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R eserve Ba nk o f Dallas



C irc u la r No. 79-27
F e b ru a ry 13, 1979


A rnold L . H ayes, Assistant V ice President of this B ank, has resig n ed ,
effective F e b ru a ry 28, 1979, to establish a p riv a te consulting p ractice. I am sure
that you join me in extending our v e ry best wishes to M r. Hayes in his endeavor.
To fill the vacancy caused by this resig n atio n , the Board of D irectors
of this Bank has elected Anthony J . M ontelaro to the position of Assistant V ice
President of the B an k, effective F e b ru a ry 12, 1979. On March 1, M r. M ontelaro
w ill assume d ire c t re s p o n s ib ility fo r the Holding Company S upervision Departm ent.
M r. M onteiaro comes to this Bank from the Federal Reserve Bank of
New Y o rk , w h ere he most re ce n tly held the position of S u p ervisin g Exam iner in
charge of the Holding Company Inspections D iv is io n , Bank Exam inations D ep art­
m ent. He joined the Federal Reserve Bank of New Y o rk in 1967. P rio r to that
tim e, he had served as branch m anager fo r consum er finance companies and had
o rgan ized and managed the consum er loan departm ent of a commercial b an k. A
native of New J e rs e y , M r. M ontelaro attended F a irle ig h Dickinson U n iv e rs ity
and is p rese n tly attending the Stonier G raduate School of Banking at Rutgers
U n iv e rs ity .
A complete list of the officers of this Bank and its B ranches, effective
F e b ru a ry 12, 1979, is shown on the re v e rs e of this c ir c u la r .
S in ce re ly y o u rs ,
Ernest T . Baughman

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D IS T R IC T NO. 11
Ernest T . B a u g h m a n --------------------------------------------President
Robert H . Boykin -----------------------------------------------F irs t V ice P resident
Joseph E . B u r n s ---------------------------------------------------Senior V ice P resident
Senior V ice President
George C . C o chran, I I I ----------------------------------------H a rry E. Robinson, J r . ------------------------------------Senior V ice President
T o n y J . S a lv a g g io -----------------------------------------------Senior V ice President
-----------------------------------------------G eneral A u d ito r
Robert A . Brow n
C . J . P icke rin g ---------------------------------------------------V ic e President
W. M . P ritc h ett ---------------------------------------------------V ice President
George F. R udy ---------------------------------------------------V ice President and General Counsel
Neil B . Ryan -------------------------------------------------------V ice President
E. W. V o rlo p , J r . -----------------------------------------------V ice President and C o n tro ller
John C . B la k e -------------------------------------------------------Assistant Vice
J . A . C lym er -------------------------------------------------------Assistant V ice
Forrest E . Coleman --------------------------------------------Assistant V ice
B illy J . D u s e k -------------------------------------------------------Assistant V ice
A rn o ld L . H ayes* -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice
Richard D . In g r a m -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President and
Assistant S ecretary
Anthony J . Montelaro ----------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
L a rry J . R e c k -------------------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
M ary M . Rosas ---------------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
Thomas H . Rust ---------------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
Jesse D . Sanders -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
Sammy T . S c h u lz e -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
P h illip E . S ellers -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
Robert S m ith , III
-----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President and Secretary
T . E. Spreng -------------------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
E. A . T h axto n , J r .
--------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
A d ria n W. T h r o o p -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
C arla M . W arberg -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President and
Assistant C o n tro ller
M illa rd E . Sw eatt, J r . ----------------------------------------Assistant General Counsel
C . L . V ic k ----------------------------------------------------------Assistant General A u d ito r
El Paso Branch
Joel L . Koonce, J r . --------------------------------------------V ice President in Charge
Robert W . Schultz -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
Houston Branch
J . Z . Rowe ----------------------------------------------------------V ice President in Charge
Vern on L. Bartee -----------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
S a m m ie C .C la y ---------------------------------------------------Assistant V ic e President
C . O . Holt, J r . ---------------------------------------------------Assistant V ic e President
San Antonio Branch
C arl H. M o o re -------------------------------------------------------V ice President in Charge
Thomas C . Cole ---------------------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
Thomas H . Robertson ----------------------------------------Assistant V ice President
*Resigned effective F eb ru a ry 28, 1979.
F eb ru ary 12. 1979

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102