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Dallas, Texas, March 20, 1930.
To all Banks and Trust Companies in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
SUBJECT: Long Distance Telephone Calls

For your convenience in placing long distance telephone calls the tele­
phone numbers of our offices are as follows:
Dallas________________________ „ L D 337
El Paso________________________Main 2040
Houston________________________ LD 173
San Antonio_____________________ LD 173
It is suggested that, when placing calls for any of our offices, wher­
ever practicable “station to station” service be used. Station to station
calls are those on which the party placing the call agrees to talk to anyone
who answers the called telephone. Features of station to station calls are
that they are completed more quickly, the rates are less than on person
to person calls and there are no report charges. In placing a station to
station call say, for example, to the long distance operator, “I want Dallas
LD 337,” or “El Paso Main 2040,” and when our operator at the office
called answers ask for the person or department to whom you wish to
talk. Long distance calls can be completed more quickly by using these
numbers, even though it is necessary that some particular one of our offi­
cers be called.. Should it be necessary to place a person to person call say,
for example, to your long distance operator, “I want to talk to Mr_______
at Dallas LD 337.”
Yours very truly,


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