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Circular Xo. 2 3 1 3 1
. November 12, 1941 J

Distribution to Members of Christmas Savings Clubs and Others

To All Banks and Trust Companies,
other than Savings Banks, in the
Second Federal Reserve District:

At the request of the Secretary of the Treasury, commercial banks distributed
to their customers, with their October statements of account, a folder entitled
"Know Your Taxes" relating- to the new series of Tax Savings Xotes now
being sold by the Treasury.
Some banks have suggested mailing1 this folder to members of Christmas
savings clubs, with the checks which are usually mailed to such club members
in December, as many of them may not carry checking accounts. If your bank
has a Christmas club membership, or has customers who do not receive a monthly
statement or who did not receive the folder "Know Your Taxes" through the
distribution already made, we shall be glad to send you a supply to be sent to
such persons or to any others whom you consider it would be desirable to reach.
Will you please use the enclosed card to indicate the number of folders you
would like to distribute in this way.



To Federal Reserve Bank of New York,
Federal Reserve Station, P. O.,
New York, N. Y.
Please send us
copies of the folder of the Secretary
of the Treasury, entitled "Know Your Taxes", referred in your
Circular No. 2313 concerning distribution of the folder to Christmas
club members and others.

(Xame of Banking Institution)


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102