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Federal Reserve Bank
of Dallas

Which We Are Advised Were Authorized to Resume
Banking Operations March 13, 14 and 15, 1933


This publication was digitized and made available by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas' Historical Library (

Member banks authorized to resume banking operations. This list is based upon the best information obtainable by
the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas to date and should be verified. It is given without responsibility on our part.
(♦State Bank Members.

Douglas, First National (E P)
Nogales, First National (E P)
Tucson, Consolidated National (E P)
Arcadia, First National
Homer, Homer National
Lake Providence, First National
Mansfield, American National
Monroe, Ouachita National
Ruston, First National
Shereveport, Commercial National
Bank in
♦Shreveport, Continental American
Bank and Trust Company
Shreveport, First National Bank
New Mexico
Carlsbad, Carlsbad National (E P)
Carrizozo, First National (E P)
Clovis, Clovis National (E P)
♦Deming, Mimbres Valley (E P)
Elida, First National (E P)
Hagerman, First National (E P)
Hatch, First National (E P)
Hot Springs, Hot Springs National

Melrose, First National (E P)
Nara Visa, First National (E P)
Portales, First National (E P)
Roswell, First Natinal (E P)
Santa Rosa, First National (E P)
Silver City, American Natl (E P)
Tucumcari, American Natl (E P)
Tucumcari, First Nat'l (E P)
Coalgate, First National
Colbert, First National
Durant, Durant National
Durant, First National
Hugo, National Bank of Commerce
Idabel, Idabel National
Madill, First National
Madill, Madill National
Mill Creek, First National
Abilene, Citizens National
Abilene, F. & M. National
Albany, First National
Allen, First National
Alpine, First National (S A )
Alpine, State National (S A)
Alvord, Alvord National
Amarillo, Amarillo National
Amarillo, First National
Amherst, First National
Anderson, First National (H)
Anna, First National
Annona, First National
Anson, First National
Aspermont, First National
Athens, First National
Atlanta, Atlanta National
Atlanta, First National
Austin, American National Bank
(SA )

Austin, Austin National Bank (S A )
Bailey, First National
Baird, First National
Ballinger, First National
Bandera, First National (S A)
Bardwell, First National

E P— E Paso Branch.

H— Houston Branch.

S A—San Antonio Branch)

Bartlett, Bartlett National
Bartlett, First National
Bastrop, First National (H)
Bay City, First National (H)
Beaumont, American National Bank
Beaumont, First National Bank (H)
♦Beaumont, Security State Bank and
Trust Company (H)
Beeville, Commercial National (S A )
Beeville, First National (S A )
Bellevue, First National
Bells, First National
Bellville, First National (H)
Belton, Peoples National
Big Spring, First National
Big Spring, State National
Big Spring, West Texas National
Blanco, Blanco National ( SA)
Bogata, First National
Bonham, First National
Bowie, First National
Brady, Brady National
Brady, Commercial National
Breckenridge, First National
♦Bremond, First State
Brenham, First National (H )
Bridgeport, First National
Bronte, First National
♦Brownfield, Brownfield State
Brownfield, First National
Brownsville, State National (S A )
Brownwood, First National
Bryan, City National (H )
Bryan, First National (H)
*Bryan, First State Bk. & Tr. (H)
Byers, First National
Bynum, First National
Caddo Mills, State National
Caldwell, Caldwell National (H)
Cameron, Citizens National
Cameron, First National
Canadian, First National
Canadian, Southwest National
Canton, First National
Canyon, First National
♦Canyon, First State
Carthage, First National
Celeste, First National
Childress, City National
Childress, First National
Chillicothe, First National
Cisco, First National
♦Clarendon, Farmers State
Clarendon, First National
Clarksville, Red River National
Claude, First National
Cleburne, City National
Cleveland, First National (H)
*Clifton, Farmers State
Coleman, First Coleman National
Colorado, City National
Comanche, Comanche National
Commerce, First National
Conroe, First National (H)
Coolidge, First National
Cooper, Delta National
Cooper, First National
Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi
National (S A )
Cornus Christi, State National

Corsicana, First National
Corsicana, State National
Cotulla, Stockmen's National (S A )
Crandall, Citizens National
Crockett, First National (H)

Crosbyton, Citizens National
Cuero, Buchel National ( S A)
Cushing, First National (H)
Daingerfield, Citizens National
Daingerfield, National Bank of
Dallas, First National Bank
Dallas, National Bank of Commerce
Dallas, Republic National Bank and
Trust Company
♦Dallas, Mercantile Bank and Trust
Company of Texas
♦Dallas, Dallas Bank and Trust Co.
♦Dalhart, Citizens State
Darrouzett, First National
Dawson, First National
Decatur, First National
DeKalb, First National
DeLeon, F. & M. National
Del Rio, Del Rio National (S A)
♦Del Rio, Del Rio Bank & Trust Co.
(S. A.)
Denison, Citizens National
Denison, State National
Denton, Denton County National
Deport, First National
Devine, Adams National (S A )
Dodd City, First National
♦Dodsonville, First State
Dublin, Dublin National
Dublin, Farmers National
Eagle Lake, First National (H)
Eagle Pass, First National ( S A )
Eddy, First National
♦Eden, Eden State
El Campo, First National (H )
Eldorado, First National
El Paso, El Paso National Bank
(E P)

