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Department of the Treasury
US Mint

801 9th Street NW

Washington DC 20220

CCAC members:
Tom Uram

Mary Lannin

Heidi Wastweet
Dennis Tucker

Michael Moran

Donald Scarinci
Robert Hoge

Jeanne Stevens-Sollman

Thursday, November 17, 2016
US Mint personnel:
Greg Weinman
April Stafford

Berry Birdsong
Pam Borer

Vanessa Franck
Megan Sullivan
Roger Vasquez
Don Everhart
Andy Tran

Jennifer Woodworth

1. Chairperson Lannin opened the meeting at 12:02 PM EST.

2. A motion was made by Chairperson Lannin to approve the letters to the

Secretary of the Treasury and minutes of previous meeting, seconded by
Thomas Uram and the vote was unanimous.

3. Megan Sullivan and April Stafford of the United States Mint presented the

portfolio of designs for the medal for Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Lew,
noting the choice of designs by Secretary Lew and adding the additional
information that the Ellis Island building was significant to him.

4. Chairperson Lannin asked she be allowed to go first in the discussion and
recommended O-1A as the obverse and R-5 as the reverse aligning with

Secretary Lew’s preferences.

5. Heidi Wastweet discussed using the official photograph as a guide to

sculpting the 1A obverse. Don Everhart of the United States Mint concurred.

6. Robert Hoge noted that the glasses did not seem accurate compared with

other depictions of Secretary Lew, and asked the artist make the flag seem
less like a drawing and more realistic.

7. Chairperson Lannin called for a vote, and the Committee voted the designs O1A and R-5 unanimously.

8. Chairperson Lannin adjourned the meeting at 12:20 PM EST.