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Circular No. 82-109
August 26, 1982

Coin Wrapping

The Eleventh Federal Reserve D istrict is implementing a coin wrapping
service beginning September 1. The new service will be offered in addition to the bulk
coin services which continue to be available directly from the Fed.
The wrapped coin will be available in standard sizes by denomination as
denoted in this Bank's Operating Bulletin No. 5. The cost for institutions served by the
Dallas office per roll will be $0,037. Financial institutions may be able to reduce costs
since both the order for wrapped coin and the cost per roll will be charged to the
ordering institution's account or the account of the ordering institution's correspondent
on the day prior to delivery to the ordering institution. Previously, rolled coin service
charges were debited from accounts one week before they were received by the
ordering institutions.
The Dallas Office will place this program in e ffe c t on Septem ber 1, 1982.
The El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio O ffices will begin provision of the service a t
a la te r date.
For further information call Charles A. Worley a t the Head Office,
(214) 698-4275, Jerry A. Silvey at the El Paso Branch, (915) 544-4730, Oscar A. Bryan,
J r. a t the Houston Branch, (713) 659-4433, or Herb Barbee a t the San Antonio Branch,
(512) 224-2141.
Additional copies of this circular or Bulletin No. 5 will be furnished upon
request to the D epartm ent of Communications, Financial
and Community Affairs,
Extension 6289.
Sincerely yours,

William H. Wallace
First Vice President

Banks and others are encouraged to use the following incoming WATS numbers in contacting this Bank:
1-800-442-7140 (intrastate) and 1-800-527-9200 (interstate). For calls placed locally, please use 651 plus the
extension referred to above.

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