El Paso, State National Bank (E P)
Elgin, Elgin National (H)
Emory, First National
Ennis, Citizens National
Evant, First National
Fabens, First National (E P)
Falfurrias, First National ( S A )
Falls City, Falls City National

Farmersville, First National
Fayetteville, Farmers National (H)
♦Ferris, F. & M. State
Floresville, First City National
( S A)
Floydada, First National
Follett, Follett National
Forney, Farmers National
Fort Worth, Continental National
Fort Worth, First National Bank
Fort Worth, Fort Worth National
Fort Worth, Stockyards National
Franklin, First National
♦Franklin, First State
Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg
National ( S A)
Freeport, Freeport National (H)
Frost, Frost National
Gainesville, First National
Galveston, City National Bank (H)
Galveston, First National Bank (H)
Galveston, Hutchings-Sealy Na­
tional Bank (H)
Galveston, United States National
Bank (H)
Garland, State National
Gatesville, First National

(♦State Bank Members.

Gatesville, Gatesville National
*Gatesvine, Guaranty Hank & Trust
Georgetown, .bust National
Gidcnugs, birst national (H)
Gilmer, F .& M. National
Gilmer, First National
Glen xtose, First National
Goulthwaite, First National
Gonad, First National (JS A)
Gordon, birst National
Gorman, First National
Graiord, birst National
Graham, First National
Graham, Graham National
Granhury, b’irst National
Grand banne, State National
Grandview, First National
Granger, birst National
Granger, Granger National
Grapevine, Tan. ant Uounty National
*Greenville, Citizens State
Greenville, Greenville National
Gregory, First National ( S A)
Groesoeck, Citizens National
Groom, State National
Groveton, birst national (H)
Hale Center, First National
Haiiettsville, birst National (H )
*hamiiton, Hamilton Hank & Trust
Hamilton, Hamilton National
Hamilton, Ferry National
Hamlin, F. & M. National
Hamnn, First National
Handley, First National
Harlingen, birst National ( S A )
Haskell, Haskell National
Hebbronville, b irst National (S A)
Henderson, Citizens National
Henderson, First National
Hereiora, First National
Hico, First National
Hico, Hico National Bank
Higgins, First National
Hiiisooro, Citizens National
Holland, First National
Hondo, First National (S A)
Honey Grove, First National
Houston, First National Hank (H)
Houston, Harrisourg National Bank
Houston, Houston National Bank
Houston, National Bank of Com­
merce (H)
Houston, Second National Bank (H)
Houston, South Texas Commercial
National Bank (H)
Houston, State National Bank (H)
Houston, Union National Bank (H)
Hubbard, First National
Hughes Springs, First National
Huntsville, First National (H)
*Iola, Iola State (H)
Iowa Park, State National
Irene, First National
Italy, First National
Itasca, First National
Jacksboro, First National
Jacksboro, Jacksboro National
Jacksonville, First National (H)
Jasper Citizens National (H)
Jefferson, Rogers National
Karnes City, Karnes County
National (S A)
Kaufman, F. & M. National
Kemp, First National
Kenedy, First Nichols National

Kerens, First National


Paso Branch.

H—Houston Branch.

Kilgore, Kilgore National
Knieen, First National
*Killeen, First State
Kingsville, b irst national (S A )
*Kirkiand, First State
*Kosse, birst State
Lacoste, HaCoste National (S A)
LaFeria, First National ( SA)
LaGrange, First National (H)
Lakeview, First National
Lamesa, First National
Lamesa, Lamesa National
Lampasas, birst National
Lampasas, Peoples National
Lancaster, First National
Lanorte, First National (H)
Laredo, Laredo National ( S A)
Leonard, Leonard National
Leveliand, First National
Lewisville, First National
Liberty, First Liberty National (H)
Linden, First National
Lipan, First National
Livingston, First National (H)
*Llano, Moore State (S A)
Lockhart, First National (S A)
Lockhart, Lockhart National (S A )
Lockney, First National
Longview, First National
Longview, Rembert National
*Loraine, First State
Lott, Lott National
Lovelady, State National (H)
Lubbock, Citizens National
Lubbock, First National
Lubbock, Lubbock National
Lufkin, Lufkin National (H)
*Luling, Lipscomb Bank & Trust

