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Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
801 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20220


Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
Public Meeting
January 27, 2009
United States Mint Headquarters
Washington, DC
In Attendance:
John Alexander
Michael Brown
Roger Burdette
Gary Marks
Rev. Rick Meier
Mitch Sanders (chair)
Donald Scarinci
Joe Winter
1. The chair called the meeting to order at 10:30 AM.
2. The minutes of the committee’s November 24, 2008 meeting were unanimously
3. Kaarina Budow of the United States Mint presented proposed designs for the
2010 issues of the Presidential $1 Coin Program, honoring Presidents Fillmore,
Pierce, Buchanan, and Lincoln.
4. Most members spoke in favor of the committee’s usual preference that designs for
Presidential dollar coins should show an image of each President that reflects their
appearance during their time in office.
5. Most of the committee’s discussion was devoted to the proposed Lincoln designs.
Design 3, based on the photographic image by Alexander Gardner, was generally
considered to be most evocative of Lincoln as a war-weary President. Design 5
also received several expressions of support.
6. Each member rated each design by assigning 0, 1, 2, or 3 points. With eight
members present and voting, the maximum possible point total is 24.
7. The committee’s top two choices were as follows:
a. Fillmore: Design 1 – 18 points. Design 5 – 10 points.
b. Pierce:
Design 1 – 17 points. Design 3 – 11 points.
c. Buchanan: Design 2 – 12 points. Design 5 –10 points.
d. Lincoln: Design 3 – 17 points. Design 5 –11 points.
8. Cliff Northup of the United States Mint then updated the committee on the status
of the selection process for National Parks Quarter Program, to be inaugurated in

2010. Once sites are selected, after recommendation by state and territorial
governors, coins will be issued in the order of the sites’ establishment.
9. Reverend Meier mentioned to the committee that he, as a private citizen, is urging
legislation to place Theodore Roosevelt on the obverse of National Parks
Quarters, in tribute to President Roosevelt’s role in establishing America’s
national parks.
10. Members expressed considerable enthusiasm for Reverend Meier’s idea. Several
members pointed out that any such change would, be definition, be temporary,
because the legislation creating the National Parks Quarter Program specifies that
an image of George Washington will appear on the quarter after the program’s
11. After extensive discussion about whether a sua sponte suggestion was within the
CCAC’s mandate, the committee voted 8-0 to recommend to the Secretary of the
Treasury that consideration should be given to placing an image of Theodore
Roosevelt on the obverse of quarters issued as part of the National Parks Quarter
12. There being no further business, the chair adjourned the meeting at 12:05 PM.