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ed eral

r e se r v e

b a n k


Dallas, Texas, October 23, 1951

T o th e M em ber and N on m em b er C learin g B anks
o f th e E leven th F ed era l R e se rv e D is tr ic t:

This year N ovem ber 11, A rm istice Day, falls on Sunday; therefore, under the laws o f the State
o f Texas the follow ing M onday, N ovem ber 12, is a legal holiday. Furtherm ore, since N ovem ber 13
has been fixed b y the Texas Legislature as a day fo r holding an election throughout the State, this
day also is a legal holiday. A s a general rule, banks in Texas would remain closed on these d a y s ;
however, m any member banks have recognized that to close fo r such an extended period o f time
(in some cases from noon Saturday, N ovem ber 10, to W ednesday m orning, N ovem ber 14) m ight
seriously inconvenience the public, and fo r this reason have indicated that they will remain open
on N ovem ber 13.
In view o f these unusual circum stances and to cooperate with the m ember banks which remain
open, the Federal Reserve Bank o f Dallas will have limited personnel on duty N ovem ber 13 fo r the
purpose o f handling the follow in g types o f transactions :
1. The receipt and paym ent o f currency and coin.
2. The receipt o f wire transfers o f funds and the dispatch o f wire transfers o f funds
against reserve balances.
Such o f these transactions as are handled on N ovem ber 13 will be entered on our books that day.
N o other business will be conducted. Specifically, and by way o f example and not limitation, no
transactions involving the presentation, notice o f dishonor or protest o f checks or other cash or
noncash items will be handled nor will w e conduct any business in our capacity as fiscal agent.
F or your fu rth er inform ation, all Federal Reserve Banks and Branches, including this bank
and its branches, will be closed on Monday, Novem ber 12, in observance o f A rm istice Day (Sunday,
N ovem ber 11), w ith the exception o f the follow in g:
N ew Orleans
L ittle Rock
This bank and its branches will also be closed on Thursday, N ovem ber 22, in observance o f
Thanksgiving Day, and we are inform ed that all other Federal Reserve Banks and Branches will
be closed on th at day.
The follow ing additional holidays will also be observed by the other Federal Reserve Banks
and Branches during the m onth o f N ovem ber:
N ovem ber 1 (T hursday)

New Orleans

A ll Saints Day

N ovem ber 6 (Tuesday)

New Y ork
Cleveland (Open until 1:00 p.m.)
Cincinnati (Open until 1:00 p.m .)
Richm ond

General Election D ay

Y ours very truly,


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