Mabank, First National
*Madisonville, Farmers State (H)
Madisonville, First National (H)
Malakoff, First National
Marfa, Marfa National (S A)
Marlin, First National
Marshall, First National
Marshall, Marshall National
Marshall, State National
Mart, F. & M. National
Mart, First National
Mason, Mason National (S A)
Matador, First National
*Matador, First State
*Mathis, First State (S A )
May, First National
McGregor, First National
*McKinney, Central State
McKinney, Collin County National
McLean, American National
Melissa, Melissa National
Melvin, First National
Memphis, First National
Memphis, Hall County National
Menard, Menard National
Merkel, F. & M. National
*Mertens, First State
Mertzon, First National
Mesquite, First National
Mexia, City National
Mexia, Prendergast-Smith National
Midland, First National (E P)
Midland, Midland National (E P)
Milford, First National
Mineola, First National
Mineral Wells, City National
Mineral Wells, State National
Mission, First National (S A)
Moody, First National
Moran, Moran National
Mt. Calm, First National
Mt. Pleasant .First National


S A— San Antonio Branch)

*Mt. Pleasant,Guaranty Bond State
Mt. Vernon, First National
Munday, First National
*Nacogdoches, Commercial State
Nacogdoches, Stone Fort National
Naples, Morris County National
Navasota, First National (H)
Nevada, First National
New Boston, First National
New Braunfels, First National
( SA)
Newton, First National (H)
Nixon, Nixon National (S A)
Nocona, F. & M. National
Nocona, Peoples National
Nordheim, First National (S A )
Normangee, First National
Odessa, First National (E P)
Oglesby, First National
Olney, City National
Olney, First National
Orange, First National (H)
Orange, Orange National (H)
Ozona, Ozona National
Paducah, First National
Palestine, East Texas National (H)
Palestine, First National (H)
Palestine, Royal National (H)
Panhandle, First National
Paris, Liberty National
Pecos, First National (E P)
Perrin, First National
Perry ton, First National
Perry ton, Perry ton National
Pilot Point, Pilot Point National
Plano, First National
Pleasanton .First National (S A)
Port Arthur, First National (H)
Port Arthur, Merchants National
Port Neches, First National (H)
Post, First National
Poth, First National (S A)
Purdon, First National
Quanah, First National
Quanah, Security National
Quitaque, First National
Quitman, First National
*Ralls, Security State Bank & Trust
Raymondville, First National (S A )
Reagan, First National
Refugio, First National (S A)
Rhome, First National
*Riehardson, Citizens State
Richland, First National
Richmond, First National (H)
Richmond, Fort Bend National (H)
*Robert Lee, First State
Robstown, State National ( S A )
Rochelle, Rochelle National
Rockport, First National ( S A)
Rockwall, First National
Rogers, First National
Rosebud, First National
Rosebud, Planters National
Rosenberg, First National (H)
Rotan, First National
Rowena, First National
*Rusk, F. & M. State Bank & Trust
Saint Jo, Citizens National
Saint Jo, First National
San Angelo, Central National
San Angelo, First National
San Angelo, San Angelo National
San Antonio, Alamo National Bank
( S A)
San Antonio, Commercial National
Bank ( S A )

(♦State Bank Members.

San Antonio, Frost National Bank,

San Antonio, Groos National Bank


San Antonio, National Bank of
Commerce (S A)
San Antonio, National Bank of Fort
Sam Houston (S A)
San Antonio, San Antonio National
Bank (S A)
San Augustine, First National (H)
Sanger, First National
San Marcos, First National (S A)
San Saba, City National
Santo, First National
Schulenberg, First National (H)
Schwertner, First National
Seguin, First National (S A)
Seymour, Farmers National
Seymour, First National
Shamrock, First National
Sherman, M. & P. National
Shiner, First National (H)
♦Shiro, Farmers State (H)
Snyder, Snyder National
Sonora, First National
Sour Lake, Citizens National (H)
Spearman, First National
♦Spearman, First State
Spur, Spur National
Stamford, First National
♦Stamford, Stamford State

E P—El Paso Branch.

H—Houston Branch.

S A— San Antonio Branch)

Stanton, First National (E P)
Stephenville, Farmers-First Natl.
Sterling City, First National
Strawn, First National
Strawn, Strawn National
Streetman, First National
Sudan, First National
Sulphur Springs, City National
Sulphur Springs, First National
Taft, First National (S A )
Tahoka, First National
Taylor, City National
Taylor, First-Taylor National
Teague, First National
Teague, Teague National
Terrell, American National
Texarkana, Texarkana National
Texas City, Texas City National
Thornton, First National
Throckmorton, First National
Tom Bean, First National
Trenton, First National
Troup, First National
Tulia, First National
Tyler, Citizens National
Tyler, Peoples National
Uvalde, Commercial National (S A)
Valley View, First National
Valley View, Valley View National
Van Alstyne, First National
Vernon, Herring National

