50 Sc. bks. 109
- "a conservativ 3 candidate with a conservative
Says of
policy is no longer acceptable to the Dem. party."
Nov. 7, 19CP
50 Sc. 'oks. 112
In 1894, t'ne leaders wanted. to nominate C.S.E., but williams
insisted on it for
Nov. 9 # 1907
50 Sc. Vacs. 117
Praiident of the Democratic league, - to boo::: Bryan.
Mar. 1, 1 908
51 Sc. bks. 98
For Bryan and against Gov. Johnson of Minnesota.
idar. 8, 1908
.51 S(.:. bks. 120
State Coranit tee ware with Bryan 'out refused to indone him
because of dictation of
mar. 13, 1908
a Sc. bks. 127
Agrees that it is better not to indorse any candidate; will try
ourinstruc ti ons in election cf delega tea. Friends *ay
he will bolt if not comicier?d in the :tate convntion.
Mar. 15, 1908
51 Sc. lake. 132
Gaston 'till fight, for delegate at large.
Mar. 16, 1908
51 6c. bka. 134, 133, 136
not in sympathy with Bryan and never
'Nhitney represents a class
Aar. 31, 1908
will be.
52 Sc. bk. 2
opposes Nilliems 'out not Bryan.
April 29 , 1908
52 Sc. bk. 64
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Georg3 Fred (C.Iont.)
C.S.E. averse to any .:on.
April 29, 1908
2 Sc. bks. 64
Puts O.S.H. out aa :hainoon of coittee on Reaoluticns and in ts
Frank Richardson in his place, putting C.S.H. in second
iday 2, 1908
52 Sc. bk. 65, 66
Admits bargain with Fitzgeralt a,s to control of convention
Consenta to Bryan indorsement Arithcut reference
to hi a policies.
C.S.H. opposed to strong 73rya,n r3ao1utions.
iday 7$ 1908
52 c;c• 'mks. 76
delegate at large to National Convention Arith
Aoreax, Coughlin and D011arty.
iday 8, 1908
52 Steaks, 81
Delegates instructed for Bryan.
May 8, 1908
52 Sc. bks. 85
Bitterness among the delegates. 53 Sc. bk. 78
Burnett a candidate against Williama,
iiay 8, 1903
52 Sc. *Oka. 85
says not responsible for tro-ablein state convention; made
no effort to keep cut delegates opoosed to hira;
majority of Resolutions Cammittea were unfriendly to
him. but"agree I on instructions and platform.
- 1908
52 Sc. bks. 103
for his arrogunt method in
Delegates angry with i1li
choosing Coughlin for National Committee.
- 1908
52 Sc. biog. 103, 145, 147
Does not care to say anything ab cut Vahey s candidacy.
Iay 181 1908
52 Sc. bks. 123
Political career of.
53 Sc. bko. 12.
Praises Judge Farkerts draft of resolutions At National
July - 1908
53 Sc. bks. 120
are seradoling for the band wagon
Says the old time leaders
to take part in distribution of Federal offices.
July 23,1 908
53 Sc. bks. 128
Governor. Boston Jcurrule
hay consent to C.S.H. as
Sept. 10, 1908
54 z:c. 'oks. 68
co.anit tee on resolutions, at State Convention
:hairalan of
Sept. 26, 1908
34 Sc. bks. 124, 149, 150

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




Williams, George Fred. (Cont.)
Held., in contempt, by Saprawe Court cf R. I. in Starkweather
July 13, 1910
76 Atlantic Reporter. 622
Silent on ca.nlidacy.
Sept. - 1910
65 Sc. bks. 12
Attacks' C.3.112
First letter. 65 Sc. bks.
C.S.H. reply 65 Sc. bks. 48
68 Sc. bks. 22
Second latter.
Reply of C.S.H. 68 Sc. bks. 20
Third. latter. 68 Sc. bks. 20
press coininanta, ace - Index, scrap books
ia not, progresaive.
tNilliaizis,ackad for saying that
65 Sc. bk. 80 , 82, 99, 112
Decree of dontampt issued by Supreme Court of R.I. in
starkweather caae.
Oct. 11 $ 1910
Said to have prepared Gov. Fcsais inaugural in part.
Jan. 7, 1911
69 c. bks. 74$ 77
Suei out writ of err or to U.S. Supreme Court in
ca.. Jan. 13, 1911
69 sc. bks. 105

