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March 9, 1933

To the Bank Addressed:

Pursuant to a request received from the Federal Reserve Board at
Washington, we ask, please, that you furnish us as soon as possible after
March 13, 1933, as complete a list as can be made from information which
you are able to obtain of the names and addresses of all persons- who have
withdrawn gold certificates or gold coin from your bank since February
1, 1933, and who have not redeposited it in a bank on or before March
13, 1933. If you are in position to furnish us similar information regarding
withdrawals prior to February 1, 1933, it will be appreciated, although
withdrawals before February 1, 1933, and those after February 1, 1933,
should be segregated.
There are no objections to your giving publicity to this request in
your community.

Yours very truly,


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