Vernon, Waggoner National
Victoria, Victoria National (H)
Waco, Citizens National Bank
Waco, First National Bank
Waco, National City Bank
Waxahachie, Citizens National
Weatherford, Citizens National
Weatherford, First National
Wellington, City National
Wellington, First National
♦Wellington, Wellington State
West, National Bank of
West, State National
♦Wharton, Security Bank & Trust
♦Wharton, Wharton Bank & Trust
Whitesboro, Whitesboro National
Whitewright, First National
Whitney, First National
Wichita Falls, City National
Wichita Falls, First National
Wills Point, First National
Wills Point, State National
Windom, First National
Winnsboro, First National
Winters, First National
Wolfe City, Wolfe City National
Woodsboro, First National ( S A)
Wortham, First National
Yoakum, Yoakum National (S A)
Yorktown, First National (S A )

Non-member banks authorized to resume banking operations without any restrictions other than those applicable
to all banking institutions under Executive Order of March 10, 1933. This list is based upon the best information obtain­
able by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas to date and should be verified. It is given without responsibility on our part.
(E P —El Paso branch.

Bisbee, Bank of Bisbee (E P)
Bisbee, Miners & Merchants Bank
(E P)

Bowie, Bowie Branch Riggs Bank

Douglas, Bank of Douglas (E P)
Lowell, Bank of Lowell ( EP)
Tucson, Southern Ariz. Bk. & Tr.
Co. ( EP)
Willcox, Riggs Bank (E P)
New Mexico
Alamogordo, Otero County State
Bank (E P)
Anthony, Valley Mer. & Banking Co.

Clovis, Citizens Bank (E P)
Las Cruces, Mesilla Valley Bank
(E P)

Logan, McFarland Bros Bank (E P)
Lovington, Lea County State Bank
(E P)

Mountainair, The First State Bank
of ( EP)
Roswell, Bank of Commerce (E P)
Vaughn, Citizens State Bank (E P)
None— We are advised Bank Holiday
extended through March 19, 1933.
No advice received

H—Houston branch.

S A— San Antonio branch)

Alamo, First State Bank (S A)
Alice, Alice Bank & Trust Co. (S A)
Alice, Texas State Bank ( S A)
Allison, The First State Bank
Alto, Continental State Bank (H)
Alto, Alto State Bank (H)
Alvarado, Citizens State Bank
Alvin, Alvin State Bank (H)
Amarillo, Amarillo Bank & Tr. Co.
Amarillo, American State Bank
Anahuac, Security State Bank (H)
Andrews, Andrews State Bank

Angleton, Angleton State Bank (H)
Angleton, Brazoria County State
Bank (H)
Annona, Russell Exchange Bank
Anton, Anton State Bank
Aransas Pass, First State Bank
( SA)
Archer City, First State Bank in
Arlington, First State Bank
Arp, Arp State Bank
Asherton, Union State Bank (S A)
Athens, Guaranty Bond State Bank
Austin, Republic Bank & Trust Co.


Austin, Security Trust Co. ( SA)
Avinger, First State Bank
Ballinger, F & M State Bank
Ballinger, Security State Bank
Balmorhea. Toyah Valley State
Bank (E P)
Bandera, First State Bank ( S A )
Bangs, First State Bank

Barstow, Citizens State Bank (E P)
Bastrop, Citizens State Bank (H)
Bay City, Bay City Bank & Trust
Co. (H)
Bedias, First State Bank (H)
Beeville, State Bank & Trust Co.
(S A)
Bellville, Austin County State Bank
Benevides, Merchants Exchange
Bank ( S A )
Benjamin, Benjamin State Bank
Ben Wheeler, First State Bank
Bertram, D. C. Reed & Co., Bkrs.
Bertram, Farmers State Bank
Bishop, First State Bank ( SA)
Big Lake, Big Lake State Bank
Big Sandy, First State Bank
Blanket, Blanket State Bank
Blue Ridge, Security State Bank
Boerne, Boerne State Bank (S A)
Bonham, Bonham State Bank
Boyd, Continental State Bank
Braeketville, First State Bank (S A)
Bradshaw, Bank of Bradshaw
Brazoria, First State Bank (H)
Brazos, Brazos State Bank
Breckenridge, Texas State Bank
Brenham, Giddings & Giddings (H)
Brenham, Washington Co. State
Bank (H)
Brookshire, Farmers State Bank
Brownsboro, First State Bank
Bryson, First State Bank

(♦State Bank-Members.

E P— El Paso Branch.

H— Houston Branch.