(U.S. Supre:sle Court dismisses the ca.s 3 for want of
jurisdiction.) 1912
226 U. S. Reports 604)
Richardson, Williama candidate for chairinan of State Co.ukittee
Jan. - 1911
69 c.c. bks. 136
Favors injunction contempt bil;
April 29, 1911
71 ;:c. bks. 56
Chairman of Reaoluticns Comuittee
Sept. 29, 1911
72 Sc. bk. 143
Attacks Cardinal Gib'cons for opposing initiative
referendum, as aubstituting mob law for astablisned
law. Says evtary King and Zurparor calls a Republic
rule 'oy tna
Oct. 3, 1911
73 Sc. bks. 2
Cardinal GiJbons criticized.
Attack on
73 Sc. bk. 3, 52
-vhitney says he is with Cardinal Gi'oons rat.har than
73 Sc. bk.s. 51
Will lams,
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (".:ont.)
C. ;3..1, declines to serve on oaar.ittea on resolutions.
73 Sc. bks. 10
Reads platform.
Oct, 5, 1911
73 Sc. bits. 24, 26
Criticisms of Williams platform.
73 sc. bks. 26, 30, 45
before ballot canwisaion
Cross examination ot' Williams
Oct. 8, 1911
73 Sc. bks. 38
attacks, on initiative and referendum, and
judicial recall.
Oct. 18, 1911
73 sc. bka. 104
Foss bottles up Willians and will not allow him to
speak at Faneuil Hall. Trlis sneering allusion to
Cardinal Gib-ohne ka driven away conservative democrats.
Oct. 25, 1911
73 Sc. bks. 136, 140
Fr o thingh,am at tacks Williams.
A free silverite, a Bryanite and crankite.
Nov. 4, 1911
74 qC• bks.. 11
but FO 3(.; feared to give him
Is a brilliant canpaign orator,
free rein after the reception accorded the platform
written by him.
Nov. 5, 1911
74 Sc. bks. 6
not as friendly as once.
Williame and Bryan
Williaas is either misled in belief that Foss is loyal to
Bryan, or he i• giving his old friend Bryan the double
Nov. - 1911
74 Sc. bks. 15
Williams was in Washington during the fight between
with Underwood..
and Bryan and, it is said, sided
Bryan man charge Williams with betr,3ya1.
Nov. - 1911
74 sc. bks. 15
.)reine Court of
:eferenctum in Sui
Arg for initiative and
Nov. 6, 1911
74 So. bks. 16
Foss te vote in Dedham.
Responsible for cut in
Nov. 9, 3,911
74 sc. bks. 33
George Fred's silence helpe d Foss.
Nov. 9, 1911
74 cic. bks. 35
'Praises Foss as a President ial poa3ibility
Nov. - 1911
74 Sc. -As. 39
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
tf %1rses. declares for Fos. its second choice) 4hou1d. be
Nov. 18, 1911
'74 Sc. 'aka. 42
Rom between Fitzgerald (Harman), Wi11ins Bryan) and
McFarland and Riley (Hearat-Larollette)
Nov. 19, 1911
74 sc. bks. 39
Fitzgerald says Willia:us must 'oe put one siie.
Nov. 19, 1911
74 qc. bks. 39
Demands election as delegate at large.
Nov. 19, 1911
74 Sc. bks. 39
with Williams seamed to brand him
Then Foss's ccrmecti on
as a Bryan -iernocrat, he tried to squelch WilliaLs.
Nev. 19, 1911
74 3c. bks. 39
for Governor by oppositien of 'Yilllama
S.H. would be
Nov. - 1911
74 Sc. bks. 47
e.; :or Champ Clark or President.
Jan. 2, 1 912
74 sc. bks. 125
Indignant at Bancroft appointment.
Not at inaugural of Foss.
Jan. 6, 1912
74 sc. bks. 138
one of the Iawrenca strike
Protests at arrest of Ettor,
leaders , as an accessc.ry to murder.
Feb. 1, 1912
74 sc. bks. 105
Pettigrow attacking Woodrow 'Nilson
Writes See.
Feb. 2, 1912
74 sc. bks. 156
Says in letter:Visited Wilson last summer.
Shacked at Vol. 5 of his book.
Toryism of blackest type
desires to
Admires everything, the radical Democracy
ial wisdom.
Regards east as sole du.stolian of financ
ing classes.
No sympathy for suffer
contempt for them.
Searches for phrases to show his
y change of heart and views.
Needs a ravoluticnar
C'nlrosa, pensions,
Quotes from Wilson's book, - cn
and Cleveland.
Farmers Alliance,
He has had profound contempt for
Populists, Greenbackers,
Trades Union4, etc.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




Wi11ia, George Fred (Cont.)
Our watc,-_word:
Our leader must be a real one, thoroughbred
No mongrels need. apply.
Do not doubt sincerity of his recent change of views
But has Lt year destroyed ,.11 these impretzsions?
Carnegie pension:
Can not understand how a real Paeacc rat could
such money.
74 Sc. 'oks. 156
Leaping with both feet into his mouth and choking with
fury against Wilson, - who is mighty lucky.
N. Y.3un, Feb. 3, 1912
74 Sc. bks. 139
Attacks Foss for failure to appoint Democrats.
Fob. 5, 1912.
74 sc. bks. 155
grudge agairs t Taft and is cut
Roosevelt has a per
to do him.
This '1143,4 always been the ,3 iaarac ta r of the politics played
by Roosevelt. Taft is til3 1 candidita.
Feb. 5, 1912
74 sc. bks. 155
at large to National Convention
Candidate for d.el ,
Feb. 5, 1912
74 Sc. bks. 155
publishes a mock latter saying Williams
N. Y. Sun
leparted long c.go politically and his communications
are fr an another olitical world 'Ind ar3 sent to
the society for Psychological research.
Feb. 9, 1 912
74 Sc. bks. 159
Complimentary dinner to Williams
Says Progressive Republicans acce:t all his principles.
State will soon 3'18=3 all expense of elections.
Will devote remaining years of his life to service of
the people.
Foss, Cougilin and Walsh .ipoke.
Feb. 23, 1912
74 Sc. bks. 160
hoal' be elected at delegate at
Gov. Foss says Willi
Feb. 23, 1912
74 Sc. bks. 160
int1 no mis take when I t pi ced i
The Democracy of 1age.
cause in Gov. Fossis hands.
Will devote remaining y3Ars of my life to the service of
the people.
1.3")• 23, 1912
75 30. bks. 3
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
Gov. Foais says William.' platform of last yed.r iii muct
.rdbring about the success of the party.
Pao. 23, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 3
Boston Herald says Williams wants to be Attorney General.
Feb. 23, 1912
76 Sc. bks. 3
y of
Williams is the greatest political acrobat in the histor
our country.
in the
For 15 year:3 ha has done nothing but create divisions
Dem. Party in
His bowl was started. by hie political creature, - Gov.
ingrate to his Party in the matter
He 13;s3 denounced. Foss d.s an
of appoinents.
A -olind leader of the blind..
Feb. 2S, 1912
73 Sc. 'cis. 3
Attas "Voodrow Wilson
Appalled at his efc'rontery in now der:landing tile
leader snip.
As- ts Defuocrats to real nits bock.
That• they produce from his mouth or pen, even
t0tIL1 h
i0Arrl to today, a single sentence with
struggling to batter its
of sympathy for any class
condition, or a heart beat for human suffering
of any kind.
He asks us to accept his protects of sincere
betrayal of Senator 3mith, Atnose
fresh from tna
money and influence he used to secure the
Governorshii) of Naw Jersey, id nr. Harvey
established him -oefor a the Public as a
when he had
I know tie had. not changed, even in 19C6,
eviderAly thovght his
Preaidantial ambitions an1
chances lay in blackening cur principles
as a fanatical
If he as a reception candidate in 1908
one, decline to accept his
reactionary, I, for
leadership as a convert in 1912, when
no profit in reaction.
sees there is
;ort Chair,p Clark.
I will sup.
ivlar. 24, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 9
Gov. Foss who 3aid he would not
Exposes shiftiness of
when the
be a candidat e but chanFed his mind,
Clark ticket was filed..
;Aar. 29, 1912
75 Se. bks. 11
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Williaans, George Fred. (Cont.)
Writes Fitzgerald anncuncing candidacy for delegate
at large; from State Canwittee ticket;
action of state commi ttel in filing a pledged
ticket fcr Foss is against spirit of the primary


