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Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
Public Meeting
Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 3:00 PM Eastern
United State Mint Headquarters
Telephonic Meeting
Washington, D.C.
In attendance:
Michael Bugeja
Robert Hoge
Erik Jansen
Mary Lannin
Gary Marks (Chair)
Michael Moran
Donald Scarinci
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
Thomas Uram
Heidi Wastweet
1. Chairperson Marks called the meeting to order at 3:09 P.M.
2. April Stafford of the United States Mint presented a proposal to produce a 2015
24-carat gold ultra-high relief coin and a silver medal carrying modern images of
Lady Liberty.
3. Chairperson Marks commented on the history of the 2009 Ultra-High Relief 24carat gold coin produced while Edmund Moy was the Mint Director. Mr. Marks
stated that it was Mr. Moy’s intent that the Mint would produce Ultra-high Relief
coins in the future using modern designs. Mr. Marks commented that the Mint’s
current proposal was keeping in line to Mr. Moy’s vision. Mr. Marks also stated
that the silver medal that is part of this proposal could serve as the first arts medal
as envisioned in the Committee’s April 8, 2014 recommendation for an arts medal
program. Mr. Marks said he felt the Mint’s proposal represented a opportunity for
the Mint’s artists and the Artistic Infusion Program Artists to produce exciting
new medallic art that would showcase their capabilities. He commented further
that he hoped the Mint would utilize the 40.6 mm Silver Eagle planchet for the
silver medal as was used in the case of the 2011 September 11th National Medal.
Committee members offered their comments on the Mint’s proposal. Support was
strong among members.
4. Motion by Mr. Scarinci, seconded by Mrs. Stevens-Sollman, to endorse and
support the United States Mint’s initiative to produce in 2015 an ultra-high relief
gold coin paired with a matching silver medal. The motion was unanimously

5. Chairperson Marks announced that he would appoint an Arts Medal Program
Subcommittee following the meeting and task it with developing a resolution
providing program details associated with the Committee’s April 8, 2014 arts
medal program recommendation. He said he would ask the Subcommittee to
report a consensus resolution to the Committee at its September, 2014 meeting.
6. There being no further business, Chairperson Marks adjourned the meeting at
4:04 p.m.