S A —San Antonio Branch)

Buckholts, Buckholts State Bank
Buffalo, Citizens State Bank
Buna, Buna State Bank (H)
Burkburnett, Farmers State Bank
Burkeville, Burkeville State Bank
Burleson, F. & M. State Bank
Burnet, First State Bank
Burton, Burton State Bank (H)
Caldwell, First State Bank (H)
Calvert, Calvert State Bank
Calvert, Citizens State Bank
Canadian, Canadian State Bank
Carlton, Farmers State Bank
Carmine, Carmine State Bank (H)
Carrizo Springs, Citizens State
Bank ( S A)
Carrollton, Farmers & Merchants
State Bank
Carthage, First State Bank
Catarina, Catarina State Bank
(S A)
Cedar Hill, The First State Bank
Celina, First State Bank
Center, Farmers State Bank (H)
Center, State Guaranty Bond Bank
Center Point, Guadalupe Valley
Bank (S A)
Centerville, Centerville State Bank
Chappell Hill, Farmers State Bank
Charlotte, Charlotte State Bank
(S A )
Chico, Chico State Bank
Chico, First Bank of
Childress, First State Bank
Chillicothe, Bank of Chiilicothe
Chilton, Chilton Citizens Bank
Chilton, First State Bank
Chester, Chester State Bank (H)
Chireno, Chireno State Bank (H)
Chriesman, First State Bank (H)
Cibolo, Cibolo Bank (S A)
Clarendon, Donley Co. State Bank
Claude, First State Bank
Cleburne, Cleburne State Bank
Cleveland, Farmers State Bank (H)
Colmesneil, First State Bank (H)
Columbus, Columbus State Bank
Columbus, First State Bank (H)
Comanche, First State Bank
Comfort, Comfort State Bank (S A)
Commerce, Security State Bank
Corpus Christi, The Corpus Christi
Trust Co. ( S A)
Corpus Christi, Texas State Bank
& Trust Co. (S A)
Corrigan, Citizens State Bank (H)
Cotulla, Farmers & Stockmans Bank
(S A)
Coupland, Coupland State Bank
Covington, First State Bank of
Cranfils Gap, First Security State
Crawford, Farmers State Bank
Crockett, Crockett State Bank (H)
Crosby, Crosby State Bank (H)
Crowell, Crowell State Bank
Crowley, Continental State Bank
Crystal City, Zavalla Co. Bank
(S A)
Cuero, Farmers State Bank & Trust
Co. ( S A )
Dalhart, Midway Bank & Trust Co,
Dalby Springs, Dalby Springs Ex­
change Bank
Dallas, Dallas Union Trust Co,.
Dallas, Grand Avenue State Bank

Dallas, Hillcrest State Bank
Dallas, Liberty State Bank
Dallas, Oak Cliff Bank & Trust Co.
Dallas, Texas Bank & Trust Co.
Dayton, Dayton State Bank (H)
Deanville, First State Bank (H)
D’Hanis, D’Hanis State Bank (S A)
Dilley, Dilley State Bank ( SA)
Dime Box, First State Bank (H)
Donie, The Donie State Bank
Donna, The Citizens State Bank

Denton, First State Bank of
Deport, Deport State Bank
Dimmitt, First State Bank
Dumas, First State Bank
Eagle Lake, Central State Bank (H)
Eagle Pass, Viguera Banking Co.
( SA)
East Bernard, Union State Bank
Edinburg, The American State Bank
& Trust Co. (S A)
Edna, Jackson County State Bank
El Campo, Commercial State Bank
Electra, Electra State Bank
Eliasville, Eliasville State Bank
Elkhart, Elkhart State Bank (H)
Elgin, First State Bank (H)
Ellinger, First State Bank (H)
Elsa, The Canal Banking Company
(S A)
Elysian Fields, Security State Bank
Enloe, Enloe State Bank
Ennis, Farmers State Bank
Eustace, First State Bank
Fairfield, Farifield State Bank
Farwell, The Security State Bank
Fate, First State Bank
Fentress, Fentress State Bank

Flatonia, Flatonia State Bank (H )
Florence, Union State Bank
Fluvanna, First State Bank
Flynn, Flynn State Bank
Ft Davis, Ft. Davis State Bank

Fort Stockton, Pecos County State
Bank (E P)
Fort Worth, First State Bank
Fort Worth, Cattlemens Trust Co
Fort Worth, Fraternal Bank and
Trust Co.
Fort Worth, Union Bank & Trust
Frankston, First State Bank (H)
Friona, Friona State Bank
Fulbright, Fulbright State Bank
Gainesville, First State Bank
Galveston, Security Trust Co. (H)
Galveston, W. L. Moody & Co. (H)
Ganado, Citizens State Bank (H)
Garwood, Garwood State Bank (H)
Gary, Gary State Bank
Georgetown, Farmers State Bank
Giddings, Citizens State Bank (H)
Gladewater, Everett Banking Co.
Goldthwaite, Trent State Bank
Goliad, Commercial Bank (S A)
Gonzales, Gonzales State Bank