Mar. 29 11912.
75 Sc. bks. 11
Fitzgerald says Williams proposed to file anothsr pledged
ticket, he to be cal it only on condition that
il1ialaeaded the list. Says he refused to .igree
to this and that Willie-Le independent candidacy will
injure Foss.
Defends Foss ticket.
1.lax. 29, 1912
75 Sc. bits. 11
Foss told hiai on Mar. 2, ne •.voulci net be a candiate and
wrould notify all c,a.ndi.tates to have their names put
21d put
on the grinu‘ry ballot; that he then Alid he wo,
Clark asked Curley t o
up a Clark ticket; that, later,
see Foss and he repeated his statement; that Foss
notified Clark on Mar. 25th that his (Foes's) naLe waild
once withdrew his name.
go On the ballot; that Clark
29, 1912
75 qc. bks. 11
ms on state ccui.ittee ticket.
Riley files Willia
Williaqis, very angry, wrote Riley not to do it and.
said he will withdraw his rrairie.
Mar. 29, 1912
75 sc. bits. 12
Williams refuses to be bound in advance of state
thinks he may be
State com.,Ittee fighting Williams, but
elected because he is on it ticket.
su"asti =tad..
He .probably will withdraw andC.S.H. or Gaston
his attack on Cardinal
Takes his ba.nishinent aciuse of
Gibbons in a graceful manner.
April 1, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 10
ng a solid
Coughlin fears harm to Foss by Williams ow.c4i
Foss delegation.
April 2, 1912
75 3c. bks. 9
of State Com.niciice.
Refuses to be on slate
him on, but, a
Riley . Lays he thanked caul ttee for putting
week later, changed his mind.
April 2, 1912
75 Sc. bits. 9
State to withdraw his name from State
Write,; to Sec. of
Committee ticket; referred to ballot
April 2, 1912
75 7c. bks. 9
Chosen a lass. manager for Clark.
Papers filed for Williaansand Clark.
April 2, 1912
75 sc. bk. 9
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

.111r. •




Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
Boston Harald editorial.
Clark wired Foss that he wculd not contest with him
in hiss.
Then Clark papers were filed
Wilson men ware fooled and nearly let it go by default.
Wilson men satisf Led with agreed slate except as
to Wil1i, who, by logic of events, must withdraw
Wilson men willing to let Foss have the delegate; put
up a slate merely because Clark iii.
No other conciliate for the Presedential nomination
ever sought ass. sup. )ort under such discreditable
leadership, - th%t of Curley, Hearst and Williams.
April , 1912.
75 Sc. bks. 10
substitute a new name cn
State commit tee will not
ticket in p1,9ce of Williams, but will tqrcw its
influence f or Donahue.
April - 1912
75 sc. bks. 21
Attack Wilson, in speech in Nebraska, for vetoeing
New Jersey 'I.?. crossing b1lmaking railroads
pay wnole expanse of abolishing grade ,zrot;sings,
250 inillions of dollars.
April 20, 1912
753c. bks. 34
Wilson speech in Boston
Says Wiliaao states the terms upon which he will
.ht...1,1 to the ;arty and obedient to
be fai'
its choice.
'Nillians has said he 'will not even support Bryan
if he favors the candi iacy of Wilson.
Williams c'oj3ct is only to iestroy a particular
p3rson with acme of whose opinicns, as he
grotesquely misinterprets theal, he happens
t disagree."
April 27, 1912
75 cc. bks. 31
at tack s W 11 1 jails
April 27, 1912
75 3c. bks. 31
Williams replies to Wilson
Urges Nebraska demwra.ts to instruct Bryan for
cooperation with
so that "after 16 vars loyal
Bryan I shall not be put in a -position there
cross purposes."
shall be working at
April 28, 1912
75 Sc. bk.. 33
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
Williams says:
Votes should. instruct tne delegates.
If Wilson ia selected, every ielegae should support him.
April J8, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 33
Springfield Republican
De. party decide wnethar gifts which Gov. Wilson
possesses, - are to be ca )t aside at the
dictation of such men as Williams and Hearst.
April 28, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 68
Vote in primaries for dellgats s at large.
S tate.
Willis got 11,299 votes as against 32,576 for
Fitagerald.Williams stood Nc. 12 on list of 15.
Garry Brown, even, got 13,419
Williams got 4020 votes as against 14,492 for Walsh.
'Villiaaas stood Nc. 12 in list of 15.
Gerry Brown, even, .-ot 5834.
May 1, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 41
raise his hand, in hi •-; own interest.
Says he did not
Says Clark is victorious ani that is all he cares about.
lay 1, 1912
75 Sc. bk. 42
Williams was 3rd. on list at Dedha,i., failing 3 votes behind
lay 1, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 43
Williains wanted to be made Attorney for the commit tee
to investigate the Money Trust. Bryan's friend.s
supported him, but he ingorned the lass. Congressmen
and they prevented his ap!
lay - 1912
75 Sc. bks. 44
C.S.H. is Foss's choice for Governer; even Williams
may cease op .)os ing hi n
May 25, 1912
75 Sc. bk.>. 56
sees Bryan in the convenr,ion.
Says he male a mistcike in obj3cting to Parker, N'rk is a
man of progressive ideas, broai and liberal minded,
and has the interests of th3 Party at stske.
June 24, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 117
At odds with -3ran and sharply critical of hi.n.
June 27, 1912
75 Sc. bk. 138
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

