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Dallas, Texas, August 18, 1958

To all Banking Institutions and Others Concerned
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
There is quoted below a press statement issued today by the Treasury
“Secretary of the Treasury Anderson today announced that
in order to afford the individuals (and personal trust estates) who
have held Series F and G savings bonds originally issued on and
after September 1, 1946, and which mature beginning September
1, 1958, for the full 12 years maturity, an opportunity to continue
their investments in United States Savings Bonds, they will be
permitted until further notice to reinvest the proceeds, as they
mature, in Series E or H bonds, without regard to the annual limi­
tation of $10,000 (maturity value) for each series.
“Those holders can purchase Series E or H bonds or a com­
bination of both up to such denominational amounts as the pro­
ceeds of their matured bonds will fully cover. This can be accom­
plished by presenting the Series F and G bonds to any Federal
Reserve Bank or Branch.
“Series E or H bonds so purchased will be dated as of the first
day of the month in which the matured Series F or G bonds are
presented for payment. In order to preserve the continuity of their
investment, holders of the maturing bonds are urged to present
them for exchange during the month in which they mature.
“Holders other than individuals and personal trust estates
will not be permitted to reinvest the proceeds of their maturing
Series F or G bonds outside of the limitation on holdings for Series
E and H bonds.”
Yours very truly.
Watrous H. Irons

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