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F ederal Reserve b a n k o f Dallas



Circular No. 72-97
May 18, 1972


To All Banks, Broker/Dealers, Regulation G Registrants
and Others Concerned in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
has published a leaflet entitled "If You Borrow to Buy Stock”.
This leaflet is written for individuals planning to purchase
stock on credit.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas will be pleased to
make copies of this leaflet available to you for use as a state­
ment stuffer to your customers or wherever you may wish to use
If you desire copies of this leaflet, please advise
the Regulations Department of this Bank by May 25, 1972, of the
number of copies desired.

Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell,

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