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Federal Reserve Bank
R O B E R T H. B O Y K I N

C o n to m h o *'

September 27, 1985


Circular 85-122


All financial institutions in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District
O ffic ia l S ta ff Changes

It is a pleasure to announce that the Board of Directors of the
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has made the following changes in the official
staff of the Bank:
Harvey Rosenblum, Vice President and Associate Director
of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago,
has been elected to the position of Senior Vice President
and Director of Research, effective November 1, 1985.
Joseph T. (Tyrone) Gholson, Administrator of Government
Services in the Securities Department, has been elected
Assistant Vice President, effective October 1, 1985.
James R. McCullin, Communications and Operations Administrator
in the Data Services Department, has been elected Assistant
Vice President, effective October 1, 1985.
Billy B. Musgrave, formerly Assistant Vice President of the Bank,
elected to take deferred early retirement effective August 30, 1985, to accept
a position with Lomas & Nettleton Corporation, Dallas, Texas.

A list of this Bank's Officers at the Head Office and the Branches is
Sincerely yours,

For additional copies of any circular please contact the Public Affairs Department at (214) 651-6289. Banks and others are
encouraged to use the following incoming WATS numbers in contacting this Bank (800) 442-7140 (intrastate) and (800)
527-9200 (interstate).

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