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rCircular No. 7581
[.January 10, 1927J
Cash Department

New Counterfeits
To all Banks, Trust Companies and Others Concerned
in the Second Federal Reserve District:

The Treasury Department in its circular letter No. 589 describes two new
counterfeits as follows:
$5 UNITED STATES NOTE; series of 1907; check letter ' ' A " ; face plate
No. 389; back plate No. 122; H. V. Speelman, Register of the Treasury; Frank
White, Treasurer of the United States; portrait of Jackson.
This is a new issue of the counterfeit described in Circular Letter No. 571,* being
apparently printed by photo-mechanical process on one piece of paper without imitation silk threads. The paper is rendered brittle by chemical treatment and is easily
torn. The counterfeit is about one-eighth of an inch shorter than the genuine, with
corresponding discrepancy in width, and the face reflects a subdued gray tone which
should attract immediate attention. The back is printed out in pale grass green.
Specimen at hand bears serial number K9083197 printed lightly over parallel lines
which have been retouched at the upper right in such manner as to make the background
appear streaky. The wavy lines in the background next to the portrait are also irregularly formed through similar treatment, and the seal is spaced too far to the right
until it contacts with D in D. C. This counterfeit should not deceive the average
handler of currency.
$10 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE; on the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, California; series of 1914; check letter " D " ; face plate No. 191; back plate
number indistinct (probably 1816) ; Frank White, Treasurer of the United States;
A. W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury; portrait of Jackson.
This is a well executed production printed from etched copper plates on bleached
genuine paper. The portrait is not sharply defined, particularly the eyes and mouth,
and the serial numbering appears in a type face different in letter style from the genuine. The lettering in '' Secretary of the Treasury'' is irregularly formed and the cloud
effect in the agricultural scene on the back is almost destroyed by hand-retouching.
This counterfeit is deceptive except for the discrepancy in numbering and the poorly
executed portraiture. Specimen at hand bears serial No. L36901086A.
Very truly yours,

* Reference to Federal Reserve Bank of New York Circular No. 706.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102