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Dallas, Texas, October 31, 1932


To the Member Bank Addressed:
In accordance with the provisions of Section 4 of the Federal Reserve Act and my circular dated
September 21, 1932, in regard to election of directors of this bank to succeed J. P. Williams, Class A
director, and J. J. Culbertson (deceased), Class B director, whose terms expire December 31, 1932, there
is given herewith a list of the candidates nominated for such directors, indicating by whom nominated.
There is sent herewith to each bank in Group 2 a preferential ballot for use in voting on the candi­
dates for Class A director and to each bank in Group 3 a preferential ballot for use in voting on the
candidates for Class B director. There is also enclosed an envelope bearing on its face the certificate in
regard to the vote; also a colored envelope marked “Ballot,” in which the ballot is to be sealed.
The ballot and certificate on the envelope must be executed by the officer who has been authorized
to cast the vote. A list of the designated voters was attached to my circular above mentioned. In order
that the ballot may be secret, the name of the bank and of the voting officer should not be written on
the ballot, but only on the certificate envelope.

After the preferential ballot has been marked,


It should be placed in the colored envelope marked “Ballot” and the envelope sealed.


Then after the certificate on the certificate envelope is executed, the colored sealed envelope
should be placed within and the certificate envelope sealed.


Then this certificate envelope containing the sealed ballot envelope should be returned to me in
the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

Under the law the ballot must be returned so as to reach me within 15 days after its receipt. The
polls will open on November 2 and close at 3:00 P. M. on November 17, 1932. At that time the ballot
box will be opened in the board room of this bank. All of the sealed colored envelopes containing the bal­
lots will first be removed and segregated from the certificate envelopes before any of the colored en­
velopes are opened, thus insuring the secrecy of the ballot. Then the colored envelopes will be opened,
the votes counted and results of the election announced. Any of the candidates are invited to be present
or represented on this occasion.
While the banks in Group 1 will not vote in this election, this circular is sent to them without forms
for their information.

Chairman of the Board
It is particularly important that you read carefully and follow exactly the instruc­
tions with regard to voting. Failure to do so will result in invalidation of your ballot.

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Names of Candidates
ALF MORRIS, President
First National Bank
Winnsboro, Texas
Mr. Morris was born in Denton County, Texas,
in 1884, and reared on a farm in Wise County,
near Decatur, receiving his early education in the
public schools of Wise County and later attend­
ing the North Texas College at Denton.
Following his election as Principal of the De­
catur City Schools in 1905, he resigned that office
to accept employment as an individual bookkeeper
in the First National Bank of Winnsboro, in which
institution he was successively advanced, being
elected Vice President and Cashier in 1916, and
President in 1928.
He has served as President of the Board of
Trustees of the Winnsboro High School, Chairman
of the Board of Stewards of the First Methodist
Church, President of the North Texas Bankers
Association, Chairman of the Fifth District Bank­
ers Association, and a member of various com­
mittees of the Texas Bankers Association.
At present Mr. Morris is Vice President of the
Winnsboro Building and Loan Association, a
member of the Advisory Board of the Farmers
Cotton Oil Company and a member and Secretary
of the Stockholders Advisory Committee of the
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
Mr. Morris is actively interested in farming and
stock raising, and is a frequent contributor to
publications devoted to farming, banking, and
kindred subjects.

Nominated by Following Banks in Group 2:
New Mexico
Roswell____________________ First National Bank

Abilene__________________ Citizens National Bank
Ballinger____________________ First National Bank
Cameron_________________ Citizens National Bank
Childress___________________ First National Bank
Clarksville.... Red River Natl. Bank in Clarksville
DeKalb_____________________First National Bank
Denison_________________ Citizens National Bank
Ennis_____ ._____________Citizens National Bank
Greenville_________________ Citizens State Bank
Jacksonville_______ ___________ First State Bank
Longview___________ ...Rembert National Bank
McKinney_________ Collin County National Bank
Mexia..________ Prendergast-Smith National Bank
Mineola_____________________First National Bank
Nacogdoches__________ Stone Fort National Bank
Palestine------------------------------First National Bank
Palestine__________________ Royall National Bank
Spur National Bank
Sulphur Springs_____________ City National Bank
Taylor.---------------City National Bank
Waggoner National Bank
Wills Point_________________ State National Bank
Winnsboro_________________ First National Bank
Yoakum_________________ Yoakum National Bank

EWING NORWOOD, Vice President
First National Bank
Navasota, Texas
Mr. Norwood was born near Washington, Wash­
ington County, Texas, but has lived in Navasota
since boyhood. He has been connected with the
First National Bank of Navasota for thirty-five
Mr. Norwood has served on various committees
of the Texas Bankers Association and as a mem­
ber of the Executive Council of the American
Bankers Association.

