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Dallas, Texas, August 28,1953

To the Member Banks in the

Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

This is to announce the retirement on September 1, 1953, of Mr. R. B. Coleman,
Vice President, who has reached the normal retirement age of sixty-five under the pro­
visions of the Retirement System of the Federal Reserve Banks.
Mr. Coleman has had more than thirty-eight years of continuous service with the
bank. He began as a clerk in the Auditing Department on July 2, 1915, later served as
paying teller in the Cash Department, and was made an Assistant Cashier on January
1, 1918. After several years of service in that capacity, he was elected Manager of our
Houston Branch, and on March 15, 1924, returned to the Head Office as Cashier. Sub­
sequently he served as Deputy Governor, then as Vice President, in which capacity he
has had the general supervision of the Fiscal Agency Department for a number of years.
In addition to the valuable contribution that Mr. Coleman has made to the develop­
ment of operating procedures at this bank during his connection with the institution, he
has served on various Federal Reserve System committees and also as a member of the
Board of Trustees of the Retirement System.
Mr. Harry A. Shuford, Vice President and General Counsel, will assume general
supervision of the Fiscal Agency Department, effective September 1, 1953, and will con­
tinue to have general supervision of the bank’s legal activities.
Very truly yours,
Chairman of the Board

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