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United States Mint
801 9th Street NW
Washington DC 20220
CCAC Public Meeting
October 15, 2019

CCAC Attendees:

Mint Staff:

Sam Gill
Robert Hoge
Dr. Dean Kotlowski
Mary Lannin
Robin Solmon
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
Dennis Tucker
Thomas Uram

Pam Borer
Vanessa Franck
April Stafford
Roger Vasquez
Greg Weinman
Joe Menna
Jennifer Warren

Charles E. Brodine, Jr., Naval History and Heritage Command
Richard Hulver, PhD., Naval History and Heritage Command
Gale Munro, Naval History and Heritage Command
1. The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson, Thomas Uram, at 9:30 a.m.
Attendance and Recognition of those attending and media on the phone.
2. Mary Lannin moved to approve the minutes and letters from the September 18,
2019 meeting. Second made by Dr. Dean Kotlowski. Motion to approve minutes
and letters was unanimously approved.
3. April Stafford presented the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Portfolio. Recognizing
that there is pending legislation for a 2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial
Commemorative Silver Dollar, the CCAC reviewed the design portfolios from
several perspectives. First, the CCAC reviewed the portfolios (presented as an
historic portfolio and a modern portfolio) with an eye toward recommending a set
of designs for a medal that would celebrate the centennial of the ratification of the
19th amendment. In making this recommendation, the CCAC considered designs
that would be able to stand on their own, yet also complement and extend the
story told on a possible commemorative coin, should the legislation be enacted. In
addition, the CCAC recommended a set of designs that set could be produced as a
silver dollar commemorating the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Established by Act of Congress, Public Law 108-15

4. Dr. Dean Kotlowski provided an historic perspective on the Women’s Suffrage
movement. Dean’s comments helped the CCAC members focus on the important
factors when considering design selections.
5. Mary Lannin also remarked that WS-H-05 could be an appropriate design to
consider for the Liberty Coin portfolio.
6. Out of a possible 24 total committee votes. WS-H-O-01A received 19 votes. The
design features overlapping profiles of three women representing different ages
and ethnicities. WS-H-O-05 received the second highest total with18 votes.
7. WS-H-O-01A was paired with WS-H-R-04. This design received 18 votes. This
design features text from the 19th Amendment beside suffragists from different
eras of the movement.
8. The majority of the modern obverse portfolio was focused on WS-M-O-01.
Dennis Tucker was very concerned about the American Flag and how the image
portrayed the US Flag as touching the ground. Chief Engraver Joe Menna assured
he could fold the flag behind the images. This would then eliminate that issue.
The flag would not appear to be touching the ground.
9. The modern reverse designs were reviewed. WS-M-R-08 received 18 votes.
During the discussion, Robert Hoge pointed out the historical importance of
documenting the effort on the medal or coin. With the pairing WS-M-R-08 the
text of the 19th Amendment is centrally featured.
10. The next portfolio reviewed was for the 2021 American Liberty Coin Program.
The artistic designs presented were iconic and symbolic however some members
felt the portfolio was limited, and that designs from previously presented
American Liberty portfolios could have been included in the 2021 portfolio.
11. LIB-O-02 received the highest vote with 17. LIB-O-02A received 14 votes and
Mary Lannin’s suggestion of adding WS-H-O-05 received 16 votes. The
difference between 02 and 02A was a stylized image of the sun beneath the
bronco vs a mountain scape. Mary felt that this did not portray liberty. However,
it is meant to convey freedom hence liberty. The free spirit of the bucking bronco
and the rising sun symbolize the future.
12. The stakeholders present for the review of the 2021 United States Navy silver
medal addressed the committee. The stakeholders favor NAV-O-04, NAV-O-10
and 10A, and NAV-R-04 for the obverse. For the reverse, they favorNAV-O-3,
NAV-O-12, and NAV-R-19.

Established by Act of Congress, Public Law 108-15

13. The stakeholders were very open to interpretation of other designs. The
committee suggested and recommended that they give strong consideration to
NAV-O-05 with NAV-R-19. Alternative choice suggested was NAV-O-12 with
14. The committee reviewed reverse designs for the 2021 and beyond George
Washington Crossing the Delaware River Quarter. Robert Hoge and Dr. Dean
Kotlowski both commented on the historical accuracy of the clothes, lantern boat,
etc. After discussion, the committee overwhelmingly recommended GWD-12.
The design is a modernized design of Washington Crossing the ice-choked
Delaware River during a nor’easter.
15. Chairperson Thomas Uram adjourned the meeting at 3:03p.m. EST.

Established by Act of Congress, Public Law 108-15