Bryan-------------------------------- First National Bank

W. H. ROACH, President
State National Bank
Mineral Wells, Texas
Mr. Roach is a native Texan, having been
reared in Hood County, Texas. lie is fifty-four
years of age. He graduated in 1903 from the
North Texas Teachers College, of Denton, Texas
—taught school for four years, and has been ac­
tively engaged in the banking business for the
past twenty-six years. He was Cashier of the
First National Bank of Lipan, from 1907 to 1925.
He has been President of the State National Bank
of Mineral Wells, Texas, since 1925.

Mineral Wells________________ City National Bank
Weatherford____________ Citizens National Bank
Weatherford_______________First National Bank


Names of Candidates
FRANK D. LEE, President
Lee Hardware Company, Ltd.,
Shreveport, Louisiana
Mr. Lee is a native of Missouri, having been
born in St. Louis, to which city his parents moved
from South Carolina at the close of the Civil War.
At the age of fifteen he entered the employ of the
Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, being
advanced from a minor clerkship through the dif­
ferent departments. By the time Mr. Lee reached
his majority he had become a traveling represent­
ative for the company in the State of Missouri,
l'n 1896 he was transferred to Louisiana and rep­
resented the Simmons Hardware Company in that
territory until 1899. In the latter year Mr. Lee
organized the Lee Hardware Company and has
served as its President since organization. During
his business career of forty-seven years he has
worked for but two firms.

Nominated by Following Banks in Group 3:

Gibsland______ .—First National Bank in Gibsland
Mansfield______________ American National Bank

New Mexico
Carrizozo___________________ First National Bank

Jefferson________________ Rogers National Bank
Wellington_________________First National Bank
Whitney____________________ First National Bank

Mr. Lee has many important interests, the suc­
cess of which is due to his leadership, and he is
regarded as one of the outstanding business men
of the Southwest.

Cotton Seed Products
Greenville, Texas
John D. Middleton, native of Mississippi, has
been a resident of Greenville, Texas, for thirtyeight years. In 1900 he was active in the organ­
ization of the Texas Refining Company, refiners
and manufacturers of cotton seed oil shortening,
which company he now serves as President and
General Manager, the cotton seed products in­
dustry, in all its phases, being his chief business
For a long period he has been an active member
of the Board of Directors of the Greenville Na­
tional Exchange Bank, pioneer banking institu­
tion of Hunt County and for a like period a Direc­
tor of the Greenville Mill & Elevator Company. He
is a Director of the Louisiana, Arkansas & Texas
Railway Company; a past President of the East
Texas Chamber of Commerce and now serves this
organization as regional Chairman. He is a past
President of the Greenville Chamber of Com­
merce ; past President of the Rotary Club and has
long been recognized as a civic leader in his com­
munity and State. A few years ago he served as
Chairman of the All-Texas Goodwill Tour, which
focused the Nation’s attention on Texas. He is
now a member of the Advisory Committee of the
Reconstruction Finance C o r p o r a t i o n , Dallas
Agency. He has extensive farming interests and
is conversant with the needs of agriculture. In all
undertakings he has proven to be a tireless and
resourceful worker.

Bogata___________________________First NationalBank
Brady________ Farmers & Merchants State Bank
Bridgeport________________ First National Bank
Bronte___________ First National Bank in Bronte
Caddo Mills____________ — State National Bank
Canyon________________________ First State Bank
Celeste__________ _______ __First National Bank
Clarendon_________________ First National Bank
Clarksville_________________First National Bank
Commerce_________________ First National Bank
Cooper____________________ First National Bank
Decatur_________ First National Bank in Decatur
Graford___________________ First National Bank
Grapevine________ Tarrant County National Bank
Handley___________________ First National Bank
Hughes Springs___________First National Bank
Huntsville_____ ___________ First National Bank
Jaeksboro___________________ Jacksboro NationalBank
Lamesa___________________ First National Bank
Lamesa_________________ Lamesa National Bank
Llano---------------------------Moore State Bank
Lockney____________________ First National Bank
Lorenzo------------------------------------ First State Bank
Mt. Pleasant____First Natl. Bank in Mt. Pleasant
Mt. Pleasant-------------- Guaranty Bond State Bank
Perrin----------------------------------------- First NationalBank
Pittsburg National Bank
Royce City--------------------------------First State Bank
Saint Jo______ Citizens National Bank in Saint Jo
Santo_____________________ First National Bank
Strawn------------------------------ First National Bank
Trenton----------------------------- First National Bank
Troup------------------------------- First National Bank
Valley View----------------------- First National Bank
Wolfe City__Wolfe City Natl. Bank in Wolfe City

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