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Fiscal Agent of the United States
•Circular No. 3 3 9 8 1
. March 18, 1942 J

Executive Order No. 8389, as Amended, and Regulations Issued Pursuant Thereto,
Relating to Transactions in Foreign Exchange, Etc.
To all Banks, Brokers, and Other Financial Institutions
in the Second Federal Seserve District:

The information given below is sent to you at the request of the Treasury Department.
Because the prompt and complete enforcement of the provisions of the freezing Order is
of vital importance to the successful prosecution of the war, it is of the utmost importance that
any suspected evasion or violation of the freezing Order be brought to the attention of the
Treasury Department as promptly as possible.
The freezing Order prohibits, unless authorized by a general or specific license issued by
the Treasury Department, all transactions in which a national of any blocked country or a
person named on the "Proclaimed List" has any interest whatsoever. Officials of banks,
securities houses, and other financial institutions throughout the country are in a strategic
position to discover any attempts to evade or avoid the provisions of the freezing Order and by
reporting such discoveries to render invaluable assistance to the Foreign Funds Control in its
efforts adequately and efficiently to administer the Order.
The Treasury urgently requests all persons to transmit to the nearest Federal Reserve
Bank, or Federal Reserve Bank branch office, all significant details with respect to any suspected evasion or violation of the freezing Order. The Federal Reserve Banks are prepared
to make arrangements for a Treasury representative to receive or to visit any person having
information to report in order to accept, in confidence, oral or written statements relating to
such matters.
Your attention is directed to the fact that in view of the recent amendment to General
License No. 42 and the provisions of General License No. 68A most individuals now within the
United States who were blocked nationals are now licensed as generally licensed nationals.
Should facts be brought to your attention indicating that action should be taken to block the
accounts of generally licensed nationals, or of any United States citizen residing in the United
States, you should promptly advise the Federal Reserve Bank of such facts and keep close
watch over such accounts pending receipt of instructions from the Federal Reserve Bank.
You should not block accounts of persons within the United States who are citizens of the
United States nor, in the ordinary case, of persons within the United States who are generally
licensed nationals, except pursuant to specific instructions from the Treasury Department or
the Federal Reserve Bank.


In those special cases in which information at your disposal indicates the necessity, in
order to further the objectives of the freezing Order, of immediately blocking the account of
a person in the United States who is a generally licensed national without first referring the
matter to the Federal Reserve Bank, the following information should be promptly reported
to the Federal Reserve Bank:
(1) The name and address of the person in question;
(2) The names of any business enterprises owned by him or with which he is affiliated;
(3) The facts on the basis of which the account has been blocked, including all significant
details; and
(4) The names of any other banking institutions in which you know such person has
It is important that this information be made available to the Federal Reserve Bank
at once in order that it may be in a position to take any other steps called for in such cases.
Your cooperation will be appreciated by your Government.



Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102