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United States Mint
801 9th Street NW
Washington DC 20220
CCAC Telephonic Public Meeting
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
CCAC Members:
Robert Hoge
Mary Lannin
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
Dennis Tucker
Thomas Uram
Herman Viola
Heidi Wastweet

US Mint Personnel:
Ann Bailey
Betty Birdsong
Pam Borer
Darryl Delaney
Vanessa Franck
Joseph Menna
April Stafford
Megan Sullivan
Roger Vasquez
Greg Weinman
Michael White

Additional participant: Theo Charqualaf, Liaison, American Memorial Park, Northern Marianas
1. Chairperson Lannin opened the meeting at 3:00 pm EST.
2. Chairperson Lannin noted absent members Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Erik Jansen, Michael
Moran and Donald Scarinci.
3. A motion was made to accept the minutes and letters of the October 18 and October
25, 2017 meetings by Herman Viola and this was seconded by Robert Hoge.
4. April Stafford of the Office of Design Management, refreshed the Committee regarding
the background for the America the Beautiful 2019 American Memorial Park in the
Northern Mariana Islands. The new candidate designs focus on the elements that held
the most meaning for this site, specifically the Flag Circle and Court of Honor, along with
a cultural or human element. This Park honors the thousands of American and
indigenous Chamorros and Carolinians of the Northern Mariana Islands who gave their
lives during the Marianas campaign of World War II. It serves as a living legacy and
honors the sacrifices made during the campaign at three distinct locations within the
Park, one of them being the Memorial Court of Honor and Flag Circle. The Island was
secured by U.S. forces on July 9th, affording the allies a very strategic victory whereby

Japanese supply and communication lines were cut off, and B-29 bombers could now
launch from this location in range of the Japanese mainland.
5. The Committee heard from Theo Chargualaf, the site liaison who serves as Supervisory
Facility Operations Specialist, about the designs that park officials feel best represent
the park. He also discussed the regional dress as depicted by the artists, as well as the
feeling of solemnity that visitors feel when visiting the park.
6. Committee members discussed the various designs presented, and while there was
some interest in designs featuring a military theme, the liaison’s preferred selections of
a young Chamorro woman wearing traditional dress in front of the memorial garnered
the most commentary.
7. A motion was made by Jeanne Stevens-Sollman, seconded by Herman Viola, to
recommend MP2-04, the liaison’s preference. This design depicts a young Chamorro
woman wearing traditional dress, standing in front of the Flag Circle and resting her
hand on the plaque whose text honors the sacrifice of those who died in the liberation
of Saipan. The motion carried 6 – 1.
8. Ann Bailey of the United States Mint Numismatic and Bullion Directorate discussed the
Presidential Silver Medal series, which the United States Mint has the authority to
strike. The series will begin in 2018 with two medals, and proceed with a release of four
medals per year. The planchet will be the same as the silver American Eagle, will be .999
silver, weigh one ounce, and will be approximately 1 ½ inches in diameter. These
designs will be the same as those featured on the bronze presidential medals and will be
proof finish. There is no household limit and these will be struck in perpetuity. A
discussion among the Committee members included packaging and display concepts for
the complete series.
9. Ann Bailey discussed initial thoughts about a Military Silver Medal series. Memos were
being written for permission to strike these. These would be struck just for the branch,
not date or anniversary-specific, not battle-specific, but something for every branch of
the military. They would also be on an American Eagle-size planchet and be .999 silver,
with an additional smaller bronze medal available at a lower price point. This series
could begin in 2020 and be released over two to three years, with no household limit.
These would also be available in perpetuity. The CCAC recommend that the designs
feature a singular device, and with no year or mint mark. The mottos and founding year
of military branch will be considered as well. Chairperson Lannin remarked that if the
designs did use people, that the artists consider using both men and women. Additional
discussion points were packaging and the inclusion of other branches of service, such as
the Ambulance Field Service. Ms. Bailey noted that the Mint was cognizant of that and

also the possibility that future commemorative coins could recognize these services.
Since there is no limit on these medals, they will not compete with the limited World
War I medal series just released.
10. Darryl Delaney of the US Mint discussed the 2021-2025 platinum series. The theme of
the series would be the five freedoms, mentioned in the First Amendment of the United
States Constitution: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to peacefully
assemble, freedom of the press and freedom to petition the government for perceived
grievances. These coins would be in proof finish. The Mint’s goal would be to have a
single artist render the series for artistic purposes. With a long lead time, the Committee
could have more input into the development process. Tom Uram brought up the
possibility of using some of the platinum designs for other Mint issues, such as the
quarter dollar.
11. Chairperson Lannin opened the meeting for discussion of the 2017 Annual Report.
Hearing no further comments, Chairperson Lannin asked for a motion to be made
accepting the report. Tom Uram made the motion and it was seconded by Robert Hoge.
The motion passed unanimously
12. Chairperson Lannin made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:10 pm, seconded by
Robert Hoge. The motion to adjourn passed unanimously.