Goodlett, First State Bank
Goose Creek, Citizens State Bank &
. Trust Co. (H)
Goose Creek, Security State Bank

Gordon, Gordon Banking and
Mercantile Co
Gordonville, Gordonvrlle State Bank
Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie State
Grapeland, Farmers & Merchants
State Bank (H)
Grapeland, Grapeland State Bank
Grapevine, Grapevine Home Bank
Grosbeck, Continental State Bank
Grosbeck, Farmers State Bank
Gruver, First State Bank
Gunter, Continental State Bank
Hallettsville, Peoples State Bank
Hallsville, First State Bank
Harleton, First State Bank
Harper, First State Bank ( S A )
Harwood, First State Bank (S A )
Hearne, P. & M. State Bank
Heidenheimer, Heidenheimer State
Hempstead, Citizens State Bank
Henrietta, W. B. Worsham & Co.
Hereford, First State Bank
Hillsboro, Colonial Trust Co.
Hitchcock, Citizens State Bank (H )
Hitchcock, H. L. Roberts & Co. (H)
Hondo, Hondo State Bank ( S A )
Houston, Citizens State Bank (H )
Houston, City Bank & Trust
Company (H)
Houston, Fidelity Trust Co. (H)
Houston, Guardian Trust Co. (H)
Houston, Houston Land & Trust Co,
Houston, San Jacinto Trust Co. (H )
Houston, Bankers Mortgage Co. (H )
Hubbard, First State Bank
Hull, Hull State Bank (H)
Humble, Humble State Bank (H )
Huntsville, Huntsville Bank and
. Trust Co. (H)
Idalou, Security State Bank
Industry, Industry State Bank (H )
Iredell, Iredell State Bank
Irving, Irving State Bank
Jacksonville, Texas State Bank of
Jarrell, First State Bank
Jasper, Jasper State Bank (H)
Jermyn, Oliver Loving & Co.
Jewett, Jewett State Bank
Joaquin, Texas State Bank (H)
Johnson City, Johnson City State
Bank ( S A )
Joshua, Citizens Banking Co.
Jourdanton, Atoscosa County State
Bank ( S A)
Junction, State Bank of Junction


Justin, Justin State Bank
Keller, Keller State Bank
Kennerd, Farmers Guaranty State
Bank (H)
Kenney, Kenney State Bank (H)
Kerrville, Charles Schreiner
Banker (S A)
Kerrville, First State Bank ( S A )
Kingsville, R. J. Kleberg & Co.

Kingsville, State Bank of (S A)
Kirbyville, Kirbyville State Bank
Kirbyville, Peoples State Bank (H)
Knox City, Citizens State Bank
Kopperl, Kopperl State Bank
Krum, F. & M. State Bank
Kyle, Citizens State Bank (S A )

(*State Bank Members.

Ladonia, Farmers and Merchants
State Bank
La Grange, John Schumacher State
Bank (H)
Lampasas, Stokes Bros.
Lancaster, R. P. Henry & Sons
Lancaster, White & Co., Bankers
La Pryor, La Pryor State Bank

Laredo, Merchants State Bank and
Trust Co. (S A)
Laredo, Mexican-American Commer­
cial Banking Co. (S A)
Laredo, Union State Bank and Trust
Co. ( SA)
Larue, Citizens State Bank
La Vernia, La Vernia State Bank
League City, Citizens State Bank
Leander, First State Bank
Leander, Poole-Sherman Co.
Leary, Guaranty State Bank
Leroy, Leroy Bank
Lewisville, Lewisville State Bank
Livingston, First State Bank (H)
Lone Oak, Lone Oak State Bank
Los Fresnos, Los Fresnos State
Bank (S A)
Lueders, Farmers State Bank
Lufkin, First State Bank and Trust
Co. (H)
Luling, Citizens State Bank ( S A )
Lyons, First State Bank (H)
Lytle, Lytle State Bank (S A)
Malone, Malone State Bank
Mansfied, State Bank of Mansfield
Marble Falls, Home State Bank
Marfa, Marfa State Bank (S A)
Marion, Marion State Bank ( SA)
Marlin, First State Bank
Marquez, First State Bank
Marshall, Citizens State Bank
Mason, Commercial Bank ( SA)
Mauriceville, Boys’ Savings Bank
Maypearl, First State Bank
McCauley, First State Bank
McDade, McDade State Bank (H)
MeGargel. First State Bank
Menard, The Bevans State Bank of
Mercedes, Hidalgo County Bank

Meridian. Farmers State Bank
Merkel, Farmers State Bank in
Mexia, Farmers State Bank
Miami, First State Bank
Midway, Midway State Bank (H)
Mingus, Mingus State Bank
Mission, First State Bank and Trust
Company (S A)
Mobeetie, First State Bank
Montgomerv, First State Bank (H)
Morgan Mill, First State Bank
Moulton, F. & M. State Bank (H)
Mount Enterprise, M. & P. State
Muenster, Muenster State Bank
Muleshoe, Muleshoe State Bank
Myra, First State Bank
Needville, First State Bank (H)
New Baden, Paul Schultz Bank
New Boston. Farmers State Bank
New Braunfels, Guaranty Bond
State Bank ( SA)
Newcastle, First State Bank
New Ulm, New Ulm State Bank
New Waverly, New Waverly State
Bank (H)

E P —El Paso Branch.

