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United States Mint
801 9th Street NW
Washington DC 20220
CCAC Telephonic Public Meeting
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
CCAC Members:
Robert Hoge
Erik Jansen
Mary Lannin
Michael Moran
Donald Scarinci
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
Dennis Tucker
Thomas Uram
Herman Viola
Heidi Wastweet

US Mint Personnel:
Sheila Barnett
Betty Birdsong
Pam Borer
Vanessa Franck
Mike Gaudioso
Ron Harrigal
Phebe Hemphill
Joe Menna
April Stafford
Megan Sullivan
Greg Weinman
Elizabeth Young

1. Chairperson Lannin opened the meeting at 1:02 pm.
2. Chairperson Lannin announced that the sole topic of the telephonic meeting was to
review the candidate designs for the 2018 American Innovations $1 Coin Program.
3. Betty Birdsong of the US Mint described the requirements for H.R. 770. The
introductory coin will bear an obverse common to all coins in the program. It will consist
of a likeness of the Statue of Liberty, and the inscriptions of “$1” and “In God We Trust.”
The reverse of the introductory coin will be inscribed with “United States of America”
and “American Innovators,” and it will include a representation of President George
Washington’s signature on the first U.S. patent in 1790. The inscription of the year of
minting or issuance, mint mark, and “E Pluribus Unum” will be edge-incused into all
4. The Bill was signed into law on July 20, 2018, necessitating an abbreviated period for the
process of design and production.

5. Committee member Dennis Tucker noted some conflicts within the bill:
The date and mint mark on the edge of the coin will be problematic for coin collectors.
There seems to be an inherent conflict in titling, as the program is named “American
Innovation” but the text is “American Innovators”.
6. Greg Weinman, Senior Legal Counsel, noted that Dennis’ comments were for the record
as the law mandated the text as “American Innovators” for the 2018 coin.
7. April Stafford, Office of Design Management, recapped the requirements of the
legislation, noting the common obverse for this 15-year program must feature a likeness
of the Statue of Liberty as well as the inscriptions “$1” and “In God we Trust.” As
specified in the legislation, the year of minting, the mint mark, and the inscription “E.
Pluribus Unum” will be incused on the edge of the coins. For the reverse, beginning in
2019, four coins will be released every year, one for each state, territory, and the
District of Columbia. To start the program, the legislation allows for an
introductory coin, to be released in 2018, with the reverse featuring George
Washington’s signature on the first United States patent as well as the inscriptions
“American Innovators” and “United States of America.”
8. An animated discussion of the reverse designs followed, with the Committee members
universally expressing dissatisfaction with the options presented.
9. Mike Moran noted that the Committee was presented with only a single obverse for the
next 15 years of the program and that was unacceptable, although the design itself had
been created by Don Everhart, retired Lead Sculptor-Engraver for the US Mint in
Philadelphia. The single design underscored the short time frame allowed to strike the
2018 coin, which would then carry through the series.
10. Dennis Tucker offered support for two designs, and Chairperson Lannin offered an
alternative view of George Washington’s signature for one design.
11. Mike Moran made a motion, seconded by Tom Uram, to decline to discuss the designs
due to quality of design and the pressures from a tight deadline. The motion passed
unanimously 10 – 0.
12. A motion was made by Chairperson Lannin, seconded by Robert Hoge, to adjourn. The
motion passed unanimously. Chairperson Lannin adjourned the meeting at 1:55 pm.