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United States Mint
801 9th Street NW
Washington, DC 20220
Minutes of CCAC Telephonic Public Meeting
March 11, 2020 (DAY 2)
(9:02 am–12:05 pm)


a. CCAC Members in Attendance (telephonic):
 Thomas Uram (Chairman)
 Lawrence Brown
 Sam Gill
 Robert Hoge
 Dean Kotlowski
 Mary Lannin
 Michael Moran
 Robin Salmon
 Donald Scarinci
 Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
 Dennis Tucker

b. Mint Staff in Attendance:
 Pam Borer (telephonic)
 Boneza Hanchock
 Ron Harrigal (telephonic)
 Joe Menna (telephonic)
 April Stafford
 Megan Sullivan (telephonic)
 Jennifer Warren
 Greg Weinman
 Elizabeth Young
c. Members of the Media in Attendance (by phone):
 Brandon Hall, Coin Update and Mint News Blog


1. The public meeting was called back to order by Chairman Thomas Uram at 9:02 am.
Roll was called; Mint staff attendance was recognized; and media attendance was
2. April Stafford, Chief of the Mint’s Office of Design Management, presented the
candidate designs for the 2021 American Innovation $1 Coin Program, created by
Public Law 115-197. States to be reviewed included New Hampshire, Virginia, New
York, and North Carolina.
3. April Stafford noted that the Governor of Virginia recommended edits to design VA01 as follows:
a. Move the crescent since the quote of Barbara Rose (“It seemed like reaching
for the moon”) is not included for context.
b. Ensure that Ms. John’s hair reflects how she would have worn it at the time.
4. Some of the Committee’s discussion focused on whether the themes for the American
Innovation program should all be technological innovations (physical inventions such
as scientific, medical, etc.), or if they should also include cultural, educational,
literary, artistic, spiritual, or other kinds of American innovation. Donald Scarinci
argued for technological innovations only, comparing the United States coinage
program to South Africa’s “Innovative Inventions” program; and Dennis Tucker
argued for the latter, noting that some American innovations, such as American Sign
Language and jazz music, are intangible. Elizabeth Young, legal counsel, pointed out
that the law is silent on the type of innovation, and that some designs already
recommended by the Committee to the Secretary have been social and cultural in
5. After discussion and review of the candidate designs for the American Innovation $1
Coin Program, the Committee recommended the following:
 New Hampshire: Recommended was NH-05 with 28 of 33 votes. NH01 and NH-03 received each 10 votes.
 Virginia: Recommended was VA-05 with 20 of 33 votes. VA-01
received 19 votes.
 New York: Final recommendation was NY-05, with modifications.
During the initial vote, NY-01 received 16 votes and NY-13 received 13
votes. Following the vote there was a motion by Dennis Tucker, seconded
by Jeanne Stevens-Stollman, to again review, but only the designs of the
Erie Canal. This passed by recorded voice vote (6 votes to review further,
and 5 no votes). A second motion was made by Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
and seconded by Mary Lannin to accept NY-05 and add the inscription
“Erie Canal” and if possible “1825.” This motion carried with two
Committee members abstaining.
 North Carolina: No vote on a specific design. Donald Scarinci made a
motion to reject all designs, which was seconded by Mary Lannin. The

CCAC held a robust discussion on the candidate designs for North
Carolina, questioning if the designs clearly represent how innovation
applies to the founding of the University of North Carolina. Accordingly,
Dean Kotlowski and Robert Hoge proposed a friendly amendment that
design elements be added to the designs to fully reflect how the innovation
of higher education applies to the founding of the University of North
Carolina. Donald Scarinci accepted this friendly amendment, and the
motion was carried unanimously.
6. Chairman Uram invited a motion to adjourn—made by Jeanne Stevens-Sollman and
seconded by Robin Salmon—and the meeting was adjourned at 12:05 pm.
7. Meeting recessed at 12:05 pm.
8. The following attachment is the results of the Committee votes for each state design.

CCAC Votes on Designs for VA, NH, NY, and NC

VA-01 19
VA-02 1
VA-03 0
VA-04 0
VA-05 20
VA-06 5
VA-07 5
VA-08 15
VA-09 11
VA-10 1

New Hampshire
NH-01 10
NH-02 0
NH-03 10
NH-04 2
NH-05 28
NH-06 0

New York
NY-01 16
NY-02 11
NY-03 3
NY-04 6
NY-05 6
NY-06 3
NY-07 3
NY-07A 0
NY-08 2
NY-09 0
NY-10 0
NY-11 2
NY-12 0
NY-13 13
NY-14 2
NY-15 2
NY-16 1
NY-17 3
NY-18 0

North Carolina
No vote
No vote
No vote
No vote
No vote