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Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
801 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20220


Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
Public Meeting
June 29, 2009
Gaylord Hall, Worner Center
Colorado College
Colorado Springs, Colorado
In attendance:
John Alexander
Doreen Bolger
Michael Brown
Roger Burdette
Arthur Houghton (via telephone)
Gary Marks
Rev. Richard Meier
Mitch Sanders (chair)
Donald Scarinci
1. This meeting of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee was held in
conjunction with the Annual Summer Seminar conducted by the American
Numismatic Association. The public meeting was preceded by a Public Form
where individuals from the numismatic community expressed their opinions about
various matters related to contemporary coin design.
2. The chair called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM.
3. Kaarina Budow of the United States Mint presented proposed designs for the
medal honoring the 38th Director of the United States Mint, Edmund C. Moy.
4. Ms Budow presented a single candidate design for the medal’s obverse, depicting
a portrait of the Director emerging from the background in relief. The medal’s
relief is intended to serve as a sculptural metaphor presenting the Director as a
self-described work in progress.
5. The four proposed reverse designs all represent 21st-century updates of Da Vinci’s
Vitruvian Man, showing the central figure breaking free of his boundaries and
reaching out toward new heights of excellence.
6. Members commented enthusiastically about the artistry of the portrait on the
medal’s obverse. Members were generally positively disposed toward the motif
on the reverse, with some members expressing reservation that the figure was
unrealistically muscular.

7. Members rated each design by assigning 0, 1, 2, or 3 points, with higher numbers
reflecting more positive evaluations. With nine members present and voting, the
maximum possible point total was 27.
8. For the medal’s reverse, the CCAC recommends design from reverse 1, with the
incused relief of designs 3 and 4. This modified version of reverse 1 received 10
points. Opinion was divided, with several members rating it highly and several
members giving it no support at all.
9. The committee then voted unanimously to recommend the proposed obverse
10. On motion by Mr. Burdette, seconded by Rev. Meier, the committee voted 6-1
(with one abstention) to recommend that the design on the medal’s reverse should
be arranged asymmetrically, as in design 2, and should use the same delimiter as
on the medal’s obverse
11. Ms Budow then presented proposed designs for a commemorative silver dollar
emblematic of 100 years of the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts
organization is the largest youth organization in the United States, and since 1910
more than 111 million youth have participated. There were 17 obverse design
candidates, and five reverse design candidates.
12. Members rated each design by assigning 0, 1, 2, or 3 points, with higher numbers
reflecting more positive evaluations. With eight members present and voting, the
maximum possible point total was 24.
13. The committee then heard comments from the audience about their preferences
among the proposed designs. Several individuals expressed concern about the
accuracy of some details as rendered on some designs; specifically, the scouts’
tools, uniforms, awards, and patches on the obverse and the slogan on the reverse.
Ms Budow indicated that the United States Mint would work with the Boy Scouts
of America to ensure the accuracy of whichever designs were chosen.
14. The committee recommended obverse design 8, featuring a 1910 scout offering a
helping hand to a modern scout, and which received 21 points. CCAC members
appreciated the theme of this motif, which shows the spirit of giving that is so
important in scouting, and also admired the effectiveness of its composition and
the design’s sense of motion.
15. For the reverse, the committee recommends reverse design 4, showing the Boy
Scout logo, which received 17 points.
16. There being no further business, the chair thanked the audience for their
attendance and participation, and adjourned the meeting at 10:05 PM.