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F ederal reserve b a n k of Dallas



Circular Wo. 72-130
June 28, 1972


To All Banks in the Eleventh
Federal Reserve District:
Robert J. Schoenhoff, Operations Officer at the Houston
Branch, will retire on July 1, 1972, after having completed nearly
3^ years of service with the Federal Reserve System. Mr. Schoenhoff
has served with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the Board
of Governors' Field Examining Staff, as well as the Federal Reserve
Bank of Dallas and its Houston Branch.
It is a pleasure to announce that the Board of Directors
of theFederal Reserve Bank of Dallas has made the following changes,
effective July 1, 1972, in the official staff of the El Paso and
Houston Branches:
Thomas H. Robertson, Operations Officer at
El Paso Branch, will be transferred to the
ton Branch as Operations Officer replacing
Mr. Schoenhoff.


Joel L. Koonce, Manager of the Cash-Fiscal Agency
Department at the San Antonio Branch, has been
promoted to Operations Officer at the El Paso
Branch replacing Mr. Robertson.

Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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