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Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
801 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20220


Public Meeting Minutes
June 15, 2006
By Telephone Conference Call
In attendance:
John Alexander
Bill Fivaz
Rita Laws
Donald Scarinci
Mitch Sanders
Ken Thomasma
S. Joseph Winter
Ute Wartenberg Kagan
Chairman Mitch Sanders called the meeting to order at 10:05 A.M.
1. By motion duly made and approved, the minutes of May 23, 2006, and April 13,
2006 were unanimously approved.
2. Cynthia Meals from the United States Mint presented the designs for the San
Francisco Old Mint Commemorative Coins. She indicated that the US Mint had
worked closely with the recipient organization, the San Francisco Museum and
Historical Society. The President signed the bill into law on June 15.
3. As part of the San Francisco Old Mint commemorative coin program, silver dollar
coins and gold five-dollar coins are to be minted during the year 2006, with
designs emblematic of the San Francisco Old Mint Building, its importance to
California and the history of the United States, and its role in rebuilding San
Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and fire.
4. Due to the short time frame for production and sale, it was vital to approve the
designs as quickly as possible. There was a discussion about an article in Coin
World which reported some guidelines for these coins, which differed in some
sections from those given by Ms. Meals. It was decided not consider the article in
Coin World for the purpose of the discussion.
5. For the gold obverse, designs including a head of Liberty based on 19th and early
20th century gold coins, known as the Liberty Coronet design, were requested.
Two different designs were presented, the first based on the half-eagle by
Christian Gobrecht, and the second on the double-eagle design by James
Longacre. The committee preferred GO-02, but suggested that the eye could be
improved, and that the date should be presented as “1906 ~ 2006”. By motion
duly made and seconded, the CCAC voted 7-1 to recommend design GO-02 with

these modifications. The committee also recommends that the design should be a
replica of the original to the extent technologically possible.
6. The proposed reverse of the $5 gold coin contains an image of the United States
Mint building as well as the date 1906 and the inscription “survived the great
earthquake and fire”. All designs carry the inscriptions United States of America
and “Five Dollars”. Design one is a head-on rendering of architectural drawings
of the entire front of the US mint building with the inscription “Survived the
Great Earthquake and Fire” or with the additional inscriptions “San Francisco Old
Mint” and “circa – 1869) in capital letters.
7. The second design showed a detail of the same architectural drawing, again with
the two different sets of inscriptions. The committee preferred the first design
GR-01-B, but asked for the removal of “circa-1869” and the addition of the
phrase “Architectural Plans 1869” arranged in a curve underneath the inscription
“San Francisco Old Mint”.
8. By motion duly made and seconded the CCAC voted 7-1 to recommend GR-01-B
with the suggested modifications. The committee also recommends that the
design should be a replica of the original to the extent technologically possible.
9. For the silver coin, one obverse design, a direct copy of the Liberty from the
Morgan dollar series was suggested. It was noted that the Morgan dollar had not
been coined in 1906, but that the design was still considered emblematic of the
San Francisco Mint. By motion duly made and seconded, the committee voted 71 to recommend design SO-01, suggesting that Liberty’s eye could be improved.
10. For the reverse two different designs were suggested. Both show the same side
view of the US Mint. Versions A and B have “survived the great earthquake and
fire”; version B has the additional inscription “San Francisco Old Mint”. By
motion duly made and seconded, the committee voted 8-0 to recommend version
B (SR-01-B). The committee also voted 6-1 to recommend that consideration
should be given to incorporating “The Granite Lady” in quotation marks into the
11. Donald Scarinci asked whether in the future the Mint would make known to the
committee whether, in the future, the committee could be informed if the same
artist had created proposed designs for both sides of a particular coin. The
anonymity of the particular artists would be preserved. Mr. Weinman told the
Committee that he would explore this idea.
12. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11.25 am.