. . ,

TIlliaxs, George Fred. (Cont.)
c tacked his hcnor
WI111.:3ma telle. Clark thAt Bryan ha
and asks him to come to the convention; says
ely confronting
only chance of redress lay in immedilt
Bryan. The Clark ,nanazera objected to his
June 50,
7 Sc. blue 128
Clark until after
Curious that Wil1ians did not ccuie cut for
n deserts
his visit to Lincoln, Nebra.ica., and now Brya
14 1, 1912
75 ta. bk. 139
t tacks Bryan at Clark :.tonf3ram e.
7Trom ,Ar. Bryan at tempts to wreck the par ty
dictation, he should be
it refue 3d. to bow to his
given notice to quit.
, before the
I want to go on record as saying that
n sent Senator Pettigrew
1908 convention, Brya
4_4), ort;
to N. Y. to see .ilurohy and bolicit his
ention he again sent hilL to
tbat after the conv
.'iAirumany vvould
jrzoidurphy to get an assurance that
sup c or t hiaa.
Senator Pettigrew will verify thes
July 2, 1912
75 sc. bks. 148, 150
71i11iaaas and James said:
n a lesson and show him his
sio•notimpiwwwwwwww*Necessary to teach Brya
not be
plaze. He has no votes hare And must
permitted to interfere viith the
1 oy44. to his cause.
of those mho have always been
July 5, 1912
76 Sc. bkm. 13
nomination of 'Vilson because
No sunlight for 'ffilliaiss at the
during the convention.
of his virulent attacks en Wilson
July 6, 1 912
76 su. bk.. 18
bolt lPitlecn, and declare for
Rumor that Williams will
July 24,1912
76 Sc. ok. 65
WilliaLs may apyeal to the Ro9.
July 25, 1912
76 Sc. bk. 66
on Ana come out for
Watson aysWilliaws will bolt Wils
Roos evel t.

July 25, 1912
76 Sc. bks.66
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Willis, George Frei (Cont.)
Williams sailed for &trope on July 11 de venbal lioars
before Wilson or4i nominated. Until his return no
tands, - for "Illon or the
one will Lnos where h
Bull vloose.
76 Sc. bks. 81
vibits Roosevelt
Boi ton Poet says he will bupport him
onlattacit on him
Bryan grieved
hia sup-port of Wilson.
belause of
Can not carry even his kersonAl following because of genera
tnilt Wiicn viii be elected..
,day be progressive canJitate for Governor.
Relations with F034 not frienrily.
Auf.. 26, 1912
77 Sc. bks. 85
field. Republican
ter his
Impossible for Wi11i4s to suprort Wilson
strange attacks on
Hai come out for Roosevelt
A happy choice
After fighting with '3ryan wino.) 1896, he went into
fierce opposition to his old. leadersalp, alont
at was to prove the most
with Hearst,
creditable epis4.)de in Bryan's experience.
Aug. 26, lQ12
77 Sc. bks. 86
ript attacks Williana.
Boston Transc
Aug. 26, 1912
77 Sc. bks. 90
.4 ir run as Progressive cand.i,tata for Governor.
A Hearst lieutenant.
Aug. 27, 1912
77 Sc. 'Okla. 90
en he L;an not
Riley :sive Party is glai to lose Willibkaa;wh
ruin. Hopes to build up his
rule, he attempts to
; has no
political forturAs by joinirg R006 .3V
party and he knows it.
followers in the Dell.
Chrcnolbgical history of Williams life.
kos. e?7, 1912
77 Sc. bks. 90, 93
dith Wilson, - Tuck, Frank
Williams old friends align
Richardson, etc.
Aug. 27, 1912
77 Sc. bks. 92
ed in favor of Roosevelt
Says he has not declar
supported rue, to
Would be an affront to tnose wno have
ercei and
decide in ignorance of these prefer
purp 05 Sa.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williams, George Fred (Cont.)
'Itant o do my duty to my country.
Am shaken by r.4 cubts and fars.
Useless to interview me until I have canvassed tne situation
and determined where my duty lies.
Till then, I invite tne ivice ot my z'bienis.
Aug. ??, 1912
77 Sc, bks. 95
Roosevelt says :-;en. Fettigrew asked r1 to see Williams, and
he said he wculd be glad to.
"Of courvie, I assumed that the request de from Williams."
Aug. 28, 1932
77 Sc. bks. 100, 106
Irillians says he received a teltgram azking iive to call nd I
did so, but di d not offer hi iy suort. It woald be
my duty to confer with any candi.tate for the Presidency,
regardless of Party, if he indicated he hal
for Ina.
Aug. 28, 1912
77 c. b4s. 105
Replies to Roosev.ilt s interview:"See just how that typifies the -wan's character, - to invite
a man tb hiss hou.s, and than give it tn.?, suspicion
.4..t Axil man ii I invited. ni.aself.
41no more to do Nri th that invitation tnan you.
I hal
I was asked by Rocatvilt to coae ani see Lim and I did.
rtic1e says tnat Williabs declare'. he haJ not
wale up hia :Bind as tc which candidate he 'NC id
support, but does not quote Williams in the first
kag. 29, 1912
77 sc. bks. 106
Springfield Republican.
In spite of doubts and fear, Williams has thus far
managed to s tay in the Party.
Having publicly solicited the advice of friends, ne has
probably received an abundance.
Sept. 1, 19b2
77 cc. bk. 111
Wilson in Boston.
Williams calls on Nood.rovv
Long conference.
Will support Wilson
Will stump the wezt and northwest.
3ept. 27, 1912
78 cc. bks. 18, 30
°plants hi elf upon the principle of
The da,ccrat who
:ti cr ity
majority rule must accept the verdict of a .11,