H— Houston Branch.

S A —San'Antonio Branch)

Nixon, Nixon State Bank (S A )
Normangee, First State Bank
North Zulch, Guaranty Bond State
Bank (H)
Oakwood, Oakwood State Bank
Olton, Olton State Bank
Omaha, State Bank of
Orange Grove, Farmers State Bank

Ore City, Security State Bank
Overton, First State Bank
Paiee, Guaranty Bond State Bank
Paint Rock, First State Bank
Palacios, Palacios State Bank and
Trust Co. (H)
Palestine, Robinson State Bank and
Trust Co. (H)
Palmer, Commercial State Bank
Panhandle, First State Bank
Panhandle, Panhandle Bank
Paradise, Peoples State Bank
Paris, Red River Valley Trust Co.
Pasadena, Pasadena State Bank (H)
Peacock, Peacock Bank
Pearland, Pearland Bank (H )
Pearsall, Security State Bank
( S A)
Peaster, Farmers Bank
Pecos, Security State Bank (E P)
Pendleton, First State Bank
Penelope, Penelope State Bank
Petersburg, First State Bank
Petrolia, Continental State Bank
Pflugerville, First State Bank (S A)
Pittsburg, First State Bank
Plantersville, The Security State
Bank (H)
Plainview, Plainview State Bank
Point, First State Bank
Ponder, Ponder State Bank
Port Lavaca, First State Bank

Poteet, First State Bank (S A )
Powell, Powell State Bank
Presidio, Presidio Valley Bank

Priddy, F. & M. Bank
Princeton, Citizens State Bank
Proctor, State Bank of
Prosper, Prosper State Bank
Quinlan, Security State Bank
Randolph, The First State Bank of
Ranger, Commercial State Bank
Rankin, First State Bank
Raymondsville, Raymondsville State
Bank ( SA)
Raymondville, Raymondville Trust
Company ( SA)
Red Oak, First State Bank
Redwater, Guaranty Bond State
Reinhardt, Reinhardt State Bank
Rice, The First State Bank
Richards, Richards State Bank (H)
Riesel, First State Bank
Ringgold, Ringgold State Bank
Rio Grande City, First State Bank
and Trust Co. ( S A)
Rio^ Vista, First State Bank
Rising Star, Continental State Bank
Riverside, Riverside State Bank
Roby, Roby State Bank
Rochester, Home State Bank
Rockdale, Rockdale State Bank
Rock Spring, First State Bank

Roscoe, Roscoe State Bank
Rosenberg, Rosenberg State Bank
Round Rock, Farmers State Bank
— 7-

Round Top, Round Top State Bank
Rowlett, The F. & M. State Bank
Rule, Farmers State Bank
Rusk, Citizens State Bank (H)
Sabinal, Sabinal State Bank (S A)
Sacul, Sacul State Bank (H)
San Angelo, Concho Valley Loan &
Trust Co.
San Antonio, American Savings
Bank (S A)
San Antonio, Commercial Loan &
Trust Co. ( S A )
San Antonio, Merchants & Mechan­
ics Bank (S A)
San Antonio, D. & A. Oppenheimer

San Antonio, South Texas Bank &
Trust Co. (S A)
San Antonio, Standard Trust Co.

San Antonio, D. Sullivan & Co.

San Antonio, San Antonio Loan &
Trust Co. ( S A)
San Augustine, Commercial State
Bank (H)
San Benito, San Benito Bank &
Trust Co. (S A)
Sanderson, Sanderson State Bank

Sandia, Sandia State Bank ( S A )
San Diego, San Diego State Bank

San Juan, Security State Bank
(S A)
San Marcos, State Bank & Trust
Co. ( SA)
Schulenburg, Farmers State Bank
, .
Seagraves, First State Bank m
Seguin, Citizens State Bank (S A )
Seguin, E. Nolte & Son (S A )
Seguin, Seguin State Bank & Trust
Co. ( S A)
Schertz, Schertz State Bank
Sealy, Citizens State Bank (H)
Shamrock, F. & M. State Bank
Sherman, Central State Bank
Shepherd, Peoples State Bank (H)
Shiner, Wolters Bros. Bank (H)
Sierra Blanca, Sierra Blanca .State
Bank ( EP)
Silsbee, Silsbee State Bank (H)
Skidmore, Skidmore State Bank
( SA)
Slaton, Citizens State Bank
Smiley, Smiley State Bank ( S A )
Smithville, First State Bank (H)
Somerset, First State Bank ( S A)
Somerville, Citizens State Bank (H)
Sour Lake, Sour Lake State Bank
Southmayde, Security State Bank
South San Antonio, First State
Bank ( S A)
Spring, Spring State Bank (H)
Stephenville, Stephenville State
Stoekdale, Security State Bank
Stratford, First State Bank
Sugarland, Imperial Bank & Trust
Co. (H)
Sulnhur Springs, The Sulphur
Springs State iBank
Sweeney, First. State Bank (H)
Talpa, First State Bank
Tatum, Tatum State Bank
Tell, First State Bank

(•State Bank-Members.

