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Circular No, 7*+-138
May 21, 197*+


To All Banks in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

James A. Parker, Vice President, having reached the
normal retirement age of 6 5 will retire from the Federal Re—
serve Bank of Dallas on June 1, 197*+9 after more than 31 years
of continuous service to the Bank,


Mr. Parker was employed by the Houston Branch of the
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas as a field representative in the
Loan Department in January 19*+3. In November 19*+*+» Mr, Parker
was transferred to the Head Office in Dallas where most of his
service has been in the field of personnel administration and
management development. He was elected to the official posi­
tion of Director of Personnel in 195*+ and Vice President in
I960. During the latter years, Mr. Parker served as senior
adviser on personnel and management policies. As a member of
the Subcommittee on Personnel of the Conference of Presidents
of the Federal Reserve Banks since 1967? Mr, Parker has in­
fluenced the development of personnel policies within the
Federal Reserve System. His dedication to his chosen field
of endeavor is evidenced not only by his contributions to this
Bank and the Federal Reserve System, but also by his leadership
role in various professional groups concerned with management.
While this Bank and the Federal Reserve System will
miss his leadership, we join with all his friends and asso­
ciates in wishing him a pleasant retirement.

Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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