as a finality.
abiding faith in
Urges election of Wilson -because ne ha.., an
his present motives And .purpcs
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


":111iams, George ?red (Cont.)
Declines to defend Wilson's for.ner uterancea.
We are not electing the Wilson of 1902, but a new man*"
who hi dedicated heart and 3ou1 to the interests
of the people.
Wilson has emerged from an academic atmosphere in the
environment of privilege.
I shou.ld be the List .1;an in this country to deny that 4 man can
emerge frcn such an environment and becoLe a faithful fld
devoted ralic al.
or first 12 years of my political life, I believed vvith
implicit faith that ths great financial leaders represented
National intelligence, honor, and progrebs.
I served the financial forces as slavishly as any min in public
life until 1896 and I did it with absolute honesty,
intelligence and patriotism.
I might have been still blindly in the servi:e of the interests
had not the robbery of the Government through the crgan
bond sales revolted my sense of decency.
Oct. 2, 1912.
78 Sc. bk.. 33

cr gari contract as signed Feb. 8, 1895. Nilliauas
was naninated for Governor in Oct. 1895 on a platform,
miong other things, congratulating Clev:1:in-1 for his
patriotic efforts to protect the public credit. )
9 Sc. bk. 162, 18e

Portland, on June 17, 1896, he dondemned, as a gold
standard supporter, a monetary Aystem which prevents
a sole= contract with a syndicate of Europ,o.n bankers
for the protect ion of the Treasury; yet he said a
Democratic Presidnt pleaded in vain with a Re-publicari
Congress to :stirs the Government notes w'nich placed the
credit of the T.J.S. at the merc,y of guropean money brolcers;
that no one nas pointed it how gold payments could be
maintained 'without gold or now gold could be obtained
without bond sales; that the gold standard is ,one thing and
the present Republican mcnetary system is quite .tncther.
very same speech, Williams criticized the Republicans
In this
in Congress for voting for a coin .ittee to inveitigate and
discredit the 1?rezident's bond 4ales, „ind they hAve jiven
aid, to the 'bill to prev3nt the sale of bonds by the
President without the consent of Congress.
June 17, 189 6
11 Sc. bks. 32
Williams, -n this speech, alluitted the necessity for the loran
kind of gol d
c ontractt but at tacked the Re xi bl Jean
standard which necessitated it.)

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


George Fred. (Cont.)
'.a. not disloyal to Wilson, but
Williams' friends clai.r.
d hiit. in tne interest of his candidate, - Foss.
aieraly oppose
Dec. 16, 1912
79 Sc. bk.. 135
Clark %as his cAndi tate.
Not true.
79 3c. bk., 138
for the cabinet.
Dec. 16, 1912
80 c. bk. 19
Urgea Congrea..1,,nal inves tigati cn, by !slays and. ies.n C °mai
agreement in order
of the Grand Trunk - NN Haven R.71.
to aaaist him in arguing for Government ownarzhip of
3. & idaine Rai.
Dec. 21, 1912
80 sc. bka. 19
Burnett tells C.S.H. that, sorie 3T3ars ago, Williaws was
executcr, tru.stee, and. Guarifan of a AcReuter, a brewe
ren in
ani, acting as Guardiarl, ha Placed his child
the care of d. woman who turned cut to be hia mistre
to remove
that a Petitin was filed, befo ,-e Judge Grint,
him, and that Williama
14ay 3,1 903
:113 index digazt, G.F.W.

Jchn Sharpe
7.S.H. gives lunch to, in Boston
Dec. 21, 1903. 304
Speaks at dinner of g... Free Trade League
Dec. 21, 1903. 304
man, r,ro te:upore.
Add. Nati cnal Dern. Conventicn as Chair
July 6, 1904. 337
Bryanfights plank of, ;ailing for a "vi',
ien" of the f„ari:F, anri. fivors
business-like revis
July 6, 1904. 338
to Bryan.
Bitterly hoatile
July 7, 1904. 339
unwise tc
that free silver was dead, 'out felt it
forui3r free silver
specifically declare for gold as the
na.m. wcrial I no unders tand it. 339
noted. down in Resolutions
?lank of, favoring an increased Navy
July - 1904. 341, 348
failed, it must maan ti.e
Says that if a gold Iiiinc.rity report
candidate, ithich meant certain
nomination of a radical
July - 1904. 343, 353
but WilliaLaa, bafcre
Conant wrote tile lississippi money plank
en - that the gold
aiop - ine,i, struck out the atatem
•aving in the part as to the
standard ,,as settled, 1,
;ugar coating
quantitative theory, -nich was merely the
July - 1904. 344
of the gold pill.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Williaaa, Geor,e Fred (Cont.)
C.3.H. decides to api::1: in befi_ilf of Williams' relay to
Judge Parker's g,li telegram.
July - 1904. 355
Williams speech on ' Parivir old. tal•gr am.
July - 1904
32 Sc. bk. 31
confer with, in Boston as to gettine the '3os ten Cl.e.irine
House to 'urn over gold to Trea.ury in excnin;71 for
1egi1 tan lers
April 21, 1896. 64
Writes 01eveland aglihst his Veneraelan :latsage.
Dec. 28, 1895. 146
takes i-upoer
Oct. 25, 1896. 177
meet, at dinner of Louis 'Krim-char in Pnil'idel. ,hia
April 4, 1895. 117
wilson, Francis
C.(:.H. meets,it Mrs. Clevelands.
Jan. 25, 1894.