E P— El Paso Branch.

H—Houston Branch.

S A-—San Antonio Branch)

Temple, Farmers State Bank
Temple, Temple Trust Company
Tenaha, First State Bank (H)
Texline, First State Bank
Thorndale, Thorndale State Bank
Timnson, Cotton Belt State Bank
Timpson, Guaranty Bond State
Bank (H)
Tolar. Continental State Bank
Tom Ball, Guaranty State Bank (H)
Toyah, Citizens State Bank (EP)
Trent, Home State Bank
Trinity. Trinity State Bank (H)
Troy, Citizens Exchange Bank
Truscott, First Bank of
Tulia, Tulia Bank & Trust Co.
Turkey, F. & M. State Bank
Tuscola. First State Bank
Tyler, Tyler State Bank & Trust
Tvnan, Bank of Tynan (S A)
Uvalde, First State Bank ( S A )

Utopia, First State Bank (S A )
Valera, First State Bank
Van Horn, Van Horn State Bank
Vega, First State Bank
Velasco, Velasco State Bank (H)
Vernon, The First State Bank
Victoria, Victoria Bank & Trust
Co. (H)
Waco, First Trust a Savings Bank
of Waco
Waco, Waco Savings Bank
Waco, Waco State Bank
Walburg. Walburg State Bank
Waller, The Guaranty Bond State
Bank of (H)
Wallis, Wallis State Bank (H)
Waxahachie, Waxahachie Bank &
Tru^t Co.
Weatherford, M. & F. State Bank
Weimar, Hill Bank & Trust Co.
Weimar, First State Bank (H)
Wells, First State Bank (H)

West, West State Bank
West Columbia, First Capitol State
Bank (H)
Westhoff, Home State Bank (£>A)
Wheeler, Citizens State Bank
Whitt, Whitt State Bank
Wichita Falls, State Trust Company
Wichita Falls, Wichita State Bank
& Trust Co.
Wildorado, Wildorado State Bank
Willis, First State Bank (H)
Wilson, Wilson State Bank
Wingate, Security Bank
Winnie, F. & M. State Bank (H)
Winnsboro, Cain Banking Co.
Winona, Winona State Bank
Winters, Winters State Bank
Woodville, Citizens State Bank (H)
Wylie, F. &. M. State Bank
Yoakum, First State Bank of (S A )
Yorktown, First State Bank ( S A )
Zapata, Bank of Zapata (S A )

Non-member banks authorized to resume banking operations under restrictions in addition to those applicable to all
banking institutions. This list is based upon the best information obtainable by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas to
date and should be verified. It is given without responsibility on our part.
None—We are advised Bank Holi­
day extended through March 19,
New Mexico
No advice received
Avalon, First State Bank
Beckville, Continental State Bank
Bloomburg, Bloomburg State Bank
Booker, First State Bank
Cross Plains, Citizens State Bank
Dundee, First State Bank
Estelline, Estelline State Bank
Forreston, Forreston State Bank

Fort Worth, American Bank & Trust
Garrison, First State Bank (H)
Groveton, First State Bank (H)
Gustine, The First State Bank
Happy, First State Bank
Haskell, Farmers State Bank
Huntington, Huntington State Bank
Kress, Farmers State Bank
Lexington, Lexington State Bank
Liberty, First State Bank (H)
McCamey, Security State Bank
Medicine Mound, First State Bank
Memphis, Citizens State Bank
Miles, Guaranty Bond State Bank
Oklaunion, First State Bank
Premont, Premont State Bank
(S A)

Putnam, Farmers State Bank
Queen City, Guaranty State Bank
Richland Springs, First State Bank
Rio Hondo, Arroyo State Bank


Rogers, The Rogers State Bank
Ropesville, First State Bank
Runge, Citizens State Bank (S A )
San Antonio, Commonwealth Bank
& Trust Co. (S A)
Saratoga, Saratoga State Bank (H)
Springtown. Springtown State Bank
Taft, Taft Bank ( S A)
Talco, Talco State Bank
Three Rivers, First State Bank


Tioga, First State Bank
Troup, Troup State Bank
Weodson, Woodson State Bank

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102