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Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
801 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20220


Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
Public Meeting
Tuesday, March 20 2007
United States Mint Headquarters
801 9th Street NW, 8th Floor
Committee members in attendance:
John Alexander
Bill Fivaz
Rita Laws (via telephone)
Richard Meier
Mitchell Sanders (chair)
Donald Scarinci
Ken Thomasma (via telephone)
S. Joseph Winter (via telephone)
1. The chair called the meeting to order at 9:25 A.M.
2. The minutes of the committee’s January 23, 2007 meeting were unanimously
3. Kaarina Budow of the United States Mint presented proposed designs for the
Congressional Gold Medal honoring Dr. Norman Borlaug for his unparalleled
contributions to world agriculture.
4. The proposed obverse design was inspired by a 1960s photo of Dr. Borlaug in the
experimental agricultural fields of Mexico, and the proposed reverse design
features a quotation from Dr. Borlaug. Ms Budow indicated that the proposed
designs were the choices of Dr. Borlaug.
5. The committee voted 7-1 to endorse the proposed obverse and reverse designs for
Dr. Borlaug’s medal.
6. Ms Budow then presented proposed designs for the 2008 First Spouse $10 gold
bullion coins. During the course of the discussions regarding the proposed
designs, CCAC members expressed the sentiment that the coins’ obverses should
portray the First Spouse as they appeared during their service as First Spouse.
7. Each CCAC member rated each proposed design by assigning 0, 1, 2, or 3 points.
The design receiving the most total points is the CCAC’s recommendation. With
eight members present and voting, the maximum total rating is 24 points.
8. For the proposed Elizabeth Monroe obverse designs, the committee’s ratings
EM-O-01: 3 points
EM-O-02: 0 points
EM-O-03: 0 points
EM-O-04: 3 points

EM-O-05: 0 points
EM-O-06: 2 points
EM-O-07: 21 points
9. For the Elizabeth Monroe reverse design, committee members generally
appreciated the message and the simplicity of the “Reopening of the White
House” theme on designs 2 and 3. Several other designs were considered to be
excessively cluttered. John Alexander, the CCAC member appointed based on
special expertise in American history, raised concerns about the historical
accuracy of the “Advice and Counsel” theme of design 5.
10. Point totals for the proposed Elizabeth Monroe reverse designs were:
EM-R-01 – Reopening of the White House: 2 points
EM-R-02 – Reopening of the White House: 16 points
EM-R-03 – Reopening of the White House: 16 points
EM-R-04 – Reopening of the White House: 1 point
EM-R-05 – Advice and Counsel: 0 points
EM-R-06 – Reopening of the White House: 4 points
11. For the proposed Louisa Adams obverse designs, the committee’s ratings were:
LA-O-01: 5 points
LA-O-02: 0 points
LA-O-03: 8 points
LA-O-04: 2 points
LA-O-05: 2 points
LA-O-06: 20 points
LA-O-07: 3 points
LA-O-08: 6 points
LA-O-09: 0 points
12. For the reverse of the Louisa Adams coin, CCAC members expressed a clear
preference for design #1. Point totals for all proposed designs were:
LA-R-01 – Poet, Writer, Musician: 21 points
LA-R-02 – Harpist: 1 point
LA-R-03 – Traveling across Europe: 6 points
LA-R-04 – Harpist: 3 points
LA-R-05 – Traveling across Europe: 4 points
13. For Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, who served as President without
spouses, First Spouse coins will bear an image of Liberty, as represented on a
United States coin issued during their terms of service. The reverse designs will
portray a design representing the themes of each Presidency.
14. For Andrew Jackson’s Liberty, Rev. Meier recommended that the Capped Bust
image of design #3 should be chosen, because that was the design appearing most
frequently on American coins during Jackson’s presidency. Several other CCAC
members agreed that selecting the most commonly used design from a President’s
term in office would be an appropriate method for recommending Liberty designs.
15. For the proposed Andrew Jackson obverses, the committee’s ratings were:
LAJ-O-01 – Matron Head Large Cent: 4 points
LAJ-O-02 – Classic Head Half Cent: 2 points
LAJ-O-03 – Capped Bust Half Dollar: 24 points

LAJ-O-04 – Classic Head Half Eagle: 0 points
LAJ-O-05 – Capped Bust Quarter Eagle: 2 points
16. For the reverse of the Andrew Jackson coin, committee members expressed a
strong preference for the image of Jackson on horseback of design #8. The
committee’s ratings were:
LAJ-R-01 – Old Hickory: 6 points
LAJ-R-02 – Fiscal Responsibility: 0 points
LAJ-R-03 – Brave Boy from South Carolina: 0 points
LAJ-R-04 – Jackson defies a British officer: 0 points
LAJ-R-05 – Battle of New Orleans: 0 points
LAJ-R-06 – Fiscal Responsibility: 5 points
LAJ-R-07 – Humble Origins: 11 points
LAJ-R-08 – Old Hickory: 17 points
17. For Martin Van Buren’s Liberty, there was a consensus on the committee that the
Seated Liberty image on design #5, which was the most common image of
Liberty issued during Van Buren’s presidency, was the best choice. The
committee’s ratings were:
LVB-O-01 – Capped Bust Half Dollar: 0 points
LVB-O-02 – Liberty Head Half Eagle: 0 points
LVB-O-03 – Classic Head Half Eagle: 0 points
LVB-O-04 – Braided Hair Large Cent: 3 points
LVB-O-05 – Liberty Seated Dime: 23 points
18. For the reverse of the Martin Van Buren coin, there were positive comments
about several of the designs. However, design #5, which shows Van Buren as
President, was the committee’s choice. The committee’s ratings were:
LVB-R-01 – Northeastern Boundary Dispute: 4 points
LVB-R-02 – Lindenwald: 6 points
LVB-R-03 – Lindenwald: 0 points
LVB-R-04 – Young Van Buren: 6 points
LVB-R-05 – Van Buren as President: 14 points
LVB-R-06 – Young Van Buren: 1 point
19. The committee then discussed plans for future meetings. It had previously been
established that the CCAC would plan to have its meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of
the month, during months when there was an agenda of designs for consideration.
It was also mentioned that the committee planned to meet at the annual
convention of the American Numismatic Association, to be held in August in
20. There was some discussion of recommending a joint philatelic/numismatic issue
for the Bicentennial of Lincon’s birth in 2009. However, Greg Weinman of the
United States Mint advised the committee that action by the CCAC in that regard
would be outside the committee’s charter.
21. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.