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Re s e r v e b a n k o f Da l l a s

October 31, 1950

To the Member and Nonmember Clearing Banks
of the Eleventh Federal Reserve D istrict:

We are informed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
that acting under applicable provisions of Missouri law and in
conformity with the action taken by the member banks of the
Kansas City, Missouri, Clearing House Association, that bank
will be closed on each Saturday beginning November 4, 1950.
Due consideration should be given to the Saturday closing
referred to with respect to transfers of funds to and from banks
in the territory served by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas
City. Attention is also called to the possibility o f there being a
delay in the return o f dishonored cash items and in the receipt
o f advice o f the nonpayment o f such items.
We are further informed that the Oklahoma City and Omaha
branches of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City will remain
open on all Saturdays except those which are legal holidays in
the States in which they are located, and that the Denver Branch
will continue to observe Saturday closing as they have since
June 4, 1949.
Yours very truly,

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