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F ed e r a l

r e s e r v e

B a n k


Dallas, Texas, May 25, 1962


To All B anks in th e
E leventh F e d e r a l R e s e rv e District:

L. G. Pondrom, Vice President of this Bank, after reaching the normal
retirement age of 65, will retire on June 1, 1962, under the provisions of the
Retirement System of the Federal Reserve banks. Mr. Pondrom has completed
46 years of service with the Federal Reserve Bank, during which he served in
various capacities at Dallas and at the Houston and San Antonio branches.
Since 1947, he has been a vice president at the Dallas office. His most recent
assignment has been as Vice President in charge of Examination.
Thomas R. Sullivan will succeed Mr. Pondrom as Vice President of the
Bank, effective June 1, 1962. Mr. Sullivan joined the Federal Reserve Bank
in 1939 but left for service with the armed forces in 1942. Upon his return,
Mr. Sullivan spent nine years in the Examination Department of the Bank,
moving from an assistant examiner to examiner. In 1955, Mr. Sullivan was
promoted to assistant cashier, serving at the Houston Branch until 1959 when
he was promoted to assistant vice president, with direct supervision over the
Examination Department at Dallas.
Yours very truly,

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