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F ederal Reserve Ban k

Dallas, Texas, October 30, 1950

To the Member Bank Addressed:

I am pleased to announce that our Board o f Directors has elected
Mr. Leon Daniels General Auditor o f the bank effective November 1, 1950.
Mr. Daniels is a graduate o f the Wharton School o f Finance and Commerce
of the University o f Pennsylvania and is a Certified Public Accountant. For
a number o f years he has been connected with the nationally known
accounting firm o f Lybrand, Ross Bros, and Montgomery in its Philadel­
phia office.
Following the death o f General Auditor F. T. Novey last May, and
pending the election of Mr. Novey’s successor, Mr. E. H. Berg, Assistant
General Auditor, was designated Acting General Auditor. Effective Novem­
ber 1,1950, Mr. Berg will resume his position o f Assistant General Auditor.

Very truly yours,
Chairman o f the Board

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