Wilson, Judge
..H. meats, a frieni of Ar. lowers -Ani Ge:. Carli-le,
A t. Paul
Feb. 23 9 1896. 153
Wils on, ;Aiss
0,3.H. meets, laujher of the Sacra t:try of AEricultu:e
at dinner of Se
July 14, 1897. .193
committee of Indianapolis .onetary
0.3.H. elactel on
otherz to try to tcure
Conventicn, vith,
an indorsement of asset currency by the
Rep. National Convent kn.
May 31, 1900. 246
1711 a on, Secretary
Melts C..ii. at steamer 4 Yokohama.
Sept. 5, 1897. 204
iAinister Buck to C.3.H.
Attends dinner uf
6e)t. 11,1897. 203
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Wilson, William L.
C.S.H. confers with, on tritf OM.
April 28, 1892. 18
iday 25, 1892.
speak in final debate on tariff bill.
C.S.H. hears,
Feb. 1, 1894. 77
Stevens gives a tinner to.
May 25, 1894. 91
Va.., for
*peaks a.t
Oct. 1, 1894. 94
C.S.H. s-peaks at diartinsburg, W. Va., in favor of.
Oct. 30, 1894. 96
Tello 0.3.11, he Nil reort his fur aao.1 bill.
Feb. 16, 1895. 113
Tilson Tariff Act o: 1894
Iwports under, s.ti.allar than under
1815 not .:aused by.
Panic of
Good, times under, in 1895

Dinzley Act
Sc. bk.). 32
Sc. bks. 133, 184
a' c. bks. 123

sc. bks. 48
Treasury deficit caused by failure of.
IncaLe tax and increase in expenditureii.
10 Sc. bks. 41
27 II
Speeches of C.S.H. on.
9 s c. bka. 1, 4, 37
the thanuf4cturers ae i for
Gave 11 the protection
in 1865.
9 Sc. bk.. 4
ion platform of 1891 iii. not
Republic:1n State Content
menti on.
9 sc. bks. 37
produced a surplus.
-aal ti
In nor.
9 Sc. b4‘ 174
101, 105
29 " "
in 1896 would pay average expanditartsof
Receipts udder,
first Cleveland aJiiinLatrticn and have left a surp1r.
10 Sc.bks. 41
of 60 inillions.
gn of 1896, scarcely attended to.
In campai
18 Sc. bk.'. 48
Lauecnt asks C.S.H. to invea tigate rumor that the alarrif
Hunton iI
Club of .Philadelohia ha.i offered
Irby money to induce the.r, to vote against the.
Aay 22, 1894. 90
Sena.Lor Smith of Nes Jecsey tells C.-.H. that, to
the, he bad to "lend" him
Senator Irby to vote for
t7000 for :Nhich he holds his note.
Feb. 8, 1893. 112
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis





