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)ecember 7, 1994

1994 FFIEC Information Systems Examination Handbook

T o A ll S ta te M e m b e r B a n k s, B a n k H o ld in g C o m p a n ie s , B r a n c h e s
a n d A g e n c i e s o f F o r e ig n B a n k s, a n d E d g e C o r p o r a tio n s
in th e S e c o n d F e d e r a l R e s e r v e D is tr ic t, a n d O th e r s C o n c e r n e d :

The 1994 Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Information Systems
Examination Handbook is now available for purchase. The Handbook is an update o f the January
1992 Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Examination Handbook and supersedes all previously
published versions.
The Handbook is an interagency guide to assist regulatory staff in examining information
systems operations in financial institutions and independent service bureaus. The Handbook contains
regulatory policies o f FFIEC member agencies and highlights operational controls and examination
procedures appropriate for information systems.
Financial institutions may obtain copies o f the Handbook by sending a $25.00 check, payable
to the Board o f Governors o f the Federal Reserve System, as follows:
Board o f Governors o f the
Federal Reserve System
Publication Services Division
Mail Stop #127
Washington, D.C. 20551
Questions regarding this matter may be directed to Joseph L. Galati II, Specialized
Examinations Department (Tel. No. 212-720-7946).

Christine M . Cumming,

Senior Vice President.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102