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F ederal Reserve B ank




Circular No. 73-339
December 28, 1973


The following wire has "been received from John K. Carlock,
Fiscal Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department:
’Under the new Federal Supplemental Security Income
Program, to be effective January 1, 197^-, a qualified
claimant may receive an advance payment of up to $100.
To make these advance payments immediately available
to claimants, up to three individuals in each Social
Security office throughout the U. S. have been des­
ignated as cashiers by the Treasury Department.
Treasury checks have been pre-positioned in the SSA
offices in four denominations— $5, $20, $50, and $75-drawn to the order of the cashiers. An example of the
form in which the checks are drawn Is as follows:
’Louise Olsen or Gloria Vega or Mary Whalen,
Cashier, 7 0 4 Office No. 6109. *
5^Any one of the three payees in each of the SSA offices
may restrictively endorse a check to a qualified claim­
ant. The claimant will endorse the check at the point
of encashment. Since an advance payment is restricted
to not more than $100.00, a claimant may have several
checks but the total should never exceed the $100 max­
imum. For the information of those banks which are
called upon to cash these checks, the Treasury checks
will be green in color, will always bear two endorse­
ments, and are proper for payment with proper identi­
fication of the claimant/endorser."
Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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