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Circular No. 7^-236
August 30, 197^

To All Banks
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
Quoted below is information received from the United
States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation,
concerning certain bonds that have been stolen.
"On August 23, 197*+? ^+>198 Houston Public Improvement
Bonds were stolen from the Northern Bank Note Company, Country­
side, Illinois. The bonds are bearer bonds having a face value
of $53000 each and at the time of theft lacked one of three
required signatures. The bonds have an issue date of September 1,
197^3 and bear serial numbers as follows:

1 through 1800
1802 through 2^00
2b02 through 3300
3901 through i
^501 through ^+800
5701 through 6000
The bonds were complete with ^0 coupons and were
printed on white paper with a green border. Reprinting of the
bonds has been authorized with the use of an orange border and
the prefix letter A will appear before the serial numbers of the
reprinted bonds.
Should any information regarding these bonds come to
your attention, you are requested to notify Special Agent John C.
McGauley, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 515 Rusk, Houston,
Texas, by the most expeditious means available."
Y o u rs v e r y t r u l y ,
P. E.

C o ld w e ll
P re s id e n t

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