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r Circular N o . 2 9 8 1 1
July 27, 1945






To all Batiks and Trust Companies in the
Second Federal Reserve District:

The Danish authorities have recently announced that Danish krone currency notes in all denominations heretofore issued by Danmarks Nationalbank (which is the central bank of Denmark) dated 1943
or previous years have been withdrawn from circulation in Denmark on July 23, 1945; that new Danish
currency notes dated 1944 are being issued; and that importation of called notes into Denmark on or after
July 23, 1945, is prohibited except with the permission of Danmarks Nationalbank.
Arrangements have been made whereby up to and including August 13, 1945, all such called notes
held in the United States or its territorial possessions may be forwarded to the Federal Reserve Bank of
New York for account of Danmarks Nationalbank accompanied by a written application for the exchange
of such notes for an equivalent amount of Danish currency notes of the new issue. Such application should
be submitted in duplicate, shduld be sworn to before a notary public or similar officer, and should contain
the following information: (1) The full name, address, nationality and occupation of the applicant.
(2) If the applicant is not the owner, the same particulars should also be given about the owner. (3)
The number and denomination of each note, and the total face amount of notes deposited. (4) A full
statement of the manner in which the notes were acquired, including how, when, where, from whom and
for what purpose. (5) What the applicant knows concerning the circumstances under which the notes
were imported into the United States, including the names of the persons participating therein, the date
of importation and the date of exportation from Denmark, whether or not such exportation was authorized by the Danish authorities and the reason if not so authorized. If the applicant has no knowledge or
information concerning such circumstances he should so state. (6) That the owner of such notes holds
no other called Danish currency notes than those listed in such statement and has made no other application for redemption. Any available documentary evidence in support of such application should be attached
thereto. If such notes were included in a report filed on Treasury Department form No. TFR-300 or No.
TFR-500, it would be helpful for the applicant to state that fact.
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York will receive and hold such notes for account of Danmarks
Nationalbank, will give the holder a receipt, and will transmit the accompanying application to the appropriate Danish officials. The Danish authorities state that if they are satisfied that the notes are genuine
and were acquired legitimately the holder will receive new Danish currency notes, krone for krone.
The notes and applications should be sent to Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Foreign Department,
Federal Reserve P. 0 . Station, New York 7, N. Y. They will be sent at the expense and risk of the
holder; and they may be sent direct or through the holder's bank. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York
is not authorized to receive any notes after August 13, 1945, unless mailed in an envelope postmarked not
later than August 13, 1945, or forwarded by a bank with a statement to the effect that they were received
by such bank on or before August 13, 1945.
Additional copies of this circular may be obtained on request.



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