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Joint Statement on Combatting Venezuelan Corruption | U.S. Department of the Treasury

Joint Statement on Combatting Venezuelan Corruption
July 12, 2018

The Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia Mauricio Cardenas hosted a meeting with
o icials from Mexico, Panama, and the United States to share information on corrupt
Venezuelan government o icials and their support networks. Participants agreed to expand
international cooperation and information sharing on corrupt Venezuelan o icials and their
support networks.
Participants recognized the importance of international coordination to combat illicit finance
networks that support President Maduro’s repressive regime. The group noted that the regime
is using food and humanitarian aid as a weapon for social control. Furthermore, the Finance
Ministries of the four countries condemned the large-scale the of funds from the Venezuelan
food aid program (CLAP) and shared financial intelligence on corruption networks that are
profiting at the expense of the su ering Venezuelan people. A er several months of work
together, multiple lines of investigation are underway, and the group decided to include
additional countries to continue the process of joint investigation. The group reiterated its
support for the Venezuelan people who deserve to have a voice in the future of their country.
This engagement builds on the high-level commitment from partners in the region to support
the Venezuelan people and hold those responsible for the political, social, and economic crises
accountable for their actions.


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