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Dallas, Texas, December 19, 1941


To All Banking Institutions, and Others Concerned,
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
It is necessary for all persons and organizations subject to the pro­
visions of Regulation W of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
System, which was issued under authority of the President’s Executive
Order No. 8843, to file a Registration Statement by December 31, 1941, in
order to continue to handle, after that date, instalment transactions of the
types covered by the regulation.
Many persons and organizations have already filed Registration State­
ments, but many others apparently subject to the provisions of the regula­
tion have not filed their statements.
All who are subject to the provisions of Regulation W, and who have
not filed Registration Statements, are urged to give the matter immediate
attention. On November 14 Registration Statement forms were forwarded
to all names on our Regulation W mailing list. Additional forms will be
supplied upon request.
The general license heretofore granted will terminate at the close of
December 31, 1941, for every person or organization that has not regis­
tered on or before that date in the manner provided.

Yours very truly,

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