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F e d e r a l R e s e r v e Ba n k

Dallas, Texas, October 16, 1959

To All Banking Institutions
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
We have received a number of inquiries about the new Lincoln Cent,
indicating that some people are under the impression that there is an error
in the design of the Cent and that the coins will become valuable collector’s
items. The Treasury Department has informed us that, contrary to such
impression, there is no error in the design of the new Lincoln Cent. The
small “ o” in the wording “ United States of America” is a part of a perma­
nent change in design which, by law, will remain in effect for the next
twenty-five years.
It will be appreciated if the tellers and other persons handling cash in
your bank will, when the occasion arises, inform your customers that there
is no foundation to the rumors that the new Lincoln Cent contains an
error in design.


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