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March 28, 1929.

To the National Bank Addressed:

The Federal Reserve Board has recently issued a ruling which will doubtless be of
interest to all National banks that have obtained, or contemplate obtaining, permission
to exercise fiduciary powers under the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act.
In connection with an inquiry received by us from one of our National bank mem­
bers, we wired the Federal Reserve Board for a ruling as to whether or not National
banks that have been authorized by the Board to act in the general capacity of Trustee
are thereby legally qualified to act as Trustee in Bankruptcy, if so designated or
appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction.
On March 15, 1929, the Federal Reserve Board replied as follows:
“Referring to your telegram of March 12th, the Board has today ruled
that a National Bank which has received permission from the Board, under the
provisions of Section 11 (k) of the Federal Reserve Act, to act as Trustee may
act as Trustee in Bankruptcy under the provisions of the Federal Bankruptcy
Act, iff to do so is not in contravention of the laws of the state in which such
National bank is located/’
I am transmitting this ruling to all National banks in the Eleventh Federal Reserve
District for their information ana guidance.
Yours very truly,

Federal Reserve Agent.

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