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Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
Public Meeting
Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 2:00 PM
Via teleconference
In attendance:
Michael Bugeja
Robert Hoge
Erik Jansen
Gary Marks (Chair)
Michael Moran
Donald Scarinci
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
Thomas Uram
Heidi Wastweet
1. Chairperson Marks called the meeting to order at 2:11 P.M.
2. April Stafford of the United States Mint introduced the discussion on design
themes for the First Special Force Congressional Gold Medal honoring the
military unit activated in 1942 at Fort Harrison in Helena, Montana and composed
of volunteers from the United States and Canada. Mr. Bill Woon, Executive
Director of the First Special Service Force Association and Dr. Ken Finlayson,
Deputy Command Historian for the United States Army Special Operations
Command joined the discussion and offered comments relevant to design themes.
3. Members of the Committee provided comments and thoughts about potential
design themes for the First Special Force Congressional Gold Medal. Suggested
themes for the obverse of the medal included a battle field cross; mountains or a
mountain range; an image of the unit commander, Major General Robert
Frederick; a battle action scene; an image of the climbing equipment used by the
soldiers; or other symbolic images that would convey a message honoring the
unit’s service and sacrifice. For the reverse suggested themes included the
crossed arrows branch insignia; a knife, use of the American and Canadian flags;
an American Bald Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf; use of the unit’s nickname,
the Black Devils; images of the Spearhead and Black Devils shoulder patch; and
the First Special Service Force Flag. Other suggestions included listing the four
campaigns undertaken by the unit and an inscription from the First Special
Service Force Monument in Memorial Park in Helena, Montana, “Honor also to
those who daring to die survived”.
4. April Stafford of the United States Mint introduced the discussion on design
themes for the 2015 and 2016 Native American $1 Coins. Ms. Stafford’s report
included six potential themes presented in chronological order, including
Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee Syllabary; Ely Samuel Parker, an Iroquois

language translator who became the military secretary to General Ulysses S.
Grant during and the Civil War and drafted the Articles of Surrender at
Appomattox; Mohawk high iron workers, builders of New York City and other
skylines; Jim Thorpe, American Olympian and athlete; Code Talkers from both
World War I and World War II; and Elizabeth and Ray Peratrovich who were
instrumental in securing the passage of Alaska’s Equal Rights AntiDiscrimination Law in 1945.
5. Committee members discussed each of the themes. Suggestions for
recommendations as to which two of the six themes presented should be used for
the 2015 and 2016 issues of the Native American $1 Coins were varied among
members. Members commented that each of the six themes were appropriate for
the $1 series and several expressed hopes that each theme would eventually be
utilized in developing designs for future years.
6. There being no further business, Chairperson Marks adjourned the meeting at
3:56 p.m.