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Federal Reserve Bank
T O N Y J . S A L V A G G IO


November 17, 1995


Notice 95-111


The Chief Operating Officer of each
member bank and others concerned in
the Eleventh Federal Reserve District
Notice of Fraudulent Check Cashing Scheme

The Department of the Treasury Financial Management Service has notified
us of a possible fraudulent check scheme concerning paper items that appear to be
payable at the Office of the Postmaster, Treasurer of the United States. According to
the Treasury, they have recently received a few calls from financial institutions
questioning the authenticity of these items. Most of these calls have been from
institutions west of the Mississippi River.
The Treasury says that there is an individual who may be creating paper
items called “Certified Bankers Checks: Comptroller Warrants.” The paper says it is
redeemable at the Office of the Postmaster, Treasurer of the U.S. and “payable on
sight.” Some of the paper has no MICR information, but it appears that the newer
items do include MICR lines. The paper has been in amounts ranging from $2,000 to
$660 million. These items are not government checks. So far as the Treasury knows, the
items are not redeemable anywhere.
Any person having information regarding this scheme should contact A. John
Kopec, Manager, Check Reconciliation Branch, Financial Management Service,
Department of the Treasury at (202) 874-6869. For additional copies of this Bank’s
notice, please contact the Public Affairs Department at (214) 922-5254.

For additional copies, bankers and others are encouraged to use one of the following toll-free numbers in contacting the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas: Dallas Office (800) 333-4460; El Paso Branch Intrastate (800) 592-1631, Interstate (800) 351-1012; Houston
Branch Intrastate (800) 392-4162, Interstate (800) 221-0363; San Antonio Branch Intrastate (800) 292-5810.

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