Wilson, Woodroa
Sprind-field Reptiblican 2rit1ci,
-es speech of, on
southern leadership.
33 sc. bks. 136
N. Y. Tribune sais that C.S.H. atte,ndsd a cunf,..r.,nce at
.51etrope1l tan Club, N. I. c bct,i, for President.
Dec. 1, 1906
45 Sc. bk.:. 53, 60, 62
.aya it is 41 news to hi..
Dec. 1, 1906
59 S. bks. 59, 63
Scope of the Presidency.
liar. 16, 1907
biog. 75
Government and "ou.lineas.
April 3, 1908
52 Sc. bka. 91
Protecticn and trusts. speech
kilar. 31, 1910
61 s. bks. 47
Senator Smith attacks.
rte. 27, 1910
69 Sc. blca. 50
Quincy vv crk neL, for.
Aug. 6, 1 911
72 Sc. 'oks. 41
Clo.ahea with Gov. O'Neal of Alaba•na over initiative
,And referan tam.
:Apt. 13, 1911
72 2,1. bka. 981 101
Initiative bind refarendam.
Sept. - 1911
72 3c. b.e.a. 149
Letter expressing hope that 3ryar. Inay be knocked into a
cocked. hat.
Jan. 8, 1912
74 $c. bka. 138
Speech in loaton.
April 27, 1912
bits. 31
N. Y Sun attackg History of the American people.
April 30, 1912
75 sc. bzcs. 40
C.S.H. speaks, A tn. Wilson, at dinner of N. Y. Reform Club
and says he N,11 carry Ifass. if nominated.
lilay 12, 1912
75 Sc. bka. 45
Answers, on tariff, to N. Y. Reform Club CorLaittee.
June 20, 193.
73 Sc. bk.a. 97
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Wilson, Woodrow (Cont.)
Followers of, or bec.guse 4 .1aas. leleg:Ites voted for
Foss on 21st ballot in the National Convention.
June 3:) , 1912
75 Se. bks. 127
Bryan declare for 'villa on 1 though ins tructedf or Clark
June 30, 1912
7b Sc. bk. 129
if N. Y. votes for Wilson, he N111 withiraw his
vote for him.
75 so,. bk. 131
Droppers, liartell,
Latley vote fcr.
75 3c. bka. 133
O'Brian vote for, on 24th ballot; ts °tiler
34 vote for Foss.
75 Sc. bka. 133
Nine Wilson men on 4s. delegation: - .lalley, Clans,
J. A. Thayer, Seagraves, Thes3aer, Olney, O'Connell
(Fitchburg) Strecker,
O'Brien (Cawbridge).
July 2, 1912
75 Sc. bks. 14-)
Riley .:.ays Thayer, Streaker and Thacher wanted to vote
for, after a few ballots.
F.o. bks. 154
Fitzgerald finally declared. for.
75 Sc. bks. 158
ro Wilscn's turnirc point Aria in opposing Parker
tet4porary c'nainaan.
75 Sc. bks. 161
Springfield Republican
Not easy to determine Bryan's nelp to Wtlson.
Real debt is not for the nailinticn as amen as
for tne circumstances -ander whiah it was won.
July 3, 1912
76 Sc. bk. 6
Foss, 'then his influence :night nave been powe'rful v
nct let his votes gotc
76 Sc. bks. 6, 20.
Wilson took his forces to Bryan agains t Parker for
te..iporry chai r,an.
76 3c. bits. 12
interview for.
S.1.1„ comas cut in strong
July 3, 1912
76 Sc. bks. 15, 16 .
P. Hallowell attacks references to rebel prisons
in the 4th volume of Wilson's book. Later,
dorrects his latter.
76 Sc. bks. 26, 27.
Boston Transcript ati.aaks.
July 13, 1912
76 Sc. bks. 32
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Wilson, Woodrow (Cont.)
Brandeis dacla.res for iilson.
July 11, 1912
76 Sc. bks. 27
" 104
Boston Herald violently attacks, on tha Princeton Univer.ity
July 17, 1912
76 Sc. bk.k.. 48
learned cr or O'Brien,
iitcr, that .,1rs. al.ev4ani.
ArAil :tt the tottoia at' this attack.)
Ste - Olney
Wilson .1a.1 Finnoe, N. Y.
July 26, 1912
76 Sc. '03:4 75
Scw..ully, of Pittsfield, is the ori.iinal ,Vilson man in
76 Sc. bk. 81
Western Mass.
Wilson's latter of .3cc ,
76 Sc. bk.s.126, 129, 130, 131,
132, 133
latter of acceptance.
Bryan praises
76 Sc. Vita. 13b
Interview of Charles E.
76 Sc. bks. 143
Speech at Seagirt, N. J.
Aug. 18, 1912
77 Sc. bks.
indorsed by Nebraska, Deal. Convention
Bryan's suo)ort
77 Sc. bks. 95
Speech in Pennsylvania.
Aug. 30, 1912
77 Sc.. bir.s. 109
Spa ch in NeR York.
Sept. 3, 1912
77 Sc. bks. 126, 127
Cod, forming Wilson clubs
C.S.H. tours Cape
77 Sc. bks. 132
New York.
Speech in
Sept. 10, 1912
77 sc. bks. 146, 148.
in c_lyracuse, ;C. Y.
cwt. 13, 1912
77 Sc. bks. 158
a.nd ,viayor Ashley both asked to preside at a -Filson
rally in New Bedford which •as given up.
Sept. 19, 1912
78 Sc. bks. 3
Charles 1. liot declares for
3e-p. 25, 1912
78 Sc. bk. 15
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

IILlson, Woodrow (Cont.)
Speech At Boston.

Olnty 9resides.
Sept. 28, 1912
78 So. bka.21
C.S.H. elected Vice President of Wilucn Collegt Leag ie.
78 co. bks. ao, 42
C.S.H. elected Preail3nt Of Wil On Leaguo of
78 Sc. b . 42, 66
Tariff spe.ic'n.
0t. 21, 1912
78 So. bks. 88
Mane declares ecr.
Oct. 22, 1912
78 Sc. bks. 94
C.S.H. and Olney signn1 lasui a circular for.
78 Sc. bk./23
Interview. Hc,naat busin!is haz nothing to fear, etc.
Nov. 7, 1912
bk. 1.34
That c ic with Bryan.
79 Sc. bk.a. 7
Tariff views.
79 sc. bku. 11, 20
Nculini.tticn not brougnt about by Bryan.
79 Sc. bics. 14, 137
Will call apecial aesaion cf Congress.
79 Sc. bka. 1.
Vote, ith Bryanla.
79 Sc. bks. 37
79 Sc. bk.. 42
A rainoriGy ?realdent.
Wilaon sily in
aay he op_9oa
Fri -.41.14 of Willis
Springfield Republican denies this
interest of Fo‘a, but
79 Sc. bk.a 135, 138.
Narning to panic izaktrz. Speech.
Dec. 18, 1912
79 Sc. bk. 140
deprecates So ow. speecn.
H. P. Willis
79 Sc. bk.. 154
conilderin, williawa for cabin't.
Said to be
Dec. 14, 191,
79 9c. bk. 156
Confers Nitfl Bryan.
Dec. 22, 1912
80 3c. bka. 8
Bryan praii.
Dec. '32, 1912
80 30. bks. 9




Hint to office saskara.
Dec. 22, 1912
80 Sc. bk.. 12
rriffspof.ches, cita'icns.
90 Sc. bka. 13
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Viilson, Woolrow (Cbnt.)
airr no y reform.
80 F c. 'Yak'. 33



