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Fiscal Agent of the United States

rCircular No. 27971
L May 10, 1944 J

Operations of Issuing Agents Qualified for Sale of Series E War Savings Bonds

To All Issuing Agents in the Sccond Federal Reserve District
Qualified for Sale of United States War Savings Bonds, Series E:

The Secretary of the Treasury has announced that the Fifth War Loan Drive will
start on June 12, and will run through July 8, 1944. All issuing agents qualified for sale
of Series E War Savings Bonds should be guided by the following instructions pertaining
to their operations in connection with the drive:
1. Although the formal period of the drive runs from June 12 through July 8, all
sales of Savings Bonds made between June 1 and July 31 will be included in the totals
for the drive, provided the stubs of such bonds are received by us in sufficient time to be
processed not later than July 31, 1944.
2. In anticipation of the large number of Series E Bonds to be issued during the
drive, issuing agents are urged to requisition in advance an adequate supply of bond
stock so that they will be prepared to make prompt delivery of bonds during the drive.
If the maximum amount of bond stock which any agent is authorized to have on hand is
considered insufficient to meet the demands anticipated during the drive, we will consider
a temporary increase in such maximum upon receipt of a written request therefor accompanied by a statement of the facts indicating the necessity for the increase.
3. During the months of June and July, all issuing agents, except those issuing bonds
exclusively to persons enrolled in payroll allotment plans, are requested to report and remit
for sales not less frequently than twice each week. Agents issuing bonds exclusively to
persons under payroll allotment plans should report sales as frequently as possible. More
frequent reporting by all agents will facilitate our work and will enable us to furnish
accurate and up-to-date sales reports to the State War Finance Committees which will
disseminate such information among the County Chairmen throughout the Second Federal
Reserve District.

The higher goals set for the coining drive will call for increased efforts on the part of
all issuing agents, and for a continuation of the splendid cooperation which they exhibited
in the Fourth War Loan Drive. We stand ready to render prompt service to issuing
agents and to assist them in every way possible.





May 10, 1944.

To all Banking Institutions in the
Second Federal Reserve


We are pleased to announce that The Peoples Bank of
Johnstown, N. Y., Johnstown, New York, has become a member
of the Federal Reserve System effective May 10, 1944.




Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102