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Dallas, Texas, June 18,1928.
To the Member Bank Addressed:

I am pleased to announce to all member banks th at the Honorable Carter Glass will be in Dal­
las at the time and for the purposes set forth in the following telegraphic correspondence:
“Washington, D. C., June 15,1928.
“Governor Lynn P. Talley,
Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas, Texas.
Please notify member banks of Dallas Federal Reserve District that as Chairman of a sub­
committee of the Banking and Currency Committee of the United States Senate I shall go to Dallas
immediately upon adjournment of convention at Houston to receive any documentary evidence or
to hear any oral testimony from persons who may desire to prefer charges of mismanagement or
maladministration against the Governor or Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank a t
Dallas. Have it distinctly understood that there will be no repetition of the testimony given before
the Board of Directors of the Dallas bank only new and additional testimony will be received as
the Senate subcommittee does not care to have a rehearsal of testimony already given. Please
engage the services of a competent stenographer to take any testimony offered and acknowledge
this communication.
“Honorable Carter Glass.
Care Senate Office Building,
Washington, D. C.

Dallas, Texas, June 15, 1928.

As requested in your telegram of this date I will immediately notify member banks this dis­
trict of your visit to Dallas and its purposes. I would appreciate telegraphic authority from you to
quote your telegram in the notice. If there are any further arrangements which we could make in
your behalf please advise us,
LYNN P. TALLEY, Governor.”
Lynchburg, Va., June 18, 1928.
“Lynn P. Talley, Dallas, Texas.
You are authorized to quote my telegram would like to be advised at Rice Hotel, Houston,
how many member banks signify desire to be heard.
In view of the fact that the exact date upon which Senator Glass will be in Dallas cannot
now be determined, those members desiring to present charges, in accordance with his telegram
of June 15, are requested to advise the undersigned as early as possible of their intention to be
present in order that they may be given telegraphic notice of the exact date and also that the re­
quest of Senator Glass in his telegram of June 18 may be complied with.
Yours very truly,


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