F.- a ech, Virginia.
Dec. :39, 1912
80 'Sc. bks. 42
that: unlar Nilson's p1e_4,-34 no ttriff reduction
is possible.
60 c. bk. •14
Perils Of revolution, Speach
Dec. 28, l91 2
80 Sc. bk.'. 47
Philip in s.
80 Sc. bka. 56, 60.
, tees,
Bryan, in sAaulting the seniority rule For :nte commi
is hostila to Wilso
80 Sc. Vas. 48
Springfield Repiolican, contrJ,
. S p !ch
Bus Inez a reform
Dec. 30, 1912
80 Sc. bks.
iilliams, George Fred
seewindscraller, L.
sourti aionay
.S.H. confer:; with, a t al., represnting the
er of Coameree.
caawittee of the N. T. Criaurib
JO Y1. - 1896. 149
Ting, Daniel
Aldrich id one tar y Coal :is a ion oU.l. 1911
72 sc. bk.. 47
Winslow, Farving
.t1 Convention
?repareA Araft of :pla*loriL for D. Nation
July 6, 1904. 338
sor'k in t'ha ccn-Lenticn
Priei C
32 Sc. bks. 96
ati on of Philip:pines, 1908
32 Su. bk. 143
History of Anti-Imperialist League
56 01. bka. 13
fraelop cf Ftlii.,Inors. 1909
Praia e 0.3.H. vork for
56 Sc. bks. 13




Attacks Roosev-11 t, 1 910

62 3c. bks. 14
over Phili-ppines, 1911.
Di spite vith Worcester
70 Sc. bks. 71


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Winsor, :Ars.
Attends Aladdin oven dinner of C.S.H.
April 14, 1895. 118
Wins or, cbert
Snefenan vireo 3teale
to sup - crt

induce Boston Herald

July 10, 1904. 357
Tries to buy 3ost,n Traveller in in ,erest of Fitzgerald.. 1910
60 Sc. bk.:. 45, 46, 47
" 45
66 "
Winsor School
Nov • 21, 1908
55 Sc. bk, 96, 97
Treasurer's report, 1912
78 go. bk4. 121
Clevelard 4ves up speech at, becauae of tht-eattned
disturbance. Sept. 16, 1892. 35, 37.
Wolcott Coinuissi on
See Wolcott, Governer
Sigmit Union SL.tion bill
Banquet to,

Speech, 0.8.11.

June 9, 1896.
15 Sc. bks.


Wolcott, Gov.
ey's .:abinet
C.3 .H. suggests, to Senator Proctorfer .daKinl
1897. 184
Jai. 11,
one .4airia. CoLaissicners to Paris
May 27, 1898. 233
Tolc ot t, Mrs. Roger

linner to Chine Corriaissioners.
Feb. 11, 1906. 394

oll 4in t, Jr. D.
Represents ?.ussia at fur seal convention and aagnii
Nov. 8,1897. 220
ocd, Ara.
shorn" of

an Francco, over Treasury.
Nov. 9, 1897. 221

Woodbury, Charlas Levi
al or, rdory.
Article on effect cf politic
Sept. 25, 1892.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Woudw,..ed,liles T.
iittencial furr3rA1 of Secretiiry Lanakdat.
July 26, 1905
'Norco ur Pus t
C.i.H. for 3a,r3rnkr, 1910
65 Sc. bks. 19
109, 135, 137, 156
67 "
68 " .“
1, 5, 23, 78, 85, 86
Letter of C.S.H. s'nowinE tiff tct of 1uty on.
June 23, 1890. 3
G.S.H. i,9 ndi night at.
Ozt. 9, 1896.


Ivray, Dr.
C.7..H. calls on Dr. Cope, Cniaf Veterinarian of Great
D.Ipartaient of
Britain, ,vitn Dr. Irray,
Agriculture, on th, bet And ulcuth disease.
April - 1903. 293
V-Li Ting Fang
Visits C.S.F..

t 3oston.
kidril 23, 1900. 246
Aril 24,1908
52 Sc. bk. 54


Yanacuth register

False report

t;ariff speech.
May 30, 1890
1 s;c. bk. 73$ 77
Nov. 19, 1891
2 3c. bk..

YtqloAratcne Nat. cnal Park
''.3.H. arid. H.P.H. riait
Jun 3, 1905.


C.S.i. arrive. at.
Sect. 5, 1897.
- Japan

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Young den's Cristian Associ.,:tion
C .S.E1. addresses, of 3. , i1. R.
June 190.

387, 393

Dein. Club
wichdraNs as cand I ia

for ''re al Int of.
18, 1892. 17
elActeci Vice IDnIsilint of.
Dec. 19, 1892. 46
Gov. Russells.; friends not pleased at Congrlzsman -3attersoriss
speech at, '000ming Olney for Pr Isicient.
sr. .3, 1898. 154
speaks on
vial'sup t. dinner of.
L. 19, 1898. 23'9
0...1.4.1vises Executive Co.U.;t3t
-,o agree to oiLit from
Dn. j.dstfor-..a all rtf-!riences to finance if the
silver men will consent to the nomination of a gold
Mar. 16, 1899. 242
elected on Executive Canhitte.i of.
Jan. - 1901. 248
gives dinner to 2',cutive Co.u.i.ittse of.
Considered it inadvisable to have a public dinner
of club, as it might interfere with alleged plans of
silver Jae n to nominate a gold democrat for
Governor. The sense of the meeting was in favor of
changing the name to th-,, .Demozra tic Club, as suggested
by General .7,ollins.
Jan. -1Vc. 348, 249
Officers of, 4est to consider the advisability of openly
attacking iocialism. No conclusion reached.
April 15, 1903. 291


Zinc Coo:pansy, 3 t on Aurora
cigina1 circular of.
. . .

13 Sc. bk.:. 61