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Since printing and preparing the attached Circular No. 3057, dated January 29,
1946, we have been informed that the Treasury has fixed January 30, 1946 as the
date for the simultaneous release of the new Franklin D. Roosevelt dime at all
Federal Reserve Banks and Branches instead of February 5, 1946 as stated in the
last sentence of the second paragraph of the circular.

F ederal R eserve B a n k


N ew Y


r Circular No. 3 0 5 7 *
January 29, 1946 J


Bearing Portrait of the Late President, Franklin D. Roosevelt

To each Bank and Trust Company in the
Second Federal Reserve District:

The Secretary of the Treasury announced on January 17,1946, that the United States Mint
would begin striking the new Franklin D. Roosevelt dime on January 18, 1946. The new dime
is the fourth portrait coin in the present series, all of which honor former presidents. The
others are the Lincoln penny, the Washington quarter, and the Jefferson nickel.
The new dime is of exactly the same size and metallic content as the winged Liberty head
dime now outstanding which will continue to circulate but of which no more will be minted.
Because of special interest in the new design, the Treasury has furnished us and our Buffalo
Branch a limited supply for equitable distribution in the Second Federal Reserve District to
meet the initial demands of individuals who desire to have the new coin. The Treasury has
fixed February 5, 1946, as the date for the simultaneous release of these new coins at all
Federal Reserve Banks and Branches.
In order to make an equitable distribution of the new dime, we have made allotments
to all banks in the Second Federal Reserve District. The amount allotted to your institution
is stated below and will be set aside for you until February 15, 1946. The amount requested
will be available to a member bank upon receipt of instructions to charge its reserve account,
or to a nonmember bank upon receipt of immediately available funds.
Please do not include an order for the new design dime in other orders sent to this bank
for coin and currency.


S proul,


Amount of allotment
of ten-cent pieces $

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102