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Dallas, Texas, January 8,1942


To the Addressee:

Some time ago there was forwarded to you a notice regarding the registration requirements of
Regulation W of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System relating to instalment credit.
The general license heretofore granted terminated on December 31, 1941, and in view of that fact
every person or organization subject to the provisions of the regulation is required to file a Regis­
tration Statement in order to continue to handle instalment transactions of the types covered by the
regulation. Under the provisions of the regulation, a Registration Statement must be filed by every
person or organization which is:
(1) engaged in the business of making instalment sales of any of the articles listed in the
Supplement to Regulation W, or
(2) engaged in the business of making instalment loans in amounts of $1,500 or less, or instal­
ment loans in any amount secured by articles listed in the Supplement, or
(3) engaged in the business of discounting or purchasing (or lending on the security of) instal­
ment obligations arising from transactions described in (1) or (2).
Registration is accomplished by filling out Form F. R. 563 arid filing it with the Federal Reserve
Although we have written you previously, calling this matter to your attention, we do not
appear to have received a Registration Statement from you. It is possible that you do not handle any
transactions of the types mentioned above, and if that is the case, we shall appreciate it if you will
sign and return the enclosed letter, so that we may remove your name from our Regulation W
mailing list. On the other hand, if you are engaged in business of one of the kinds referred to, you
are required to file a Registration Statement with us in order to be licensed to continue making such
instalment sales or handling such instalment paper. In view of the importance of this matter, you
should immediately fill out and mail to us one of the enclosed copies of Form F. R. 563, if you have
not already done so. The other copy may be retained for your files.
A self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed for your convenience.
Yours very truly,

D efense


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