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F e d e r a l r e s e r v e B a n k o f Da l l a s
D A L L A S 13, T E X A S

November 26 , 1945

To the Bank Addressed:
The Peoples Bank & Trust Company, Minden,
Louisiana, a nonmember bank located in the te r r ito r y
served by the head o f f i c e , has n o tifie d th is bank
that i t w ill remit at par, e ffe c tiv e December 1 , fo r
checks drawn on i t , when received from the Federal
Reserve Bank.
The change w ill be r e fle c te d in the December,
1945, supplement to the Federal Reserve Par L i s t .


This publication was digitized and made available by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas' Historical Library (

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